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Reporter RWIS Chamberlain Wireless Portable 4-Channel Intercom System (Pair)
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Product Description

4-channel intercom system that does not require wall power and features 1000ft. range. This system allows up to 10 conversations simultaneously with 32 radio channels and works on 4 AA batteries for up to 2 years, ALWAYS ON. Compatible with flush-mount intercom item# 331727. U.S.A.

  • 4-channel intercom system (pair) with 1000 feet range
  • FM modulation with fully secured connections
  • Allows up to 10 separate conversations simultaneously
  • 1-year warranty
  • Compatible with Reporter wall flush mount units RIFMS2 and RIFM1 (sold separately)

Customer Reviews:

  • A great product
    I think this is a greater product. Unlike other intercom systems I've bought this one is wireless and the sound is clear....more info
  • Works perfectly, full-featured, just not crystal clear
    Here's the short version: If your house is already built and you don't want to knock all kinds of holes in your walls, this is the way to go. These things work perfectly. The voice is not "crystal" clear, but for simple messages like "time for dinner" or "bring me a screwdriver" they work just fine.

    Longer Version:

    I read a lot of reviews of this product before buying. Some said that they were hard to set up. Some said that you couldn't use the "channels" to select where the signal went very well. I found none of that to be true. These things have worked PERFECTLY in our house, across three levels, through floors and masonry.

    The instructions are a bit skimpy, but they're perfectly clear. Once you get them all "trained" to be on the same network (I bought 6 of them), you're all set. To make your life easier while "training" them, put them all right next to each other at first. That way you can tell if you got it right without having to run back and forth or yell "how 'bout now?" to your spouse in another room.

    The only "usage" problem we've had is user error. You have to hold down the button while you talk (like a walkie-talkie) and you have to resist the temptation to stick your face right up next to it. It sounds much better if you just talk normally. There's no need to bend down next to the thing while you're talking. In fact, it sounds worse when you do that. Just act natural.

    For the sake of fairness, I don't use these with batteries. I bought AC adaptors for all of them at about $10 each. The intercoms work better that way and the adaptors pay for themselves the second time you have to buy batteries.

    The channels are easy to use. There are 4 channels and an "all channels" setting. Any two devices on the same channel will hear each other. Both on channel 1? No problem. Both on "all channels"? No problem. One on channel 2 and one on "all channels"? No problem. The only problem would be if you had them on completely distinct channels and tried to communicate. (e.g. channel 1 and channel 3.)

    Here's what we did ...

    I bought 6 of these. Upstairs, we have one in our bedroom, one in our daughter's room, and one in our son's room. On the ground floor, we have one in the kitchen and one in my office. In the basement, there's one over by the TV where all of the video games are hooked up. All of them are on channel 1 except for the one in our bedroom. It's on channel 2. That way we can communicate around the house, but if my wife or I are trying to take a nap upstairs we aren't bothered.

    The only problem we've had is that one of them became "unprogrammed" and had to be "retaught" to be on the network. It may have happened after a storm, but I'm not convinced that one of the kids wasn't just messing with it and held down the "reset" button....more info
  • Good value
    I'm not familiar with all the technicalities but I found the simple plug-n-play setup great as well as the ability to use battery power (which enables optimum location setting - and reduction of wires showing). I moved from a single level apartment to a multi-story home and this reduces the need to yell to be heard by the other family member your trying to communicate with. I got an extra 3rd unit (one on each floor) which integrates perfectly with the other 2. I have this one month. I highly recommend. We get great value from this item....more info
  • Muffled muddy sound
    I can barely understand the sound from this intercom. It is very basey and muddy. Also my barn is only about 100' from the house and I have to put it in the window for it to work... I am not impressed......more info
  • works great, priced right
    This product works great. I was skeptical since it's not the highest price range out there, but we've had no trouble with it. Easy to set up, and easy to use. Very easy to hear- in fact, we have to remind our daughter to not yell into it. She assumes she has to speak close to the speaker in a loud voice. Just using a normal tone from a normal distance works perfect. Would definitely recommend....more info
  • Don't Buy This Product
    I bought three of these units. After some difficulty getting them working and synchronized, they ran OK for thee months, after which one after another died. Eventually all three wouldn't work, even after battery replacement and repeated attempts to resynch. They're now in the garbage. I'm looking for a better intercom....more info
  • Great Intercom
    This intercom is great! We have one in the basement and one on our 3rd level and we have no problems at all. You do have to wait for a beep to clear before you can talk, but even my 2 1/2 yr old has figured out how to work it. We are even considering buying a couple more so that we have one on each level of the house and in another bedroom. ...more info
  • outstanding beyond belief
    two upstairs and two down stairs. when you inicialy call someone on one of my four, the remaining three sound the words. whichever one of the three is used to reply back, cancels out the other remaining ones so they are not disruptive to others who might be in the rooms where the two not being used are located. You can also set one or more of these up to be voice activated so it could be used as a baby monitor or elderly person monitor. GREAT BUY...more info
  • OK but not what I thought
    I have returned the product because it did not meet my needs. I thought VOX would let me talk without being too far from the unit, to transmit my voice. When I first phoned Chamberlain the rep said I was working it correctly so return it because it must be defective. The replacement was no better but when I phoned, a different rep told me that VOX had to be initiated each time by pressing the Talk button. I got a refund....more info
  • Terrible
    Very limited volume control and terrible clarity. I will go back to screaming to the other rooms until I can find a better product than these!...more info
  • Adequate System
    I bought this intercom set to monitor our pregnant goats. "Monitor" function is good; range of use is great (over 300 ft from house to barn, through solid walls and metal roof). Battery only use lasts a very long time. Hate the "beep", I would rather just start hearing the goat's "BAHHH". Very little actual volume control--it's loud, louder and loudest and not very easy to figure out how to set. It will be a good intercom for just calling from barn to the house but a regular baby monitor would be better for my purposes if I could find one that is truly wireless like this.
    ...more info
  • Very good product
    I purchased this item, as well at two additional units, for my house and am very satisfied with them. I have two units in the lower level and two upstairs and they all work very well. You may have some interferance if the units are too close to other electrical components, but you don't have to move them very far away to eliminate it. For example, the unit next to my computer was also very close to my computer light. I only had to move it a couple of feet away from the lamp and all interference stopped. The two units with the most distance separation are about 100 feet apart and on separate levels of the house with plenty of walls and flooring between them. They still work perfectly well with each other. Overall this has been a good purchase decision....more info
  • Works well - but linking can be tricky at first!
    We started with one pair and loved them so much - no more yelling all over the house for the kids - that we quickly bought another pair. As some other reviews indicate, linking additional units to the first pair can be tricky. I'm pretty tech savvy but had to call tech support. Still had problems but after experimenting found that it is MUCH easier to link them up if you first set the dip-switch to the position that does NOT cause a secure conversation when one unit replies to another (see manual to understand what I'm saying). Turns out that when the units are set to go to the "private conversation mode" it either makes them harder to link OR makes you think the linking didn't work when you test them after the procedure. Still curious about battery life - so far so good after ~6 weeks but I'd just get the plug-in adaptor if they use batteries too quickly because we really like having these intercoms. The kids also love them - but make sure they know to talk normally and not to put their mouth right up to them when speaking to avoid distortion on the other end....more info