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  • Harrison Ford Wins Again
    Patriot Games is an exciting and deep movie about IRA terrorism in London and Harrison Ford's intervention. The drama is excellent with comparable action. But there is a deeper message in this movie: terrorism is violence, regardless of the cause. A secondary theme is the destructiveness of revenge. I recommend this movie with no reservations. ...more info
  • Evil Personified
    Each time I have watched "Patriot Games" I have been struck by the level of evil in the "bad guys". The bad guys here are a splinter group of Irish terrorist who will stop at nothing to ...well, I'm not positive just what they're after. Presumably it is getting the English out of Northern Ireland and I guess there may have been some talk about this goal. However, these guys are so bad it would seem they would keep killing even if their stated goals were achieved. This is especially true of the main culprit and it is he and his brother who falls victim when Harrison Ford rescues a member of the royal family from an attempted abduction. The bad guy, played, I believe, by Sean Bean, is caught and sentenced to prison. That would be the end of the movie except he escapes from prison and vows revenge on Ford. How he tries to achieve that revenge is the crux of the movie.

    Along the way we get some insight to the CIA's efforts to combat terrorism as well as some less evil IRA types who DO view their mission as political and not personal. However, the movie succeeds with a very well done showdown between the good guys and the bad guys. That is a particularly well done suspenseful series of events that may have you jumping out of your seat a time or two. It is a credit to Tom Clancy's book as well as to the director and script writer that this action is so powerfully done.

    I admit to some misgivings about the flow of the story. In subsequent viewings I tried to figure out the different collaborations needed to have everything come together but I could not make sense of it. In other words, who let them in and why? Maybe you'll wonder the same thing when you watch "Patriot Games". However, I shouldn't get too caught up on the finer points (except Clancy is generally good at covering them). This is a good movie that I actually enjoyed more the second time I watched it....more info
  • good plot and great cast
    Patriot Games is a very good action movie. Harrison Ford is his usual likable self. You can't help but to root for him and his family. The movie has good plot and great cast. The DVD picture is sharp and clear. The 5.1 soundtrack is well delineated....more info
  • Great!
    This is a good movie, and is very much worth your time. Although I must say the book is WAY better. Harrison Ford is the best at Jack Ryan, and it ... that he won't be doing any more Ryan movies. Anyway, there is one thing I need to point out here. Alot of these previous reviews are sounding like they didn't pay very much attention. Sean Bean's character and his evil companions are NOT part of the IRA in the movie. Maybe if you had payed more attention to the movie, you would have seen taht they are part of the ULA, which is some kind of ultra-violent faction or something. That may not have been made very clear, but it was made very clear that they were NOT part of the IRA. And by the way...People, it's a movie, don't come here all uptight and write a review of how it portrays the IRA and all that ... wrong. Just leave it alone, it's a movie....more info
  • Tepid Formalism that could've been great
    "Patriot Games" is a film that could strive to do something important with the thriller genre, but instead ends up being an obvious, humdrum, and stale thriller film that deflates most of its sentiment. The film, based on the Tom Clancy novel of the same name, features that good `ole Jack Ryan character, in a fight for his family and his own survival against renegade members of the IRA, led by the underused Sean Bean; and what could have been a timely, think piece statement on this conflict, ends up being a rather tepid suspense film, that keeps most of its oomph! for the end, in an instrumental, but mostly satisfying action-oriented conclusion.

    Harrison Ford only half tries in the film-- playing the central character that kills the Bean's brother in his botched assination attempt of a member of the British royalty--giving his tough-as-nails, but compassionate character a sort of narrowness that is oddly buoyed by his sense of restraint, and never letting his performance go over the top, but rather keeping his cool-and-calm collective all the way through the film: basically he is a man's man, a guy who can kick arse like Rambo, be James Bondish smooth, yet Sherlock Homes smart. The character is a collection of these traits, and Ford, who usually seems to play this typecast role of "Hero" with a pretty boy attitude, can get away with a performing like he just awoke from a nap, and that's why Ford is oddly appealing as an actor.

    The rest of the cast is good, with big-name actors like Samuel L. Jackson, and James Earl Jones, yet aren't given much to work with, especially in the case of Bean, who seems like he has to mumble his lines, stare off into space with an angry look, or just grimace. Special notice, however, goes to the sweety Thora Birch, who would later show up in such films as American Beauty; Birch gives her child character a charm and sincerity with her playful smile and cutesy look, and even if her character has far and few lines, its novel having her in this film in the "before they were stars" sort of way.

    Patriot Games is polished like a big budget blockbuster: the photography is sharp, as well, and the camera captures some great picturesque moments of the scenery, especially in the nighttime scenes. There's also some moments of directorial style here, as the camera seems to maturely know when to show or tell in the violent scenes; such as in one when the camera recoils back outside the house after one henchmen gets shoot through a door, while the other two IRA members fight it out with another; in this scene all the viewer sees and hears is a few gunshots going off inside the house. Though it is admittedly an usual scene in action films, it is effective in its minimalism.

    Yet despite its pricey look, and some decent enough performances, Patriot Games is seriously lacking in most other departments. The story is rather meek, for one, is rather haphazardly put together, and lacks sentiment. Typical action clich¨¦s pop up: the not-working mobile phone, during which the hero tries to save the day; the black-and-white, good and bad characters, and unprofessional side characters who are always meant to die or just be dumb, while the hero wades through the pool of lies and deceit to find the "bad" character posing as a protagonist; these, and other awkward steps make Patriot Games a typical, and jivey film.

    Though Patriot Games could have been excellent, had it been given an injection of life. There is some suspense but not much, and you know how it will turn out for the characters; there's just not much here to warrant a good time, aside from some cheap thrills. That's too bad too, because the film could of went into better characterizations with its themes of the conflict in Ireland. Bean's character and the rest of the main-supporting antagonists could have been given a voice, feeling, and depth, as it is often the villains that are more interesting than the hero, since their diabolical motivations are more resonant in the audience's mind.

    Patriot Games is an under whelming venture into action-thrillers. Despite some decent enough scenes in the final act, and another good nail-biting freeway chase, there is nothing to warrant something more than a relaxing watch, as it is certainly not an absorbing one. If you like your plots simplistic, and full of clich¨¦s, I recommend this film. Yet, if not, and if you can let your mind relax, it will still be nothing more than average.

    ** ? (Out of 5)...more info
  • An Action film which is better than the book it's based on.
    Although Patriot Games was both a critical and commercial failure in 1992 (because of the sensitive subject matter) it is a still a good action film. It is one of the few films which is much better than the book it's based on.

    Tom (please give up the day job! ) Clancy's book is loaded with stereotypical views on Irish (God fearing/ Heavy drinking!), British (Pompous/ Impotent!) and American (Loudmouth/ Stupid!) Peoples.

    The Book also made assumptions on real tragic events in Northern Ireland such as Bloody Sunday '72 (where Clancy's IRA men deliberately set up the British Paras to shoot unarmed Republican Protesters) which have offended many Human Rights activists and families of the victims.

    But where the Film itself triumphs is that it totally bypasses any true opinion on the Irish Troubles to present an exciting action Thriller where a Family man fights to protect his loved ones from the aggressions of an IRA splinter group.

    In fact the only reference made in the film to America's viewpoint on Northern Ireland is the scene where CIA chief Cannon implies to Jack Ryan that there is mixture of admiration and derision among Americans to Ryan's foiling of the IRA hit on the Royals.

    The performances are all top rate particularily Ford as an ex CIA man forced to rejoin the dark world of espionage he thought he left behind. Sean Bean's performance of an embittered IRA gunman is equally impressive as it leaves the Viewer feeling both fear and sympathy towards his character.

    The Actions scenes are staged quite well and the pacing is fairly adequate throughout the entire film. Some of the Set pieces in the film where we see a sattelite's view of the SAS destroying a desert fort was quite suspenseful albeit a trifle unrealistic (could 8 SAS men wipe out a high security Paramilitary camp without any casualties! ).

    The only real gripe is the fight scene at the end of the film which ran enthusiastically into cliche.

    Do not be discouraged by the other reviews written here which seem to be more focused on whether or not the Film accurately portrays the Irish Troubles and the IRA rather than it's overall potency as an espionage Thriller. Those other reviewers obviously watched the film with their eyes wide shut!

    All in all Patriot Games is the most exciting (although least successful) of the Ryan Trilogy which thanks to the reworked Screenplay and Noyce's direction seems to avoid getting wound

    up in the sensitive subject matter as well as ignoring most of Clancy's childish scribblings to present an entertaining film....more info

  • simply outstanding
    This movie is full of memorable scenes, although it's probably been more than a decade since I last saw it. It's suspenseful without being gory...the most memorable scene is one that is absolutely chilling without ever showing a drop of blood. And even though I'd read the book and knew the outcome I was on the edge of my seat right to the finish....more info
  • Just asking....
    I know it's only a Hollywood movie. And the book it's based upon is fiction and hardly Tolstoy at that.

    But I can't help wondering if it's plausible that even a militaristic Republican would so eagerly accept a title from the British Royal family. After all, these would be direct descendants of people who probably ran Ryan's own ancestors out of their homeland!

    Also, the incredibly irritating pub scene portrays Irish-Americans (yet again) as dim-witted, belligerent drunks who simply adore imbecilic sing-alongs about "Irish laddies."

    Understood that the villains are supposed to be psychos and very hissable they are, too. But couldn't the writers have avoided perpetuating so many narrow and simplistic cliches?...more info
  • Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time
    Patriot Games is a great movie, based on the novel by Tom Clancy. Former CIA Analyst Jack Ryan (Played by Harrison Ford, who replaced Alec Baldwin) intervenes in an attempted terriost attack on the royal family. The brother of Sean Miller (Sean Bean), one of the terriosts, is killed and Miller arrested. Miller is however broken out by buddies (Who are in the ULA). Now he wants to get Ryan.

    The whole film itself is amazing and suspenseful, with excellent performances. The only problem was the ending. Sure the boat chase was good, but it was too short. You should have made it longer and more exciting!...more info

  • Excellent Quality
    DVD got here quickly. Item was in excellent new condition. Picture was clear and precise. ...more info
  • Patriot Games [Blu-ray]
    I'm a Harrison fan, already owned the movie on DVD. After reading the Blu-ray reviews and a cheap price on sale at Amazon I could help but add this to my new Blu-Ray collection. The menu system for the movie is not as good as some Blu-Ray movies I have. Not sure why, it would frezze my unit if I tried to change the sound, etc. from the opening menu. As I can access the menu once the movie is playing that worked fine. The sound and picture were great considering how old this film is. It was nice to watch it again in Blu-ray on a HD projector and see the improvement over the regular DVD....more info
  • Perfect casting, outstanding action!
    When I saw "Hunt for Red October" in the theatre, I kept thinking that Harrison Ford should have been cast as Jack Ryan. Apparently, the producers felt the same way I did! Ford is perfect as the CIA operative ... rugged and intelligent. This particular adaptation of Tom Clancy's novel does take a few turns away from the plot described in the book ... but it does so intelligently. There is none of the jarring "Hey, what about *this*" that I sometimes experience at the movies (sometimes it's tough to be a voracious reader - the movies don't always meet up with your expectations). This time, though, everything works. Not to be missed by either Clancy or Ford fans....more info
  • Patriot Games, Sean from Dublin
    In many respects the film is an improvement upon the original book. The main plot remains fairly intact, but is greatly simplified. This makes the film much more accessible than the book, although purists will miss some of the endless details from the book. By having a minor member of the royal family as the target rather than Prince Charles the film is also more plausible and less cheesy.

    Some individuals seem to feel that somehow the IRA is portrayed in a bad light. But it is scarely mentioned, as it is clearly stated that it is a splinter group not the the main branch or the terrorist organisation. Though admittedly one can draw fairly obvious comparisons in that both are vicious terrorist organisations willing to use violence against any who stand in their way. Those who seem to feel that the IRA are a noble bunch of freedom fighters might do well to look at the numbers and occupations of their victims. They include women and children as well as many other innocent bystanders and social undesirables in the view of the IRA. The unwillingness of Sinn Fein to place its faith in ballot box by disarming its supporters also illustrates the nature of the organisation.

    Overall it is a good film, with impressive acting, special effects and a sound plot....more info

  • The Power of Observation & Juxtaposition...obviously requisite character traits of a CIA analyst
    I have never read any of Tom Clancy's works, but I have seen all the movies made from them. Patriot Games is one of them.

    The storyline is quite simple: Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford), former CIA analyst, is on vacation/lecture tour in England with his family. While on the way to meet them near Buckingham Palace, he & his family are caught in a cross-fire during an assassination attempt on a member of the Royal Family, Lord Holmes (Edward Fox), by a rogue faction of the IRA led by Sean Miller (Sean Bean). In the ensuing shoot-out, Jack killed one the terrorists, who happens to be Sean's younger brother. Jack gets drawn back into the CIA after the terrorists set out a vengeful attack against his family back in USA.

    In my view, the action sequences in this movie are not very exciting, when compared with any of the recent Bond &/or Bourne movies, although the entire movie is quite entertaining. I particularly enjoyed the sequence showing a real-time satellite-tracking session at CIA HQ, during which Jack & his counter-terrorism team are watching a crack SAS team conducting a black ops raid at the terrorists' hideout somewhere in Libya. The accompanying music score is realistically haunting!

    What excites me most about this movie is watching Jack exercising his astute power of observation & his uncanny ability to juxtapose images in a relentless attempt to track down the whereabout of the rogue faction of the IRA,...with the high-tech resources of CIA's counter-terrorism group, of course.

    Using vital information secured from Paddy O'Neil (Richard Harris), an IRA supporter in the USA, Jack narrows down the search through his observation/juxtaposition of CIA's satellite images (which includes an overhead snapshot of an apparently capped woman with a pony tail) with his own recalled images:

    - a back-view glimpse of the pony-tailed driver in the terrorists' getaway vehicle during the foiled assassination attempt in England;
    - a side-view glance of the pony-tailed driver in the terrorists' getaway vehicle during an unsuccessful assassination attempt on his life outside the US Naval Academy;

    All these associations have been triggered while taking a break & walking pass a pony-tailed woman employee on the way to answer the call of nature at CIA Headquarters.

    What a brilliant piece of detective work - observation plus juxtaposition - on the part of Jack!

    The Power of Observation & Juxtaposition are obviously requisite character traits of a CIA analyst.

    In summing up this review, I have enjoyed very much watching Patriot Games, experientially as well as educationally. This is another wonderful addition to my resource repertoire....more info
  • Disappointed
    Thought the entire movie missed the point of the book, and was too hung up on stereotype vengeance from it's main villain. The book was 10 times better. ...more info
  • The Best Action Movie Ever!!!
    I saw this movie after seeing Clear and Present Danger and I thought it was awesome. In the movie, Harrison Ford plays Jack Ryan who has now quit the CIA, is giving lectures and is also on vacation in London with his wife and daughter. One day he sees a group of masked men from the IRA blow up a car and shoot several civilians and guards around Buckingham palace. Without thinking he knocks over one man and shoots another. The man who he shot turns out to be the younger brother of the man he knocked over, Sean Miller (Sean Bean). In court, Jack is knighted and Sean is sentenced to prison. But when Sean's fellow terrorists free him from jail, they get on a ship going to America, as Sean is intent on getting revenge on Ryan or his family, for killing his brother. As a result, Ryan's wife and daughter end up in a hospital and when they come home, Sean is gone and everything seems safe. The end is so scary. It's Thanksgiving night and the enitre Ryan family including some of Jack's close friends from the CIA are over. There are agents guarding the house and there is a thunder and lightening storm outside. Then the power goes off, the guards are found dead, and 6 IRA terrorists including Sean Miller sneak into the house and begin to hunt the family thoughout the halls and rooms. It would be so scary to be in your bedroom and see a man wearing a bodysuit and nightvision googles, and carrying a machine gun creep into the room. This movie is suspenseful, full of action and fun to watch! I think it is rated R for some violence, language and a sex scene....more info
  • amazing from book to screen movie
    Ford is brilliant as Jack Ryan
    the whole movie is brilliant
    the scenerio
    the ending
    the beginning
    the whole plot
    glad I bought this on dvd
    worth the watch every chance I can play it
    Ford makes a great good guy
    and Tom Clancy's books make great material for movies
    I mean that seriously...more info
  • Jack is d bess
    We dun need no stinkin badges. We got Jack Ryan,so dun worry my fren. The DVD is muy bueno, I gaurantee regardless. So, do your self a favor my fren, and buy it regardless....more info
  • Not bad, but could have been better . . .
    Of the three Tom Clancy novels made into films, "Patriot Games" disappoints the most. Based on one of the least of Clancy's novels, the film is about Ex-CIA analyst / Ex-Marine Jack Ryan, who interferes with an Irish terrorist attack on a member of the Royal family at the beginning of the film and quickly becomes a target himself- matching wits with the radical group as they plot another hit, this time on Ryan's family. Harrison Ford (Ryan) seems to be still feeling his way through the role Alec Baldwin almost certainly regrets abandoning after 1990's "Hunt for Red October". I liked Sean Bean's performance as the terrorist obsessed with evening up the score with Jack Ryan, but few others stand out (unlike "Red October"). The plot fails to move much- Ryan is too busy reacting to events.

    Clancy fans will enjoy. Dunno about everyone else....more info

  • Great Adaptation of Clancy Bestseller
    Patriot Games was the second in a series of adaptations of Tom Clancy's bestselling novels featuring heroic CIA analyst Jack Ryan. However, Alec Baldwin, who played Ryan in "The Hunt For Red October," ended up not appearing in this film. But no worries. Ryan is played by stalwart leading man Harrison Ford, who plays Ryan to a tee, as a brave, cerebral man of action.

    Ryan is on vacation in England when he interferes with an IRA assassination attempt on a member of the British royal family. He kills one of the terrorists, and his brother, played by Sean Bean, vows revenge. Now, Ryan and his family are threatened by a rogue group of Provos, having to rely on their own wits, and the protection of fellow intelligence officer Samuel L. Jackson, to survive.

    This is a crackling good thriller with a great script and taut direction by Phillip Noyce. Ford would go on to play Ryan again in "Clear and Present Danger." This is an excellent adaptation of a popular novel, which doesn't happen very often....more info
  • Exciting, suspenseful, even if you've read the book
    Harrison Ford IS Jack Ryan in this action-packed adventure. Dr. Ryan works to save both the Royal Family and his family from an IRA-related terrorist cell.

    This has suspense, intrigue, and edge-of-the-seat action. In particular, the scene where Ryan watches a black operation from 10000 miles away as people are killed in Libya... silently and strategically... is haunting.

    Ford is a great Jack Ryan in the next movie in this series as well....more info
  • Powerhouse film!
    Here's one of Harrison Ford's best movies. Here, he plays almost-ex CIA agent Jack Ryan, who after saving his family and the British royal family from a assaination atempt by terrorists, gets caught into some sticky situations when the leader of the bad guys, swears to make Ryan's life miserable after Ryan killed his brother (who was trying to kill Ryan's family.).Why wasn't Tom Clancy happy with how this film was made? The movie was very well made, in my opinion. It had great directing, great acting, a mean and evil villian who causes conflit almost every half hour of the movie, edge-of-your-seat thrills, and great action sequances, and the screenplay AND the book were very darn creative. It's impressive when someone puts a movie like this together. It's a must-see movie for those action and Harrison Ford fans everywhere!...more info
  • Good movie; what is wrong with this Blu Ray?
    I also had trouble playing the disc. I takes a huge time to load and than usually stops playing after a short while. I thought of asking for a new copy but it seems that there are more problems with this release....more info
  • Special Collector's Edition--Excellent anamorphic widescreen transfer to DVD
    Paramount's 'Special Collector's Edition' (part of their "Widescreen Collection") is the edition to purchase--whether you already own the previous letterbox release or not. This version looks and sounds fantastic! Presented in anamorphic widescreen (enhanced for 16 x 9 aspect ratio, large-screen TVs), the picture is crystal clear, sharp, great colors, and free of any analog defects (lines, specks, etc.). If you have a large screen, high-definition TV, you already know how annoying a "letterbox" format can be--this DVD release is a vast improvement over the earlier letterbox version of this Tom Clancy thriller. Played on my Toshiba 1080p HD DVD player, the image was nearly high defintion in quality. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Slasher films a poor substitute
    For sheer excitement on the edge of your not-so-easy chair, there's nothing like a good Jack Ryan story, and I think this is the best of them. The plot involves one of the most obsessed bad guys you'll ever see, a fanatically militant member of an IRA splinter group whose attack on the British royal family is thwarted almost unconsciously by Ryan, who is visiting England as a tourist/lecturer. Now ex-CIA, Ryan's family is nearby, and family is central in this tale of the cold-blooded world of international espionage and terrorism. The family angle is one that keeps the story so chilling throughout, as the terrorist's brother is shot to death by Ryan as he ruins their try on the royals, and our star villain then sets out to stalk Ryan and his wife and daughter.

    The film moves at an almost perfect pace, and unveils to us some modern aspects of this shadowy world. For instance, even Ryan, played with understated perfection by Harrison Ford, is creeped out by his participation in a nighttime strike on a desert camp believed to be IRA training ground. In this scene he and several other jacket-and-tie types watch soldiers take out this nest of vipers a half-world away, thanks to infrared and satellite technology, all while detached voices calmly note "Target neutralized" and spies dressed like businessmen smile and nod while whispering to one another in thorough detachment from the blood and guts of the operation. All this technology and we are not removed from the days of the rich people perching on hills near the battles of Civil War days, sipping tea while viewing the entertainment.

    I cannot give less than five stars to a film that draws me in so completely as this one, making me feel the tension with such clarity and indeed making it so easy to actually hate the villain. Yet the film strikes sour notes with the drunken Richard Harris's half-hearted performance as an IRA bigwig, and with the cliched ending moment of an otherwise superb boat chase at the film's climax. Two distracting moments would mean a score of 9 on a scale of 1 to 10, or, in Amazon terms, 4-1/2 stars. These being minor, a full five stars is quite reasonable. Nearly a perfect action film; even the understated music score is just so right that it can't be imagined being done any other way....more info

  • ok!
    This is an ok film,average plot,average script,and average acting!This isn't an edge of the seat thriller,but is entertaining.Although the film doesnt quite capture the actual thuggery of the IRA....more info
  • Once again, the book was a LOT better.
    My biggest problem with this Hollywood adaptation of a Clancy novel is that they cut out the most interesting character in the whole dog-gone story, Gunnery Sgt. Breckenridge of the Naval Academy Security Detachment. It is the Gunny whom the book's Jack Ryan turns to when he first feels the need to sharpen his weapons skills to defend his family from the threat of the terrorists. He's easily the most interesting good guy in the book, and I STILL can't believe they completely cut him out for the movie!

    The only thing that saves this movie from my further wrath is the performance of Sean Bean. He's one of my favorite actors (see the Sharpe series if you want to see what is, in my opinion, his best work.) Bean is suitably cold-blooded and focused as the terrosit intent on avenging his brother, who was killed by Ryan.

    As for those who are whining about how it portrays the IRA, guess what, folks? They DO blow up women and kids, they DO shoot people (even some Catholics who don't agree with them) in the kneecaps, and they WON'T turn in their guns and explosives. Those are just facts. If you can't deal with them, you should concentrate on shoring up your own tenuous grip on reality before you go spouting off your half-cocked theories in public....more info

  • Reasonably good film - but what 'good' things?
    I must admit to being disappointed in this version of the Clancy novel. Much as I like Harrison Ford, One can't help thinking Baldwin would have done a better job in portraying Ryan once again.

    Sean Bean is eerily psychotic as Sean Miller - the man on an obsessive hunt for vengeance after the death of his brother at Ryan's hands, but there is an awful appearance by Richard Harris as a stereo-typical IRA man who forges an almost symbiotic relationship with Ryan.

    Having said that, the end of the film is well-done and gripping - if you can manage to suspend belief that the security in place to protect the Ryans and their high-ranking visitor could possibly be so slap-dash.

    In amazed disbelief at the previous critic who states that the IRA have done some 'good things', I am just sat here wondering what they could possibly be.

    Perhaps he is thinking of the Warrington bomb - left randomly in a waste-bin in a crowded shopping centre? That had the distinction of killing two children.

    Or perhaps the Omagh bombing? Scores of innocents died there, including a party of visiting Spanish schoolchildren.

    Maybe the Rememberance Day parade at Inniskillen? Among the many Irish victims, I suppose the best known was an 18yr old Student Nurse.

    Or the Harrods bomb, or the Hyde Park bomb, or the Chelsea Harbour bomb?

    The knee-capping of young Irish men who refute the 'cause' or happen to disagree with them?

    Could it be the weapons assistance and training with well-known Arab terrorist groups?

    Or the solid refusal to lay down their arms and resort to the political process/ballot box in spite of the on-going Peace Process . . .

    Just one or two of those 'good' things . . ....more info

  • Ya missed the mark only slightly.
    Goods: I really did enjoy this movie. It was a wonderful piece.

    A man willing to sacrifice all that he had for what he knew was the right thing... that's a powerful statement.

    Even with the violence inherent in this movie (or in the case of Python, inherent in the system...), I believe it is a great movie for the kids to watch.

    Harrison Ford, Richard Harris, Anne Archer, James Earl Jones... all incredible talents. Loved it all.

    Bads: Ya know, after Star Wars, et. al., my belief is that Harrison Ford plays swashbucklers... add in Witness and other rough and tough movies, and you can't help but type cast this guy. It's hard to keep the continuity between the Hunt for Red October and the somewhat timid "Gee I can't do that since I'm not a field agent" and Han Solo... Alec Baldwin should have played this part to keep things believable.

    The romance between Anne and Harrison was explored only slightly... and even there, in Hunt for Red October, the wife was played by Gates McFadden (Yay Dr. Beverly Crusher from Star Trek The Next Generation)... yet another faux pas in the film.

    Overall: It would easily be a five with the original characters from Hunt for Red October. Sorry, it's only a four.

    Still, I loved it, bought it, and you should too....more info

  • No alternate ending?!
    Although i think Phillip Noyce (director) did a good job of fitting the entire novel into a film, he picked some bad scenes to cut out. the ending in the book is incredibly cool (everything from the president arriving at the Ryan house in the film is all wrong) , but in an interview Noyce said he would make sure that the alternate ending would be included. it had Ryan and The bad guy Miller fighting underwater, which sounded really cool. the original ending from the book is still much much better, so id go read it instead....more info
  • A great thriller, Harrison Ford was awesome
    Harrison Ford plays Jack Ryan. After just witnessing an attack on the British royal family, saving one of them, he is haunted by it. The same terrorists come after him, and invade his home im Maryland...more info
  • Overlooked thriller
    I picked up this DVD almost as an afterthought a couple years ago. I recently watched it again and was struck at how good everything is: excellent cast, great timing, great directing. I enjoy Harrison Ford in the role of Jack Ryan and think he was the best of the three actors who have played Ryan so far, although to be fair, Alec "Stone Henry Hyde to Death" Baldwin did a very good job in "Red October." The screenplay knocks a lot of the rough edges off of Clancy's book while remaining faithful to its essence. Highly recommended.
    ...more info
  • Movie: 3.25/5 Picture Quality: 2/5 Sound Quality: 3.5/5 Extras:
    Version: U.S.A / Region A, B, C
    Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
    MPEG-4 AVC BD-50 / High Profile 4.1
    Running time: 1:56:44
    Movie size: 36,45 GB
    Disc size: 39,26 GB
    Average video bit rate: 32.95 Mbps

    Dolby TrueHD Audio English 3611 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 24-bit / 3611kbps (AC3 Core: 5.1 / 48kHz / 640kbps)
    Dolby Digital Audio French 640 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 640kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio Spanish 640 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 640kbps

    Subtitles: English / English SDH / French / Spanish / Portuguese
    Number of chapters: 22

    #Cast and crew interviews (SD, 24 minutes)
    #Theatrical trailer (HD, 2 minutes)...more info
  • Patriot Games (Special Edition)
    A really great movie with a superior cast. If you like Tom Clancy inspired movies,this is a must have!...more info
  • One of the Jack Ryan movies to have
    This is another one of Harrison Ford's greatest. I have always enjoyed his movies. There are not many real actors left out there that can really act, most just try to be as stupid acting as they can and think thats fine, well for some simple ones that is fine. This movie has a plot to it and was well made. Great movie....more info
  • Patriot Game [movie]
    Excellent movie that follows the book fairly well. Harrison Ford does an exceptional job in his portrayal of Jack Ryan....more info
  • A solid movie
    Patriot Games is a good thriller based on the very famous Tom Clancy novel. This movie has good suspense, good action and a good conclusion. At times, the movie is slow moving and a little unrealisitc but hey..
    The movie's about an ex CIA guy, Jack Ryan played by Harrison Ford who goes on vacation with his wife and daughter. But, of course, something goes wrong. They go to London and Jack becomes a hero when he saves a higly ranked Englishman's life. But, in the process, he kills one of the terrorists that attacked him. And the brother of the guy he killed isn't pleased. And that terrorist and his pals go to the U.S to get revenge, mainly by targeting Ryan's wife and kid. So Ryan is on the most important case of his life where he has to save his family. The movie includes one very suspensful scene where the terrorists are in a van on the highway shooting machine guns at Ryan's wife's Porsche. That should make you want to watch it. Anyway, I really enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone in the mood for a good thriller, Tom Clancy style. ...more info