The First Years - Clean Air Diaper Disposal System
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Product Description

Specially-formulated carbon filter with odor eliminator. Uses standard kitchen trash bags instead of costly refills - saves money! No plunging or pushing of messy diapers; simple one-hand operation, and ultra-quiet. Key features:Unique carbon filter/fan system traps and neutralizers odors Uses standard kitchen trash bags - saves $$ versus expensive cartridge refills Auto-cycle fan is ultra-quiet Holds up to 40 diapers (newborn) sSmple one-hand operation First filter included; Requires 4 D-cell batteries, not included (filter and battery life approximately 90 days)

  • Unique air-filtration feature
  • Uses standard kitchen trash bags
  • Simple one-hand operation
  • 4 D Alkaline batteries required

Customer Reviews:

  • Wish they had a zero-star rating option
    I don't know where to start. Maybe with the idea that not a single one of the engineers who made this product could possibly have had children or experience with infants. Who ever made this went so overboard with the design/equipment (trying to make this the end-all-be-all diaper disposal system) that they lost track of the functionality and reality of the product... which then makes me wonder how the folks in their marketing dept. could possibly give this unit the thumbs-up... anyway I digress,

    I will make this review simple, detailed and effective.

    1. The mechanism used to clamp the plastic bag shut is so loud and startling, that there is no way who ever designed this product has ever changed a diaper on a baby at 3:30am. Let's put it this way - the first time I used it in the middle of the night, it was so startling to the baby that it's a good thing she's wearing a fresh diaper when I closed the lid.

    Amazed at how loud something that is to be used in a nursery can be, I used my friend's decibel meter to measure how loud this noise really was... ready? It peaked at 97 dB (using the decibel scale values)- which puts it at the same noise level of a subway train. Now of course the noise the diaper disposal makes is acute and not sustained like subway train rolling by - but just imagine a split second jolt of noise, infiltrating your nursery, equivalent of that to a subway train. Okay, next.

    2. The clamp mechanism is very heavy and situated at the top of the unit. Now I don't know where they get the "7.4 pounds" listed in the item description above but when I measured the unit (with no bag) it came to 11 pounds 4 ounces. So picture this... you have a very lightweight plastic unit that narrows as it approaches its base with all of its weight located at the top. Why is this important? It's two-fold.

    2a. When you flip open the lid to remove/replace the full bag, the unit falls over backwards every time. Not just some of the times, every time. Which of course makes changing the bag just absolutely ridiculously difficult, awkward and laborious.

    2b. Now that our girl is 9 months old and has been mastering crawling and climbing up things for 3 months - we have to remove the diaper disposal unit from her nursery if we're letting her roam free in there. All it took was one time for her to crawl up to and pull herself up using the unit for it to easily topple over and nearly catch her underneath (again, good thing she was wearing a diaper, if you know what I mean)

    3. The auto-cycle fan in the filtration system is so quiet you won't even believe it's running.... oh wait, it's because it's not running! Yes, after inserting 4 D-cell batteries into the unit nothing happened other than a green light turns on. My father-in-law, who is an electrical and mechanical engineer, couldn't figure out why the fan wasn't working and simply stated that, "all that battery power must be to needed to run the green light"

    Granted this might just be a problem for the particular unit we happened to purchase, but it's just another drop in this diaper disposal's ocean of futility.

    4. Lastly, her nursery reeks of human-factory-processed winter squash, peas, carrots, prunes, etc... Now this can easily be attributed to the fact its filtration system has never worked, but then what is the industrial-strength clamp and lid's function? I have litter boxes for our cats that do a better job of containing the odors and they have open entrances for the felines.

    Unfortunately between a massive week-long blizzard preventing us from returning it to Babies R Us and the fact we're so sick of cheap plastic junk in our society filling our landfills, we're stuck with this thing. Of course it happens to be sitting in our shed out back not being used.

    I've never used or experienced any other disposal systems so I can't recommend any other products to you, but all I can do is persuade you from buying/using this one.

    Meanwhile we're using a good ol' fashion garbage pail ($5 at most) with a lid (and a couple of steel plates placed on the bottom making it extremely stable) and some kitchen garbage bags and it's working far better than this overly-engineered and $40 fiasco ever has....more info
  • We love this diaper disposal! No smelly nursery.
    This product is great. We love that no special bags are required and bags are easily changed. It really does stop the smell.
    The only downside is that opening and closing requires the use of both hands....more info
  • some drawbacks, but overall pretty good.
    We've had the Clean Air diaper disposal for over a year now and overall, it has done very well. This is the only diaper pail I have tried at home, so I can't fully compare it to others, but overall I am satisfied with it.

    The big success: It uses regular kitchen trash bags and has been good at keeping down the diaper odors. However, I must say that it is hard to tell whether or not it's working unless it's -not- working... I don't know how much the fan and filter do, but I believe the mechanical arm system does a good job of clamping the bag shut to keep odors in. My son is now 13 months old and only recently have I noticed any odor issues - but then again, it may just be time to change the filter...

    Pro: I like the arm mechanism that keeps the bag clamped shut. Again, I suspect this does a better job of keeping the odors down than the fan & filter system...
    Con: The lid is loud when you close it. Very loud. My son and I have gotten used to the noise (a mechanical clang accompanied by the twang of the springs that hold the arms shut) when using it - but when heard over a baby monitor in the next room, it really is an awful sound.
    second con: When we first brought our son home, his newborn diapers were too small to be automatically pushed through the arms. I found myself pushing the diapers between the arms manually until he had gone up a diaper size...

    Pro: The lid is nice and tight to keep odors in.
    Con: sometimes the lid is too tight, making it difficult to open the pail one-handed. It can also be tricky to get the lid fully closed - you have to listen for that "click" of the plastic lid snapping into place after the mechanical arms have twanged shut. More noise...

    Pro: The fan is whisper quiet.I usually can't tell if it's on or not.
    Con: I can never tell if the fan is actually doing anything.

    Pro: It has a little indicator light to tell you that it's working. (because you can't hear the fan, I suppose...)
    Con: There is a single green LED with 4 modes:
    on - the fan in running (I hardly ever see this)
    off - the unit is off
    flashing - the unit is in standby mode. Unfortunately, the flash is at a long enough interval that I am never sure if it is thinking about flashing or if I've managed to accidentally turn it off again.
    dim - the batteries are wearing low - Either this is hard to see in a decently lit room, or I completely missed it.

    I think the indicator light would have been far more useful with multiple colors - red for off, green for working amber for low battery and flashing or alternating colors for "standby"....

    Pro: There is a power button to turn the unit off when you don't need it.
    Con: The button is easy to press when opening the lid. The button does not click or slide - it looks the same whether the power is on or not. You have to sit and wait for the light to get around to blinking to determine whether or not the unit is working. I strongly suspect that the thing has been accidentally turned off for quite a while and I never knew it...
    Second con: I'm not sure why you would want to turn off the odor control fan on a diaper pail... If it were a loud fan, perhaps I could understand, but with a fan so quiet you can't tell that it's running, I don't see the point of ever turning it off.

    And finally, a big con that has no pro to go with it: the unit is top heavy. The batteries (4 D batteries) and motor for the fan are located in the top part of the pail. Eventually, the weight of full diapers will balance it out - but I have to be careful when opening the lid for those first couple diapers unless I want to send the whole thing backwards. And the unit usually tries to fall over backwards every time I have it open to change the bag out. I wish the batteries could have been located in the bottom to balance the pail out better.

    Sure there are some drawbacks, but overall, this diaper pail has served us well. Based on the few times I've used other diaper pails (visiting friends) I stand by my selection of this pail.

    ...more info
  • crappy crap disposal system
    What a p.o.s.! From day one neither my wife nor myself could determine if this thing was even on or not. It chewed up batteries like it was but we saw no functionality. As for "swallowing" diapers, we had to shove our hands down the things throat to make the diapers go down. What a joke....more info
  • Not sure what my $50 got me.
    While my husband doesn't think it controls the odor at all, I think it does...a little.

    Instead my complaints are in its design. It's small. The lid is a pain to operate. You definitely need two hands to operate, so don't bother picking up the baby until you are done disposing of the diaper. My babysitter constantly shuts it off because she thinks it's the button to open the lid.

    So, in short, it probably does keep the air a little less stinky, but the ergonomics of the product are poorer than poor....more info
  • better than any other diaper pail
    I've been using this for 4 months now. We are not very happy with it. Still very odorous! Not any less odor than other pails we've had. The pail is also small and we have to change it more often than others. The loud closing noise is also annoying - especially when you are trying to be quiet during the night. I like the Diaper Champ better....more info
  • Amazing Diaper Pail - Don't Believe Other Reviews!
    I was a bit uneasy when I read all of the reviews on this product. They said the pail stunk, the fan didn't work, and it was too loud to close. I wanted to address some of those issues. Here are several reason why I purchased this pail over other available pails.

    #1 I didn't have to stick my hand through a hole (like the genie), and I didn't have to turn or twist anything (champ).

    #2 The fan is VERY low. If you sit in a silent room and put your ear up to the pail (after just closing the lid), you can hear it spinning. If you can't hear anything, I would exchange it. If you still can't hear the second, I would get an opinion from a few others to see if they can hear it.

    #3 Replace the batteries and filter AS SUGGESTED. This keeps the pail from stinking.

    #4 I have owned this pail for a little over a year, and it just started to stink (any porous substance like plastic will absorb odors if not properly maintained). I replaced the filter as suggested, but I think I forgot the batteries sometimes (I don't check the green light often). I use rechargeable batteries so they don't last as long, but save money. So I disassembled the top with the batteries and filter and set it aside. Then I took the pail in our bathroom and filled it with about 4 cups of bleach and hot tap water all the way to the top. I then let it soak about 24 hours. The stink was completely gone! I can't vouch for this method if the filter and batteries are never replaced.

    #5 The click is about as loud as snapping a plastic storage container together. However, if you have a child that sleeps through diaper changes at night, you are truly blessed! This click never once phased my daughter.

    #6 I can open and close the unit one-handed, and it has not once tipped over on me. I'm a person who can manage to fall down standing still, so if I can manage it, anyone can.

    #7 When you change the bag in the pail, take the bag out (with one hand), and close the lid (with the other hand). This obviously keeps it from tipping! I put the bag in through the arms, then secure with the blue ring.

    Overall, I think if you replace the filter and batteries as suggested, (and have a little common sense), you will absolutely love this product....more info
  • Terrible product
    This product seemed like it would work so well, but in reality it is terrible!

    1) Lightweight diapers don't actually fall through hole. You have to poke them through.

    2) It is really loud when you close the lid. The clamps snap shut and are way too loud.

    3) Top heavy - it wants to fall over and has fallen over multiple times

    4) The lid does not want to latch half the time....more info
  • Great diaper pail!
    I love this diaper pail. You can use any type of garbage bag, even a grocery store bag in a pinch! We never have any problem with odor, and it is really easy to use and empty. I would recommend it to everyone!...more info
  • Is it Really So Difficult to Make a Decent Diaper Disposal Can???
    I am a father of a 16 month old toddler. I am writing this review after using this product for about 4 months. I purchased it after reading the good reviews on amazon. Apparently, no one waited to actually put the product to good use before reviewing. That has changed now, as I see many people are experiencing problems. I will try to keep my comments brief, and to the point -

    First, as noted elsewhere, the can is top heavy. Every time I remove the bag of diapers, the pail topples over, due to the fact that I have removed its only source of stabilization. This has been annoying to say the least.

    Second, the on/off button is too easy for a baby or a toddler to reach when the child has the ability to stand up. The button has been a constant source of joy for my daughter. However, her turning it off (without me or her mom noticing) disables the only real source of oder control the pail offers.

    Third, the arm mechanism is not consistent in its functioning of opening and closing to allow a single diaper to fall through its "trap". Worse, there is no way to tell if it has worked without opening up the lid again to check. This means the the pressure of the diaper being pushed down by the lid on the arms will cause the arms to weaken and bend over time, leading to complete malfunction.

    Fourth, malfunction of the arms prohibits the lid from closing at all. This occurred for me the first time at 93 days of usage. I called to see if the warranty would cover replacing the product. I was told that the product only carried a 60 Day Warranty (buyers beware!). However, they told me they would make one time exception and replace the pail.

    Fifth, the problems I have experienced with complete malfunction are not unique to my particular product. My replacement from the manufacturer has just stopped working, after only 26 days. Again, it was due to the same issues listed above.

    Sixth, the odor protection was never really good. I would have to change the bag every 2 days (when it was only a quarter full), wasting both plastic bags and my time.

    Seven, my wife has hated this pail from the very beginning. Due to its weight distribution, it was difficult for her to handle. Closing the lid can be difficult at times as well. I should have listened to her.

    Finally, the lid makes an awfully loud noise when closing. This is especially problematic when you are trying to cool down your baby and put her/him down for a nap or to sleep. I tend to change my daughter right before putting her to sleep, as I expect most parents do, and the sound of the pail lid closing is like a trap door. Many a time it has startled her when she was nearly asleep already.

    To conclude, this product does not perform its most basic function well by any standard. It does not protect against oder effectively. It is also prone to complete malfunction. ...more info