HP 21 Black Retail Twinpack (C9508FN)
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Product Description

Get crisp, sharp results in color and black and white / Yields up to 150 pages per cartridge / Two 5 ml cartridges ink volume

  • Depend on genuine HP ink for high-quality, long-lasting results
  • Maximize your ink efficiency - get fast results and superior fade resistance while using less ink with HP's Vivera inks
  • Stay on top of ink replacement with HP SureSupply - receive alerts when a cartridge is low, monitor its remaining life, and enjoy easy online ordering or check stock and prices at nearby stores
  • For use with - HP All-in-One Machines Officejet 4315, Deskjet F380, PSC 1410 Series, HP Fax Machines Fax 1250, HP Inkjet Printers Deskjet 3910, Deskjet 3940 Series, Deskjet 3915, Deskjet 3930 Series, Deskjet D2330, Deskjet D2360

Customer Reviews:

  • Bad Service, Bad Service
    I never received the item, was arbitrarily given an incorrect refund, even though I requested the item by email. Any attempts to contact the seller have been ignored. I will not buy another item from Amazon, because of this shoddy, unprofessional treatment. I will share this experience anytime Amazon comes up in discussion.

    Robert Toole...more info
  • Satisfactory quality and price.
    Good quality for the price. I have never had any problem with this cartridge. There are other cheaper ones out there, but I felt their quality of cartridge and ink aren't as good as this one. ...more info
  • Review of the Ink,
    I am writing this review to give this ink the credit it deserves. Since the
    guy before me took his frustration (of the seller) out on the ink, I feel it only fair to say that I have used this ink cartridge for 2 years and I print a lot! So, I have probably used about 40 or more of this exact kind of cartridge.
    I have never had any kind of problem with it in any way. It is easy to install, uninstall and the quality is great.
    This is my first review of any item but I felt I must let people know that this is a good product since some people give it a bad name just because they are mad at the seller.
    The seller does not even appear to be Amazon.
    Next time don't give the ink a bad review because you are mad at one of
    the many who sell for Amazon.
    ...more info
  • HP 21 Black Retail Twinpack
    A good value for this high quality HP product. What more can I say, ...always reliable, great results and fast printing. HP 21 Black Retail Twinpack...more info
  • Double the pleasure, double the fun to get the work done.
    I have been using this product for a while and it has never failed me. Having a double pack is like having a double blessing which means if you run out of ink in the middle of a project, you can have another on hand to complete it until you have time to dash to the store....more info
  • Dependable, but the ink sure doesn't seem to last very long
    I love HP ink, but it is very expensive and it doesn't seem to last very long....more info
  • Good Deal
    If you really do not want to throw out your printer out every time it runs out of ink you cannot go wrong with this deal. The twin pack is a hair more than most dealers single packs, you have spare on hand, and you order half as often. Now if they had one for the color too, that would be perfect....more info
  • 2 Is Better Than 1
    It seems like everyday, we are trting to find the best in inkjet cartridges these days. Although some are cheaper than others, like store brands, it is the quality that makes the difference. This 2 pack of HP 21 Black inkjet cartridges is easy to setup for your printer, and connects like a snap. These cartidges works very well with my printer. They are also compatable with the Deskjet 3900 series and other HP printers. I really recommend this 2 pack because it saves in money and in value for all your everyday printing needs.

    Price: B+

    Quality: B+

    Overall: B+...more info
  • Works like a charm!
    Just like new! I love this brand because it's so affordable. No problems whatsoever! Saved alot of $$$ too!...more info
  • Great deal!!
    I live overseas, and finding anything for my printer is a challenge. Being able to buy the black ink cartridge, not only in single, but in double, is a real find. Awesome product, and fast shipping! ...more info
  • Why do 2 cost more than twice as much as 1?
    Why would anyone want to buy a twin pack, which is supposed to save money by "buying in volume", when it is MORE than double the price of a single cartridge? Amazon appears to need some help with their math on this one. Hopefully they'll fix this and my review will become unneeded. Until then, don't assume that a two pack is automatically a better deal. ...more info
  • HP Ink
    I was very impressed with the speed of arrival. The twin pack of HP cartridges are in perfect working order and I would highly recommend those who use black ink at a constant to purchase online rather than through the retail stores. ...more info
  • As good price as can be expected.
    But took much longer to arrive than I expected. HP tries to ask a reasonable price for there ink cartridges ... but all manufacterers really shaft you once you have one of their printers....more info
  • too small
    I would recommend getting the high capacity ink because this one doesn't last very long....more info
  • For even better value...
    Buy the HP 21XL high capacity cartridge to get more ink for your $$. You won't be bothered with changing cartridges as often, either. The color cartridge is also available in higher capacity as the 22XL....more info
  • Great price and quick delivery
    Received my order very quickly and it was exactly what I ordered. Best price I could find for this cartridge after checking all of my regular resources. Will definitely use this supplier again....more info
  • Worst cartridge I've ever used!
    I would give this cartridge a negative five stars if I could. I go way back to the 1980's in using computers. I have written many books and could always get 300 type-written, double-spaced pages from one cartridge. Until now, I have never had a complaint about the amount of ink in a cartridge. Then recently, I was given an HP All-in-0ne printer. I bought the twin pack of cartridges, and in no time, I was out of ink, in spite of the fact that the ink level displayed on my screen indicated that the cartridge was 1/4 full. The second cartridge did no better, but it showed I still had 1/2 of the ink left, even though it wouldn't spit out so much as a dot of ink. I figured those two cartridges must have been defective, so I bit the bullet and bought another twin set. I have printed about 15 pages with the latest cartridge, the ink shows 3/4 full, but it no longer prints. Yes, for each recalcitrant cartridge, I cleaned the cartridge as per the printer instructions. However, the only way I could get any more printed pages was to install a new cartridge. So, the barely-broken-in cartridges were obviously out of ink. I called Hewlett Packard, but they were no help. I am not paying exorbitant prices for cartridges with a smidgen of ink in them. I am looking for another brand of printer and will never buy another HP product again, especially not their cartridges.
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  • printer ink cartridges
    Thank you so much for shipping the printer ink cartridges. They work wonderful.

    I'll pass the word along , and see you get more business!!


    Donald F. Grasha...more info
  • good---but somewhat overpriced (three and one-half stars)
    The HP 21 inkjet cartridge is very light, easy to install and allows the printer to print out very good quality, durable black ink on the page. It stores for about a year after you buy it so if you want to stock up for your office or personal printing needs that's great! (It even comes with an expiration date!) HP also packs it well so that it is difficult for the cartridge to become damaged during transit.

    One thing that I didn't like, however, is that the ink can go quickly. If you print a lot, you might even need to replace this cartridge every ten days or so. My needs are about 10 pages per week and I have to change the cartridge roughly every six to seven weeks. That's not good; although to be fair to this HP ink cartridge I am printing graphics.

    As of the time that I am writing this, why don't we get a better discount for buying two cartridges? I notice the price to buy two is just slightly less than twice the cost of one of these HP 21 ink cartridges--but buying two should be cheaper still since you're buying two and not just one at a time; instead HP wants their customers to pay twice without giving them any discount or "price improvement." You might save a little over a dollar by buying this twinpack; but that's not much. There's just no discount nor is there any financial incentive to buy more than one at a time--and, as one reviewer notes, this is a disappointment.

    Three and one-half stars for being great ink in easy to manage and install cartridges. It loses one and one-half stars for not lasting longer AND not giving customers a discount for buying more than one cartridge at a time.
    ...more info