4UCAM PAN / TILT Handheld 2.5" Color Video Baby Monitor and 2.4GHz Wireless Camera - Day & Night, Video & Audio Infant Nursery Monitor
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Product Description

The ONLY System on the Market that offers Pan & Tilt! Yes, you read that right... This high-tech hand-held monitor can actually Pan and Tilt the camera! With other systems if the baby rolls out of view, the camera is no longer seeing anything. This system solves that problem forever. Wireless battery operated remote pan/tilt 2.5-inch colour TFT-LCD screen monitor controller allows for an incredible 270 degree horizontal rotation angle and 120 degree vertical rotation angle. 2.5-inch monitor screen provides you with a clear and sharp picture with 480 x 234 effective pixels to see what is happening in the light, but also in total darkness. The 10 infrared LEDs allow you to see in total darkness for up to 16 ft.! The portability of the monitor allows you to keep a watch on your child at all times from various locations in your home. The sensitive microphone lets you know when baby is in need. A/V output allows for recording or viewing on TV, VCR or Monitor. It's making it an ideal solution as a baby monitor or for other in-home surveillance. Both camera & monitor include three selectable channels that allow you to use multiple cameras with a single monitor. Monitor runs on AAA batteries (not included) or via an included AC/DC adapter. *** WATCH OUT FOR COUNTERFEIT PRODUCT, and make sure you have 4UCam brand name printed on Camera, and Monitor ***

  • Pan & Tilt (Horizontal 270, Vertical 120) Scan Camera remotely controlled by hand-held receiver
  • Large 2.5" Ultra high resolution LCD-TFT color monitor 480 X 234 resolution provides crisp images
  • 2.4GHz signal penetrates walls, floors, ceilings, up to 330 ft. transmission distance in open space
  • Night Vision with I/R technology allows viewing in total darkness up to 16 feet
  • 3 channels in both camera & monitor to avoid possible interference. Monitor support up to 3 cameras
Customer Reviews:
  • Great system in comparison to others out there.
    I purchased this system to monitor my infant in a crib and my 2 year old in a toddler bed.
    Both share a bedroom.
    With this cam I can pan back and forth between the two sleeping kids (from far away) to check on them from anywhere in the house.
    The night vision capability is the most crisp and clear of any system I've owned.
    I've had Safety 1st, Summer Infant and Sylvania baby monitors prior.
    All were only available in black and white resolution and were not portable monitors.
    The Safety 1st($200) and Summer($100) monitors blew out in less than a year.
    The Sylvania still works, but lacked picture clarity at night and sometimes would transmit an annoying clicking sound due to mystery interference.
    I have never written an online review before, but was compelled to write this one.
    I had one small problem with the unit and 4uCam called me to rectify it immediately (while they were on vacation!)
    I highly recommend this camera system, and suggest that you get the rechargeable battery pack and the AC adapter so you can plug it in or roam with it without having the power dwindle out.
    Any interference is always made worse by weak batteries.

    ...more info
  • Useless
    This is my first monitor camera (and my first baby). After 15 days of use I have to admit my mistake with the characteristics I chose to select this product.

    First of all, PAN camera is a gadget more than a useful product to monitor baby.

    - The signal of the camera is interfered for any 2.4Ghz phone or WiFi network. The interfence is so deep you have to mute the receiver.

    - Brick walls reduce the signal power, reducing the distance of use to a less than 6 meters. After that the noise in audio make it useless.

    I have 2 2.4Ghz phones, and a 802.11g network. I have to decide between them, so I prefer to turn this monitor off.

    I don't return this products, because I live outside EEUU. ...more info
  • Good Camera - Poor Range
    Excelletn night vision capabilities, but it doesn't work well through even a couple of walls with out a lot of static.

    The pan and tilt feature works well. ...more info
  • Picture quality is superb, even at night
    Fast response & shipping by 4ucam. The only option missing is zoom - but you can't have everything. Picture quality is superb, even at night."
    Date: 6/20/2007 Rated by Buyer: Peter ...more info