Alsoft DiskWarrior 4.0: Mac Universal Binary WDD105
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Product Description

DiskWarrior is the safest, the most technologically advanced, and the most powerful utility to eliminate directory damage available for any computer. DiskWarrior uses a different approach to disk directory repair than other programs. DiskWarrior is not a disk repair program in the conventional sense. Instead of patching the original directory, it uses a patent-pending technology to quickly build a new replacement directory using data recovered from the original directory, thereby recovering files and folders that you thought were lost and that no other program could recover. Monitors drive hardware for potential drive failure Verification of replacement directory ensures data integrity Comparison of original directory with replacement directory tells you which files and folders may have been affected by directory damage Patented preview feature to view what the disk will look like after the directory is rebuilt, allowing you to view files and folders before any directory changes are written to disk Repairs damaged boot blocks and blesses the system folder to ensure that the computer will start from the repaired disk

  • Uses directory data to quickly rebuild the directory structure. Eliminates risk of losing access to files - other disk repair utilities attempt to fix the directory structure and avoid deleting sections of the directory
  • Scavenges directory to find all salvageable file and folder data, even data contained in damaged nodes
  • Eliminates unseen directory errors, preventing minor directory errors from escalating into major problems
  • Recovers lost files and folders
  • Optimizes directory for maximum directory performance, speeding up overall disk performance

Customer Reviews:

  • Raised my Mac from the dead
    I work in a Macintosh repair shop, and deal with troubled machines all the time. When booting from the Mac OS installer CD won't fix a hard drive, this is the next tool I pull out of my bag. I've seen this program do amazing things for my clients' computers: rescuing their precious documents, photos, and iTunes libraries. It's even resurrected a couple of my own drives that even I'd lost faith in.

    Yes, this "Universal" version is version 4: it will work on all PPC and Intel-based Macs running OS X. If your Mac still runs OS 9, you need Disc Warrior 3 or earlier....more info
  • Saved my MacBook and Time Machine Drives
    I have used older versions of DiskWarrior but after upgrading to my MacBook thought I didn't need it anymore. I tried using Disk Utility to fix my internal drive but got a "Keys out of order" message and a message that the drive could not be repaired. A quick trip to the Apple store to pick up DiskWarrior and an hour later I had fixed my internal drive and my Time Machine drive.

    Pros -
    Fixed two drives that Disk Utility could not and saved me many hours of reinstalling OS, files, apps, etc.

    Cons -
    Upgrade from Alsoft takes 3 to 4 weeks to receive your CD (i.e. purchase before you need it or add $50 to the cost of your upgrade)
    Must reboot your machine running Leopard into Tiger using the CD
    Rebooting with the CD takes 10+ minutes
    During repair it can appear that nothing is happening for 10+ minutes yet it is still working... be patient and go get lunch or coffee...more info
  • Slow, but does the job
    Disk Warrior operates meticulously but very slowly to recover damaged disk directories. It was able to rescue data from a crashed 120 Gb external hard drive of mine. Once I figured out the options, and gave it an overnight task (7 hours!) to do, it accomplished it very effectively. ...more info
  • DiskWarrior
    DiskWarrior keeps my hard drives running smoothly and prevents potential problems. I highly reccomend it....more info
  • Good IF....
    This has the reputation of being a great product. Maybe it is. But it doesn't come with any useful instructions, so unless you know someone who is willing to teach you how to use it, it's pretty much useless. I own it and understand that its use is very simple. But I have to say, it hasn't been any use to me. A few instructions might solve this problem, but sadly they are lacking. A common problem with computer applications and equipment....more info
  • It Saved Me!
    Not much to say other than DiskWarrior got my Mac back up and running where Apple's FirstAid couldn't.

    If you have a hard drive failure, give DiskWarrior a shot. It might work and save you, too. ...more info
    When my Powerbook was running Apple's Tiger O/S, Disk Warrior was my best friend and rescued me from two near-fatal hardware issues. However, when I upgraded to Leopard and experienced issues from the gate, I figured Disk Warrior would remedy the situation. First off, it didn't and secondly, it made things worse. My permissions were so corrupt that I couldn't overwrite existing files. Adobe InDesign would crash repeatedly, Photoshop would not save any of the actions I created, my Address book wouldn't allow me to add or edit entries, Apple Keynote would not allow me to import images and Mail stopped remembering sender addresses for future autofill. I finally had to wipe my entire hard drive and clean install Leopard. Everything is running fine now.

    Bottom line, DO NOT USE DISK WARRIOR 4 WITH LEOPARD UNTIL ALSOFT RELEASES AN UPDATE - even though their website claims that it will work if you boot from the CD (which is what I did)...more info
  • Do yourself a favor. BUY THIS NOW. I'm v.e.r.y serious
    U.N.L.E.S.S. Y.O.U. H.A.V.E. A H.A.R.D D.R.I.V.E B.A.D B.L.O.C.K F.A.I.L.U.R.E, or entire sections of your drive are physically wiped out beyond compare, then this software will save your butt. But waiting three to four weeks ( or possible overnight from Amazon is not going to save you when you need it.

    DiskWarrior just brought my system back. I couldn't use the mouse, couldn't save properly, Disk Repair was in techno-red about the problems. (I hooked up an external drive to a dead drive computer and used Disk repair, then found a ver 3.3 copy of DiskWarrior installed there.)

    After 90 minutes I was back in business. BUT GUESS WHAT? During the course of going through the process, DW flashed that it recognized the dead drive on the host computer. Now I know that the latest version can fix it, which Alsoft claims can deal with the blinking "?" and dead startup.

    I've used DW for years, and keep forgetting that DW should be used in lieu of Disk Repair to keep your system humming. It is that good. Hell, tech support firms use it when you drag your 'dead' computer in and then charge you $100 for labor to fix it.

    Someone complained htat they dont give enough instructions. DW made it pretty idiot proof. Spending ten minutes reading what Alsoft says on their site about it is well worth the time. Besides, when your computer is dead, you can't read PDF anyway.

    If you can read this, and you're on your computer, it's working. What about the times when it isn't. If you dont have backup computers (PLURAL) then you better have this in your arsenal ASAP.

    I bought the upgrade from Alsoft until I realized just now that I should have bought from Amazon -- but I didn't think Amazon would have it -- and get delivery Monday morning. I'm going ahead now with the full purchase here because I can't wait four weeks. So I have two licenses, so what....more info
  • DiskWarrior, B-node failure. Kernal Panic & 78GB of pics & music
    I had a true Kernal Panic. I go to turn on my computer and enjoy a show I'd downloaded 5 minutes prior. I went to turn on my computer and it requested to be restarted then & everytime I turned it on after that. Disk utility reported B-node failures and could not repair disk. I tried target mode to transfer to a friends computer and still nothing because the the disk would not mount. Did I mention I'm deployed?

    I thought my computer would become an expensive and gorgeous paperweight. I changed out the HD and put the old one into an enclosure. I ran diskwarrior with high hopes. Though my old HD wouldn't mount on the desktop, it was seen by diskwarrior. I had many "progress slowed by disk malfunction XXXX". I had so many in fact that it took diskwarrior 3 days to give me a preview. I'm not taking away a star because of that. I'm happy to have my pictures from the last 3 years taken in at least 4 countries and full of so many memories. 40 GB of movies and music...need I go on?

    If you have problems please take a look at thier knowledge database many of my questions were answered there, some still needed clarification by Alsoft. Also don't forget...when you get your preview look in all the user folders so that you don't leave anything behind! My HD is failing so Alsoft told me to be sure to be "gentle" with it when transerring. I guess that means to transfer small files? I know many of us with Macs are pretty much spoiled by Apple Customer Service. Alsoft DOES provide adequate customer service, but almost no one is as good as Apple, so don't hold it against them. I am very happy with DiskWarrior AND Alsoft....more info
  • Don't Buy Into Exaggerated Claims
    Yesterday my external hard drive failed. After a quick visit to the Macintosh forums, I learned about DiskWarrior and was enthralled with the tall reviews and huge claims of success.

    To make the story short, DiskWarrior did nothing to repair my drive. For DiskWarrior to work, the damage to your drive must be minimal and of a specific nature. While DW claims to repair a damaged directory, again, the damage must be minimal and within DW's abilities.

    There seem to be a few success stories from other folks who lucked out and had the minimal damage necessary to enjoy success with DiskWarrior, but after using the software and giving their tech support department a shot at helping me, the damage to my directory (and subsequently my entire hard drive) was unrepairable.

    Go on faith that some people are having success, but also know that there are instances when DW will be useless - as was the case with my hard drive. I would go so far as to say that the claims DW makes about itself are overstated: "DiskWarrior rebuilds your disk directories making them error-free, eliminating ANY problems the errors would have caused, and recovering lost files. It fixes ANY problem with master directory blocks and alternate master directory blocks, volume headers and alternate volume headers, volume bit maps, catalog trees, and extents trees." (emphasis added)

    Fixes ANY problem?

    I don't think so.

    By the way, DiskWarrior's purchase agreement states in no uncertain words: "All sales are final".

    As in, no refunds - even if it doesn't work for you.

    ...more info
    Silly me.... I used an older version of Techtool on my G5. Duh... Completely destroyed my tree cataloges on my RAID harddrive. Purchased the newest version of Techtool (upgrade), and it didn't ressurect my computer. I thought tons and tons of photos, movies and mp3s where completely annihilated. Gone through my own stupidly, I knew not to run older programs, let alone older Utility programs. As a last ditch effort I remember reading in MacAddict (now Mac Life) that Disk Warrior did magical things that no other programs could... Bought it, received it... and it saved my life... errr... my Mac. I stronly recomend this program if you having Catalogue Tree Drive problems. Them remember to back everything up... and always remember, never use older Utility programs on your computer....more info
  • Saved my Time Machine backups
    For some reason Time Machine network backups are subject to corruption (even with Spotlight indexing turned off). Eventually, your backup may start to fail with "Mounting this volume read-only". Running the Apple Disk check from the GUI and command line (fsck_hfs) didn't fix my problems. Enter Disk Warrior. It rebuilt the sparse bundle with no problems saving months of backups from being lost. Terrific product....more info
  • DiskWarrior 4.0
    Alsoft DiskWarrior 4.0: Mac Univeral Binary WDD105
    Works as well as previous DiskWarrior 3. A standby for my iMac. Has corrected all problems that I have had....more info
  • I know most folks won't take this advice, but:
    my advice to you is to buy this now, even if you are having no problems with your Mac at this time. I realize 99% of you won't take this advice until something goes wrong, but the 1% of you that do will thank me later on. This program is a literal lifesaver. It has saved my digital life once, and countless times for my clients. (I am a professional Mac tech) Don't wait until something goes wrong and then you have to wait a week for this to come in the mail. Just buy a copy and have it in reserve for when (not if) you have a hard drive problem. This program will save you from paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a data recovery service to rescue your data. This program is so amazing that I have seen it rescue ALL data from EVERY hard drive that I have tried it on. Hard drives that I thought were damaged beyond repair. if your hard drive is still spinning, then this program can help you. The only way it wouldn't be able to help is if you had a completely fried hard drive (one that wouldn't even power on) Again, just buy it now, stick it in a drawer, and thank me later on when it saves your rear end....more info
  • Disk Warrior
    I too am an Apple tech. and have used this software numerous times to fix problems that Disk First Aid cannot or will not fix. I highly recommend it to anyone that has a Mac. Using it once a month is like the old saying goes "An Apple A Day, Keeps the Doctor Away," pun intended!! LOL...more info
  • Preventative Maintenance for my Mac
    I have three Macs at home, an Intel Core Duo Mac mini, an eMac and a Powerbook all running OS X 10.4 that needed a utility program to provide preventative maintenance. DiskWarrior 4 provides a program that works great and can handle the various levels of the OSX operating system....more info
  • Saves data from a dying mac
    I was getting a message about a failed b-tree node and disk utilities from the OS couldn't rebuild it. My hard drive was crashing. Disk Warrior was able to save my data. As another person wrote, every mac user should keep this around....more info
  • Great Product
    I can't count the times Disk Warrior has saved my computer and ipod. It's best if used regularly, but can really save you in those times of need. I highly recommend this product!...more info
  • DiskWarrior worked!
    My PowerMac G5 with OSX 10.3.9 suffered a complete failure in January 2008; won't even boot up to a gray apple. I had a backup of the G5 files from a few months ago, but I wanted to recover my recent files since this last backup. So I used Norton SystemWorks 3.0 to boot the G5 up from the CD, then scanned and fixed many errors on the hard disk, but the G5 still would not boot up from its hard disk. I then bought DiskWarrior 4.0 and used it to boot the G5 up from the CD and rebuilt the G5 directory. Voila! The G5 booted right up from its hard disk. Yahoo! I got my recent files back (and backed it up). From this one experience, I would recommend DiskWarrior to Mac users....more info