Wilife DVS800E LukWerks Outdoor Starter Kit
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Product Description

The WiLife Outdoor Camera Starter Kit includes all the components you need for a full-featured, single camera system with a weatherproof, outdoor camera. This Starter Kit includes a smart Outdoor Camera, the powerful Werks Surveillance Software and Free Remote Viewing Technology. WiLife automatically connects your outdoor cameras and PC. The DLC-810e LukWerks Outdoor Camera is weatherproof and designed for use in most outdoor environments. Monitor up to six cameras simultaneously over the Internet, browser accessible Windows Mobile cell phone accessible Processing Power - 400 MHz DSP Onboard Image Encoding - Windows Media Video 9 Onboard Image Processing Motion detection - Up to 16 zones, Auto brightness Resolution Selectable - 640 x 480 or 320 x 240 pixels Frame Rate Selectable - 15, 10 or 5 frames per second Bit Rate Selectable 2 lx Illumination minimum per IEC 61146-1 80 degrees diagonal viewing angle Firmware Updates Selectable - Manual or Automatic Up to 8,000 square feet property size 15-Watts Power Consumption Camera Body Dimensions - Height 5.0? x Width 3.2? x Depth - 1.8? (12.7x8.1x4.6 cm) Camera Weight - 6.7 ounces (190 grams) Power Supply Dimensions - Height 3.8? x Width 2.9? x Depth 2.6? (9.7x7.4x6.6 cm) Power Supply Weight - 5.6 ounces (160 grams)

  • Withstands the harshest elements while providing superior video surveillance
  • High-resolution color video with digital motion detection
  • Monitor up to six cameras simultaneously with PC software
  • View live video from anywhere, anytime
  • Easier than wireless, just plug it in
Customer Reviews:
  • Not professional grade hardware - not even residential grade
    This stuff is just plain junk. Many companies offer professional grade video surveilance gear at reasonable prices here on amazon. They have NEMA 5+ enclosures, use cabled installs, and run forever without maintenance.

    Then there is this junk that logitech is reselling from wilife. It should be renamed whatajoke. Mostly indoor with a few outdoor rated deviced that quickly suffer a miserable death, my experience with the system was so positively negative that I went with the pro gear which in the end cost less than repurchasing this scrapmetal as it died off.

    Save yourself the fustration and avoide wilife / logitech from the start - look at established names like pelco / sony / etc. for security.
    ...more info
  • So far it's working great for me
    The outdoor starter kit is the one I bought. I also had problems getting it to work. If I had known it was my firewall, it would have been a 15 minute install, not hours. As soon as I shut my firewall down, the connection was made, and I started receiving video. I've since read of others who also had firewall issues, so I know it wasn't just me. All the other features, remote computer viewing, and e-mail alerts, work just fine for me. I've only had the system(2 cameras), for 3 weeks, so I can only hope I don't have the power supply problems, or camera failure, that others reportedly have.
    My suggestion to those of you that can't get it to work, is shut down your firewall or just use the Windows firewall, as I am doing now. It could save you some time and grief. If the cameras don't fail, I think it is a real good, economical, and easy to use system. No users manual included, only a fold out, map like instructions. ...more info
  • Intentially Crippled Software- $80 per YEAR? I don't think so
    Easy to install and configure. However, my wife really wanted something that would notify her when someone pulled in the driveway. E-mail? No problem, but nobody checks their email continuously. How about a simple popup on the home office computer it's installed on?

    NO. That's an upgrade- not just $80, but $80 PER YEAR. I don't need any of the other Platinum features, just this basic feature that should be in the basic application. Charge me for e-mail, but don't charge me to play a stupid .WAV file on the host PC. Logitech is cutting their own throat and hamstringing a perfectly good product. Stupid companies with product management run by idiotic MBAs that never talk to their customers....more info
  • Superb Product With Caveats
    I bought this outdoor starter kit with the add-on outdoor camera a few weeks back and now have them installed and am very happy - for the time-being at least...

    The Pros:

    Excellent color image. Very easy set-up - both hardware and software. Tech support is a live person, 24/7, with very little wait time. E-mail alerts when motion is detected with attached snapshot or video mean that if one's residence is broken into and one's computer (and thus, the recording) is stolen, photo or video evidence will exist on a remote server.

    Image traveling through AC power means not having to deal with wi-fi reach issues or interference from other local networks.

    The Cons:

    USB adapter/receiver has to be plugged directly into the wall - not through a surge protector - and from there, should go directly into the computer and not through a USB hub. (I am going through a hub because I have no choice - the computer I'm using is in the middle of the room and can't be easily re-wired.)

    The USB adapter 'went bad' a few days ago and I was able to re-program it with USBFix software provided by the company. I'm waiting to see how long it continues to work; I was told by Lukwerks tech support that as I need to go through the hub, the issue would likely recur. If it does happen again (and again), I'll return everything (which I'm loath to do as the cameras are securely mounted on the exterior facade.)

    If not - I expect to be heartily recommending Lukwerks (with those caveats)......more info
  • Works great for 4months, 7months and 2months
    I love it so much initially, and I was proudly recommended it to everyone i know because of ease of use... over last couple months, I realized these USB receiver burnt out easily.. the camera is good.. but RMA these USB receiver is a nightmare. And they don't sell them either... The only good thing is... there are many more retail stores that sell these camera now.. I supposed you can go buy and swapped the defective part. Overall now I wish I bought something else....more info
  • Outdoor security camera
    I've had it up and running for a few days. Easy set up. Great software, picture quality and tech support. I'll be buying more for family members to keep an eye on the kids playing outside....more info