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ViewSonic VG2230WM 22-inch Black Widescreen LCD Monitor
List Price: $435.00

Our Price: $257.95

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Product Description

ViewSonic 22" VG2230wm features widescreen and multimedia performance for enhanced productivity. With ERGONOMIC HEIGHT ADJUST and tilt, you'll work comfortably for hours. The 360-Degree SWIVEL allows you to share your view with coworkers, and the widescreen aspect ratio allows you to view two documents side-by-side or work in two applications simultaneously. Graphics professionals and gamers will love the extremely fast 5 millisecond screen response that delivers blur-free, full-motion video and crystal-clear graphics. OPTISYNC ANALOG AND DIGITAL INPUTS provide versatile connectivity options. The integrated amp and stereo speakers give you a complete multimedia experience and the attractive slim bezel is VESA wall mount-compliant so you can accent your office d¨¦cor and make the most of valuable desktop space. The VG2230wm widescreen multimedia LCD delivers a complete visual display experience to your desktop. Save workspace and enjoy rich, stereo sound with two built-in stereo speakers to enhance your multimedia experience Stylish slim-bezel design High 280 nit brightness and 700 - 1 contrast ratio (typical) VESA 100mm wall mount interface - wall-mount is optional Kensington compatible security port TCO'03 and ENERGY STAR qualified Unit Dimensions - 20.4 x 17.2 x 9.8 (with stand); 20.4 x 15.4 x 2.4 (without stand) / 14.5 lbs with stand

  • Device Type - LCD
  • Dimensions - 20.4" x 17.2" x 9.8"
  • Weight - 14.5 lbs

Customer Reviews:

  • It work well within its expected range
    I have 2 of the ViewSonic VA2226w at present. One is bout 14 month old and the other one about 17 months old. They are both connected to a G5 Mac. One is on the DVI port and the other VGA.
    They perform well as they are advertised and are very good for the price.
    The controls are adequate and easy to reach.
    I do not use the speaker on the monitor but i have tested them and found them weak. Nevertheless I firmly believe that monitors do not need speakers. I would have been more pleased with the design if the bottom that contains the speakers was not there.
    The base is good and sturdy, Alas, the bump on the front is not very eye pleasing. Tilt and roll work well. The height adjustment is working very well and very easy with small touch to move.
    Viewing angles are fine for me as these TWO are on the two sides of a 28" monitor serving as a 2nd and 3rd and are placed at an angle to it.
    The brightness and color is fine. Using calibration software I have both of them to appear the same gray background.
    The front LED power indicator is blue and is medium bright, so I have put a layer of painter's blue tape on it to reduce its brightness. The Viewsonic logo is a fine brushed chrome and does create a reflective disturbance, which i cured by rubbing acetone on it in 3 passes and reducing its shine. (Acetone vapors are hazardous to breath so use in a ventilated area, preferably outside.)
    The cable that came with it is adequate in length about 5.5' and has allowed me to easily connect the far right monitor to the system with no stretch/pull. It sleeps and comes back fine. It takes about 5 minutes to really warm up after waking.
    I am satisfied with this monitor and would buy it again and again to use as a secondary monitor....more info
  • Umberto B.B Neto
    I liked a lot of the monitor, mostly for already own built-in boxes acousticses. It owns good screen inclination with height adjustment, what facilitates a lot. Still owns rotative action about the base what is very interesting. To be excellent just would need of other entredas of video. I finally liked and I am satisfied....more info
  • Absolute Terrible Product!!!!!!!
    Just got the ViewSonic monitor for 1 year, and it breaks!!! I called ViewSonic'Scustomer service, absolutely terrible customer service! The representatives were very rude, they even hang out on me. I have such a bad experiences with ViewSonic, I will never purchase any products from them ever again!

    Please be aware when you buy any of ViewSonic's products!

  • Greg
    The geeks around the Seattle High TECH industry highly recommended this model. I got one, and about 1 year later it went dead on me. NO insurance, but I was so impressed with the color .... I bought another one.

    I can't say I've seen another one better for the price....more info
  • VG2230WM is amazing!
    I love this monitor - it is HD, works very well with my Macintosh, it came with the cords to hook it up digitally with a DVI cable. I use it for video editing on Final Cut Pro and I can fit the entire workspace onto one monitor! One of the best purchases I've made in months -- and it was the best price I could find on the internet!...more info
  • ViewSonic VG2230WM 22"
    I bought this monitor to serve as a screen for a MythTV home theater PC. 22" is a decent size to replace a bedroom TV.
    This model is fairly susceptible to light leaks, which are apparent with an all black screen, but not noticeable otherwise.
    Color is good, and pictures are sharp, especially with the DVI input.
    I watched some HD clips on my MacBook Pro with this monitor and the quality is good. If you have a computer with DVI output, you probably won't notice any jagged pixel edges at desktop distance. When using VGA on the MythTV which is running Fedora Core 5 some small text can be a bit fuzzy.
    SD video over the VGA input with the MythTV PC appears to be a little washed, but that could be the way the video is being recorded. DVD video appears to be richer. I haven't tried HD video with the VGA input yet.
    This monitor has built in speakers. I don't use them. I tried them the other day just to see how they do and they are pretty bad. Just about any set of decent desktop speakers will out-perform them. Also, volume controls are only available when entering the on-screen menu.

    I haven't used the monitor for gaming, but video playback is very smooth. There has been no LCD lag in the weeks to month that I have been using the monitor.

    Overall, the monitor does what I bought it to do and so I am happy with it. The unit was priced well compared to other monitors of this size. Anyone just looking for some more desktop space, or a widescreen display that isn't a TV should be happy with it. ...more info
  • Greg
    The geeks around the Seattle High TECH industry highly recommended this model. I got one, and about 1 year later it went dead on me. NO insurance, but I was so impressed with the color .... I bought another one.

    I can't say I've seen another one better for the price....more info
  • Would not purchase this brand again
    The monitor, with VG2230wm clearly stamped onto it, does not correspond with any owner manual I've been able to find for the model it is supposed to be. I am helpless to make any settings changes, even though I installed the software...there simply is no way to do it without a manual. There is a very annoying "screen resolution" window that pops up every time the focus comes to this monitor. The window says press 1 or press 2 to deactivate the notice and the manual refers to the numbered buttons on the front of the screen...there are no buttons on the front of the screen. If there were a solution to this annoying interference, I might feel differently. As it is, I will no doubt be looking to dump it in the very near future. Never again will ViewSonic be my choice....more info
  • Great monitor for great price
    This monitor is a great monitor. In my opinion the colors are good and the ergonomics are good. If there were usb ports on the monitor I would have given it a five star rating...more info
  • Good but with sound and height issues
    First up, I'll admit my Viewsonic is not this exact model but the VX2035 that preceded it. But it appears that the stuck pixel thing has happened to more than one reviewer. Thanks to one of them for mentioning using jscreenfix to try and resolve that. I had a stuck pixel dead center right out of the box. Also, the on board speakers are very inadequate. After having always had satellite speakers with great sound, this was a real disappointment. Especially since there are no connections on the monitor for satellite speakers. They must be connected directly to the computer if you want to add them. I will say this for ViewSonic. They have pretty good customer support via on-line chat. So many computer and software companies fail miserably in this oh-so important area. That counts for a lot in my book. One more thing. The wide screen gives your image a slightly stretched display. If you want it to be more to true scale, your display shrinks considerably. True of all wide screens I'm sure. And one more thing. Do you wear glasses that have magnification in the lower portion? I had to remove the monitor from the stand to sit it directly on my desk top so I wouldn't have a sore neck all the time from tipping my head back to look at the screen through the reading portion of my glasses. And even now, I still have to tip my chin up. For the over 40 user with presbyopsia, screens really need to be in a lower position then they are when they are big to begin with and then perched up on top of a stand. Someone needs to start designing computer desks that allow monitors to be set down on a lower platform. It's Ergonmics 101. OK. I'm done. Not blaming this on ViewSonic. They make a good monitor....more info
  • I bought two of them
    Recently, my wife wanted to replace her old 17" monitor with a larger widescreen monitor, so I bought this monitor for her as a birthday present. We both were immediately impressed with the size and shape (16:10 aspect ratio) of this monitor`s display which provides plenty of desktop space and obviates the need for scrolling when working with wide applications -- which are becoming fairly common these days. Within a few days I decided that I wanted to replace my 19" 4:3 aspect ratio CRT monitor with this widescreen Viewsonic and did so. Both my wife's old 17" monitor and my 19" model were very good Sony Trinitrons in excellent condition, but they could not compete in performance and convenience with this widescreen ViewSonic. The fact that we bought two of them within a few days shows how much we like this monitor....more info
  • WOW!
    I have always had a pretty high opinion of Viewsonic monitors but this one is just magnificent! It has such a bright picture that I almost have to wear sunglasses. :) The colors are bright and brilliant. I also really like the way you can adjust the monitor physically. It tilts, has a swivel base and also adjusts up and down. It is all that I had hoped. You won't go wrong with this choice. She's a beauty!...more info
  • Viewsonic 2230wm
    ViewSonic VG2230WM 22-inch Black Widescreen LCD Monitor

    The monitor is working, only there is a visible dead pixel close to the center of the screen. I'll just keep the monitor, I don't have the energy to do returns. Supplier should have checked prior to shipment. ...more info
  • V2230wm flat screen monitor is super
    This ViewSonic flat screen replaces a regular large screen ViewSonic that I used without any problems for about 5 years. The flat screen offers the same vivid colors and large image that I had enjoyed with my first ViewSonic. The screen arrived well packaged, easy to set up and has functioned for several weeks now with zero problems. I am a huge fan of ViewSonic and recommend it without reservation. ...more info
  • OK Monitor - just OK - if you don't use the DVI [digital] Input
    I can't tell you how much time I've wasted trying to get this boat anchor's digital input to work. And it's not just it and you'll find tons of forum posts with the exact same problem. If you intend on using your DVI connection, save yourself headaches and pick another monitor!!! On the other hand if your only going to use the VGA input, you should be fine if you're looking for a middle-of-the-road display.

    I do not recommend this product....more info
  • Viewsonic LCD have short life < 3 years
    I purchased a 20inch N2010 LCD TV three years ago(2005); my wife had it on
    for abt 2-3 hrs each day. About 3 weeks ago, it stopped working. When she powers it on, the screen cycles thru what appears to be a diagnostic(primary colour screens - about 5).

    I wrote to the CEO James Chu the day after it stopped working; I have got no response yet(3 weeks now) . . I find this customer callousness apalling.I will not buy anymore Viewsonic products.

    I am a physicist/trader and have approx 16 displays which run 10 hrs/day weekdays - mostly Samsung now. I am happy with Samsung LCD reliability.

    CEO's of technology product companies need to study the case of Dell - and what the consequences of ignoring customer feedback can be(Google Jeff Jarvis, 'Dell Hell').

    ...more info