Covert Tech Recon Lt _ Flashlight/Tools and Camera/GPS Shoulder Holster
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Product Description

Carry gear without using a belt and easily reach your items in confined spaces such as vehicle/aircraft cabs where your elbow room is restricted. A more comfortable alternative to belt holsters as you won't be poked by your gear while seated, this convertable harness will expand your carrying capacity beyond what you can comfortably carry on your belt. A 3-d weave material, lends light weight/breathability while wide straps and steel/polymer hardware contribute to failsafe strength. The content-specific Covert(TM) modules carry tools/equipment in 6 configurations which you choose to suit your task (see images. Images shown are for harness usage demostration only. Your purchase might be a different style from the model shown.) Keep expensive electronics and gear safe, close and (if need be) out of site while in crowds. Comes with a removable lumbar/sternum buckle-strap, and removable belt-suspender clips to secure the harness from shifting during active sports or work tasks. Highest quality materials, and hardware combine with excellent design and workmanship to produce the finest, precision equipment holster of its kind. It far exceeds the standards you are used to for this type of product. A high quality 4-page quick-guide demostrates how to reconfigure the system in 30 seconds or less. It is used by professional guides, military, pilots, independent travellers, snowboarders needing to tune up equipment on the slope, and countless other users looking for the best system to carry frequently used personal equipment. Also functions great as suspenders for snowpants and as a last-ditch, always-close survival kit. Please feel free to call the vendor for specific information on sizes and functionality questions.

  • Unique Convertible Shoulder Harness System_ Module 1 for Gear/Lights, Module 2 for Optics/Digital
  • Multiple Extra Slots to Organize_ Batteries, Screwdrivers, Pens, Wires, Memory Cards, etc.
  • Fits Maglite(TM) AA and AAA flashlights and most others of similar size i.e. Surefire Outdoorsman
  • 2nd Sheath fits most standard multi-tools such as Leatherman, and pens/batteries on the sides
  • Contrasting inside color to easily find darker colored gear such as earphones/cables