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Merkur Solingen Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor
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Product Description

Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor - Brushed Chrome is an outstanding, hand-crafted, razor from Germany. Loved worldwide because of its six comfort shaving settings with an adjustable head. Balanced, ergonomic, and a delight to use. Sturdy, well-constructed razor shaves even, smooth, and super close. Get a premium shave every time by selecting one of the six settings for the adjustable head. Just twist the handle to match your skill level, beard and skin type for the most comfortable shave ever. Selecting the "1" setting exposes less skin to the blade and is best for sensitive skin while selecting the "6" setting provides a more aggressive shave for tougher beards. With adjustable razors you can re-adjust the angle as needed to maintain the smoothest and easiest shave. Will stand the test of time and gives years of service. Fabulously finished in brushed chrome for a contempory design. Top of the razor easily pops off for changing blades. One Merkur Super Platinum razor blade is included. Razor is 4.25 inches long and weighs 4.25 oz. Accepts Merkur, Gillette, Personna, Schick, Wilkinson, & most standard double-edge razor blades. Safety razors come closest to replicating the amazing shave experience of a straight razor used in traditional barbershops. The single edge blade action gives the closest and most satisfying shave results. Rather than tugging your facial hair and then cutting it at an angle, Merkur Safety Razors shave evenly and smoothly. And the blades last longer and are cheaper than cartridge razor blades! If you suffer from heavy beard growth and ingrown hairs, consider using these safety razors. Though they may resemble the razors your grandfather used, the blades and razors have been updated with the newest technologies and are making a huge comeback among today's men searching for the best. For yourself or a great gift!

  • Double Edge Design
  • Adjustable razor blade angle
  • Beautiful Chrome and Satin finish
  • Made in Germany
  • Gives a close, comfortable shave

Customer Reviews:

  • perfect
    This goods is a prefect one for me because I cannot use electical razor, modern razor like "Max", "Gillette Sensor", etc. I don't know better goodies.
    Sole requests - where I can get a new springs and/or lid for this razor?...more info
  • The last razor you'll ever buy.
    I bought my Futur back in 2004 after experimenting with those 3 and 4-blade razors. It took some time to get used to, and i drew blood more than once. But once you've found a setting that works for you, and you've got the right blades (Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor Blades #910 recommended), this razor is second to none.

    I definitely recommend purchasing The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil for use in combination with your preferred shaving cream. And you'll want to use short strokes, not those lower-lip-to-adam's-apple strokes you see guys do in those commercials. For close shaves, you may have to lather up a second time. But this razor is easily worth the $60+ price tag.

    Note: Don't try to fly with it in your luggage. It triggered the metal detector when I tried to carry it through security. And my luggage is always searched when I travel with it in my checked bags. (But I hate leaving it at home!)...more info
  • Old School Cool
    The Merkur is a classy looking old-style razor in a sleek new satiny body. It's got lots of heft, so it just glides across your face. It has a long handle, which makes the process even smoother. The depth of the blade is easily adjusted to your preference. Drop the double, triple, quatro hair pulling cloggers and pick up this gem; corny to say, I suppose, but it's actually a pleasure to shave with this razor....more info
  • Back to the Futur
    Quality. It's not possible to see the quality of this thing in a photo. It's clearly designed to last at least one lifetime. Because of the other reviews' cautions, I was careful from the first use and have never had a cut with this razor. It's actually fairly easy to use. You just can't go forcing it around your face like a disposable razor.
    I used Gillette Sensors then the Mach3's. Both razors had arrived free in the mail at different times. Both are good razors. Having said that, the last time I went to the store to buy some Mach3 replacements I just got angry at the price and over-packaging of the replacement blades. Then right next to the Mach3's, there were some 5 blade things. You know, in case the other 4 blades miss your face, you've got that 5th.
    After having used the Futur for a couple of weeks, I can say it's the best shave I've ever had.
    Is it expensive? On day one, yes. There goes $60. But, each individual Merkur or Feather blade lasts one week and costs 50 cents. That's $86 the first year and $26 each year after that. Compare a free Mach3. Blades are $1.80 each at BJ's, so that's $94 each year, every year. So, you spend about the same the first year then $68/yr less each year after. You get a better shave for less money and less waste. If $60 is too much for you, get one of Merkur's classic razors. The one and only problem with the Futur is that the handle tends to get a bit slippery when lather inevitably gets on the handle.
    Some reviewers have written that they don't use the adjustability, so it's not important. I disagree. First, you get to learn (safely) on a lower setting, then can adjust up until you find the one you like. Second, if your face is ever irritated or sunburned, you can back off to a lower setting until the problem has passed.
    If you make the decision to use a DE razor, I recommend you buy one pack of Merkurs and one pack of Feathers. These are both the gold standard. The Feathers are sharper, and therefore, more prone to cut you. The Merkurs are great, but not as sharp. I have a thick beard and find the Feathers work better for me. You may prefer the Merkurs. In either case, I think it's better for a newbie to use the Merkurs for the first few weeks, just to make the learning curve less painful. Then try the feathers for a few weeks. Once you've decided on your favorite, you can buy them in larger quantities (saving on shipping). Both seem to be nearly impossible to find in stores.
    If you want to research shaving things in-depth, try the badgerandblade site....more info
  • Great safety razor, great for new users.
    This was my first safety razor and I love it! Many say you might start out by cutting yourself a lot but if you read the tips and suggestions found online and follow them.... well, lets just say I haven't cut myself yet and its been a month. I love the adjustability, I started on 1 (impossible to cut yourself?) and have moved up to 1.5. I might be trying 2 soon.

    This is also a razor I'm proud to see on my bathroom counter, its the equivalent of having a Ferrari in the driveway!

    One drawback - the blade doesn't go all the way to the edge of the razor which for me, has made a little tough on the upper lip and near the nose....more info
    I am usually too busy to write reviews, but the Merkur Futur impressed me so much that I almost feel compelled to share this information.

    First, I actually did notice a flaw on this razor but it can be easily mitigated once user knows about it. I must first describe how the razor works: to change blades, you must lift the head by pulling it up and then putting in a new blade, and then pushing the head back into place. MAKE SURE TO PUSH THE HEAD IN ALL WAY UNTIL IT IS NICE AND TIGHT (YOU'LL KNOW WHEN IT "SNAPS" INTO POSITION). If you do not push it in all the way until it snaps (a very common mistake if you are not aware), the setting system won't work properly and all your shaves be very aggressive and close, and probably cause irritation.

    Second, I highly recommend you buy an adjustable razors (like this one). The adjustable razor is superior because it give the user the most control to determine the closeness of the shave they desire. The lowest setting "1" is the safest keeping blade furthest away from the skin. The highest setting "6" gives the most exposure of the blade to the skin, giving a harsher, but closer shave. In between there are settings 2,3,4,5. Setting "2" is a favorite among many users including myself.

    Third, the product is heavy and thus very stable. The stability of this 4.0 ounce razor is perhaps its best asset (after being adjustable) and it makes shaving a lot easier, more fun, and even faster (one stroke is all it takes). From the picture it might look like the non-grove handle, smooth is "slippery when wet" but this couldn't be further from the truth. The futuristic-looking ergonomic handle is just stable when wet as a traditional grooved handle (in my opinion, even more stable).

    It comes in three finishes (Satin Nickel, Polished Nickel, and Gold-Plated) Some suppliers don't even carry the gold-plated finish and with good reason: the durability of gold-plated razors are questionable and I recommend either the Satin and Polish Nickel finishes for long-term durability (many decades).

  • The Perfect Shave
    My background:

    I used a Gillette Sensor. It was okay. I upgraded to Sensor XL. It was pretty good. I tried a Mach 3, and I hated it -- it felt like I was wiping my face with a wall of blades. I finally settled on Sensor 3 -- at nearly 2 bucks a blade. It got the job done, but there was no real joy in shaving. Considering I have to do it at least once a day (twice if I'm going out at night) the process should be more enjoyable.

    After quite a bit of research, including newsgroups and customer reviews, I splurged and got the Merkur Futur.

    Shaving is awesome, and I literally look forward to it. Lathering up the shave cream (I use Proraso Classic Shaving Cream With Eucalyptus Oil & Menthol) with the Merkur badger brush is a real treat. Super soft, holds a ton of water, and results in a thick lather. (Be warned, the first few times you use it, it stinks like wet badger... but it goes away).

    The razor itself is heavy... I mean heavy. Which is good, because you need to let the razor do the work -- NO PRESSURE, OR YOU WILL TAKE OFF YOU FACE). The main difference between this razor and shaving with cartridges is that you actually feel the blade against your face (as opposed to a chunk of plastic). Anyone who has had a shave with a barber knows how great this feels.

    Once I got the technique down it is as close and smooth a shave as I have ever had. Finishing up with a cold water splash, non-alcoholic toner / aftershave, and a moisturizing lotion, is an invigorating way to start the day.

    Please note: as stated above the brush smells a little "badgery" at first, but it goes away. The head of the razor does not pivot, so you have to follow the contours of your face. And the head itself it bulky, so you have to work on your technique around your nose, and under your chin. I started off with the Razor set at 2, but have progressed to 3.

    In sum, this razor adds an old-school, refreshing routine to my mornings. I love it, and would whole-heartedly recommend it.
    ...more info
  • Right tool for the job
    After using this razor, it just kills me that I wasted all that money on disposable razors & their refill cartridges. Initially, I was skeptical about using a double edge safety razor because I feared cutting myself. When my Futur adjustable arrived, I followed another reviewer's advice: use short strokes, go slowly, apply no pressure, start with the lowest setting, & slightly angle the blade against my face.
    The end result was a close, comfortable shave without any nicks. Felt as if I just left the barber shop.

    Another fine example of German craftsmanship. There were some differences in opinion whether or not this model is good for beginners so I'm glad that I chose the Futur adjustable. If you're environmentally conscious then this razor is a wise choice.

    Also, I have a few suggestions:
    1. Cappuccino or latte mugs make great shaving mugs.
    2. Don't use the cheap foam or gels. Try Mint Shave Cream.
    3. After shaving, try washing your face with tea tree oil soap. Very soothing.

    ...more info
  • 4.5 Stars - Definitely worth the money
    I am a new-comer to the D/E world, but have been looking long and hard for something that shaves this close! I am only 26, but ever since I started shaving (around 16) I had always been unsatisfied. Either by paying too much for cartridge replacements (mach3, fusion, quattro, disposable, etc....) or by the tearing feeling I would get from an electric. I've probably owned every disposable on the market, and 5 different electrics. Not that I loved shaving, I just was always hoping the next product would actually work!

    Here enters the idea of straight razors and double edge (d/e) razors. I first heard of it a long time ago, but as with many people my age I thought the newer products were surely better because they have by and large replaced any idea of D/E's.

    Anyone looking at this razor has probably already done some research, that's how I found it. And it seems, that's how many other people have come across Merkur as well. To that end I will try and keep my story short and bullet-point my original (pre-purchase) concerns and my afterthoughts now of owning this razor for 3 months.

    Pre-Purchase Concerns:
    - I thought that it really couldn't be that much closer than a disposable.
    - I thought it was too much money up-front (even though the long term costs were lower, it was difficult to decide since I had no point of comparison)
    - I was worried about how long it would take to shave. I don't have much time in the morning as I generally trade it for as much sleep as possible.

    Post-Purchase Experiences:
    Okay, so to start I have to say that this razor as with many other D/E's will do a GREAT job on your face! My concerns above were quelled after a couple of weeks using the Futur. Your technique is the MOST important part of shaving with a D/E and I guarantee that you will be frustrated for a month or two (learning curve dependent). I walked out after shaving a few times with at least 20 little cuts all over my neck. Since I'm assuming that you've already done some research, I'll also assume that you've heard that story before - and let me assure you... it will happen to you.

    Despite that unpleasant experience, once I finally started to get the technique down, my shaves became better and better! They've been getting so good lately that I can't wait to hit the shower and shave! It is one of the most satisfying rituals I've come across. I tell all of my friends about it, trying to convert everyone that I see. Using a D/E truly is the best way to shave... although it will take you longer in the morning to do it properly.

    When I was using an electric, or disposable cartridge type, I could generally shave in 5 minutes. Slather on some cheap shaving cream, and tug away with your mach3. To get a really good shave now, it takes me about 20 minutes (start to finish). My neck is the part that takes the longest. I have hair that looks like a hurricane and grows in all sorts of directions which makes it very difficult to shave and not cut yourself. Despite the time consumed shaving I still manage to get all my "zzz's" in the morning. That's because the shave is soo close I can shave at night before going to bed. When I wake up in the morning it's still as smooth as ever!

    The first time you experience that is one amazing moment of jubilation. And after, you'll never go back.

    Overall, I would recommend this razor to just about anyone looking to buy. BUT, this razor is not the end-all be-all. It's fantastic, but the classic Merkur HD style is just as good (for 1/2 the price). Even though it's adjustable, I essentially keep it at the same setting all of the time.

    Here are some other thoughts if you are considering getting into D/E shaving. The up-front cost can be expensive as mentioned earlier, but it is worth it. Below I've listed (in order) where you should put your money first, the products at the bottom can be upgraded later and these first ones are good enough to get you started:

    #1) Brush! (This is the most important part of wet-shaving). You may think the razor is more important, but it's not. You don't need a $500 brush, but about $50 - $80 will get you a very respectable brush from Vulvix. Make sure it's a Badger hair brush. And within the badger brushes some people claim that silver-tip badger hair is top of the line (it's just hair from a certain part of the badger).

    #2) Razor

    #3) Post-Shaving Cream. Here is where many people cheap-out. The old train of though goes that an alcohol based aftershave or something off the shelf at a supermarket (read Nivea for Men, etc.) is fine. This has not been the case for me. Especially while you are learning, you'll want a good after-shave that will help reduce the redness and irritation you'll experience. Let me remind you, that once you get your technique down - you won't see anymore razor bumps!
    For the cream, buy Geo Trumper's Skin Food. It's nearly $30 a bottle, but well worth it. Don't chicken out, you face will love you for it!

    #4) Shaving Cream. I've been using Proraso here - it's cheap, $9, and will last a long time. Go for this while you're learning. After your first tube of this you should be getting pretty good - then you can buy some of Geo Trumper's shaving cream tubs. :)

    Now that you have those products selected, here are a few more that you are going to need. These are all cheap and often overlooked, get them - it will make your life easier.

    #1) 'My Nik is Sealed' (This is much better than a stiptic pencil, and won't leave any white residue on your face. Stops bleeding from cuts and scraps quick. Especially needed while learning. Note: The product name is actually "My Nik is sealed", just for clarification.

    #2) Large coffee mug. A wider mug is better as this is what you should mix your later in. Check out the following link from "Mantic59"

    for some very educational videos. I watched his whole series and it was
    very very helpful.

    #3) Grapeseed Oil. Yes I know that sounds odd, but it works wonders if you oil up your face before applying lather. This helps me so that the razor glides over my skin easier and reduces cuts. You can buy it at your local supermarket and it should be cheap. Also, don't substitute olive oil or another oil. There is something about Grapeseed oil that works better than the rest.

    #4) Hydrocortisone 1% Cream. This should be used sparingly if ever - I don't believe it is good to apply to your skin on a regular basis. It's benefit? It will remove almost all razor burn within an hour, so if you've really chopped up your face and need to go to work or on a date... it can be a lifesaver!

    #5) Mens Grooming Tweezers. Not necessary but helpful to get out in-grown hairs (as they occur).

    All right folks - I hope this was informative and helpful. Good luck in your purchase - you will not be disappointed if you stick with it.

    Happy Shaving!
    ...more info
  • An excellent razor, IF you know how to shave with a safety razor
    This is a great product, and you really can't beat anything that's engineered and manufactured in Germany. I bought this razor off of ebay and I have been shaving with it for over a year. The razor is fairly heavy, so you might want to reconsider if this is your first safety razor. I want to also caution you that adjusting the blade takes a little gettting us to. If you start out too quickly you're probably going to cut up your face. Start slow! I personally us a 2.5-3 setting.

    The blade is held down by a top that snaps on and off. This may seem flimsy, but it is actually very secure and I have had no problems with durability.

    No matter what razor you purchase, get a good brush (badger) and shaving cream. Take your time and take little strokes. Once you get the hang of it, I guarantee that a safety razor shave will be the best shave you've ever had. Haha, my girlfriend once described my shave as "prepubescent"....more info
  • Slippery when WET--NOT

    The first shave, well lets just say it wasn't love at first BITE!! lol. I experienced a bit of a learning curve with this "thing". However, as soon as I left the weight of the razor provide the pressure for the shave along with a miracle blade find our relationship has blossemed into something I didn't think could exist!.

    Granted, it becomes extremly "slick and slippery to when lather drips down the shaft. However, a quick rinse and the grip is perfect.

    The adjustments on this razor are for real and extremely benificial once yours are perfected.

    This razor along with my discovery of "Sharp" blades has led to a shave that I actually didn't believe obtainable.

    With the proper setting and blade, (like maniac says) this baby becomes a powerfull sports razor which can be zoomed all over your face and almost never draw any blood!. Leaving even the most sensitive skin feeling baby smooth and burn free.

    In closing I'll just say; If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.
    Think about it then buy this razor as quick as you can....more info
  • Best Shaving System
    After reading various articles/reviews on wetshaving, I bought this razor. It's truly marvelous. Why? 1)it pays for itself in much less than a year, yet it lasts a lifetime. 2) for men who are prone to ingrown hairs, it provides a better treatment than conventional razors 3) when combined with authentic shaving creams/soaps (not those alcohol based foam cans in your grocery store) such as Taylor of Old Bond Street or Geo F. Trumpers, you truly have a shaving experience. ...more info