SanDisk Micro Secure Digital 2 GB Memory Card (SDSDQ-2048-A10M) Retail Package
List Price: $26.99

Our Price: $2.06

You Save: $24.93 (92%)


Product Description

2 GB Capacity / Built-in security features enable users to download, store, and play secure content just like an SD card

  • Manufacturer Part Number: SDSDQ-2048-A11M

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome! What a moneysaver!!!
    This memory card along with the R-4 was the best investment I've made for the DS. ...more info
  • Works fine
    but whats up with the price jump - i ordered in december for $22.45 -whats the deal?...more info
  • Good so far
    Fits my cellphone, but sometimes the phone can't find it until I remove and put it back in. Happened twice already. The Lexar MicroSD I had was more reliable. Otherwise, it is working well enough....more info
  • Good memory for a good price...
    Exactly what I needed for my new cellphone, no problems. I trust San Disk, always get the job done......more info
  • Alright
    The card itself works fine. Not much there to catch you off-guard.. It's a 2gb card. It came with an SD card adapter that does not work. If you're depending on that to be able to put data on, you may want to think twice. I have a usb cable to use with my phone, so it works for me....more info
  • Works flawlessly
    I love sandisk products, they have always served me well and are cheaper than most competing brands....more info
  • Good Deal
    It was on time, in the condition that was displayed, and overall a great product!...more info
  • excellent
    Does what it says, and does it well. Comes with an standard SD adapter, which is a nice touch....more info
  • Satisfied customer, great product and service.
    I got my product from this supplier in a timely manner. I waited for a couple of months before posting my feedback, thus far, I've very satisfied with this product....more info
  • SanDisk 2GB Micro SD
    No problem. Purchased for phone and worked fine, used the adapter to load info from computer, that also worked fine. Amazing size for the capacity....more info
  • It does it
    The card works good. The speed is reasonable, it isn't too low. I can keep buying Sandisk memory cards....more info
  • Great Price for amount of memory
    Overall I would say this is a good product for the price. I have had a problem a couple times with my computer detecting the memory when it is inserted using the SD adapter. I am not sure if this is the adapter or my computer, but since my computer is brand new I would suspect the adapter. That being said, it is normally a minor problem and is fixed by just taking the card out and putting it back in usually. I would recommend this product....more info
  • great deal
    It was so much cheaper than at the phone stores so I thought there must be a catch, but there's not. Great product...great buy.......more info
  • 2G's in such a small package
    This is a lot of memory for a great price. I am very happy with the purchase....more info
  • Works great with BlackBerry Pearl
    I already own one of these (or a similar brand) - I purchased this one as a gift. It receives and transfers data fast (provided your computer has USB 2.0) and works just as expected. No complaints or issues from the gift receiver. They highly recommend this product, and I do as well. If you purchase this one, you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Annoying order
    Well the product that was sent to me was damaged. would not work at all with anything. they did return my money but still wanted the damaged item back....more info
  • SanDisk Micro Secure Digital 2GB Memory Card
    I'm very pleased with the item. It seems like a good value. At first I wasn't sure if it was going to work with my camera, but it works just fine....more info
  • Does what it does
    Not much you can say about a micro SD card that hasn't already been said. SanDisk is a well-known company that makes well-known external memory peripherals. It's pretty much standard to include an SD adapter with mini and micro purchases so they're really just keeping up with the Jones', so to speak. Nevertheless, Amazon offers great deals that shoppers like myself are always looking for....more info
  • Best deals to be Found !
    For the price this was a GREAT DEAL ---- I would recommend a POSITIVE for the experience. Product, supplier, and Amazon for having this available !!...more info
  • ScanDisk 2.0
    The card goes into my GPS and Works OK. The device came with a 1.0 GB so I,m not sure I even needed the extra....more info
  • Doesn't work for me
    It does not work in my Palm Tungsten PDA using the SD adapter. Regular SD cards work fine. It works intermittently in my SanDisk SD ImageMate CF card reader (using the SD adapter); sometimes the computer fails to recognize the card....more info
  • Gets the job done.
    The SanDisk 2 GB SD is a simple piece of technology, yet it gets the job done, simply put. Whether its storing photos on your cell phone or digital camera, or playing music and video on your MP3, this SD is all you need if you're looking for a quick solution to your storage problems. I used it for putting music on to playback on my cellphone, works perfect....more info
  • Does What It's Made To Do
    If You're Looking For MicroSD You Wont Go Wrong With SanDisk! I Would Say 2GB Is Beginning To Be A Little Too Small For Today's Technology, So Why Not Go For A 4GB? It's Not That Much More Expensive Either....more info
  • 2.0 micro SD
    I have only used it to store music and photos on my phone I have had no problems and it is 2GB as advertised....more info
  • Great Memory Card
    This is a memory card that fits both my camera phone and camera. I would only need an adapter to plug it into. I had bought a few adapters overtime and used one of them This is a great memory chip that will even work with some camcorders for at least the still pics. Overall it is a multipurpose memory card that will work with anything that supports Secure Digital or SD memory if you have the right adapters for them. I don't think the one I bought works with card readers or printers though, but then again I really can do without that. Good product overall....more info
  • a god-send
    Who doesn't need one of these when your cellphone only comes with 64 MB?

    It's perfect....more info
  • Should not have been sold for GPS
    This micro card is useless for the GPS unit and totally wastes my money. It should not have been promoted with GPS-related equipment. ...more info
  • Great product
    My husband asked me to by this for him to use on his Sandisk MP3 player. It gave him so much more space to add songs, videos, pictures, etc. It's totally worth the money....more info
  • Nikonuser1
    I am glad that I purchased this 2GB card for use in my Garmin GPSmaps 60CSx. With all of the individual maps that must be downloaded from the Garmin software, I believe i will need this extra memory when going on trips. It was easy to install and works just fine....more info
  • my first mp3 player
    I heard about this player from a friend and researched it on-line, then shopped it on-line (, of course). Got a good price and am loving my first mp3 player. I got an additional 2gb memory card and doubled the memory in this player. It plays great....more info