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Fix It Utilities Professional 7
List Price: $39.95

Our Price: $2.99

You Save: $36.96 (93%)


Product Description

Fix-It Utilities 7 Professional is the best selling award-winning full service diagnostic and repair tool for your PC, optimizes system performance, finds and prevents problems before they happen, and provides easy, schedulable maintenance to keep your PC in top working order. System Explorer scans your system and provides a complete list of system statistics System Monitors keep an eye on your system resources and warns you when monitored resources reach critical levels ErrorTracker logs all Windows error messages to assist in troubleshooting system problems

  • Finds and prevents problems before they occur; intuitive user interface
  • PC diagnostics and utilities software keeps computer running like new
  • Optimizes system performance with one-step protection
  • Startup manager; diagnoses and fixes problems; recovers lost data
  • Anti-virus protection; spyware removal; easy, scheduled maintenance

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Software for the Price
    This program isn't at the level of Norton Utilities, but then again Norton has gone downhill so far it really isn't worth buying anymore. Fix-It is a decent utility to replace the disk checker and defragmenter; the defragmenter isn't the greatest in the world, but it's MUCH better than the abysmal one that Vista comes with. It also has some other handy utilities like a media verifier that tries to access all files on a piece of media so you can tell if a CD is scratched too badly to read for example and a utility to make sure your clock is set properly. Probably my favorite is the Startup Commander. It was able to easily stop an annoyingly persistent little program Roxio installed from loading on startup, when msconfig wouldn't find it. Very nice.

    It also works as a bootable CD which is supposed to allow you to use their partitioning software, but that doesn't work on mine. It's got a hardware tester and a SMART checker to determine if your hard drive is failing. The former is nearly worthless, the latter completely worthless as it wouldn't even get any info from any drives on two different computers. It also runs an annoying tray icon, but that's an easily terminated service (Start/Run/services.msc and look for Fix-it). I still don't trust it entirely with the Registry because of bad experiences with other utilities suites in the past, but everything it's done so far has caused no problems.

    When you add in anti-virus (maybe older version of Trend Micro?) and anti-spyware (I didn't install those features) and the 3 user license, this is a pretty decent software suite for the money. I'd give it a solid B score....more info
  • Fix-It Utilities 7 wiped out EVERYTHING!
    The only fix for getting this mess off the computer is system restore. Being relatively computer savvy, this monster nearly cost us our shirts. Do NOT buy it! Under ANY circumstances! Use Zone Alarm - it's free!...more info
  • Don't Waste Your Money
    The product after I installed it was marginally useful. Disappointing and I would not buy again but whatever.

    Then I installed a new hard drive and when I reinstalled it I was told it was already registered. Customer service was rude & basically told me I was trying to pirate the program. I PAID for it! It never occured to them someone may need to reinstall?

    Even if the program was not all that great I would like to have at least used it for the time I paid for it. Upon uninstalling the now useless program it cause so many problems.

    All & all I would recommend you STAY AWAY from this product.
    ...more info
  • Fix-It Utilities 7 Professional
    I have been using this program suit for many years and I find that it works, the suit once detected a virus before I had to scan the system. and the registry repair is the best I have ever used. I did use the system 6 professional but since I do not need a firewall I switched to Fix-It Utilities 7 Professional. when vcom stopped supporting system 6. I never see a review in any magazine for the suit why is this?

    I have tried others and they cost more but with all I am getting with this suit I will continue to use this suit. I am a PC tech so for others who have had problems with this suit you would not install it on a unstable system in the first place the manual tells you this. The suit saved my PC once when something when vary wrong on another machine and I used the system restore and I was back with a working PC.

    Hint if you got a slow PC and it is about 5 + years old the registry is most likely full of unused keys so do a scan with a registry repair or scanner to remove unneeded entries. any thing you create has a key even a song file mainly to let windows know it's there. if you delete the song the the registry key does not get deleted with the song. this is to give the general user the idea about how the registry works. Doing a registry scan once a month will keep the registry cleaner and will help stop the slow PC
    problem. viruses can also cause this too........more info