The Jury
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TEA. SYMPATHY. REVENGE. THE SISTERHOOD HAS THEIR OWN STYLE OF JUSTICE. The women of the Sisterhood know life isn't fair, but that doesn't mean they have to like it-or let it pass. Instead, these best friends share their joys, troubles, triumphs, heartaches and one collective mission: to right wrongs and bring justice where it is desperately needed. Even reeling from loss of one of their own, the Sisterhood is always prepared to rally behind a new friend. For years, Paula Woodley has suffered the broken bones and shattered self-esteem caused by an abusive marriage. But what can she do? Her high-profile, Washington powerbroker husband is not a man to be crossed. Or so he thinks. The Sisterhood may not be an organization found in any of his memos, but he's about to take a meeting with them-and they'll be setting the agenda...

Customer Reviews:

  • Watch What Happens
    The twists and turns continue as the sisters from the Revenge of the Sisterhood series retaliate. Don't ever cross these women!...more info
  • Sove the series
    Love the series, probably a women's book, would recommend to start with the first of the series, "Weekend Warriors"...more info
  • Fun, Escapist Read
    Totally entertaining installment of the Sisterhood series. Is it real? No. Is it believable? No. Could it happen? No. Is it a fun idea to ponder and revel in? You bet! The Sisterhood is a group of women who have been failed by the judicial system as we know it, so they create their own. Myra, Charles, and the gang never fail to entertain. In addition to the entertainment value, this one includes more than one emotional moment with more loss for the Sisterhood. I look forward to the next installment, in fact I've already started it. If there seem to be loose ends at the end of The Jury, they are important to the next book of the series. ...more info
  • The Jury
    The book arrived in excellent condition. I read it and truly enjoyed it. It was hard to put down. Very exciting to read....more info
  • The Jury (Revenge of the Sisterhood)
    I love Fern Michaels books in the Sisterhood series. Can't wait to read them all....more info
  • LOVE the Sisterhood!
    Fern Michaels has me tuning out everything to find out what The Sisterhood is up to next. Love the book....waiting for the next on in the series. BUY IT!
    ...more info
  • Hard to finish...not worth reading
    I wanted to like this book, but the plot was very disturbing-how can anyone feel positive about a book that endorsed this kind of ending?

    Women who can outwit the government in this fashion? Yeah, sure.

    Everyone has a BMW? Yeah, right.

    They don't get caught when they spy? They always get the info they want? That's realistic...

    And what happens to the horses? This book was over-dramatized and the characters were 1-Dimensional. The writing showed promise, but didn't deliver. I won't be reading any other books by this author, sad to say. ...more info
  • Till Justice Do You Part
    Fern Michaels', "The Jury" doesn't rest on the success of previous additions to the series. The old southern adage: "You wouldn't want to stoop to their level," doesn't help when your only answer is: "You want to bet." Ms. Michaels provides a vicarious experience and keeps her fans coming back for more.
    Nikki is suffering from guilt, even though she brought the members of the Sisterhood to her adoptive mother's attention; she feels the strain of an outsider. Now, her name has been chosen for the next revenge. Nikki believes her membership in the close knit group is under false pretenses as she has reunited with her life's partner without telling her friends. Taking a vacation, Nikki leaves her law firm in the hands of Allison Bank, a replacement for her beloved childhood companion.
    Allison betrays her employer for a chance at the big time, and the Sisterhood convenes. In the meantime, Paula Woodley, a Washington wife, is almost beaten to death by her husband. Now Nikki mission becomes twofold, defeat Allison and regain her life's work and help Paula Woodley put an end to the torture she has endured during her marriage.
    Nash Black, author of "Qualifying Laps" and "Taxes, Stumbling Blocks & Pitfalls for Authors 2007."...more info
  • Great book
    This is a great book. I could not put it down. I enjoy all of her books....more info
  • One of my favorite book series
    I only have 3 authors who are writing series books that I read. Fern Michaels Sisterhood Series is a wonderful read for women...I don't particularly recommend it for men. I am always awaiting the next book in the series. This book is as good as the ones before it. I give it all the stars possible....more info