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Antwone Fisher
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  • the trouble with foster care
    The trouble with foster care is that too many do it for the money and not for the love of children.This sad story of one little boy's journey thru the systrem ,sadly,is not that unusual.He happened to have the talent to convey his suffering on paper and tell it to the world ,but there are so many who bear the scars who do not sell their story .The system is broken and needs to be fixed.Everyone should see this movie to have a better understanding of the children who survive foster care.Perhaps it would inspire good people to become foster or adoptive parents.There,of course,are some great foster parents out there but too many like the ones in Antwone's story....more info
  • A little too thick Mr. Washington.
    Antwone Fisher is a good film based on a true story but Denzel Washington's directorial debut is a bit much and soapy. The acting is great from Washington and Derek Luke but the way the movie is portrayed is unsettling and emotionally draining. The story of Antwone Fisher is heartbreaking but I just feel this film is one-sided. Good story, bad execution....more info
  • see it
    i loved this film. i thought it was powerful and uplifting. yeah it does have some clinches but there easily over looked. like i daid in past reviews denzel is briliant always. newcomer derik luke is great here to as he has the lead role. this is a great feel good movie that is toushing and moving it has acouple laughs. some twists ans turns that keep u interested in the story. denzels directorial debut is a great movie and i cant wait to see wat he directs next if he ever does direct any more movies. he dosent give us all the information at once he feeds the veiwer with a little bit of info at a time to keep us glued to the screen for 2 hours and after i watched it the first time i felt so good i went back and watched it again. 4 and a half...more info
  • Director Denzel Washington comes up with a real winner
    I live in a city that is off the beaten path, especially when it comes to movies. "Lost in Translation" never came here and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" only made it to the local art theater. I remember when "Boyz in the Hood" came to town there was a story about it in the newspaper that made it sound for all the world that it was a foriegn film, and there is a sense in which that is true because the idea of living in a place where police helicopters are buzzing overhead all the time is beyond our experience. But even though films by African-American directors do not always manage to make it up this far into the Northland, I have made a point of checking them out when they are released on video and DVD. One of the main reasons is that directors like Spike Lee and John Singleton are making films that speaks to the African-American experience in America. This seems self-evident, but I have to tell you that very few movies have spoken to me directly about my life; I have identified with the television series "thirtysomething" and "Once and Again," at vastly different times in my life, more than anything else. But I can still appreciate the sense of purpose I almost always find in these films.

    We have all heard the alarming statistics about how many African-American children are raised in homes without a father and the devastaing impact that has had on generations of such children, and on one level "Antwone Fisher" is about one such child. This 2003 film begins with a dream in which Antwone walks into a room and finds his entire family gathered for a big meal. Then he wakes up on the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier on which he serves. The next thing we know Antwone is getting into fights if anybody says the wrong word to him. The captain hits him with a list of punishments and also requires him to see a therapist, Jerome Davenport (Denzel Washington), before the ship sails again. Antwone refuses to talk and in the tradition of "Good Will Hunting" Davenport waits him out. Eventually Antwone begins to tell his story and we learn of his horrific childhood.

    Antwone's father was murdered before he was born, which was in the prison where his mother was surving time. When we see him as a boy he is in a foster home where he is abused emotionally, physically, and sexually. All of his problems stem from what happened then and Davenport helps Antwone to put the pieces together. But the final part of the healing process is Davenport's insistance that he has to go and find his family, whatever there is left to be found, and confront the last of his demons. At this point we discover that everything in the first hour-and-a-half of "Antwone Fisher" has been mere prologue to the powerful series of scenes that conclude the film.

    The story behind this film is almost as impressive as the film itself. Fisher was a security guard at the Sony Studio when his screenplay was bought and Denzel Washington decided to make it in his first try at director. Then throw into the mix Derek Luke, a newcomer who was cast in the lead role and the end result is even more impressive. We are told at the end of the film that Fisher based the screenplay on his life but dramatized some of the scenes, which is always the case, though rarely admitted so boldly. Of course such a comment immediately makes your curious as to what was changed and why, but I quickly decided I did not care. That was because I liked the way the film ended and I do not care if it "true" or not because of the way it rings true, which is what matters most in film. What makes "Antwone Fisher" worth the seeing is the value it places on family, most notably by it absence, but also by the idea that it is out there if it you can find it....more info

  • Antwone Fisher: A Truly Bonafide Story of Triumph Over Adversity
    The film Antwone Fisher, is a fact-based docudrama about the journey of a soft spoken and bright African American navy officer who, despite the most inauspicious circumstances and incredible odds, is able to overcome tremendous hardships, find his real family, and ultimately, himself. Antwone Fisher is a real underdog story that everyone can relate to: conquering adversities which stem from rough beginnings before being able to face up to the future.

    Antwone Fisher was literally born in tragic circumstances: while his mother, if you can call her that, was in jail and after his father had been shot and killed. However, these would only be the beginning of his tragic childhood. Within the first few weeks of his life, he would be placed in the terrible hands of an abusive foster family, leaving him to be physically and emotionally abused by them for more than 10 years of his childhood. Fisher grew up feeling abandoned and hurt as he had been deprived of love and hope--the essential ingredients of a nurturing environment for children. However, things only got worse. Having felt the shame of being unwanted his whole life and having everyone leave him, he is filled with pain and anger. Moreover, witnessing the tragic death of his childhood best friend compounds his feeling of abandonment and unwillingness to trust and love. Eventually, Fisher joins the Navy, which is where the movie picks up.

    At the start of the film, Fisher played by Hollywood newcomer Derek Luke, has joined the navy. However, due to his violent temper, Fisher attacks another Navy man and eventually winds up in the hands of Jerome DavenPort, the Navy psychiatrist played by Denzel Washington. Throughout the movie, the root of Fisher's violent temper is gradually uncovered through flashbacks of his childhood which were shot to depict the rawness of his existence and punctuated with dialogue between Fisher and Davenport. As Fisher and Davenport have more sessions, Davenport becomes a key figure in Fisher's life: the father he never had. With the guidance of Jerome DavenPort (Denzel Washington) and encouragement from DavenPort's wife (Salli Richardson) and a female navy officer Sheryl (Joy Bryant), who plays Fisher's love interest, Fisher is finally able to reconcile with his past.

    In this film, Oscar winner Denzel Washington's directorial debut, the directing skills of Washington have been combined with the superb screen writing skills of the real Antwone Fisher to create a masterpiece that is both memorable and moving.

    Although the movie has a mawkish plot, Washington is able to transform this material to create an inspiring yet intense film on screen that captures the emotions, struggles, and hardships of Fisher's real past. Along with Washington's spectacular directing ability, the outstanding performance of Derek Luke, who plays Antwone fisher on screen, is able to reveal Fishers vulnerability and pain along with Fisher's tenacity to succeed in life. However, his performance doesn't quite capture a sense that there is a seething anger inside him. Fisher in the movie is portrayed as normally quiet and detached, but not seemingly to hold a rage within him. On the other hand, the exchanges between Washington and Luke are able to depict the volatile side of Fisher while the scenes between Bryant and Luke are able to depict a more tender side of Fisher, really showing why Fisher would have a reason to emerge out of his shell. The crescendo of the film shows a huge paternal family gathering welcoming Antwone into the family. Antwone finally has the family he always longed for. Through the love of a father (DavenPort) and a his real family that tragic little boy found the courage and hope to re-emerge as a new person.

    When it comes to the authenticity of the events which occur in the film, they are almost exactly parallel to the real events in Fisher's life. All of the minor changes in the film have only helped the film more accurately portray the struggles that Fisher went through in reality. The movie follows history closely except for a few name changes, time period change, and fictionalized minor events and characters. The only exception to this is that in reality, Fisher never goes back to confront his foster family after he leaves them but in the movie Fisher goes to ask his foster family about his real family. This is to show a more enduring sense of intensity and assists in depicting Fisher's genuine tenacity.

    In the film, his foster family is named the Tate's while in reality they are the Pickett's. The movie also increases the age at which Fisher's foster siblings start to sexually abuse him and portrays the foster family as better than they actually were so that the scenes are more socially acceptable. As for the main characters, all of them are real. In an interview with Antwone Fisher about the film, Fisher stated, "He's (Daven Port) a real person but I had to have him do some things that a few other people had helped me do. He also serves the purpose that he served in real life, and he also does things that other people did for me - just like the girl."

    The real Antwone Fisher also stated that the movie's time period was changed to attract a more widespread audience. "I (Antwone) was born in 1959 but for the movie's sake, we decided [to change it] so that children - kids - would find it contemporary."

    However, everything else from Fisher being tied to a support beam in the basement and Fisher finding his family after many years is one hundred percent true.

    Antwone Fisher is an eye-opening and inspiring story that will have all audiences on the verge of tears. It not only exposes the horrors of a flawed foster care system but shows the power of the human spirit. It is a movie that will take you along the ups and downs of Fisher's life.
    ...more info
  • Healing a Sensitive and Talented Young Man - Very Good!
    This is a very moving movie. I did not have any idea that it was in any way biographical until the end of the film. Who knows how much license has been taken and who cares. Derek Luke does a great job in portraying a talented and sensitive young man whose harsh life has trained him to lash out as his only means of protection. Denzel Washington, whom I can never not enjoy on screen, is naval doctor Jerome Davenport who is assigned to decide of Fisher should be discharged from the Navy as unfit after yet another brawl.

    Davenport and Fisher develop a close relationship in a way that becomes rewarding but limiting for both, but Dr. Davenport has the professionalism to urge Fisher to seek out his real family. Fisher does and learns a lot about himself and gains some healing connections with his life.

    Denzel Washington also directed this movie and I think he did a fine job. This is a good movie for young people (if not children) to watch. It can teach adolescents something about the problems and emotions they are facing....more info

  • I Probably Should Not be Saying This, but...
    First off, let me state that I am a grown and athletic man. Having said that, Antwone Fisher is the only movie I have ever seen that made me cry like a five-year-old kid. I don't think I've ever been moved by a story as much as this one. The story was so overwhelming that I did not pay too much attention to the technical aspects of the film. Nevertheless, it is a MUST see. If you are a guy, watch it by yourself so you are not too ashamed when you bawl like a baby. ...more info
  • excellent
    this video is excellent. based on a true story, it brings out the vulnerability of a caring psychiatrist (Washington) when faced with a hurt and determined young man (Luke). I've used it to teach teens about learning and trauma.
    ...more info
  • Forgiveness
    "Regard without ill will despite an offense." That's Webster's definition of forgiveness. -Denzel Washington as Jerome Davenport

    One of my all-time favorites. It never gets old. You just need to watch it. Either you'll like it or you won't. ...more info
  • Moving!!
    The most moving film of 2002 is definately Antwone Fisher. This powerful tale of a guy who overcame all obstacles to acheive a dream and to live free is a trully remarkable one.

    Clich¨¦d down to the very dialogue, Antwone Fisher isn't much different than most biographical films. Except that this film is actually good, not mistaken for a masterpiece just because "it's sad" like most films are. Antwone Fisher is truly triumphant and life-assuring.

    A lot of terrific first-timers appear in Antwone Fisher. Derek Luke (who himself has a triumphant story of getting the role) gives a fantastic first-time performance that has set him up to be a very promising actor. Also, Denzel Washington gives his directorial debut (and also his first time directing and acting in the same film) and does a good job of it.

    I liked Antwone Fisher, so I'm recommending it to you. It wasn't as excellent as it could have been though, but it is a very moving and captivating story....more info

  • Moving!!
    The most moving film of 2002 is definately Antwone Fisher. This powerful tale of a guy who overcame all obstacles to acheive a dream and to live free is a trully remarkable one.

    Clich¨¦d down to the very dialogue, Antwone Fisher isn't much different than most biographical films. Except that this film is actually good, not mistaken for a masterpiece just because "it's sad" like most films are. Antwone Fisher is truly triumphant and life-assuring.

    A lot of terrific first-timers appear in Antwone Fisher. Derek Luke (who himself has a triumphant story of getting the role) gives a fantastic first-time performance that has set him up to be a very promising actor. Also, Denzel Washington gives his directorial debut (and also his first time directing and acting in the same film) and does a good job of it.

    I liked Antwone Fisher, so I'm recommending it to you. It wasn't as excellent as it could have been though, but it is a very moving and captivating story....more info

  • Tear jerker....but Excellent!
    I would recommend this highly!...more info
  • this movie is so good....
    Antwone Fisher was a movie full of emotions. I liked this movie because all of the characters did their job very well. Denzel Washington gave one of the best performances of his career. This movie had very good flash back scenes. Although this movie was very good, there were a few parts that made me angry. One of those parts are when Antwone's stepmother called him names just because he was darker that the rest of his family. I also was bothered by all the beatings that Antwone received. If you put all those things aside, this movie makes you laugh as well as cry....more info
  • Never Received the Item
    I never received the item. The seller has not yet responded to my e-mail requesting a decision. This is the first time this has happened to me and my disappointment is not with Amazon, but the seller for the unprofessional and lazy business practices.

    I needed the DVD for a class project and had to make other arrangements (plan B). So some time was wasted and I was inconvenienced by the lack of responsiveness of the seller....more info
  • Excellent director debut
    This is one great movie to watch--Denzel's director debut rates 5 stars plus--great acting-very emotional movie-deep deep movie--I would recommend this film to everyone--it grabs you till the end-- a must have for that collection --this is a true story and Denzel directs this in a very professional style---buy it now--if you rent it, you will want to buy it. Don't waste time-buy it now!!!!Sorely missed from the Academy awards....more info
  • An Admirable Film
    I really did not want to see this movie in the theaters because I thought it was a depressing movie. However, when I watched this movie at home I thought it was excellent and I really appreciated that this movie was so moving. I loved the story, the actors(Denzel Washington and Derek Luke), and the feeling I got after seeing this movie. It is a heavy movie because the Luke's does go through sexual and mental abuse as a child, but how he finally dealt with these obstacles was what I admired....more info
  • On a scale of 1 to 5 this movie is a 20!!!!
    As other reviewers have already stated, this movie should've gotten Denzel a bunch of academy awards. Any black actor could've done Training Day halfway decently. Why is Hollywood so in love with negative black stereotypes (let me not even mention Monster's Ball)? Derek Luke should've also walked away with plenty of awards himself! This is hands-down one of the best films I've seen in my 32 years of life. I rarely buy movies on DVD because I know I won't watch them more than once and maybe twice at best. Well, I not only bought this movie, but, I have bought more copies as Xmas and birthday presents for friends and relatives! Rarely does a movie move me to tears. This movie had me crying for joy or sadness several times. This movie was so powerful, I even saw other grown men crying when I was watching this with my wife at the theater! I'd like to know what movie the reviewers that didn't give this movie 5 stars felt was worthy of 5 stars. Pick this one up you won't be disappointed!!...more info
  • Powerful Story
    Emotionally charged. Story of a troubled young man early in a Naval Career and the Counselor (Denzel)who sees potential in him and gives his all to help him. This is a journey through a tough life. Great performances by all. Surprising ending, that will bring more than a few tears to your eyes. ...more info
  • Gone Fishing...Caught the Best
    The movie "Antwone Fisher" is a really an ice breaker for those young people who are bound down by the "meaniacs" of the sort that thought Antwone would not rise above them.

    In the movie everyone was presented nicely. The actor protraying Antwone seemed to be molded for that character. He seems to have felt it in his heart. Not to forget always he did an excellent job in the acting and producing.

    I am looking forward to reading poetry that Antwone has written. To all of you: Keep up the good work and be encouraged by the strength that God gives....more info

  • Antwone Fisher, Just Another Tearjerker
    A tearjerker is defined by Merriam-Webster as a story, song, play, film, or broadcast that moves or is intended to move it audience to tears. These sob stories have been prevalent in the moviemaking industry, showing individuals who have overcome incredible odds to succeed in life; but in Antwone Fisher, like in any other solid movie, the actual story is dramatized to glorify the subject--and this begins to raise questions, when the screenwriter is Antwone Fisher, himself.

    The movie starts with Antwone Fisher (played by Derek Luke), a seaman of the U.S. Navy, who after attacking a fellow sailor, is forced to meet with the naval psychiatrist, Dr. Davenport (played by Denzel Washington), for anger management therapy. Gradually, he begins to befriend the psychiatrist and he gradually reveals the story of his traumatic childhood, rife with physical abuse, sexual abuse, and abandonment. Soon thereafter, Davenport convinces Fisher to find out more about his past by locating his family, in order to forgive, forget, and move on.

    The movie, itself, isn't unsatisfactory. Denzel Washington makes his directional debut with Antwone Fisher, using conventional but effective filmmaking techniques to show the story. Derek Luke also makes his starring debut, and puts on a convincing performance for such a difficult role--the audience can see the reluctance in his eyes when telling the story of his awful childhood or the joy and confusion on his face when he finally finds his family in Cleveland. The story is powerful, the directing is solid, and the acting is convincing, but unfortunately for the movie, Antwone Fisher also made his debut as a screenwriter, writing the script for the movie, himself.

    Obviously at first glance, due to the fact Antwone Fisher wrote the script, the movie appears to stay really true to the actual story of his life. Even small details were included like the incident where after playing with fire, Mrs. Tate beat him with a flaming newspaper. At first only a few minute errors were apparent; for example, in actuality the Tate family is the Pickett family. But after a closer analysis, it seemed as if the movie was teeming with inaccuracies.

    For example, the movie fails to mention Fisher left the Navy long before he searched for his family, and in actuality the search took years--the movie shows Fisher finding the whereabouts of his family after a week of questioning and phone calls. The movie also makes Fisher seem more courageous and more sensible--more of a hero--than he actually was. In the movie we see a young Fisher standing up for himself, against the abuse of Mrs. Tate and leaving her house on his own will, but in reality he was saved by a social worker who found about the abuse and had him placed back in an orphanage. Not only does the movie not depict him being saved by someone else, but he is also depicted as saving Dr. Davenport's marriage. Another great blunder, Fisher never returned to the Tate's for help in locating his family. The scene when the audience cheers as Mrs. Tate finally gets what's coming to her, as Fisher exclaims in her face "It don't matter what you tried to do, you couldn't destroy me! I'm still standing! I'm still strong! And I always will be"--that scene was nothing more than the imagination of some Hollywood editor.

    Another area of considerable controversy is what Fisher chose to leave out of the film. After being sent back to the men's shelter when he turned of legal age, he got a job as a runner for a pimp, collecting money from hookers. There was also a period of time after leaving the Navy when he worked as a security guard at Terminal Island--google Terminal Island and you will find that it is a prison infamous for inhumanely treating people, and prostitution.

    Without a doubt, Antwone Fisher is a striking human being and it is impossible to condense his whole life into a movie, with the countless experiences, more than most experience in a lifetime, which you have to see to believe. The story of Antwone Fisher is remarkable, but the movie just does not do it justice. The fact Fisher wrote the screenplay definitely took away from the movie, as it is hard for anyone to separate what is important and unimportant in the story of their lives. In the end, we are left with what is an emotionally powerful story that could have been even more powerful--that could have been more than just another tearjerker.
    ...more info
  • GREAT!!!
    This is one of Denzel's best movies. He is one of the BEST if not the BEST actors in the business. The Blu Ray presentation is great especially the scenes on the water. A must have for all movie collectors!...more info
  • Emotional but uplifting.
    Normal people tend to speak in cliches and since this movie is autobiographical the cliches add to the realism in my opinion.

    This movie is extremely well written and acted. I served in the Navy and this movie succeeded in pulling me in and kept me riveted to my chair.

    I would recommend this movie to anyone who isn't afraid of good role models and a slice of reality....more info

  • Barely Scratches The Surface.....
    This is the true story of a young man that is tragically abused in the foster care system by his foster family and his long journey to overcome this tragedy through the help of a caring psychiatrist and finding the love of his birth family....

    For this reason I loved the movie "Antwone Fisher". However, it is difficult to portray the entire story of Mr. Fisher's life in a movie and some areas of the movie left me feeling like it was just another happy Hollywood ending.

    We never learn why Mr. Fisher's birth mother never came to claim him after she was released from prison. We do see that Mr. Fisher does find and confront his birth mother, but it would have been nice to hear her side of the story in the movie instead of just hearing Antwone tell her all about how well he has turned out as a man.

    Also, does Antowne Fisher end up marrying, Cheryl, his girlfriend in the movie and do they have a happily ever after? We presume that "Antwone Fisher" has overcome his anger issues, but it would have been great to know what he is doing with is life now. So many unanswered questions left hanging at the end of this movie....more info

    Man Denzel really did a great job on his directorial debut; this was a great film and a real emotional story. I remember seeing this film when it first came out on DVD and thinking that I missed out on a great theatrical experience. This has got to be one of the better directorial debuts from an actor. Denzel really surprised me with this film as far as the filmmaking, because I knew he would be great in this film as an actor.

    The film is the real life story of one Antwone Fisher obviously and what a story it is, so good he got hired to write it while working as a security guard at a studio lot. The film is a flashback/present day setting in which the hot tempered Fisher is sent to the Navy psychiatrist in order to stay in the Navy. It is here that Antwone is forced to tell his story but it is also here that Antwone learns to deal with that same story. I can honestly say that the things that happened to this man are horrible and will at times leave you wanting to cry. The things his foster family did to him are horrendous and no child should have to go through that, by the end when he is confronting all that plagued him you will no doubt be cheering for him. The real life Antwone wrote a marvelous screenplay that only he could obviously but none the less it was great, in fact he is still a screenwriter now for such films as ATL.

    Derek Luke is excellent in the title role as he not only has to deal with Mr. Washington but also with shipmates that only further his problems. Luke portrays Fisher perfectly as he will bring a lot of emotion out of you with his performance. Same can be said for Malcolm David Kelley and Cory Hodges who play Fisher as kids, Kelley at age 7 and Cory at 14 and both of which do an outstanding job. In fact a lot of the most emotional scenes happen when he is younger; Kelley's scenes in particular can be hard to watch at times. Of course Denzel Washington is great as Dr. Jerome Davenport who is the man that turns Fisher's life around while at the same time Fisher turns his around as well. Denzel shines in this role as is Salli Richardson who plays his wife. The scenes with these two are great because the characters are going through one of the worst things that could happen to a couple, they can not have kids and he is shutting himself down. I don't think there was a weak performance in this entire film, every single person hired to act in this movie was top notch.

    This was a great film to watch and enjoy but it is quite emotional and may bring tender hearts to tears, either way though I think you will enjoy this film.
    ...more info
  • Moving!!
    The most moving film of 2002 is definately Antwone Fisher. This powerful tale of a guy who overcame all obstacles to acheive a dream and to live free is a trully remarkable one.

    Clich¨¦d down to the very dialogue, Antwone Fisher isn't much different than most biographical films. Except that this film is actually good, not mistaken for a masterpiece just because "it's sad" like most films are. Antwone Fisher is truly triumphant and life-assuring.

    A lot of terrific first-timers appear in Antwone Fisher. Derek Luke (who himself has a triumphant story of getting the role) gives a fantastic first-time performance that has set him up to be a very promising actor. Also, Denzel Washington gives his directorial debut (and also his first time directing and acting in the same film) and does a good job of it.

    I liked Antwone Fisher, so I'm recommending it to you. It wasn't as excellent as it could have been though, but it is a very moving and captivating story....more info

  • A Well Done Drama
    This is an entertaining and very well done drama.

    Films of this type are usually not my favorites. This one is an exception. It features an unknown actor (to me at least) named Derek Luke in the title role. Denzel Washington appears as Navy psychiatrist Dr. Jerome Davenport. Although Denzel is the big name, he is not the star of this picture.

    Fisher is a very angry and troubled young man. He is a Navy seamen who cannot control his temper. Due to this issue, he is sent to Davenport. Fisher has no interest in talking or exploring his issues at all. Davenport continues to engage him. I won't go any further regarding the plot to avoid spoiling it.

    Although there is not a lot of action, the human and mentoring relationships are prominent. It is a story of one finding himself, positive change, and a life enhanced.

    This show is well worth watching....more info