Merry Pet Cat Washroom / Night Stand Pet House
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Product Description

Easily the most versatile, practical and attractive piece of pet furniture yet! Use the Pet House as a litter box cover in the bathroom, or as a cozy nook for your pet's bed in the bedroom or living room. Equally suitable for cats or small dogs, the Pet House is an attractive, functional cover for a litter box or a home for your pet's well-loved (but messy!) bed. The door is magnetized to keep it securely closed during regular use, and swings open wide for easy cleaning. It doubles as useful furniture for you, too use as a console in the bathroom, a side table in the living room or a bedside table in the bedroom. Added shelf gives you extra storage space, and you can attach the included stainless-steel towel bar to either side of the cabinet.However you use it, the Pet House will help you confine pet-related mess and will look great doing it. The classic design with wainscot paneling and stainless-steel door knob looks great in a variety of decors. Easy to assemble, and fits a standard/large litter box (not included). External dimensions: 18" w x 20" l x 25" h. Internal dimensions: 16 1/2" w x 18 1/2" d x 18 1/2" h. Conceal a litter box or pet bed in plain view, inside this handsome Pet House. Order yours from Brookstone today!

  • Attractive multi-functional pet house also hides unsightly litter box
  • Classic, clean white fiberboard cabinet features wainscoting paneling and stainless steel hardware
  • Provides a safe, discrete resting/sleeping area for dogs and cats
  • Minimum assembly required; instructions and hardware included
  • Measures 18.5 x 16.5 x 18.5 inches; 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • I wish I could give this thing no stars.
    I bought this horrible thing with such high hopes. I bought it about 6 months ago when we moved to a small apartment. The litter box needed to be in our bathroom and I thought this would be a great cover up solution. I don't know if the problem was my cats or the box but regardless the whole thing became one big disaster. The unit itself was very nice looking however the one I received was slightly damaged on the inside floor (the paint was cracked and you could see the wood through the paint). I felt I could live with this because it was on the inside and the unit is so large I didn't want to deal with sending it back. I bought a cat box with almost the exact measurements as the inside dimensions, however, there was a slight crack of space around all side of the litter box. I have two cats who were using the box and I'm not sure if one or both were missing the box but they were. So once I realized they missed, I had to clean the entire thing out. This whole process kept repeating itself until I finally realized that because they were peeing outside the litter box it had started to seep into the crack where the wood was damaged. Then the whole unit just started to smell like cat pee all the time regardless if I had just changed the litter box. I am sorry to say that after about 2 months of this I just threw the stupid thing out. I couldn't take it anymore. I have a son and 2 cats and I felt like with the Merry Pet Washroom I had a son and 10 cats because I was constantly cleaning up cat pee mess. I think if the manufacturer made it with a washable-friendly interior it would not have been such a pain. I just did not have time for the upkeep of this product. And I also paid about twice as much as it is listed for right now (I paid ~$200). Sometimes you just had to admit defeat no matter how much you paid....more info
  • kitty washroom

    After looking for a solution to a litter box out in the open and constantly cleaning up litter from the floor where the cats kicked it out, this is the ultimate looking and most functional thing I could find.
    I wish it was bigger to hold a larger litter pan but I have a 20 pound cat who uses it just fine.
    Easy assembly and great looking....more info
  • Easy to Assemble...quality finish...niche product
    This product is borderline for value but it fits a niche as there aren't any other products (that I could find) out there like it. Its fairly easy to assemble and the quality of the white finish it quite good. I got a puppy and wanted to conceal the litter box and put the food up higher than ground level. It definately did the job. I have a brown tabby male that is about 15lbs so he his pretty big and there are no issues with him jumping up on the top for his food and water. The unit only excepts a medium size litter boxes (check the dimensions) but it still works. I just have to clean the box a little more than usual...vs the extra large litter box I was using. My cat fits inside fine its just harder for him to maneuver a 360 turn....more info
  • Fantastic solution to hiding the kitty box!
    This purchase has been the best one yet for my kitties! It was easy to assemble and looks so much nicer than having the box out in th open....more info
  • good product
    No more ugly, dirty cat litter to look at--might be too small for large cats. Litter pan is rather small and has to be changed frequently--every two days since I don't scoop. Easy assembly--no specific tools needed. Looks good in our bathroom not quite something I would have in any other room--maybe the laundry room. I can highly recommend this product for someone like me....more info
  • A Great Idea. Put these by a window so kitty can look out from the top

    These are a great idea. I bought two, and bought them here because there was no tax or shipping. At the time, these were not in pet stores. When I asked the clerks...they looked at me as if I was crazy. Well, they are pricey, but they are a blessing. Let's hope the price will come down. They are so much better than looking at litter boxes....more info
  • Cat Washroom-perfect solution
    Hides the unsightly litter box, and keeps the litter in the box for easy cleaning. My fussy Persian loves it.
    Wish I had seen it sooner.
    Shipping was very quick too....more info
  • Didn't like it
    I'm sorry to say I didn't like it because I keep finding cat pee underneath the litter pan which means I have to keep washing the inside of the cat washroom. I'm not sure if it was my cat but I went back to the Boodadome because it's easy and contains the cat waste.

    Update, I found a Petmate covered litterbox that fits inside the washroom and solved the problem....more info
  • Kitty litter box disguiser
    This product is attractive and serves the purpose. My cat likes it fine. The product, of course comes disassembled. Instructions say that it does not require strong force to put on the devices that hold it together. I found that if I did not apply pretty good force in turning the screw-in parts, the house tended not to hold together. And the magnet on the door is not very strong. I think I can improvise with another magnet, but at the price I paid for this house, I do not feel that I should have had this problem. My cat has opened the door several times just from exiting the litter box. Other than this, it does what I bought it for and I have no more complaints....more info
  • Satisfied
    This is a great product. Everyone wants to know where I got it...I have not experienced any of the problems that others have written about. The litter box fits perfectly and offers my very finicky cat the privacy she demands. I am very satisfied.
    ...more info
  • Merry Pet Washroom
    I bought the Merry Pet Washroom because I live in an apartment with no perfect spot for the litter box. I put this piece in my kitchen and it looks very nice and the pets seem to like it, too. It was relatively easy to put together and although it is not made out of expensive wood, it looks very nice and hides the litter box perfectly. I plan on keeping this piece for a long time. I would reccommened this product for anyone that wants to hide the litterbox in a pretty, reasonably priced furniture piece. ...more info
  • Great solution
    I saw this in the Sky Mall catalogue while flying on business. Dust and stray litter is a huge problem with three cats. So I bought three of them (before Christmas, Amazon sold them a bit cheaper and with free shipping). I chose them over other options because these had solid walls and would fit better in a colonial style house (i.e. looks like furniture, not like cat box covers). Dust is now more manageable and the houses do a great job of making the litter boxes more appealing. Even my jumbo sized cat uses it.

    One problem is that the box DOES NOT fit JUMBO litter boxes. So I had to buy three standard size litter pans as replacements. I recommend the trays with open lids that raise up on an angle on all four sides. Also, some spray gets on the walls so they occasionally need to be wiped inside. Assembly requires a bit of patience as the fit isn't initially perfect on one side. DO NOT use a hammer to tap into place as the particle board will split. However, once assembled, they look gorgeous and make a huge difference in terms of aesthetics, dust and smell . I'd buy them again in a heartbeat....more info
    Merry Pet Cat Washroom / Night Stand Pet House

  • Kitty Washroom looks great!
    I love the Kitty Washroom - there were a few screws missing, but my Step Dad got it put together with some other screws that we had - other than that it is pretty sturdy and looks great - better than a bare litterbox!...more info
  • Broken
    I purchased this product because I really liked the idea of hiding the cat box. I was very disappointed when I received it, I was unable to put it together, because the manufacture cut the pieces wrong. Very frustrating. I ended up going to a local store and purchasing one that was already together. While trying to put it together, I was very disappointed to see that the wood is very flimsy.
    Amazon was very helpful with my return, which was greatly appreciated....more info
  • Looks great, but it's not.
    This product is a great idea. Too bad they didn't put a little extra effort in the materials used for its construction. Product is flimsy, difficult to put together and very brittle. When putting it together the holes didn't line up for the cams and dowels and they pre-drilled to the vaneer making it difficult to put together without breaking it. Save yourself the hassle and buy a sturdier product for a little more money....more info
  • Cat Box Out of Sight
    This piece of furniture hides the open sight of the cat box in my laundry room and looks very nice as well. Great idea and very sturdy; think my cat enjoys the privacy!! I recommend this highly.
    Great price also, I've looked around.
    Mary...more info
  • Pet cat House
    I use mine for her littlerbox. I moved itno a new house and didnt want it out in the open. Works fine to hide it and she doesnt mind the little kitty door to get in. Would recomend caulking around the bottom to prevent kitty litter sifting onto the floor. ...more info
  • Unsafe and poor quality
    Very disappointing after readking other reviews. I'll make this to the point.
    1) Several pieces came scrathed, dented, and chipped
    2) Some pieces did not fit into the pre-drilled holes
    3) Price is too expensive for the poor quality
    4) Most alarming!...There is a strong unpleasant fume that is generated by this product. Either the paint or stain lacquering is generating a fume that I feel is unsafe to be inhaled by anyone in the house. I do not want my pet breathing in these fumes. I'm sure anyone concerned about their pet would not either.

    Fortunetly, Amazon is being cooperative about replacing it. But I'm afraid that I going to get another defected product....more info
  • Great litter house
    What a great litter box house! I'm very happy with this purchase. It was a little difficult to put together, took about 45min and some pre-drilled holes were not lining up correctly. But once put together, looks and feels expensive. Wish they made other colors! (Black or wood-colored, please). I use Cats Rule litter pans, and they fit perfectly inside, no more than 1/2 inch clearance on all sides. ...more info