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Hannah Montana
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If the 9-year-old in your life hasn't alerted you already, consider this your heads up: Not since Hilary Duff has Disney delivered the masses a tween sensation as hot as the double-life-leading Miss Hannah Montana. More important for speaker-blowing second- to seventh-graders and the parents forced to buy them CDs, though, no small-screen sensation transcends the tube more convincingly. Part party girl and part plain old good girl, Montana--a sweet-voiced, playful performer--never skimps on the pipes. Country fans will chalk that up to our rhyme-named heroine's lineage; 14-year-old Miley Cyrus, who plays Montana, is the daughter of Nashville star Billy Ray Cyrus (who duets on this disc's sentimental, twang-resistant last track). The rest of the world, though, is apt to find itself belting along based on Hannah's unsinkable hooks and frothy Ashlee-meets-Hilary vocals alone: theme song "Best of Both Worlds" bumps around off a Joan Jett-reminiscent springboard; "Who Said" rips a page from the emo diaries; and "Just Like You" ladles on harmonies sweet enough to attach a stick to. Additional tracks like Jesse McCartney's "She's No You" and B5's Earth Wind & Fire redo "Shining Star" are first-rate complements to the proceedings, but make no mistake: this dance-happy hybrid belongs to the reigning pop princess alone. --Tammy La Gorce

Customer Reviews:

  • You guessed it, more pop garbage
    Nope, nothing different here. Same candy coated pop mush packaged under a different wrapper. I can't wait for the online revolution to send all record companies out of business and then there will be no one left to market and hype rubbish like this. Artists might have to actually be good to sell records. Imagine that!...more info
  • Pop Garbage
    C'mon people! What are you thinking? How can you call this music? This is nothing but a pathetic attempt by Billy Ray Cyrus and the Disney corporation to make millions upon millions of dollars by selling this awful garbage to you. This is barely music in my book. Real music needs to be kept in peoples stereos and not this pop garbage which will make your ears bleed. Go listenin to The Who, Led Zeppelin or any other classic rock group and try to tell me this is better. I dare you....more info
  • its not a hannah cd
    i see people complaining that she only sings 8 songs and the rest are by other artists. if you look at the packaging you see that it is a SOUNDTRACK OF THE TV SHOW andOTHER SONGS INSPRIED BY THE SHOW. it is not a official hannah montana cd even though it is mostly of her songs. IT REALLY technically is a soundtrack of the tv show and not a hannah album. so dont complain about it...more info
  • Pathetic Beyond Belief
    The daughter of a mullet-haired hick called Billy Ray Cyrus only gets her stardom because...well, she's the daughter of that guy. Miley Cyrus is a hick herself, and when it comes to a teenybopper music, she knows how to sell her schmuck to the middle school students. She can't sing to save her life, regardless of whatever you are told. She's just a Hilary Duff offshoot, but with a redneck accent.

    And I can tell you, I actually listened to part of her song. It cursed me. It raped my ears. It made me lose all of my shreds of sanity. Plus, it's on the Disney Channel, which has basically become a channel of generic, derivative and lifeless teen-based shows that use the same kid actors over and over. It's pathetic.

    Unless you want to lose your sanity for eternity, destroy your eardrums and make Walt Disney spin in his grave a couple more times, by all means should you purchase this. Just be warned when you're using this to support your drinking glass in a few months. ...more info
  • Go Hannah!
    Daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, Hannah's production values are good. Bought for my daughter, Hannah is musical and fun....more info
  • Hannah Montana ROCKS!
    If you haven't gotten this for your kids, you need to! Miley Cyrus has THE BEST VOICE. The songs are up-beat and perfect for any age! It has lots of pop with a little country flare. So that means EVERYONE will like it! She also acts in the greatest show EVER! Hannah Montana is a great singer, and she lifts my mood all the time! And if all this is coming from a kid, doesn't that prove that kids WILL love it? The songs are perfect to ge your kid out of "sleep mode" in the mornings. I could be falling asleep on the couch, my mom will turn on the radio, I pop up and start getting ready! The songs are so happy! The slowest one is probably eith If We Were A Movie or I Learned From You, but there still GREAT! And as for the show, I only want to say one thing: O-L-I-V-E-R!!!! He is the cutest funniest person EVER! Everyone on the show is cool! Even Jackson! But anyways, BUY THIS! PEACE OUT!
    ~*~Erica~*~...more info
  • Hanna Montana CD..
    I recieved this item in time for my granddaughter for Christmas.. I was very pleased with it.. It arrived in Very good condition. I got free shipping by ordering more items.. I am very happy with buying this product from Amazon....more info
  • $$$
    The new Disney Channel is all about making money, releasing CD after CD and making things with no meaning.

    Nothing new associated with Disney Channel will ever compare Vault Disney or some of the older series like So Weird, this is all generic. No thought at all is being put into this except how to squeeze the largest amount of money out of it (tours, DVDs, endless merchandise)- like all other Disney Channel music and shows that put profits over actual content. ...more info
  • Can't stop listening to these tunes...
    This is REALLY strange. I can't remember having an album effect me this way since The Beatles first came out back in the early '60's, where I like ALL of an artist's tunes on a particular album, and I keep playing them over & over, and I dont' get tired of them.
    I've seen the TV show, and thought it was kind of fun, especially since Billy Ray Cyrus & his real-life daughter Miley are playing dad & daughter. The tunes on the show seemed to be catchy. I kept humming them over in my head (a sign of a good song!) So I pre-ordered the soundtrack. Well, I can't stop listening to these tunes. I've got the CD in my car and after a month now, I just love these tunes. I guess it's their 'hook' quality. What's weird is that they're geared towards the young crowd, but I'm having a great time listening to them over & over.
    I've been a rock guitar player for years, started in 1963. I typically listen to all kinds of music, some music 'does' it for me and most 'doesn't'. My listening preferences are generally songs with intricate guitar work, be it jazz or rock or blues. But, there are songs that just 'click' with me, and 'all' of Miley's tunes are very infectious. Kudos to whoever put this together at Disney. Great job! Thanks for the fun music!

    Update: Just wanted to add that I've now had this CD playing since October, and it's now January 2007, and I still love it. I can't wait for Miley's next album! Cheers, Mesa.
    ...more info
  • Big hit with my 6 year old!
    We bought my daughter this cd for her 6th birthday. She loves it and it is not bad to listen to in the car as a family. The "Kidz Bop" cds have questionable lyrics and song topics that are not always age appropriate, but everything on this Hannah Montana cd is appropriate. Everyday she asks us to put it in the cd player when we are driving somewhere, and even her dad doesn't mind it. A nice buy!...more info
  • Miley Rocks!
    Upbeat, happy, and positive! Miley Cyrus is a teeny bit country (from her daddy, Billy Ray Cyrus', side!), and a lot bouncy pop/rock and roll. Hannah Montana's music has something for everyone to love. Cool for the kids, clean and positive for the parents.

    And the music is actually great! The kind of music you want to blast on a sunny Saturday morning when you're happy and dancing around the house with the windows open and things are great. I think I've listened to the CD even more than my kids have since we got it!

    Miley Cyrus is one talented girl! And at only fourteen years old, who knows where this girl is going? She's one to watch! Get her first CD now! Highly recommended!...more info
  • Okay I admit it
    I love cheesy pop music. Throughout music history, there has always been a place for this genre. Call it Bubble Gum, "The Monkees", or almost all of the 80's (remember Walk Like an Egyptian?), but there has always been a market.

    The music from the 80's was great, and this CD could have easily been done during that time. Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, and the like have nothing on Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus). The show is cute, but this album is really good. If this were the 80's, a lot of these songs could be released as singles, one right after the other. My favorite non Hannah song is Pop Princess. It gets 5 Chester Cheetos for being one of the cheesiest songs I've heard in a while (which I mean in a good way). It's AWESOME as well as the rest of the CD!

    If only Pop music could get back to this. I hate how it has to be so serious and "cause worthy". There is nothing wrong with feel good music that makes you smile. This CD does just that....more info
  • My daughter loves this!
    My daughter loves this cd, and whatever makes her happy makes me happy. The only bad thing is: After the twelfth replay of the day I am tired of hearing it......more info
    To me Hannah Montana is a big joke!!!!! She can't sing and I don't even see what's so amusing about her. Her show is better than her music(not by a whole lot) Miley tries to hard to be funny throughout the whole show. To me the show is would be just fine if she wasn't in it, and her music is just as bad. If you listen to her music some of the lyrics are confusing and just don't make since. For her to have all that money she needs to fire her producer AND HER STYLIST and get new ones!!...more info
  • Hannah Rox ya`ll
    This is a totaally cool CD! I have both Hannah Montana 1 and Hannah Montana2 Cd!
    They are awesome CD`s the songs on the Hannah Montana CD ( Her first CD)
    Is about how she wishes you could see who she really is. Here are the names of the songs
    The Best of Both Worlds
    This is the LIfe
    Just Like You
    Who Said
    The Other Side of me
    Pumpin up the Party
    If we Were A Movie
    I got Nerve
    I give it 5 stars...more info
  • Oh the drama
    Although the show is amusing and Hannah Montana is a world wide star this music is horrifyingly bad. The lyrics are moronic and Miley Cyrus's voice is crackly and dingy. However this music is adored by fans of the age of 6 and below. Music like this should be kept to the younger children and out of real musician's ways....more info
  • hannah montana
    my kids enjoy the i carly cd over the hanna montana, they like to hear the title song and some of the songs presented in the show, but not to crazy about the other tracks......more info
  • All Hannah all the time
    My daughter is 5 and loves all the songs in this album. She spends hours singing and dancing to the tunes. It was well worth every single penny.
    Only down fall.......all Hannah all the time ......
    ...more info
  • Daughter Loves
    I bought this for my daughter's 5th birthday. To say she loves it is an understatement. She listens to it everyday.
    The tunes are very catchy. I find myself singing to it.
    She loves it!...more info
  • Cute and good music for tweeners
    These songs are catchy and positive. My younger vocal students love them. Nothing offensive about the lyrics either. ...more info
  • Hours of entertainment
    My five year old daughter loves this CD. She will spend hours in her room dancing to the music. She even drags all of her friends onto her dance floor when they come over to play. As a mother, when I hear Miley Cyrus singing I know that I have at least 20 minutes to myself. It may not be the piece and quiet that I sometimes long for, but it lets me catch up with the dishes....more info
  • Great CD
    This a great CD. Truley a family one. We all watch the TV show as a family and all like the songs on the CD. My four year old son listens to it as much as my seven year old daughter for whom the CD was purchased. Great CD...more info
  • Great dvd for kids of all ages
    My 4 year old likes the Hannah Montana show but Loves the music cd even more. She uses her toy microphone and sings and dances to practically every song on this CD. Any "Fannah" of Hannah will love this cd....more info
  • Excellent Collection For Youngsters.....And Their Parents!
    Yep, it's hard to believe that a man of thirty-one years is writing a review of the "Hannah Montana" soundtrack but it's true. My daughter, age six, has always enjoyed the TV series that this soundtrack was put out in support of. She naturally wanted to get this disc and did so for her birthday a little over a month ago. Since then, I can't tell you how many times I've been subjected to my daughter singing many of the songs on this album. It is pure bubblegum pop. It's not too offensive nor is it too risque for the younger crowd. It's also easily digestable for parents of children enthralled with Miley Cyrus' portrayal of Montana. Despite being rather fluffy lyric-wise, these songs still manage to be better that pretty much all of today's reigning pop princesses. Cyrus' vocals are much better than the likes of Ashlee Simpson and Avril Lavigne. She also seems like an altogether nicer person than either of them. I've always respected her father, who real fans of country music know spent many, many years trying to make it before hitting with "Achy Breaky Heart." The guy isn't as cheesy as you'd think, and is actually a truer country artist than most of today's mainstream stars like Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney. It appears that he and his wife are taking the right steps to prevent their daughter from turning into a teenage burn-out queen like Britney Spears or so many other teen stars who couldn't handle being on top.

    Highlights of the album include the show's theme, "Best Of Both Worlds," "Who Said," and "This Is The Life." A few of the songs are from other artists and other than the Click Five's "Pop Princess," they are a definite step down from the pop quality of Cyrus' tracks.

    Overall, I'd have to say that any person who really enjoys pop music will find that this is one of the better albums out there. It also looks as if many of its songs will have a longer shelf life than many other pop songs that are currently out there. Definitely buy this if you have a daughter between the ages of six and twelve. It's great music for them to listen to.

    I highly recommend this album....more info
  • Kids love it!
    My 7 and 9 year old girls love Hannah Montana and they LOVE this albumn. They listen to it and dance, dance dance with their friends. I like it because I know the content and lyrics are appropriate. ...more info
  • A winner!
    My 8-year-old daughter (and all of her girlfriends, and even some of the boys!) absolutely LOVE Hannah Montana. I bought this for my daughter as a Thanksgiving gift, and it is her favorite cd. She sings along with every song. I enjoy listening to it also! Every song by Hannah Montana is a winner, upbeat and positive, with clean uplifting lyrics perfectly sung to catchy well written pop songs. I am impressed with the talent and professionalism of the young star, Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana. She has a strong voice and is an excellent live performer (we caught her recent concert with the Cheetah Girls and Hannah's show was hands-down the favorite!), and what a deal - this is not just a cd but a dvd as well! If a 6 to 14 year old does not have this already, you can bet it is on her wish list. Highly recommended!...more info
    Im 12, and I recieved this cd on Christmas Eve. After listening to the whole cd, I loved it. Hannah Montana{a.k.a Miley Cyrus] Has a great soundtrack. The tunes are positive, catchy, and age- appropriate. Her voice is really good, not the best, but nice. It's a great CD to blast in the morning to get in a good mood. So I recommend this CD for ages 8-13. A winner in my book!...more info
  • We want Hannah . . . not those other guys.
    First of all, I give Hannah Montana 5 stars, at least I would, but they mix in all those other guys, Jesse McCartney, Everlife, B5, etc. But Hannah Montana sings only 8 songs. She should wait until she has more songs of her own before making an album. Plus she just came with her special edition soundtrack-$10 more and only 1 more song and a couple pictures-not worth it! If your a fan, get it. But if not, stick with other singers, like Hilary Duff. But if your saving your money wait 'till her second one comes out-10 new songs by Hannah Montana including Nobody's Perfect, Make Some Noise, and 8 never before heard songs! Plus a 2nd disc with 10 songs by Miley Cyrus (who plays Hannah.) So it depends on how big a fan you are.
    ...more info
  • what a wonder indeed !!!
    This Hannah Montana CD contains nothing less than incredibly fine music. My best friend's nine year old listens to this CD quite a lot; so I finally decided to pick this one up myself and see what Hannah Montana (whose real life name is Miley Cyrus) can do. Wow, I am impressed! Montana sings with a lot of positive energy and she makes every song count--excellent! The quality of the sound is very good and the artwork is very nicely done.

    The CD starts with Hannah Montana belting out "The Best of Both Worlds." "The Best of Both Worlds" rocks really well and Hannah's excellent diction makes her performance even better. She delivers this faultlessly and "The Best of Both Worlds" gives us a strong start to this CD. "Just Like You" is teen pop and those guitars sound great! The drums and guitars play loud and wonderfully; but they wisely never take the spotlight away from Hannah--she remains front and center where she should be! In addition, "Pumpin' Up The Party" has a funky beat to it that sounds like teen pop mixed with just a touch of rock; and this works well to let "Pumpin' Up The Party" hold its own very well.

    "If We Were A Movie" has a pretty, pop flavored melody with just a touch of rock thrown in for a great effect; and Hannah delivers this like the pro she truly is! I'm very impressed and Hannah makes "If We Were A Movie" a big highlight of this album. Listen also for "I Got Nerve;" this number rocks harder than most of the other songs on this CD. The electric guitar arrangement couldn't be better and Hannah never falters--great!

    I really like "The Other Side of Me;" this pop tune mixed with a touch of emo will make you want to jump up and dance practically wherever you are! "The Other Side of Me" is another highlight of this CD; and there's also another hit when The Click Five sing "Pop Princess" "Pop Princess" is an excellent tune that is very well done and I can tell The Click Five have loads of talent and positive vibes. Jesse McCartney also does a great job when he sings "She's No You;" Jesse was always one of the very best and I could never tire of hearing Jesse deliver a tune.

    B5's "Shining Star" is a remake cover of this song by Earth, Wind And Fire--and I think Earth Wind And Fire would be really proud of this cover! The CD also ends very well with Miley Cyrus and her real life father Billy Ray Cyrus performing "I Learned From You." "I Learned From You" charms me with its rock and roll, pop flavored melody and Billy and his daughter Miley Cyrus do this one up right!

    Overall, this album from Hannah Montana lacks virtually nothing--except, of course, I would have liked many more tracks--Hannah Montana is all THAT good! I highly recommend this for any young person who likes teen pop with a dash of rock thrown in for good measure; and people who like Hannah Montana will enjoy this, too. Of course, as far as the young at heart are concerned, they would also do well to get this album.
    ...more info
  • Hannah Montana is genuine and talented.
    My family and I love the CD and DVD we purchased of Hannah Montana last year. The soundtrack album is very well produced. We are awaiting the new CD and DVD release, and have ordered both several weeks in advance. Since she already debuted a half dozen tunes which cracked the top 100 in the first week, it will not surprise me if she does even better with this next album.

    Her tunes are cleverly written, and they seem to stay with you similarly to (as one writer above mentioned) the tunes of the Beatles. I cannot recall very many solo acts or groups that hinted at perhaps one day being as consistent as the Fab Four were. Granted, this is only the beginning of what could be a very successful career, but my guess is that with her pipes, her stage presence and genuine musical talent, and these catchy songs--written by some writers whom really know how to craft tunes with the right balance of unity and variety (including such imaginative B sections)--she will be on top for several years. Furthermore, we will most likely see a transition from Hannah Montana to Miley Cyrus (this may already be occurring with the new release, given 'who' is singing what songs on the album) in the near future.

    Musically, I have observed that she uses a preponderance of E major ("Who Said," "Just Like You," "Pumpin' Up the Party," "If We Were a Movie," "The Other Side of Me," "This is the Life"), and that even when the melodies are diatonic they are not always easy to memorize after a couple of hearings. Interestingly, her voice sounds quite different when she strays into other keys, such as G major in "Life's What You Make It" (not included on the current album), in which it is a tad more raspy; and C-sharp minor in "Nobody's Perfect" (also not included on this album, but see below) in which her timbre is brazen yet controlled. I hope that she eventually explores the lower range of her voice as she becomes more creative (maybe even writing more of her own material and performing with guitar in hand as the years progress). On the rare (albeit brief) occasions when she has ventured into the lower gamut, the tone quality is far different and compliments her 'normal' ambitus very nicely.

    Those who like this CD may want to pick up the _Hannah Montana: 2-Disc Special Edition Soundtrack_ as well. Sure, the tracks are nearly identical, but there is additional footage (exclusive Hannah Montana Backstage Secrets), autographed snapshots of Miley Cyrus, and a bonus track (audio) and live performance (video) of "Nobody's Perfect," a solid rocker which in the opinion of this writer is almost worth the price of the CDs itself. The track is arguably the most ambitious to date for the young singer. (N.B.: This review is being written before having heard the majority of the tracks on the just-released _Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus_ CD.) "Nobody's Perfect" is performed remarkably well, with Miss Montana's stage presence and accompanying rhythmic synchronizations (hand gestures and choreography) augmenting an already intriguing piece of writing. The tune may interest those who enjoy relatively uncommon chord progressions in pop music. It begins and ends in C-sharp minor, but meanders effortlessly through a B minor/D major sound world, eventually gravitating toward E major. The combination and succession of pitch centers--and especially the harmonic tension created between the opening and closing key of C-sharp minor and the B minor/D major/G(!) major constructs within which the second major section of this work vacillates--provides a stark yet musically engaging contrast.

    I appreciate the image Miss Montana has thus far portrayed as well. As a father of several children (including four daughters, each of which loves her music), it is gratifying to see a positive role model (with talent to burn) coming out of the Disney mindset. I wish her all the best in the years to come....more info
  • All the rave!
    Of course my tween daughter loves this Hanna Montana CD. As a parent, I like it because there is no graphic lyrics, just fun songs.
    ...more info
  • Simple music for the tweens
    When I was a child the Disney Channel had really great programing (Mouseterpiece theater, never cry wolf, the adventures of natty gan, danger bay, ect). Not to mention I got to see all the classic Disney cartoons and movies.

    In the late 1990's the Disney channel changed it's format and began creating programs for the tween generation (kids 9-14). When Lizzy McGuire (Hillary Duff) left Disney, Miley Cyrus dawned on a Lizzy blonde wig and became Hannah Montana.

    My sister has this CD and loves it. It's simple pop music and appeals mostly to tween girls. As an adult I can say that it's sort of lame, annoying, and lacks imagination, but it isn't aimed at my generation. If you have girls (age 9-14) who like the show, then buy the album. The music isn't as good as Britney Spears, but it certainly is a clean and positive alternative....more info
  • Great packaging and Fasttttt shipment! on time! thanks!
    I received the CD just in time before my trip! Fast shipment! Thank you much!...more info
  • Perfect if your kids love the show
    I got this for my 8 year old daughter for Christmas. She loves the show and she loves the CD just as much. She's got a few CD's, but this is the only one I've heard her playing for the last few weeks since she got it. I even find myself singing some of the songs in my head....more info
  • Great CD!
    If you have a Hannah Montana fan, this is definately the CD for you! Songs straght from the show. My daughter LOVES this CD. She also has Miley's (Hannah's) newest CD, but this one is still her favorite....more info
  • AWESOME!!!
    I am 11, and although I only have 4 of the songs(on my iPod, I still know all the lyrics to all the songs. It has a positive message to everyone, and it is so catchy you can't help but play the songs over and over again! Highly recommended!...more info
  • rockin mucic
    I love the Hannah Montana CD! It has great songs.I Love dancing to it. I
    wish I could meet Hannah!
    ...more info
  • Great for kid rockers
    I haven't listened to this myself, but the kid I gave it to was thrilled!...more info
  • Good but not great
    This Cd is the first Cd I have ever gotten. I was a little disapointed that it wasn't all Hannah Montana songs but other than that it is good....more info
  • Hannah Montana
    Great CD! My daughter got it for Christmas and we all enjoy listening to it. The songs are fun and music is quite good....more info
  • Hannah montana! OH MANNA this CD takes the cakes !!!!!
    I like her name rhymes, and because she sings well but her show is great too! She is good for roll models and with her pretty blond wig !! i wanted to buy this CD but gramma gave all the rainy day money to Shane to buy beer with. Hannah Montanas music makes flowers grow!!!!...more info
  • Hannah Montana Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can't get Hannahs songs out of my head! One day it will be " I've Got Nerve" then the next day i'll have " If We Were a Movie" stuck in my head. I highly recomend this cd for Christmas. Her cd rocks!...more info
  • Niece loved this!
    my niece asked for this cd. both my mom and i got it for her so we took it back and got the jordan sparks cd. i guess they go well together. lol...more info