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From Mike Judge one of the creative minds behind "Beavis and Butt-Head" "King of the Hill" and Office Space comes an outrageous sci-fi comedy that'll make you think twice about the future of mankind.Meet Joe Bowers (Luke Wilson). He's not the sharpest tool in the shed. But when a government hibernation experiment goes awry Bowers awakens in the year 2505 to find a society so dumbed-down by mass commercialism and mindless TV programming that he's become the smartest guy on the planet. Now it's up to an average Joe to get human evolution back on track!Filled with razor-sharp sarcasm and outrageous sight gags Idiocracy will make you laugh out loud whether you're an absolute genius or a complete idiot!Extras:Anamorphic3 trailers5 deleted scenesFeatures: Outtakes (Five deleted scenes: Babies - Trashy Guy & Girl in Truck / Girlfriend #1 / Girlfriend #2 / Museum of Fart / Joe in Whitehouse Looks Out)System Requirements:Run Time: 84 minsFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: COMEDY Rating: R UPC: 024543401797 Manufacturer No: 2240179

Given that Office Space is a bona fide cult classic, it comes as some surprise that Mike Judge's follow-up wasn't more heavily promoted. Granted, this live-action comedy is a darker, more pointed proposition, but it's unfortunate that few theater patrons got the opportunity to, well, judge for themselves. In Idiocracy, the King of the Hill creator visualizes what would happen if Devo's proposition--that mankind is in the process of devolution--came to pass. The catalyst: the overeducated start having fewer children while the undereducated have more. Enter Joe (Luke Wilson), a military librarian with no family and even less ambition. The Pentagon chooses him for a top-secret hibernation project due to his extreme "average-ness." They select Rita (SNL's Maya Rudolph), a prostitute, for the same reason. When the experiment goes haywire, the two emerge 500 years later--rather than one. Now it's 2505 and they're the brightest people in the over-polluted land. Everyone else is, basically, Beavis and Butt-head. Yes, the satire couldn't be less subtle, but the premise gives Judge license to make as much fun of junk food pop culture as dystopian classics like 1984 and Planet of the Apes. Wilson wisely plays it straight, even if the actors who surround him sometimes succumb to excess. And the effects may be cheesy, but that just adds to the fun. Idiocracy features former footballer Terry Crews (Everybody Hates Chris) as President Camacho and Dax Shepard (Punk'd) as Joe's futuristic friend Frito. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Customer Reviews:

  • Laughed so hard
    The premise for this film is true. The morons breed too much because the males won't use condoms, and the women don't understand (or refuse to use) birth control, and this ignorant attitude is passed down on their kids (the movie also showed teenage pregnancy, from the offspring of the original stupid couple) while the smart people use family planning and what not. So this kind of future is entirely plausible.

    The sad thing is so many morons already exist today who are inept at the jobs they are handed (or who simply collect welfare because they're too f%$@ing lazy). As someone who works in a job where interaction with customers is required, I have seen this stupidity firsthand. Our schools and media are only exacerbating this problem, and the scathing commentary on corporate greed in the movie is also spot-on. Corporations play too much of a part in the lives of many people, telling them what to think and do (and buy)

    This movie is more than a comedy. It's a scathing satire and a warning as to what will happen if we continue to nurture stupidity....more info
  • Another more-real-than-we-want-to-admit movie
    Although this brilliant movie is supposed to be satire/comedy, there is more truth in it today than in the year 2500 that it depicts. Interesting that a movie like this can be both entertaining/funny and depressing at the same time. It may just explain why the world is in more trouble today than we want to admit. After Office Space, this is a real contribution by Mike Judge. Absolutely brilliant....more info
  • Fantastic! Surprisingly influential
    I thought that I was going to watch a little of this movie one night and a little the next. When I almost peed my pants laughing at the DVD menu I knew that I was going to watch the whole thing.

    I have thought about this movie constantly ever since I watched it - and it has been about three weeks. I recommend it highly. It has really been a perception altering movie. As I look around I see certain elements of Idiocracy's future coming to be very quickly - the qualities of TV shows, the sheer size of new malls. Fast forward 500 years and...

    Mike Judge saw it years before I did and encapsulated it brilliantly.

    ...more info
  • Sometimes I Feel Like an Idiot
    Satire is difficult, and Mike Judge certainly doesn't pull punches. Unlike in King of the Hill - The Complete First Season, subtlety isn't his style in Idiocracy. Instead, he goes all out for every gag in the book. Every nuance is there to portray society as simply stupid.

    What works in the film is the premise. That's even what carries it through until the end. You probably already know what it's about: society has gotten dumber and dumber (sic) until by the year 2500, the world (or at least America) is on the brink of collapse because they can't solve any of their problems, ones that they caused in the first place. In comes an average guy from the year 2000, and he's hailed as a genius. He must now solve all of humanity's problems, from the death of crops to the overflow of garbage.

    It's a good premise.

    What doesn't work, though, is the way the movie becomes a series of gags: sight, sound, etc. I guess a world of really stupid people would actually be full of gags, but it really just seems like a bunch of stupid people from the year 2000, not from the year 2500. Nothing has really changed in those 500 years except that people still can't solve their own problems.

    So all in all, Idiocracy is a decent film with a great premise. The genius of it is also its problem: it is couched in a faraway land (like allegory or a lot of satire) that is really available right here at home. But the truth is generally easier to take when it seems faraway.

    The other thing I like about this post is how people like to think they're above the critique. Just look at some reviews for the movie. Really, though, we're all kind of that stupid, either like Luke Wilson or like the stupid people there for laughs.
    ...more info
  • worst movie ever!
    This is the worst movie I've ever seen! I can not believe it's the creation of a major motion picture studio. It has the quality of being made by a first year film student. The best this movie has to offer is bad actors using sophomoric humor. It's the type of movie where you look at your watch to see how much more you have to take just to find you've only been watching for 10 minutes.

    If I had a choice of watching this movie again or twiddling my thumbs for 90 minutes, I'd choose the latter. It'd be **much** more entertaining....more info
  • Not for kids
    A "Tongue-in-cheek" look at the future in a Dumbed Down World.
    Some funny parts but mostly predictable.
    Adult sexual themes and language....definetly not for kids.
    ...more info
  • Surprisingly Bad...
    I bought this movie not really knowing too much about it, trusting everyone that kept telling me how hilarious it was and that I needed to see it. Wow, this was shockingly bad. Like many have said, the basic premise is a great idea for a film and could have been hilarious, but after the first 15 minutes or so, it goes absolutely no where. Nothing but potty humor (fart jokes? seriously?), and dull acting. Avoid this one like the plague......more info
  • #1 on the stupidest movie countdown!
    The movie is absolutely the stupidest movie ever. But I like stupid movies. Like Dumb and Dumber, you would like to hope that there would be a threshold to stupidity, but as Idiocracy reveals, no such threshold exists. ...more info
  • 2505 ?? If only ....
    Most of the people in this movie are already here .. and too many are running the countries, working in jobs way over their heads ... airports, hospitals, department stores, garages, etc., etc..

    While the situations in the movie are funny ... just about all of them have been experienced and are NOT that funny in person!!

    I only WISH it would be 2505 before this happens to our world. I have this feeling 2012 will be the year!! sigh...

    Those who think the movie is STUPID or DUMB or BORING ... couldn't see themselves in the mirror if they had the lights on!! (Which they obviously don't!!) "Lights on, nobody's home!!"
    ...more info
  • Stupidest Movie I have ever seen
    I actually felt like my IQ dropped 20 points from watching this movie. This is not worth your time just skip it to the next movie....more info
  • A Real Look Into mankind's Future!
    I didn't even know this movie existed up until 2 weeks ago. I never read or heard anything on it. The movie has warped into a Cult Classic for me, after watching it for the first time. So far I have had the movie on my DVR for over 2 weeks now, and I have only deleted it now because I bought the DVD. Normally I watch a movie once and then I'm good for years, but not Idiocracy. I have now seen this movie 10 times! To think I almost didn't watch it. I had confused Luke Wilson, with Owen Wilson. Owen is great at doing comedies, but this movie needs a Straight-Lace personality to pull it off and Luke does that perfectly.

    (Basic Plot)
    Luke Wilson, AKA Joe Bauers, is an average man in every possible way. Basic IQ, basic health, just basic; which makes him perfect for an experiment in Cryogenics. The Army also finds Maya Rudolph, AKA Rita to participate. As long as her pimp gets paid. This "Getting His Money" theme plays throughout the movie (I will get to this later). The experiment goes horribly wrong and they are both forgotten about for 500 years. They are awakened in a time where the Status Quo has dropped to the point where humans are on the verge of starvation. It seems that more idiots have spawned children then intelligent people, creating an inbred Society of morons. Which in reality is a true concept; as mean as that sounds. So this general idea adds a type of realism to the movie. Human Speech is no longer what we would consider formal. It is a mix of Ebonics, Valley Girl, ect. Much in the way that our ancestors would view how we pronounce words today, as being crude; the Idiocracy future is even worse. Joe Bauers is able to understand them, but they view him as being a "Fag." This Broken-English is already on it's way to becoming the norm, so I love the idea that Mike Judge added this to his movie. What makes the movie so funny is the little details. When Joe first meets up with Dax Shepard, AKA Frito, Dax is watching a show called "Ow! My Balls!" on a Giant-Screen TV. But the only part of the screen where you can view the show is in the very middle. The rest of the surrounding screen is full of flashing, blinking advertisements. These annoying banners, which cover up 80% of the screen, are the predictable future to a practice that didn't exist back in the 90's, but are now EVERYWHERE in our own time! So in Idiocracy future, your 7 Foot TV screen, will really only end up being 20 Inches after Advertisers fill the rest of the space with banners.
    Water is no longer consumed; instead it is now a Gatorade-Type drink called Brawndo that is the most consumed beverage. This again comes from present culture where a person would rather drink sugar-water then just plain-old water. Waves and claps of respect have been replaced with the Middle Finger. Swear words are also part of everyday Society and are not viewed as insults. Food has been replaced with Junk Food. There is no longer 4-Star restaurants, just Fast-Food and Microwavable snacks. The marquee restaurant is called Butt-F***ers ( Fuddruckers to us). These eating habits have caused people to look Doughy (Soft and Fat).
    clothing has also had to change with the times. Suits and slacks have been replaced with T-Shirts and Nylon pants, covered with advertisements. Basically, if you woke up in the Idiocracy future, you wouldn't be shocked. It is everything that takes place now, just after 500 years of progression.

    Both Joe and Rita find themselves the smartest people alive. Joe is tasked with saving the world and Rita ends up trying to save Joe from those who he is trying to help. Maya Rudolph really plays her character well. Which must be pretty easy for her seeing as she has been on SNL for years and years. I couldn't stop laughing at her repeated worries that her former pimp would travel through time to get his money. It's just the simple things like this that make you want to watch the movie over and over again. Every time I watch it I find a new joke hidden in the background. Luke is funny because he isn't trying to be funny. That is why I didn't want to see the movie if Owen Wilson was the star. I know what to expect from Owen, but Luke isn't known for comedies.

    I don't want to give away everything. If you see the DVD for rent or sale, get it. Fox Movies didn't want to show Idiocracy in the theaters, so that is why you, like me, most likely didn't hear anything about it. But like Orgazmo, Idiocracy is a hidden gem. A movie that pushes boarders just enough to keep it edgy, but not enough to warrant a boycott....more info
  • If only the movie were as good as the message
    Short, and to the point...

    I'm a huge Mike Judge fan. I've loved everything he's done up to this point.

    At first I couldn't stop laughing while watching Idiocracy. Partially because of the underlying message which pokes and prods at you throughout the film. It rings all too true. And partially due to the sheer absurdity of the entire premise (or is it so absurd?).

    But after the message has firmly entrenched itself in your mind and the point is made, the novelty wears off and you're left with a crude, contrived film with nothing left to invoke further emotion.

    I was ready for it to end halfway through the film. It's clear that Judge had a message to convey. But I can't help but wonder if a shorter film, perhaps a humorous, sarcasm-filled documentary, wouldn't have been more successful at achieving this.

    If this movie inspires just one person to make a positive change in their life, I suppose it's hard to fault its creators. But the movie fanatic in me definitely did not get his money's worth.

    Your mileage may vary....more info
  • Atrocious
    This is, without a doubt, one of the least intelligent and most incredibly horrendous films I've ever seen. It rates next to 'Epic Movie' in terms of stupidity, and it was in no way even remotely funny. The premise held promise (scathing social satire) but the execution was abyssmal. There were no scenes that made me break a grin, much less laugh. My girlfriend still hasn't forgiven me for picking this for a movie night, and all I can say is that I want 90 minutes of my life back....more info
  • You'll never use the word "utilize" again without thinking of this movie
    Wickedly amusing look at life in the future if trends continue, (though some of these folks are types you may daily encounter as are the future mindless entertainments). The president is a highlight not to be missed and is especially timely, even to the use of a teleprompter. I'm buying multiple copies for gifts....more info
  • This is the Future
    The healthcare scene is so predictable of what the future will look like if the present admin gets their way. The check-in at the "hospital" shows what happens when we dumb-down so much stuff.

    This movie is unique, and twice as much fun to watch after a couple brewskis and a White House Press Conference....more info
  • I think it's an important movie
    This movie deserves a lot more attention than it's gotten so far. I ran across it accidentally, and now I'm on a mission to get friends to watch it. It's a super cheesy movie, but it stimulates great discussions on serious matters. I wish this had a pg-13 version so that I could show it to my students. I think it makes a lot of great points about how evolution works, (especially how it's not always about survival of the fittest- it's really about who's the most successful at passing on their DNA) and the dangers of a society that places entertainment above all other goals. It is way too vulgar to show in class, but it led to a great conversation with my teenage son.
    ...more info
  • Don't bother
    If you're thinking of renting this movie because you're curious to see just how stupid a movie can be, save yourself the trouble: it really is that bad. I managed 20 minutes before I hit fast forward followed very quickly by delete....more info
  • A mostly disturbing, and yet funny, dystopian future
    this movie, although on the surface is made up of some bathroom humor, quickly becomes a serious commentary on our current society, and fears of where it might be going.
    Many have cited the classic sci-fi story "Marching Morons" as the inspiration behind this film, and for sure that is clear...

    While Judge did not explain a lot of what happens behind the scenes in this terribly inept society of the future, he shows enough to make any reasonably intelligent person today shudder (the collapsing buildings held up by ropes was one disturbing thought). Outlandish, but frightening, to think that America could ever possibly become THIS lazy, stupid, and inept. Yikes.

    This is a comedy, but in many ways the future it warns against is dark, disturbing, and rather frightening. Let's pray that the true future of our planet does not end up like this....more info
  • Bell Curve Too Much For You To Read? Get This Movie
    The Bell Curve, by Herrnstein and Murray, will become the most prescient book for this century. Idiocracy is a mind experiment on many of the issues discuseed in The Bell Curve. It joins Gattaca as one of those rare films that successfully approaches a complex subject. The film is very careful not to offend. If this film can't succeed on the subject of genetics and intelligence than nothing can. Don't get me wrong. I laughed my head off during the film. But there's really nothing funny about the subject it satirizes....more info
  • idiocracy
    i went to the movies and saw this at the theatre and there were five people in it on fiday night . will two of them walked out half way through and it was so corny and different i watched all of it. and though i thought the worst movie ever, butt after thinking about it ,it is so unique and so true, how people are like this now , we are all dumb at something, butt i bought this movie and now watch it every few months cause it keeps me from feeling crazy after i meet lot of people who are like the people in the movie. any way i think it might be a great movie the more you watch it the more you like it and see it kinda come true....more info
  • Idiocracy
    I'm not sure if this movie is so funny it's scary, or so scary it's funny. A side-splittingly sober comment on the future of America.
    ...more info
  • Brilliant, Bittersweet Satire -- "Office Space After Devolution"
    Insightful observation is the key to good satire. In the case of "Idiocracy", the observation was postively inspired. The finest satire wraps intelligence with wit. In the case of "Idiocracy", wit and intelligence are one and the same.

    About four years old and only now being seen widely, the satire is still perfectly--even more appropriately--contemporary.

    Corporate sponsorship, advertising "buzz" words and product placement are so effectively skewered that all but the most indoctrinated will see the assumption of stupidity on which they are based.

    Buy this movie! Watch first for the fun of it. If you find it anywhere near as good as I do, you'll watch again and again finding deeper intelligence with each viewing. The rather cheezy wide-scale depections of the idiocy are like most episodes of the Simpsons--more thought in one small part than in typical entire works of similar genre.
    ...more info
  • Pee yourself laughing
    This is by far one of the funnist flims I have seen in a long time. And oh so true....more info
  • Not far from the truth
    Many will dismiss this movie as typical 20-something, male-dominated, stupid humor. Those people are the same close-minded fools who dismiss Fight Club as simply a bunch of guys fighting one another. This movie, when you peel back the layers, is much, much deeper.

    The 21st century, as described in Idiocracy, is a crucial turning point for civilization. It's a time when human evolution bucks the trend of natural selection, and rewards the morons who simply reproduce the most. It's a world where the constant barrage of MTV-style editing in mainstream entertainment, video games, internet bombardment (i.e. adware, spyware, flashing technology), and the frenetic, over-stimulated daily life has turned most of society into blathering idiots. It's sad to say, but it's not far from the truth.

    Much like other dytopian-themed books and movies, Idiocracy concentrates on an exaggerated future that is not difficult to imagine. It satirizes current society and expands upon the negative aspects plaguing us all.

    Joe Bowers (Luke Wilson) is an average Army soldier in 2005 who agrees to participate in a human hibernation experiment, and along with Joe, a deal is made to get a comparable female to participate. Rita (Maya Rudolph) is a prostitute who is bought out by the government from her pimp Upgrayedd (Two D's for a double-dose of pimping). After the one year dry freeze, they were to be awoken and the experiment could have been analyzed, but that didn't work out. It is only when the Great Garbage Avalanche of 2505 takes place that Joe and Rita wake up to a drastically changed world.

    The world of 2505 is decaying in every way possible. Buildings are torn down and destroyed, some held together by large ropes. Economic issues have long since become moot, as conglomerations like Costco, Starbucks, and a renamed FuddRuckers (it's what we all first thought of when we saw the name) have taken over everything. Even English has degraded to a point where eloquence is considered "pompous and faggy" (replaced with a slang combo of valley girl, hillbilly, ghetto slang, and grunts). Daily lives are consumed by constant idiotic entertainment on huge televisions that resemeble how I envisioned the telescreens of 1984, but without Big Brother. Crowd entertainment has been replaced by gladiator-type encounters mixed with something similar to the Running Man battles.

    I'd go on and on about the incredibly funny details of the movie, where the corporations and retards have taken over every aspect of civilization, but there are just too many to mention, and it's somewhat depressing....more info
  • Greatest non-commercial success film I've seen in a long time!!
    Idiocracy didn't pull everyone into the theaters, but it's enjoying a big cult following now. The CGI isn't the best, the props are not the best, but this film is one of the top 20 mvies of all time!!! You can call it a comedy, a sci-fi or a documentary. A must own!!!...more info
  • Funny, but quite not TOO funny
    I first read of this film in a political commentary. I think it was with reference to the GOP in the 2008 election. So I thought, why not? Sounds funny.

    The film starts in the present day with an "educated" (read "white collar" couple procrastinating as to whether and when they want a child. (They age and don't have any.) In the meantime, some redneck caricatures--if I recall both black and white--are being frutiful and multiplying, due to ignorance of or indifference to contraceptives. Well, one could have a problem with that. There are "class" elements that could offend both sides of the political spectrum.

    To be honest, that's the part of the film at which I laughed the hardest. Yeah, yeah, we educated types can be arrogant. But I was just in Washington yesterday surrounded by some people--again, both black and white--who had more than adequately "multiplied" and whom I wouldn't want teaching my kids if I had any.

    In the meantime, a rather mediocre army noncom finally gets transferred in his job at Fort Myer, or Fort Belvoir--something in the DC area--and becomes part of a long-term sleep experiment. The other, female, subject of that experiment happens to be a lady of the evening.

    Others have covered the plot: They wake up after a massive garbage pile collapses 500 years later and the world is populated by a bunch of complete, consumerist morons, one of whom is watching the Violence Channel or something like that.

    I was a little surprised that those who produced the film got away with commentaries on contemporary corporations, restaurants, for example. That was another item at which I laughed a little. Suffice it to say that the language used even in their marketing isn't "family friendly" in today's ostensibly more sophisticated environment.

    As others have said, it's predictable. It's worthwhile as a satire, but lacks the subtlty I'd hope for in, say, a Kubrick film. (Ahhh, if only he were still with us) let along works by Rod Serling, or any others who fit satire in their work more tactfully.

    Yeah, it's a funny flick. But it's not one for which I'd invite friends over for a fundraiser. And I can see why the writer referred to it reference our last election. Expect some laughs, but not deep discussions after others have seen it....more info
  • Scared Me..
    Great Movie, After Watching This.. Looking Around You Cant Help But Wonder If This Is Going To Be Our Future. At This Point In Time.. It Very Well Could Be. ...more info
  • Average Movie with a Thought-Provoking Message
    My husband and I watched Idiocracy for a second time last weekend. Overall, the film is okay. There are places where I laughed out loud. It is a "funny-stupid" film. Not a great epic, but not complete trash either. A good choice for an evening when you need to give your brain a rest.

    However, this is also a "smart, funny-stupid" move. Its message stays with you. 500 years into the future, today's average Joe will be the smartest man in the world because the human race will devolve. Stereotypical "dumb" people will multiply faster than love-struck bunnies; the movers, thinkers, and doers will continue to put children off so long that they will not be able to have them. America's number one show will be "Ow, My Balls" (and if you've every seen Jerry Springer, Big Brother, The Real Life, Fear Factor, Jackass, etc., you KNOW Ow, My Balls is next); language will continue to deteriorate until it is some kind of street-valley-funk-hiphop conglomeration; technology and the very ability to make or repair anything will disappear; the president of the United States will be pro-wrestler; garbage will be piled so high that landslides threaten major cities; and corporations and advertising will rule the world. The extremely scary thing is, none of this seems completely unrealistic, or even that far off.

    I remember a magazine interview several years ago with the Secretary of Education. At that time he was advocating the removal of the word "antelope" from all textbooks, to be replaced with the word "deer". He felt that word antelope was too hard for America's children and that it was a somewhat useless word, since there were no antelope on this continent. Which I believe would come as somewhat of a shock to the millions of Americans who live "where the deer and the ANTELOPE play!"

    This movie will make you think. Which is what a movie should do.
    ...more info
  • 5 out of 5
    This is one of my favorite movies ever made.For some reason this movie was only released in a few citys and there were no advertisements at all so most have never herd of it. ...more info
  • Worth seeing!
    Most people have never heard of this film since, as noted in other reviews, it did not get much promotion or distribution. I think this may be due lees to studio apprehension and more to trademark issues. There are many 2505AD references to current day companies. I am sure that "Fuddruckers" is not appreciative of its name being morphed over 500 years into something less "family friendly." And having a Carl's Jr's. automated restaruant machine telling customers "f*** y**" repeatedly is almost certainly not palatable to the CEO of said company. The movie does not so much pick on these particular companies as poke fun at our consumer and entertainment culture. After all, Carl's Jr's own ad line was "some guys would starve", and one simply can not watch a movie or TV sitcom without someone being kicked in the groin, or some small child swearing like a sailor in a foreign port. "Idiocracy" pokes fun at such a culture, not so much at the particular companies named, but I believe it is because the named companies object to how they are portrayed that the movie was limited in distribution. All that aside, this is a gem on DVD. I do not normally go for the crass style humor shown in "Idiocracy", but in this case it is funny because it is so relevant to today's culture. This movie is simply a 500 year projection of populist culture and the dumbing down of education that is actually going on today, and this is why "Idiocracy" is so funny and right on target. While watching, you can see the connection to today's culture. See this movie and keep an open mind....more info
  • Our future?
    This could very well be our future here in the United States, IF the people that actively choose to be ignorant have their way with our future.

    I can really see this happening. Honestly...

    This is for the Fox News programmed and bible sniffing masses and the people that think that 'it can't happen here'. IT SURE CAN! And it is happening right now!

    Fighting evolution: I see the marks of evolution SCREAMING from the history of living things on this planet.

    Ecological destruction: I see it ALL AROUND ME! We are eventually going to destroy this planets ability to support life. Then what? What will the people that have all the big money from the profits getting us there going to do then? They die just like we do.

    Collective ignorance: Sexism, racism, ageism, political and religious dogma surrounds us. It invades so much of our daily lives (and I don't even watch Fox News)! Fear Obama because he's black. I've got a better one: Fear McCain because he's insulated from the economic damage that 8 years of Bush-o-nomics has wrought on this country.

    Watch the movie. See what runaway capitalism would look like. See what our future very well could look like if we don't act now...

    This planet is screaming for change......more info
  • Bad, real real bad...
    Really? Honestly? If you have but one percent of a brain in your head, you'll stay away from this monstrosity. Horribly acted, horribly thought out and just plain horrible. I had hopes from the preview, but the preview fails to show the stupidity that is this movie. Perhpas the irony is lost on me. Perhaps this is just bad satire. I don't know, but what I do know is that the actors lost me as a fan for participating in such drivel. ...more info