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H&R Block Taxcut 2006 Premium Federal + State Win/Mac
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $9.95

You Save: $20.04 (67%)


Product Description

H&R Block TaxCut Premium Federal+State 2006 has everything you need in one comprehensive program for any tax situation. From 1040EZ to Schedule C, you'll get guidance through step-by-step interviews. They'll be customized to your unique needs, so you can make the most of money-saving deductions. Find every feature and form from last year's Deluxe and Premium in just one program - and let TaxCut seamlessly import your data from last year's TaxCut or TurboTax, as well as Quicken and Microsoft Money. TaxCut is the only do-it-yourself tax program backed by the professionals at H&R Block, America's largest tax services company. Includes State Edition. Import data from last year's TaxCut or TurboTax files -- or from Microsoft Money, Quicken, H&R Block DeductionPro, or ItsDeductible

From 1040EZ to Schedule C, get everything you need with the new H&R Block TaxCut Premium Federal+State! With all the features and forms included in last year's Deluxe and Premium, TaxCut Premium Federal+State includes step-by-step guidance customized to your unique needs, plus the convenience of both federal and state tax software in one purchase.

Seamless Integration
Find every feature and form from last year's Deluxe and Premium in just one program, plus the convenience of both federal and state tax software in one purchase. TaxCut seamlessly imports your data from last year's TaxCut or TurboTax, as well as Quicken, and Microsoft Money.
Step-by-step guidance customized to your unique needs
Federal and state tax software in one purchase

Backed by Professionals
TaxCut is the only do-it-yourself tax program backed by the experienced tax professionals at H&R Block, America's largest tax services company. H&R Block TaxCut: The ease you want. The accuracy you expect. Guaranteed.

Accurate Calculations Guaranteed
If TaxCut makes a calculation mistake, we'll pay resulting IRS penalties plus interest. See the license agreement for details.

TaxCut Software Guarantee:
If you're not completely satisfied with H&R Block TaxCut, return it within 60 days of your purchase and we'll refund the purchase price, less shipping, handling, sales tax and any rebate you receive on the software. See easy start card included with software for details.

Estate Planning Empowerment
Includes complimentary copy of WILLPower software with valuable estate planning guidance and legal documents.

Interactive Video Library
Make sense of changing tax laws and achieve maximum deductions.

Extension Interview
Included with any federal TaxCut Software purchase.

Kiplinger's Tax and Financial Planning Library Make the most of your money with tax and financial information.

IRS Publications
View the most up-to-date IRS publications.

Schedule C Features
Extra help with depreciation, business expenses and home deductions.

Investor Assistance
Quickly determine the true cost basis for stocks, bonds, or mutual funds and tax consequences associated with company incentives and employee stock.

Additional Tools for Home Owners
Assistance with mortgage deductions and capital gains tax liability when selling a home.

Worry-free Audit Support Features

IRS Correspondence Management
H&R Block will assist with all communication that is initiated by the IRS/State Department of Revenue(s)

Audit Preparation
H&R Block will provide detailed information regarding how to prepare for an audit, and extend an offer for an H&R Block Enrolled Agent to represent you in the event an audit.*

Audit Representation
An H&R Block Enrolled Agent guides you through what to expect during the audit, attends the audit with you and helps you manage the entire audit experience.

Worry-Free Audit Support
Rest easy knowing H&R Block is there to help in the event of an audit. From outlining what to expect and providing guidance on how to prepare for an audit, to having an H&R Block Enrolled Agent represent you before the IRS upon your request, H&R Block can help you manage the process.

How It Works:
1. Successfully e-file* your individual resident income tax return (federal or state) using TaxCut or TaxCut Online (with paid federal return) and you are eligible to receive audit support at no additional charge for your 2005 return.
2. Retain your e-file confirmation email for Worry-free Audit Support confirmation.
3. If you receive a notice from the IRS or State Department of Revenue or are audited, H&R Block will provide you with assistance with the notice and/or offer to provide you with an H&R Block Enrolled Agent to represent you if you are audited.*
4. Call 1-800-HRBLOCK to initiate audit services that you may need. Conditions apply. View the complete terms and conditions for details.

Questions & Answers:
Q. Can I do my taxes by hand and then sign up for Worry-free Audit Support?
A. No. H&R Block Worry-free Audit Support is only offered for returns e-filed with an H&R Block Digital Tax Product.

Q. Who will benefit using Worry-free Audit Support?
A. Those clients who want no surprises after filing their taxes. It's a smart way to make sure you're covered no matter how complex your tax situation. The benefits of Worry-free Audit Support will be invaluable in the event that you need representation because the IRS questions your tax return.

Q. What is an Enrolled Agent?
A. Enrolled Agents are tax professionals who have demonstrated special competence in tax matters and can represent taxpayers before the IRS. Enrolled Agents do not provide legal representation, signed Power of Attorney required. Void where prohibited.

Q. What are the services offered with Worry-free Audit Support?

* Enrolled Agents do not provide legal representation, signed Power of Attorney required. Void where prohibited.

  • All the features and forms included in last year's Deluxe and Premium
  • The convenience of both federal and state tax software in one purchase
  • Step-by-step guidance customized to your unique needs
  • Backed by the experienced tax professionals at H&R Block
  • Worry-free Audit Support - H&R Block is there to help in the rare event of an audit

Customer Reviews:

  • Unable to import data and poor customer service
    Seeing how Turbotax increased their prices this year I thought I'd save myself a few bucks by trying TaxCut Premium Federal+State for the first time. The box says it is compatible with Mac OS X and will import data from last year's TurboTax returns so I gave it a try.

    I installed the program on my Mac and opened it to start my return. I have a fairly complex return so importing last year's data is a helpful timesaver. Unfortunately, after many attempts I was never able to import anything, not even my name. I called their customer service and tried all kinds of solutions to no avail. They said someone from their "escalation team" would contact me within 24-48 hours. Eight days later there was no news from them so I called back. They had no record of my case and I had to go through the whole explanation all over. Once again their rep had no clue how to fix the problem and gave me a phone number to call for further assistance or a refund.

    I called the number and once again no case number! A third round of explanations with another service rep and his manager followed with no solution and no money back. Now I must wait for someone in their "escalation team" to contact me a fourth time but they will not provide a timeframe for the call.

    The delays in response, their inability to track a case number, their weak product knowledge and their reluctance to provide a refund after this much hassle make this a poor product in my opinion.


    A quick update for fairness' sake on my review. Three weeks after my first attempt to use TaxCut I finally figured out what went wrong.

    It turns out TaxCut cannot import TurboTax files with password access. I had to disable the password setting on last year's Turbotax and was then able to import data. The second reason I could not import last year's files is because two different customer service reps told me the file had to end in .t05 and NOT .tax. Well, as it turns out, the latter file is the one that works. A line or a note about this on the "Import last years data" screen would have saved a lot of hassles.

    I have not finished my return yet but so far the software seems reasonably good. Turbotax seems to have more resources handy if you don't understand a question (IRS instructions, their own take, etc.) and TurboTax also imports data from brokerages which is helpful.

    (TaxCut on a Mac OS X Panther user).
    ...more info
  • Tax cut tax tables don't match Fed's
    I've used Tax Cut since 1996. But I'm switching products because H&R Block's Tax Cut does not match the Federal Tax tables. I got a nice letter from the Feds two years ago that I owed money and when I checked the Fed tax table against Tax Cut's, Tax Cut's was incorrect. Yes, I downloaded all the updates. So I paid the penalty and owed tax and chalked it off. Until last year, when I was doing my taxes and after finishing decide to match what Tax Cut said were my taxes for my net income versus what the 1040 form said. Again Tax Cut was wrong. So it doesn't matter how many bells and whistles a program has, if it is based on the wrong tax tables, your tax filing will be in error. ...more info
  • Good as far as it goes
    I don't need all the bells and whistles; I just need a program that can provide the forms with instructions and do the math. Unfortunately, TaxCut too often refers me to IRS instructions on the IRS website and to manual worksheets for common tax situations.

    To process a 1099-G, a refund on last year's state tax, the program referred me to a lengthy IRS publication, without even giving me the page or section reference. I had to fill out a manual (paper) worksheet and return the answer to the program. TaxCut already had all the data that was needed, but made me do the work anyway.

    To calculate variations on Kiddie taxes, the program makes the same requirement. It had all the data but they didn't bother writing a routine to do the calculations for me.

    The interface is somewhat cumbersome. It needs a good engineer who knows how real people work.

    Finally, it would be nice if TaxCut could offer two states with the program. If a competitor offers that feature, it would be decisive in my purchasing decision next year....more info
  • Easy and effective
    I've used H&R Block's TaxCut for two years now. It's the best on the market. I will buy this year's version as well. The graphic interface is easy to use. It guides you through the entire process, and if you forget something, or don't have the paperwork you need at a particular point, it allows you to move on and come back to it later.

    Make sure you get the state and e-file version. You'll be glad you did. Although, there are options to upgrade as you go along. If you do your own taxes, you can't beat this program.

    Even a mathematical lightweight like me can use this program....more info
  • First year this program has let me down
    I switched to Tax Cut years ago after Turbotax (in 2003) implemented their idiotic validation scheme. I figured I was doing my part to punish Intuit / Turbotax. And for all those years I've been happy with Tax Cut.

    Not this year. I found some major bugs which cost me a lot of time. I had my return done, but the numbers were seriously out of whack -- I know I didn't have that much income! Going back through the interview process didn't turn up the source of the added money. Only by checking the actual "Forms" did I find that several copies of 1099-Misc forms were hidden from the interview process, and by adding the same data in non-hidden copies, I was double entering the data. There was no easy way to recover. I eventually had to wipe the installation and start all over.

    A call to tech support did absolutely no good. The person on the other end didn't seem to understand the problem with having "hidden" copies of forms going into the calculations. If those are hidden, what else is it doing wrong?

    I'm not quite sure how do deal with this next year. Go back to Turbotax? Hope Tax Cut fixes its problems? Or go to a human tax preparer?

    Whatver my choice, I'm not looking forward to it.
    ...more info
    THIS CD DOES NOT INCLUDE THE STATE PROGRAM; you're required to download it from their site and it only works on the computer you download it to.
    For security reasons, we do our taxes on a standalone computer (not connected to the internet). After an extended e-mail exchange and after I spent 45 minutes talking to 4 different people at technical support, the company confirmed that there is no way to download the state software (to a flash drive, for example) for use on a standalone computer. Finally, they agreed to send me a state software CD at a cost of $5.95, even though their packaging states: "TaxCut Premium Federal + State - One state program included at no additional charge"
    ...more info
  • Gotta watch this carefully
    It did a good job until it ported stock information from Quicken. It ported two copies of each transaction. Lucky I made money in the market, or seeing double the amount would have been a shock....more info
  • What a lousy piece of software!
    It put me onto the Schedule A, with a state tax deduction worth only $1800, when it should have used the standard deduction of $5350! Told me I owed $800, when in fact I'm due $800 BACK, so that would be a error of $1600! Then it took another 20 minutes to find a cludgey workaround, feel sorry for the people that dont have a good idea of what their taxes should be? So it's back to TurboTax next year, got this sad excuse for a product on the cheap, who knew? ...more info
  • It works fine.
    I seldom do reviews but after reading the most recent poor ratings I had to speak up. I've used TaxCut since 1999 except for 2004 when I decided to try Turbo Tax again. (I used Turbo Tax for a few years in the early 1990's then decided to go back to manual mode.) Turbo Tax also worked fine except I couldn't file electronically. The software refused to work and my DSL connection worked fine for all other Internet activity. So I filed by paper that year and went back to TaxCut for 2005. I just read someone's review in which they said that TaxCut's tables didn't match the Feds. (and he said he downloaded all the updates.) Well, I haven't had any such problems with any of my returns and if their software did make a mistake, the person should contact H&R Block. It clearly states that if their software made a calculation mistake they would reimburse you the IRS penalties plus interest....more info
  • Does the job, watch out for hidden fees
    My taxes are not that complicated right now. However with a house payment I have to file the 1040 large form so it's better than doing it manually. I didnt' like having to pay about 30.00 for federal and state online filing. That was in addition to the software price. Luckily I got a tax credit that I didn't know about which put me ahead. Otherwise I'm looking at alternatives if TaxCut doesn't cut the fees....more info
  • Cheaper Than TurboTax, But Not Worth It
    I used Turbo Tax for many years and every year it got better and better. Then I tried Tax Cut for two years in a row and was surprised how much clumsier of a program it was to use. I even ran into situations where I had to override TaxCut's built in methods to get certain things done correctly. I've never had to do so with Turbo Tax. I finally wrote on my file folder where I collect receipts for the coming tax years "Do Not Buy Tax Cut" so that I wouldn't forget.

    If you are doing a simple tax return then almost any software will do, but if you have a more complex return with rental properties, investments, trusts or anything else beyond normal wage and salary income and the common deductions then TurboTax is IMO the way to go.

    If your needs are fairly straightforward, then saving a few bucks by getting TaxCut might be OK....more info
  • Worse than Prior Versions
    On the Macintosh side, I don't know what happened to this product during the one year they skipped development (2005 tax year) but I was very disappointed with this year's version. Particularly if you are a business owner or sole proprietor!

    In the end there was no harm done because I decided I needed to go to a real accountant anyway for business purposes... but the flow of this year's application was very disjointed and inconsistent IMO. In the past the forward and back functions worked as you would expect (more or less like a browser), but here depending on which page you jump from, you might go from the end of a section back to the end of the last section or beginning of the current, instead of to the last page.

    Also my accountant found at least two flaws in the interview flow, and at least one calculation error based on the interview answers. Not recommended at all for 2006 unless you are filing late and work strictly on a W2 basis, with no complex investment or deduction options needed....more info
  • Premium doesn't do ESPP or Stock Option
    I have used TurboTax for several years. This year TurboTax Premier cost $75, so I thought I would try TaxCut Premium. On the box, it has a check mark on ESPP and Stock Option. It turns out TaxCut is only "assisting" on those topic. Meaning, the software will ask you a bunch of question and determine if you need to file it and roughly where in the tax form. I was shock that TaxCut wasn't going to take my ESPP information and put them in the Schedule D and report the Ordinary Income. No wonder TaxCut only cost $29.99 and TurboTax cost $75. TaxCut Premium feature is at most equivalent to TurboTax Deluxe.

    Beside the ESPP shock, the rest of the program seems comparable to TurboTax, hence 2 stars instead of 1....more info
  • If you have a mac .... forget this product
    I spent 2 days, many hours on the phone the phone. The program does not work with OS/X (10.4.8). The program does not install properly. The navigation icons are missing, and there are multiple xml reading errors. Could not import 2005 TaxCut return. The help button/menu actually crashes the program. The tech support will tell you things like... you have a "bad .exe file".... "press Alt-Tab" to get to the registration screen. I tried on 2 macs. Downloaded twice. Finally, I went to request my money back the website failed with some backend Oracle database error. There is a total lack of quality control on this Mac version....more info
  • Beware the Ohio software!
    I used the Block software to prepare my Ohio return - until I noticed that it did not provide for the tax credit for contributions to Ohio political candidates! That item was worth $50 to me. I then used the online tax preparation feature on the Ohio Department of Taxation website which was fast and easy and promises my refund in two weeks or less - a refund $50 higher than Block would have generated.

    I don't know if their software for other states is any better, but I sure wouldn't trust it. ...more info
  • Really bad for use year to year.........
    You can't print returns from last year using the new program so if you want to print you need to keep your old program and not only transfer data files but the whole dang program (if you have a new computer)...very bush league. I will be using something else next year!...more info
  • Easy tax program
    Very easy program to do my taxes on. I love it. ...more info
  • Don't buy this
    Worst tax software I've ever used. I have used TurboTax in the past and didn't this year because of the price. I wish I'd just paid the extra money. This is hard to use and has defects that won't let me complete an accurate return. I finally got in touch with technical support who said they'd call me in 24-48 hours. ...more info
  • You had better be a tax expert
    If you don't have a very good understanding of the tax laws, TaxCut won't help you at all. I had one child caught in the vicious new version of the kiddie tax. TaxCut does an '8615' for the parent and then wants you to print and copy into the child's 8615. The TaxCut instructions for doing so don't match the forms. Good luck. And why, if both are being done with TaxCut, doesn't Tax Cut transfer teh needed info automatically. Further, on the sale of a mutail fund, Taxcut fails to explain that you have to enter the sale info twice, once for short term gains, once for long term gains, as if it were two sales. I had to open schedule D and review what is was really looking for to get the sales split up properly. It is not that taxCut doesn't work, it is that the instructions are useless. Again, if you don't know the laws relating to your taxes, and you can't look at them and understand where things need to be changed, you'll get in trouble with Taxcut.

    And yes, very annoying that I still can't file, because wven with the 1/31 update, TaxCut is still not right, and I am waiting for the NEXT update....more info
  • Doing Taxes yourself...
    This is an excellient program if you want to do your taxes yourself.
    It has an easy to follow instructions and if there is something in one of the section you do not understand, there are helpful explainations and help videos that go in depth into the topic.... I have been using the TaxCut for several years and feel at ease is completing them correctly. One year I decided to go into H&R and have them do it, thinking that they might be able to save me some money, but all they did was input the data like had done for years.

    I was annoyed... I'm a single adult that rents and they did not go through any routes (deductions) that could have saved me anything.

    Even if you own property, or a small bussiness, all the downloaded information is there and the help files explain everything....

    What is even a better, compared to using the written form, as you follow thru the form... the computer automatic skips the sections that you don't need. As you answer the questions, you wind your way thru the complicated process of filing.

    Only negative is that you do have to sit and do it yourself, it took me about three hours to complete. But what is great is that you can save it and go back to change something if you feel you made a mistake.

    All in all worth the time and money spent......more info
  • Very Satisfied TaxCut User
    I never have used TurboTax so may not have a good point of comparison, but regardless I have used TaxCut exclusively the past 4 or 5 years. I've been pleased with it every year. I actually have a Win 98, a Win 2000, and a Mac, and installed it last year on all units so that I could go back and forth depending on my mood. The data always migrated between systems seamlessly.

    I refuse to pay for the privilege of e-filing my taxes and always have simply submitted the print version. As another poster noted, if you submit early, you get your refund quickly anyway. I have also found this to be the case (even when I have submitted later around March it's only taken about 3-4 weeks). Obviously since I usually get a nice return I have an incentive to submit early, but TaxCut at least makes the process as much of a pleasure as paying taxes can be!...more info
  • A reasonable guide to an unreasonable form(s)
    Ive used Turbo Tax until last year. I thought for the price I would take a chance on Tax Cut. It was after all a substantial price difference.

    Right away I though the learning curve for TaxCut was a little steeper & it seemed I had to actually do some thinking when it was asking me questions. (Oh Darn!) The phraseology was slightly confusing but not overwhelming.

    However, I got through it, the return was correct & it wasnt so difficult that I will go back to TT next year. I think TT is a better product that seems to have been thought out more, but that could be that TT has been around for much longer, I believe. Turbo Tax is far more expensive but I dont think the benefits of TT ( at least in my case ) justify the extra cost.
    As far as the e-file, I have never used it & dont really care about that.
    I just need a sensible guide to doing my senseless tax forms & Tax Cut was a great help & worth the minimal cost.
    ...more info
  • works just as well as turbotax for less $$$
    taxcut is a little simpler than turbo tax in that the questions are not as specific or detailed. turbo tax is probably better suited for people who are familiar with filling out tax forms. having said that, it does your taxes accurately and costs less. support was great. much better than turbo tax. they seem to care more about service after sale than intuit ever has....more info
  • Not happy that I bought 2006 tax software in 2007
    It was my fault for not spotting the fact that this was last year's software. But Amazon should have highlighted this fact or better yet prompte me to make sure I knew it was old software. ...more info
  • pretty good

    This works fairly well for me. It easily downloads the capital gains from Microsoft Money, the interviews are fairly straightforward. However there are a few areas (like foreign tax credit) where it should be automated but isn't. But on the whole it does a nice job, they just need to improve it a little every year then it could be a 5 star item.

    ...more info
  • WHAT? There is free e-file!
    If you go to the online HR block website you can get free federal and state e-file with Premium Federal and State. Otherwise, there is a Premium + e-file product available as well on Amazon.
    I have filed taxes using 1040, 1099, Schedule C, relocation, education, and dependant care expenses. I have never had a problem with the interface and any phrasing that I do not understand I can get clarified by the customer support. For extra security you can have it signed electronically by a tax professional....more info
  • Taxcut version seems fine, rebate offer a pain
    I have used taxcut for the past 5 years, this version seemed to work without a hitch. Although E-file was no longer free, I bought this one with the Amazon/H and R rebate offer. The rebate process however was not good. I was sent a denial letter stating that i had sent the offer after the postmark deadline. Of course i had not! The denial letter arrived before the deadline, so how could i have sent after the deadline?! Also, working with the Rebate center to resolve the issue was a pain with many delays....more info