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Motorola P790 Portable Charger
List Price: $49.99

Our Price: $12.99

You Save: $37.00 (74%)


Product Description

Motorola Portable Charger. Take an extra charge with you where ever you go. You no longer need to look for an outlet to charge your phone. Whether you are in the airport or at a campsite you'll have the comfort of knowing you have all the power you need to stay connected. The Motorola P790 is compatible with devices that charge through a miniUSB port. This includes products by Motorola and Blackberry (Blackberry 7100g, Blackberry 7130e, Blackberry 7250, Blackberry 7290, Blackberry 7520, Blackberry 8700c, Blackberry 7130e, Blackberry 8700g, Blackberry 7100g, Blackberry 7250, Blackberry 7920, Blackberry 7520) as well as carrier branded products manufactured by various companies. Compatibility means that the device connected with the Motorola P790 will charge and indicate that it is being charged. The device would look and act the same as if it were connected to any power supply (wall, car, etc.).

  • Provides one to two full battery charges for your handset or more than 10 full Bluetooth headset charges
  • When you are at home or office, you can use a single wall charger to charge your mobile and the Portable Power P790 at the same time
  • It is compatible with Motorola phones and accessories that have a mini USB connector
  • 1 Year Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great little device. Always in the wife's purse.
    My wife's phone was always dying. This solved the problem completey.

    All we did was plug this into the wall charger that came with her Blue Krazr (my old phone) and left it charging over night. The battery inside holds a charge forever and any time her phone makes that horrible "My battery is Low" sound, she plugs the phone into the portable charger and is good to go while it charges (allthough it looks funny talking on the phone with this plugged in) or in about 30-mins if left connected inside her purse. That night, if the portable charger got any use, it gets connected to the wall charger and it's ready to save the day again. ...more info
  • Exactly what I needed!
    I am notorious for not recharging my phone. I am often out of touch with a dead battery. I started carrying my cord to recharge my phone, but I need an outlet for that, and my car's cigarette lighter outlet never worked.

    One night after work, I got in my car in the back corner of the dark parking lot only to find a dead car battery. I had left the lights on all day. Sound familiar? I didn't have my jumper cables with me (boyfriend had them), and my boyfriend was out of town. I have no family in town. No one was in sight in this bad part of town. I locked myself in and pulled out my phone to call my roadside assistance. It began to beep - dead battery warning. I had just enough power to be ON HOLD long enough to request assistance and confirm my location - Thank God. I was terrified of being stranded at night in this neighborhood. I vowed, "Never again!" That's what brought me here to this product. It is exactly what I need, and it works perfectly.

    This charger is a Godsend. I get several recharges for my RAZR V3 for each charge of the portable charger. I've had none of the problems others have mentioned. It fits perfectly in the inside zipper pocket of most of my handbags, and I am NEVER without it. I have used it several times. A full charge takes longer than a charge directly from an outlet, but you have power instantly to use the phone in an emergency. What a bargain for the priceless feeling of security it gives me....more info
    This is a well designed product that is functional and works well.Its ability to be used in between the phone and the charger to charge both the phone and the backup is a valuable feature for charging overnite.

    It also worked well as an auxiliary power source for my Garmin Nuvi GPS unit....more info
  • Worked great on the t-mobile mda overseas
    I bought one of these before a trip to Egypt this spring. Along with a spare battery, this charger kept two MDA's working for several days withough having to plug into questionable power outlets/converters.

    It's definitely handy to have on trips if you've got multiple devices that use a mini usb connector (phone, bluetooth gps receiver)...more info
  • Works great!
    I have a Motorola Q w/ extended battery and this is a must to have if you go out of town or long trips. If you don't want the contacts on your phone to be ereased when you run out of battery you better have a portable charger handy.

    Great product, quality, rough built to last....more info
  • Bought this for my PPC-6700 (Sprint)
    This little charger has been a lifesaver. I keep it with me (it's small enough to easily be carried in my pocket) whenever I know I'll have my phone without charge for a full day. I've used it many times already, and it brings my PDA phone back to a full charge. I was able to snag this at a great price, making this a "no brainer" type of decision!...more info
  • Does not work SO GOOD
    I Bought this for a HTC Touch Cruise, and a least for this phone it would only recharge the battery once time only, before die...

    Besides that, its very well constructed, good materials. In the HTC the charger get looking with the indicators lights to the oposite side of the screen, so you couldnt see the light if the baterry ran off. But, as i said before it supose to be use with Motorola Phones. In the box saids: Motorola, nokia, Blackberry, SQA, and Q tech.

    Overall i do recommend this product. GREAT looks btw.

    C ya....more info
  • Handy little gadget
    When traveling I sometime run out of phone battery. Especially at the airport. This gizzmo is so simple. Just stick it in your phone call your cab, ride what ever you need. Then recharge your phone the conventional way when you get to a power outlit. Prevents the anxitiy of not being able to use your phone or blackberry....more info
    Do NOT buy this product!! I bought it for my Motorola PEBL and it charged it for only 30 minutes, then shut off. Now, it won't charge at all. My relation also bought this product and used it to charge his Motorola RZR. I'm telling you, you don't want to waste your money on this piece of technology!!...more info