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Harman Kardon Go + Play Portable Speakers System with Dock for iPod (Black/Silver)
List Price: $349.95

Our Price: $203.99

You Save: $145.96 (42%)


Product Description

Understated, sublimely functional industrial design with unsurpassed performance and ease of use. From its flat, protective iPod cradle to its smart RF remote to its arching stainless-steel handle, this portable loudspeaker iPod dock is one that only Harman Kardon could build. Harman Kardon Go + Play delivers tight, thunderous bass from high-excursion low-frequency drivers. Just as important, the highs are distinct and crystal clear. Go + Play is AC- or battery-operated, so it will go anywhere your iPod or other music player goes--and make your favorite music sound better when it arrives. No matter how or where you use it, it's the sound that sets Go + Play apart.

The Harman Kardon Go + Play multimedia loudspeaker system is designed to entertain. Click to enlarge.

Go + Play works equally well on the go or as a personal home entertainment system. Click to enlarge.

The system features the extraordinary industrial design, innovative technologies, and meticulous engineering that you'd expect from Harman Kardon. Click to enlarge.

Go + Play delivers an incredible sound experience from most dockable iPod models, MP3 players, or other audio devices, regardless of where you happen to be. Click to enlarge.

Designed to Entertain
For more than 50 years, Harman Kardon products have delivered--through extraordinary industrial design, innovative technologies, and meticulous engineering--the ultimate listening experience. And for the past 10 years, Harman Kardon has used these techniques to develop some of the world's best-sounding and most-striking-looking multimedia products available. Whether for your computer or your iPod, Harman Kardon multimedia products deliver rich, high-quality sound from systems that look just as good as they sound. In fact, the Harman Kardon SoundSticks system is now in the permanent collection of New York City's Museum of Modern Art. So hook up your computer, dock your iPod, or connect nearly any other audio device, and enjoy the ultimate listening experience from the world's ultimate multimedia products.

A World-Class Listening Experience on the Go
The Harman Kardon Go + Play features an eye-catching industrial design that delivers an incredible sound experience from most dockable iPod models, MP3 players, or other audio devices, no matter where you happen to be. Using an arching stainless-steel handle and a flat protective cradle for keeping your iPod secure, the Go + Play works equally well on the go or as a personal home entertainment system.

Using proprietary speaker design and technology, the sound quality from the Go + Play is simply stunning. And with flexible connectivity, this incredible sound can be had from nearly any audio device, not just your iPod. There's even an S-VHS output so you can watch the videos from your video iPod while enjoying their sound in incredible detail through the Go + Play speaker system.

With an included wireless remote control, using the system is a snap. The remote gives you full control of and access to your music, however and whenever you want it. The Harman Kardon Go + Play system is the perfect combination of functional design and unparalleled sound quality.

Flexible Connectivity
Great sound shouldn't just be limited to a stand-alone system in your home. You also should be able to have great sound from your music devices when you're on the go. With the Go + Play, you now can enjoy great sound wherever you happen to be. Take it with you anywhere; it works with both the included AC adapter and on batteries. You can rock out for nearly 18 hours from just 8 D-cell batteries, and there's even a handy battery-save feature that will save your battery power when the system isn't in use.

When it comes to connecting your musical devices, it couldn't be easier. Do you have a dockable iPod? Simply place it in the flat protective cradle, and instantly enjoy the sound of your favorite musical artist. The Go + Play uses a OnePoint iPod connector so that, by connecting a standard USB cable to the rear of the unit, you'll have a connection that enables you to synchronize your iPod with your computer. The Go + Play will even charge most iPods when they're docked in the cradle. Don't have an iPod? Well, you can still connect your MP3 player, portable CD player, satellite receiver, or computer through the Go + Play system's 3.5-mm input using a simple cable.

The system even has the ability to connect to a television or display device using an S-VHS connection. Now, watching movies, TV shows, and other video content from your video iPod is just a connection away--and you get to listen to them through the high-performance speakers built into the Go + Play.

Advanced Technology
To deliver unmatched high-performance sound, the system features a number of proprietary technologies, including dual-proprietary Ridge transducers. They're made from aluminum, which is inherently strong yet lightweight. This design allows these drivers to reproduce sound with unparalleled accuracy and detail for their size, and means that your music will be played back with a rich midrange and crystal-clear highs, without distortion.

The included wireless RF remote control gives you the freedom to enjoy your music from across the room, in another room, or even from outside--from up to 20 feet away. Click to enlarge.

To deliver thunderous bass, the Go + Play uses dual Atlas woofers, which maximize audible output. The Atlas woofers are a high-excursion design, which allows them to deliver the bass response of much larger woofers, and means you'll hear tight, deep bass that will make your music sound more dynamic.

Powering the speakers are two 30-watt Harman Kardon amplifiers, which are designed to deliver high output with minimal distortion. The system even uses highly advanced digital signal processing and equalization to deliver cool, efficient power.

All of that technology comes together in the Harman Kardon Go + Play system to provide a sound experience--whether on the go or in your personal entertainment space--you need to hear to believe.

Easy to Use
No need to be a rocket scientist to use the Harman Kardon Go + Play system. Its elegant, stainless-steel touch-volume controls mean that a single touch increases or decreases the volume. And with the included wireless RF remote control, you have the freedom to enjoy your music from across the room, in another room, or even from outside--from up to 20 feet away. With full access to your iPod, you can easily change tracks, browse libraries, adjust settings, and scroll through extras. It's the perfect way to enjoy your Harman Kardon Go + Play system, no matter where you happen to be.

What's in the Box
Harman Kardon Go + Play speaker system, power supply, 3.5-mm auxiliary audio cable, remote, adapters for iPod

  • Plays: iPod mini; iPod nano 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G; iPod classic 3G, 4G, 5G, 5.5G, 6G; iPod touch 1G, 2G; iPhone 1G, 3G
  • Charges: iPod mini; iPod nano 1G, 2G, 3G; iPod classic 3G, 4G, 5G; iPod touch 1G
  • High-performance portable loudspeaker dock for your iPod with RF remote, auxiliary input, video output, and RF remote
  • Atlas and Ridge transducers provide tight, accurate amplification; DSP equalization provides the Go + Play transducers with cool-running power
  • RF remote control provides the freedom to enjoy your music - easily change tracks, browse libraries and adjust settings

Customer Reviews:

  • Simply.....COOL!
    This dock has an awesome sound. The bass sounds great...I turned it on yesterday and turned it up a little (not all the way at all) and my deaf cat jumped up and started looking all around so I guess he could feel it. I was so surprised. The remote is fantastic and is easy to use and it works from a good distance without having to ever try more than once. It's easy to get whatever ipod model in there. I recommend it because the sound is great, it looks fantastic and it is extremely simple to use. Note: I love my JBL on-stage too, but having the portability and the powerful speakers on this one is so much better....more info
  • Great Sound and Nice Looking
    Purchased the Harman Kardon's Go and Play iPod boombox for a family Christmas gift. It very much exceeded my expectations on look, feel, and sound. I was surprised at how good it sounded...especially the low end...very full and rich sound.

    Areas for improvement: Cost - at $350 it is pricey. With today's technology there is no reason this shouldn't be at least $100 less. Also, the instructions are somewhat cryptic. It contained at least 12 different iPod adapters. I just tossed the instructions and did my best. It worked out well.

    Overall I gave it 5 stars.
    ...more info
  • Words cannot describe the sonic beauty of the Harman Kardon Go + Play
    After seeking out the perfect iPod speaker system I settled on the Harman Kardon after it was a Gold Box deal. What a deal it was. I have a room full of "high end" audio gear (Denon components, B&W speakers), and they are having a tough time keeping up with this amazing little device.
    The reviews are what convinced me to take a chance on this unit, and happily, they are absolutely right. You will hear your music in ways you never imagined; it will come alive and get to you in ways you never realized. My music of choice is classical, preferably the Chopin piano works. Hearing the mechanics of the piano as if one were in a chamber hall during a recital is just one of the many acoustic treats you will enjoy.
    As far as the negatives go, I feel that they are pretty much missing the point of this unit. It is designed to be relatively portable for the iPod and to produce the absolute best sound in its class. It succeeds brilliantly. The handle does not get in the way of the iPod. And speaking of the iPod, I have a 6th Generation Classic (120Gig) and it does charge it just fine. Having it lay down on top is a wonderful feature - you know it is always secure.
    I can't say enough about the Harman Kardon. I had high hopes for it and it blew them all away, something that was a very pleasant surprise. Please give it a try and get ready to make a new connection with your music on an incredibly deep level....more info
  • Awesome sound!!!
    Just bought this yesterday and it is awesome! The sound fills the room and there is no distortion at high volume. Also listened to the Kicker i500 before I made my purchase. It is also very nice but not the same sound and had some distortion at higher volume. Very happy with my new toy....more info
  • It will make an audiophile out of you
    I just bought this for a steal on ebay for $124, remanufactured, sold by Harman Kardon, with 30-day any-reason return policy with no restocking fee, and the same warranty that comes with a new unit. I opened it up today and It's ABSOLUTELY SUPERB.

    Now for my review. I researched many, many models before settling on this one. I have a JBL on-stage II which I like a lot for its tiny size, but my husband dropped it a few months ago and now it distorts even at medium volumes. I decided to upgrade when buying a new unit. My parents have a Bose wave radio, and over Christmas at their house I liked the sound of CDs played in it, and wrongly assumed that a Bose sound dock would have the same sound quality. So, I bought and returned the latest Bose. In the Apple store it was the best they had (they were out of the HK Go Play) and I couldn't even locate a JBL Radial to test out, which might have been another option, although the HK Go Play has much better reviews. I tested the B&W (a huge, football-shaped unit that sells for $600) in a local store. I tested a few small shelf systems as well for $600-$800, that even came with an Ipod adapter. None of them come close to the HK Go Play. I cranked it up today and (pardon my gushiness) the music made me cry. I was listening to choral music and it sounded like I was sitting in church. I could "feel" the organ and all the angels flying around. There was NO distortion at ANY volume (and I turned it up all the way), like everyone else in the hundreds of reviews I've read has concurred. The sound separation is superb. I can hear the difference between the altos, sopranos, tenors and baritones. This separation and clarity was not there at all in other speakers. My husband can even hear the lyrics, which he could not in the Bose or the JBL. There is a huge difference between the quiet parts and the loud parts of songs. I chose to buy this unit because the only complaint in the hundreds of reviews I read was that you might get finicky about your music because you'll hear the difference. I concur.

    This will make an audiophile out you if you are not already. It will open up a whole new world in music.

    Now for the downside.

    As stated in the positive things, it will open up a whole new world in music.

    1. Instead of just blithely enjoying your music, you might find yourself critical of the arrangement of the song, you might wonder why that soprano took a breath right there instead of at the end of the line, you might hear weird little noises that came up in the place of the recording, you might go endlessly in search of the perfect music, and you might never find it. You may find yourself reading online news and blogs waiting to see when the itunes store will offer LOSSLESS audio format right in the itunes store, or looking for other ways to get CD (or better) quality sound into your HK.
    2. You may find yourself comparing the quality of sound to LIVE music, instead of other stereo equipment you've used. I found myself complaining because I could FEEL the organ but I couldn't SEE the singers. I also became suddenly critical of a few slightly off-pitch notes here and there in the choir.
    3. You will DEFINITELY have to re-import your CDs in Lossless format into itunes (you can select Apple Lossless encoding as the default way to import your CDs into itunes) because you can hear the difference from several rooms away. If you only bought the 128-bit songs from itunes you might go looking for a used CD to burn and import in lossless format into itunes. If you listen to a lot of music, you might decide a Nano isn't enough, you might end up with a big clunky Ipod Classic with enough storage for a large library in lossless format. :)
    4. I didn't think the volume was super loud like some other people commented, but I live in a house, not an apartment. That said, we sat on the opposite side of the room to listen, to appreciate the fullness of the sound. I noticed, however, when I went into other rooms, the SOUND QUALITY TRAVELED WITH ME and I could still hear the distinct separation in the vocal tracks. I think it's a magic speaker system! The sound travels with me and despite never being TOO loud, it doesn't lose much volume 3 rooms away. Maybe it's just the crystal clarity that makes it feel that way.
    5. Now I will have to upgrade my other sound stuff so we have a CD player with sound quality as good. Maybe I'll just get a little external one to plug into the audio in jack.
    6. The remote is a little tricky. I had to read, memorize and re-figure out the remote. The tricky part is the the volume buttons don't work until you figure out to press "mode" (the square button in the lower left corner) to get out of the ipod menu mode. Then the volume works. You just have to remember to press "mode" once when you turn it on if your main use of the remote is for volume.
    7. I agree with some other reviewers that I might like to see the ipod while it's docked. However, you really can't read anything on it until you're up close enough to look down at it. I did prop it up some by putting the two rubber inserts for the smaller ipods behind it (I have a classic) so it does tilt up some. Once I got used to it, though, the remote was nice. Oh, if you have long playlists, you might get annoyed if you want to cycle through several songs quickly. If you click 5 or 6 times in a row, it doesn't register. You have to click and wait a second, then click again and so forth.

    In any case, I'm VERY happy with this purchase. I was a little concerned from HK's own description of thunderous bass, that the bass would be overdone and the treble and midtones wouldn't be full enough. That is far from reality. Everything is clear and balanced. I figured out that the reason they say it's "thunderous bass" is because the whole spectrum is present. Often what is packaged as "plenty of bass" is just overamped mushy crap. This is not the case with the HK Go Play. It is clear, full and the vibrations move beautifully through the room. The loud bass organ notes did rattle the windows.

    Get the HK Go Play if you want to feel your music.
    ...more info
  • JAZZ!
    I had never really heard my jazz selections before. It is to be in the room as the musicians perform. What an incredible sound! ...more info
  • Loved HK Go & Play so much we bought TWO!
    Based solely on the great Amazon reviews (I really appreciate and depended on ALL of your detailed comments - read every single review), I bought the HK Go & Play sight and sound unseen to set up a system for my Dad. He didn't really understand what an iPod was, so it was a gamble. We wanted something that sounded great and was easy to use. Bingo! Bought a 3rd G Nano so it would also continuously charge and make life easy for him. (The description above in Technical Details now specifies which iPods play vs charge so pay attention before buying anything).

    Simply WOW fantastic sound in a small portable unit! I couldn't bare to part with the player, so I had to buy another one for myself and our rarely used "old" 4th G classic. Now we play music constantly (away from the computer) and enjoy all our music again without irritating earplugs. And yes, my dad in his seventies has learned how to play an iPod and they love hearing their music with little fuss.

    I had trouble with the remote and frankly don't use it, instead setting up playlists to my preference, hit play and leave it alone. Without repeating what others have written, I will add that I cut styrofoam packing pieces out as a "bed" so that the unit fits snugly in the well and has support behind it. Both iPods kinda stick out at a 45 degree angle in the air. (I prefer to actually push down on the iPod buttons manually.) The excellent HK customer support suggested styrofoam or sponges because I needed something to push against since I don't like the remote.

    Older songs tend to sound very soft, especially from your own ripped collection. Hearing volumes of different songs change a great deal drove me crazy. Then I discovered that iTunes has a way you can adjust the volume. In case you did't know, simply right click a song, select "Get Info", select "Options", and you see a "Volume Adjustment" scale normally set to "None". On extremely soft songs, I scaled them all the way to 100%, then kind of based other songs on that criteria. You can even group the songs in your library by artist and change all at once which saves time. Takes some effort but well worth the end result.

    Be sure the iPod itself is set to repeat all songs, or else it will play to the end of the playlist, stop, and the HK unit shuts off. Enjoy and thanks for the great recommendations!...more info
  • Great sound in a small package
    We've had this unit for a year and the sound continues to amaze us. It is clear, the highs are sharp and the bass is clean. The only problem is that they put the iPod dock on the top and it lies on its back. It would be perfect if the iPod dock was in the front of the unit.

    Notwithstanding this major design error, the sound is so amazing that its worth the money . . . especially since you can get a re manufactured one off EBay for a steal....more info
  • This thing rocks!
    This thing rocks - literally. I tried out several bands/models in several stores with my own iPod so I could hear my type of music (hard rock). Price wasn't a big concern but I needed one that would operate on batteries for tailgating, so that eliminated some of the super high end models. I did compare this to the portable Bose and I think this has a better sound. Great base with no distortion at high volume. Great overall clarity. There are speakers on the front and back so the sound goes everywhere and it's loud (I was fortune to have fellow Disturbed fans near me so no one got upset with the volume)! Aside from the sound, which is what it's all about, I note a couple things. The iPod attaches sort of awkwardly but it works just fine. It's heavy and it's generally odd looking, but with the sound as good as it is, who really cares. Battery power is great. I'm working on about 7+ hours with the same batteries and no problems. Price, I was prepared to spend more. The Amazon price is a good value but I got really lucky with mine. I picked it up at a local Fry's as an open-box item for $188, nothing missing, best deal of 2008 for me!...more info
  • Great sound in a very stylish package
    I just bought this boombox after much research at my local Apple store and electronic stores. I looked at the iGroove, SoundDock, Zeppelin, and Altec Lansing units. I believe the Go+Play has the superior sound.

    The sound is definitely more solid and musical than the Bose SoundDock and comparable to the new B&W Zeppelin which sells for quite a bit more. The styling is very retro and the stainless steel handle makes it easy to carry around, but does obscure direct viewing of the iPod screen. The unit comes with two rubber dock inserts (for Nano and Mini iPods), and 8 different sized dock adaptors. I am using mine with my new 160 GB iPod Classic and though none of the adaptors is designed specifically for the 160GB Classic, I find that the rubber insert for the Nano works just fine. It allows the iPod to dock at a slight upwards angle, so that viewing the screen is better than when the iPod is completely flat in the well.

    The unit comes with several jacks in the back (e.g. USB for syncing, miniplug for external audio units, laptops, etc, and S-video out). I haven't tried the S-video out, since I was told that the Classic requires a special Apple decoding chip to view videos on external monitors. The 8 D-cell batteries can be inserted into the unit from the back, for complete portable operation.

    The remote is unusually shaped, and the buttons are not intuitively arranged, but it is RF, not infrared, so it can control from across the room, through walls, etc. The boombox even has a special compartment for stowing the remote.

    All in all, I feel that the Go + Play is a very high quality iPod boombox that puts out excellent bass, mid, and treble sound. The cost is relatively high, but you are paying for the robust construction, quality engineering design, and most of all, heavenly sound.

    Edit: After a week, I noticed that no sound was coming out of the left rear speaker grille. I asked Harman customer service and they told me that all 4 drivers are in the front of the unit. There is a tuned port behind the right rear speaker grille, and the left grille, I guess, is there only for symmetry.

    ...more info
  • this dock rocks!!!
    Bought this on sale for $150. The sound is fantastic, I am extremely pleased, blows anything else in this price range away. Only drawback is it does not charge your IPOD. But the quality of music is still worth it. ...more info
  • THE best IPOD dock. I know cause I own one.
    I have owned this for more than a year now. The best thing about this player is the SOUND. The sound is simply amazing. I do use lossless encoding when I use iTunes - but there is simply no other dock (including the Bose, Altec Lansing yadda yadda) that can match the Bass and authority with which this thing plays. The ability to run off batteries makes it great to take to the beach and for picnics. The closest in sound is the big Apple HiFi - but I would say this is better looking and better sounding. The only drawback is that the IPOD lies flat in the cradle and the handle on the HK gets in the way if you need to get to the IPOD. Minor inconvenience IMHO....more info
  • Excellent Sound
    Crisp highs and solid lows. Nice balance which is good because there are no modulators or filters. Not even a bass boost. But, hey haven't needed it. Spendy, but best iPod boom box I've heard--by far. As they say, you get what you pay for with this one....more info
  • Excellent - Buy it!
    Rich, deep sound from my iPod or iPhone 3G. Sound from Bose, iM600, Klipsch iGroove or others I tried were not even close to the HK. PERIOD! This thing rocks and makes me smile every time I crank it up. A few things: 1) Yes, your iPhone 3G will dock in the cradle (at a slight incline), charge and work with the remote. (just ignore the message - iPhone sounds great and no need to turn airport on) 2) Use the dock - not sure why but the sound from the same device using the 3.5 mm cable isn't as good. My guess is that when the iPod is docked in the cradle it syncs with the HK's signal processing and equalization, something it may not be doing via the 3.5 mm input. BIG DIFFERENCE to my ears. 3) Latest model (purchased on 2/6/09) does not have the S-VHS or USB output...not a big deal to me. ...more info
  • good sound low volume
    I got this so I could take it along with me to a rented room for a private event. The sound is decent not excellent, the bass is very good for a small unit but the treble is average.

    The main drawbacks to the unit is that the price is soo high, the volume is not loud enough, it only has s-video out and you cannot see the ipod when it is docked...more info
  • Awesome sound...but a flimsy dock
    Just got this boombox delivered. Amazing sound. I wanted something loud, and this is LOUD. And sounds great at high volumes...really, my expectations were surpassed. This cost me twice as much as a $100 boombox, but sounds about 5 times better.

    Also, another reviewer complained about the volume and bass on battery power? I haven't played it for more than an hour on batteries, but it sounds almost identical so far. As I am chiefly using it on batteries, for me this is huge.

    Okay, one big con...what a flimsy dock. I'm using a Nano, and if you were ever to play this on a bike, or even a somewhat bumpy car ride, you'd be constantly losing connection. Two solutions I've found help...use some cloth or whatever kind of cushioning you can to make your ipod fit more snugly. Or, simply connect your ipod through the included audio cable. This is a little less sexy, and the remote won't work for anything except volume, but you won't disconnect.

    You could say "well, if I connect through a minijack, why even buy an ipod boombox?" Fair enough. But for $200 I don't think you're going to find a better boombox of ANY kind.

    One last first I thought the fourth speaker wasn't working, although reading through some reviews on other sites explained that the rear left speaker is doesn't produce sound or bass and has some other design function. So don't return your awesome boombox for no reason!...more info
  • Better than Bose Wave
    I have bought many radios / boom boxes simply to run my mp3 through (old Bose Acoustic Wave and JVC Kaboom) and the Go + Play has much better sound quality. The others seem noisy, even distorted at high volume. They lack clean bass. Listen to it side by side with others. The expensive price tag is worth it. You get what you pay for. I read a review that stated that the MP3 line in (aux) did not have a strong signal. That's not true. It's cool too, perfect in my kitchen (black and stainless appliance theme)....more info
  • Alot of power in a little box
    I bought the Bose portable Soundock, then the Klipsch I-Groove, and then the Altec Lansing I-6000. This sound system blows them all away. It is in a word excellent. Too bad it uses "D" batteries instead of a rechargeable lithium battery. I take ti everywhere with me. I highly recommend it as your I-Pod boom box. ...more info
  • Crushes Bose SoundDock II
    The sound quality of this unit is phenomenal. We have a Bose SoundDock II as well and there is really no comparison. The HK sounds very noticeably MUCH better. You will not need "golden ears" to hear the difference. The sound of the HK, as many others have noted, is rich, full and clear, with a surprising degree of quality sound in the lower frequencies (tight, punchy bass). Got this one for my wife to take to her office and, if she ever actually does that, I'll probably end up buying another one....more info
  • Need to get one for myself now
    Bought for college grad gift, the grad wnated Bose but after i listened both side to side it was an easy decision, plus it was $200 cheaper though Amazon . .heard the sound last night and I thought he had added more speakers as the sound was full, base was crisp and filled the room, the remote works through walls. Convinced me to get one for myself . . ...more info
  • duuuuuuuude - this is one sweet ipod dock
    Okay - it's expensive, but the sound on this dock is amazing - not to mention the fact that it is far from the eyesore that so many ipod docks are.

    We have this one prominently displayed in our living room, and when it is on you can hear it clearly all through the house. The remote is great as well; it works from almost any room in the house!

    My wife was skeptical when I asked for this for Christmas, but I think she has been converted.

    It is solid, with great sound and great style.

    Can't miss!...more info
  • Incredible!!! The sound is absolutely incredible!!
    I did massive research regarding the perfect solution for iPod portable sound. I also contemplated a stationary speaker solution, because prior to discovering the HK GO + PLAY, there was nothing out there that was even worth the effort. So I read all the reviews, hit the stores to listen to the various products available to consumers, and it came down to this:

    - The Logitech offerings seemed to cheap to me from every perspective.
    - Bose make good professional products, not impressed with the consumer stuff.
    - Altec's offerings just can't fill a room with enough sound, unless your standing next to them.
    - The Athena was better than the BOSE, but still not room filling.
    - The JBL offerings, had to much treble for my taste.
    - GEORGE, over-rated from my standpoint.
    - Griffin, great manufacturer, terrible with speaker technology.
    - B&W, I honestly was not impressed considering the $600 price tag. For that much money, go buy a Yamaha AMP and be done with it.
    - Klipsch, nice but not really a portable solution, and the sound was not full range.

    Overall, the HK GO + PLAY killed all the above mentioned in every category. The bass, the mids, and the highs are extremely well balanced for something of this size. If you know anything about engineering, you have to commend HK for building something quite unique in sound principle. I have this unit in my living room with 12 foot ceilings and the sound reverberates throughout my home like a true fidelity setup. It's simply incredible that HK was able to pull this off??? You have to give them credit.

    Do yourself a favor if you purchase this; turn off the EQ on the iPod, you don't need it when you dock it with the GO + PLAY. It has built-in electronics that computer control the sound dynamics of each tune. That's why they did not include any timbre controls (bass and treble) with the unit. It's not really needed as result of the DSP processing being used. The iPod EQ is just going to throw off the units sound processing capabilities.

    Enjoy, because I know that I will......more info
  • Great sound - beware of revision
    Excellent sound quality as most of these reviews state. However, BEWARE that Amazon is still shipping Rev A of these units. I had purchased assuming it was Rev B since the more recent reviews mentioned receiving Rev B. I also talked with HK who said they released their Rev B in September 08 and that there should be very few if any Rev A's in stores. Rev A will not charge ipod touch G2 or iPhones, nor will the remote work for changing songs. If not for this it would be 5 stars all the way....more info
  • Excellent Sound
    Has en excellent sound, you can connect any kind of equipment to the harman kardon, and the remote control has a good rangeof reception....more info
  • Looks good sounds great !!!!!!!
    This was an impluse buy when it was the gold box deal of the day. It was the lowest price ever at $210. What a deal at this price. Sounds awesome! What else is there to say? If you see the price drop again don't snooze or you will loose! Buy it!!! This will not disappoint....more info
  • Sounds Great! Love it for the sailboat
    I love this thing. I've had it for over a year now, and it's still the best portable music player I've ever heard. My friends always request I bring it when we're partying outside. Best money I've ever spent. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Excellent sound--but watch out!
    The sound of this boombox is extraordinary, given the size. You can hear each instrument distinctly. The soundfield is big and the bass is impressive.

    But beware: you might find yourself wasting time for two reasons.

    1.) If you're like me, you'll wind up re-ripping all of your CDs. I had imported my disks into iTunes at the standard bit rate of 128, and music sounded fine through cheap earphones and speakers. Then I heard a lossless track through Shure 500/530 earphones and through this boombox, and wow! Tracks at 128 sound just dandy, but at higher rates the difference is quite noticeable, even to casual listeners. For the first time, I can hear the difference bit rate makes, and I'm no audiophile. So look out! If you buy this excellent item, you might suddenly find yourself re-ripping CDs, then shopping amazon for a new hard drive to fit that suddenly huge iTunes library. It's a slippery slope.

    2.) If you're like me, you'll also end up zoning out and just listening to your music. I bought this boombox for its portability, so that I could take it along on activities. But it BECOMES the activity. For instance, when I take it into the kitchen, I often find myself staring into space, hands in dishwater, wondering why I'd never heard a detail before....

    Yep, this box is costly, and as I've suggested, it can spoil you and lead to other costs. (I'm quite dissatisfied with my cheap-o home stereo now.) But this box can also enrich your relationship with your music....more info