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Short Circuit
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  • ?
    Thank yo for combing my order. It was as just as you descrided it. I recieved both DVD's right away. Again Thank!...more info
  • Still fun
    Though this movie has been around a while, it's still fun to watch. This is something the whole family can see. The product was new, and received in a very timely manner. Would buy again....more info
  • Not for Young Kids
    I saw this movie a long time ago and had forgotten all but the basic plot. I recently purchased the DVD thinking it would be a fun movie for my younger kids (9, 8, and 6) to watch. Also, it was rated "PG" so I thought it would be pretty safe. I was wrong. While the plot is innocent enough, the language was atrocious. I couldn't believe this thing was rated PG and not at least PG-13. Be advised that if you don't want your kids to hear a lot of cursing throughout a movie, then this is not for you....more info
  • Except for a few quotes, it's really forgettable.
    I honestly don't know why everyone likes this movie so much. Sure, it had some cute moments, but It's never kept my interest very long, and I can't even remember how the movie begins or ends. Everything about this film was just really plain.

    I do like how WALL-E looks like Johnny 5 though....more info
  • short circuit
    While watching walli with my grandson, Luke I thought of this movie I had enjoyed years ago and ordered Short Circuit so we could enjoy it together the next time he is here....more info
  • Short Circuit review
    An excellent DVD. Very funny. It was delivered on time and in excellent condition....more info
  • "No Disassemble"
    Nova are a research facility that have just constructed five robots designed for war. After a lightning storm, their Number 5 leaves the group and heads into town, realizing he's alive. Is he alive? That's up to Stephanie Smith (Ally Sheedy) and Number 5's creator (Steve Gutenberg) to find out.

    I found it a bit hard to sit through when I was a kid, but "Short Circuit" isn't too bad. The robot is cute and the plot is fairly engaging. Worth a look for fans of robots....more info
  • Short Circuit
    This is a good movie, however, I expected more from a bluray version. Film quality is bad - it does not seem to have been post-processed at all to improve the image quality beyond the original film. Poor analog to digital transfer. If you own a DVD or even VCR version of this movie, don't bother repurchasing it....more info
  • Very poor transfer from VHS
    I have the VHS tape of this movie, I really like it.
    I decided to buy the DVD version for better image quality and
    some bonus features. But I found that the image quality is not
    better than VHS version. And there is absolutely no single
    bonus feature. You can only choose, "play main feature".
    Even worse, it does not even have any caption or subtitle.
    At least the VHS had closed caption.
    This DVD is sort of "just watch once and throw it to the garbage can"
    quality. If so, why don't you buy a better featured VHS ?...more info
  • Its all about the 80s
    At the time this movie was released I was 8 years old and I really enjoyed the film. Feeling a little nostalgia I bought the blu-ray version and boy was I disappointed , not by the movie, but the quality of the Blu-ray. This Blu-ray version is 1 notch above VHS quality and thats even debatable. The scene outside with the fog is were you can really see the lack of quality in this movie. ...more info
  • John 5, give me 5
    The open scene starts with the Saint 5, laser defense robots defeating a simulated infantry war exercise assault by ground troops and armored vehicles, and tanks. The adaptive communication networks and complex electronic social network gives the Saint 5 robots instantaneous data feeds making possible satellite-like triangulation and millisecond coordination and chess like tactical responses that destroying all enemy targets. The Saint 5 robots have visual processing systems, voice recognition capabilities, 3D map terrains navigation, social hierarchical command coordination and organization, human behavioral response states (facial expressions) and gestures, and autonomous locomotion throughout the base.

    Saint 5 idealizes the dream robot of the 80s: self-programmable, machines building machines, visual recognition systems capable of independent symbol recognition duplicating WABOT robot hand on the piano. Dr. Crosby (in the likeness of Brooks) does not want to "Hob nose with the big wigs" and he would rather remain in the laboratory working and interacting with the MIT robotic hand. Cog #5 is shocked by a massive electric shock from static lighting bolt that traverses nearby power lines and traverses the lines too the generator connected to #5 and sparks loudly as the power enters the robot. The technicians examine #5 and access that everything checks out on the $16 million machine, "an ultimate solider, never ask questions". #5 higher level control systems seem to be destroyed allowing #5 to roam. #5 roams off the base and when Dr Crosby types in the return code, nothing happens. #5 keeps responds back to Dr. Crosby, "need input-triangulation position". People start becoming afraid but Dr. Crosby reminds the group, "robots just run programs; they are not alive". Cpt. Schroader alarms the group when he discovers from Crosby the laser is still live, telling the group, "what if it melts down a bus load of nuns?"

    #5 lands on the roof of Stephanies (Kismet) food mobile called Stephanies Snack Shack. Stephanie attention activates #5 learning algorithms. Stephanie calls #5 a "cute robot" and her endearing affection classify Stephanie as a "friendly" by #5. Stephanie thinks #5 is an alien robot and murmurs out loud, "I knew they would pick me" reference alien abductions. #5 like Kismet can make and respond with facial gestures. Stephanie has a difficult time getting #5 to respond until she shouts the word, "forward".

    #5 robotic brain needs input. #5 downloads all reading material that Stephanie has in her home. #5 then watches countless hours of TV. Kurzweil like futuristic potentials were implied such as the complete download of the internet into #5, if it were possible; and space exploration to distant worlds. #5 has a problem solver algorithm. #5 breaks a dish set and observes, "numerous fragments, some large, some small", "reassemble, no resemble is dead", "dead is forever", "dissemble is dead", and "Nova robotics wants to dissemble #5". #5 starts his fear and anger algorithms. #5 changes wire diagramming allowing for greater expression in internal algorithms and becomes self-aware, "#5 is alive". #5 has disco dance algorithms (Honda and Qrio), "dancing fool". Crosby tells Stephanie, "It's a machine" and Stephanie replies, "He is scared". Nova has issued a 25k reward for the return of #5.

    #5 manages design a strategy where Stephanie is to meet Crosby at the Black Lion Inn. #5 defeats the other Saint 5 robots, breaks through the security encryption protection the robots programming and reprograms the robots to enact a scene from the three stooges.

    Stephanie argues that humans are machines and that the neural circuitry can be all simulated mechanically. Humans and tin men are only different in time to develop the mechanical equivalences: "life is not a malfunction" and "we are a machine". Stephanie idolizes the brain download potential replacing man with machine. #5 learns the language and reprograms the robots in 10 minutes. #5 expresses the irony of bio/mechanical paradox by telling one of the Saint 5 robots, "your mammas was a snow blower". #5 has learned to evaluate other machines exclaiming, "cars are dumb machines", and cars should be locomotion robots. #5 address the dilemma of the human condition by telling Crosby, "it is wrong to kill", "I told you". Crosby tells #5 a joke and #5 starts to laugh, spontaneous emotional response.

    #5 survives entrapment, by creating a decoy duplicate of himself, which the army destroys. Crosby, Stephanie, and #5 go to Montana to live.
    ...more info
  • Amazing transition to Blu-Ray
    Note: This is a review of the Blu-Ray and it's technical aspects, not the film.

    You would never know in watching Short Circuit on Blu-Ray that this is a film that is over 20 years old. While the Blu-Ray is not in 1080p (it's in 1080i) the clarity and lack of graininess in the transfer was astounding to me. I have come to expect that older movies that weren't shot digitally and with older film equipment wouldn't see much benefit from the transition to blu-ray, this has me thinking otherwise. There are parts of the film that don't look spectacular, but they are few and far between and overall the movie looks beautiful. If you enjoyed the film, and have a HD setup, this is easily the best way to see Short Circuit.

    Specs: Resolution: film 1080i, extras 480i SD
    Audio: film: DTS 5.1, Dolby 5.1 extras: Dolby 2.0

    Special Features: Commentary track w/ writers & director
    Isolated Music and effects track
    Original Theatrical Trailer
    Featurette "Creation of Number 5"
    Cast & Crew interviews
    Behind the scenes footage
    Promo photo gallery
    Robot and production design still gallery
    ...more info
  • I enjoyed it, BUT . . .
    I enjoyed watching "Short Circuit", but I doubt if it is for everyone. Because of the premise that this is about an 'escaped' combat robot and because of some disturbingly milartaristic moments and questionable language, I doubt if anyone under age 17 should watch this thing. It is a decent comedy film with a science fiction based plot, but ... Also, one of the main characters is an asian Indian, who is stereotypical in many ways. Unfortunately, he is one of the focal points of the comedy, which does have some racial ignorance.
    I admit to sitting through it and enjoying the movie. Also, I am giving it a good rating. But ... (Please do notice that those 'but's do add up to a sort of question mark.) Do prescreen this movie for children under 17. However, I think college age kids will enjoy this movie. Older SF fans will, also, enjoy this movie. ...more info
  • short circuit
    certaining different from the second one, as i own and seen the second first before buying this one.

    it very good and i rather enjoy it, there are some great scene, and worth buying if you own the second one, as they are both completey different and worth comparing....more info
  • As Much Fun as Ever
    We bought this movie as it was unavailable for rent at Blockbuster. My teenage son and his friends had just seen WALL-E and the face of the robot looked so much like "Johnny Five" that we wanted them to see Short Circuit. It was just as much fun as it was the year it was released. Definitely stood the test of time. A bunch of 16 & 17 year old enjoyed it just as much as we did....more info
  • As good as I remembered it to be!
    Short Circuit

    I went with my 12 year old daughter to see the movie Wall*E, it was good but it triggered a memory rush back to an old favourite 'Short Circuit', which I enjoyed much more. We could only find Short Circuit 2 at the store, so I ordered it from Amazon. I enjoyed it just as much all these years later and my daughter loved it just as much, so much so she has had her girlfriends over for a "Short Circuit" movie night which included Short Circuit 2. They all loved it. I guess we proved it's a timeless movie!...more info
  • Great, heartwarming fun from an old classic.
    Short Circuit has to be one of my favorite childhood movies. Back then I didn't even understand most of the keypoints in the movie or a lot of the dialog. I love it more each time I watch it. It's one of those movies you just grow up loving. Even though it's old, and you can tell, you'll still be entertained greatly by the lovable robot Jhonny 5, and his great robot personality. It gives you a good feeling when you finish watching, and leaves you smiling.

    I bought both Short Circuit 1 and 2 from Amazon and am very happy I did. Both were in excellent condition and very fairly priced. I was so surprised to find both in DVD form at all. So thanks!...more info
  • When AI was new...
    In the late 80's we thought Robots were the answer.In the 2000's
    they are replacing grocery checkers, and still as stupid as ever?
    Five never was alive, except in the movies.
    But it makes a good story. Now they are making war robots
    that are getting better at killing.
    There are a Mac based robots traveling around Mars, too.
    I like the movie, now, as I did the first time I saw it,
    but I know that an 386 level just couldn't be intelligent!
    A new 4 ghz Intel with multiprocessors hasn't a chance either,
    but the 7000 networked Cern processors are much closer,
    but no AI, yet.......more info
  • I love Number 5. DVD format is UDF
    The DVD's picture quality is OK, viewable. You cannot expect much if it's about 25 years old. But be careful, it will not play on Mac or Linux automatically. Installation of additional software or packages on Linux is painful and very often it does not work. It is a proprietary format that plays only on Windows PC's....more info
  • A Lover of Old Movies reviews Short Circuit
    In some ways,this is not my usual choice of "old" movies- usually movies before 1967. In other ways, it is exactly my kind of movie, funny with no gratutious violence or anything to embarrass you if seeing it with your friends or children. I had forgotten a lot of this movie so it was like seeing it again for the first time. I loved it. Short Circuit, Short Circuit II and Batteries Not Included are always a pleasure to watch. Kids like them as well so they are great family fare....more info
  • oh God, why?!!!!
    I remember this movie being really, really fun and great when I was 9. My wife wanted this for our video collection and I hate myself for buying this movie. All I need to know is why she wanted this today! If you have kids, which we do, they'll enjoy this for the first time, but after words they'll be as bored with it as I am. If you are looking for nostalgia, this is the movie, but if you are looking for a good dust collector, buy it quickly!...more info
  • barely entertaining
    I was going to watch this with my six year old grand-daughter, but fortunately previewed it. I barely recall seeing the movie when it came out many years ago and didn't recall how bad it was. Not very entertaining and unnecessarily profane....more info
  • A True 80's Classic!
    I just saw this film tonight after not seeing it for about twenty years. I was nine when this movie first came out in '86 and as a child it is one of my favorites. Films like Short Circuit are more than just movies for children of the 80's decade. This movie signifies a culture of movies that we could truly identify with and that made the world of 80's cinema unlike anything else Hollywood's ever created.

    Short Circuit is a gem and if you love family entertainment then you will enjoy and appreciate it. Remember, this was in the mid-eighties before outrageous, computer-enhanced special effects, sex, violence and loads of unnecessary curse words took over the SCI-Fi/Action genre. Still, back then, Johnny Five was before his time. This is as clean as they come and one of the sweetest films ever made. If it weren't for a few curse words this movie would be a G.

    I'm sure fans of anything 80's will love this movie and have already seen it multiple times. If you haven't, check it out but do not expect Short Circuit to be like the action films of today. It's entertaining, silly and at some points cheesy but that's things we loved about 80's films. So, if you're up for good clean fun then I definitely recommend Short Circuit. And if you're an 80's kid like me, this should be a film added to your DVD collection....more info
  • Cute
    While demonstrating the latest in automated warriors, one of them (number 5), gets arbitrarily struck by lightning, hence "Short Circuit." It (he) escapes the compound and is befriended by a ditzy mobile caterer (Ally Sheedy.)
    Here is how it goes:
    She mistakes the robot for an alien.
    He learns what it is to be alive.
    Security wants it dismantled before it takes their place.
    However we know "it just runs programs" (yah right)

    Will Ally discover her mistake?
    Will the robot escape.
    Can they recover it before it blows something up?

    Careful you may find yourself rooting for Johnny Five.
    ...more info
  • Oldie but Goody
    I liked this movie years ago when it first came out. Now watching it in the Blue-ray is wild. Its truly amazon how the affect of the back ground just pops out of the screen. I'm happy I chose this movie, I recommend it. ...more info
  • Short Circut DVD
    My kids were so glad that it was still available. They just love this movie....more info