HP LaserJet P2015 Printer (CB366A#ABA)
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Product Description

This compact, black-and-white LaserJet printer lets workteams produce professional-quality documents at true 1200 dpi, on demand. Fast enough to keep up with your business's growing printing needs, it's also easy to set up and use.HP LaserJet P2015 is ideal for workteams of up to 10 users and demanding individuals in small, medium and enterprise companies who need a reliable, space-saving, black-and-white printer for fast, high-quality business printing.

The small yet powerful HP LaserJet P2015 black-and-white laser printer is designed to boost the productivity in your office with print speeds as high as 27 ppm and lighting-quick first page print times of less than 8.5 seconds. This speedy printer is not just fast--it also takes advantage of HP's FastRes 1200 printing technology to produce high-resolution imagery up to 1200 dpi.

The HP LaserJet P2015 black-and-white printer offers:
  • Print speeds up to 27 ppm
  • A 250-sheet paper tray and 50-sheet multipurpose tray
  • A 15,000 page duty cycle
  • Print resolutions up to 1200 dpi
  • USB 2.0 connectivity and networking-compatibility

The P2015 won't take up a lot of space in your home or office. View larger.

Print cartridges are easy to access and replace. View larger.
Accurate, Image-Rich Documents Fast
The LaserJet P2015 is a printer built for speed and efficiency. It prints at a speedy rate of27 ppm at up to 1200 dpi resolution--proof that high-quality, image-filled documents don't have to take forever to print. This printer's use of FastRes 1200 printing technology, coupled with its speedy 400 MHz Motorola ColdFire V5 processor and 32 MB of expandable memory (up to 288 MB), allow this printer to excel in the performance department.

Compact Design and Large-Capacity Paper Handling
Although LaserJet P2015 features a compact design, it handles paper as good, if not better, than other larger laser printers on the market. The P2015 won't take up a lot of space in your home or office, and its quite operation will help keep unnecessary office noise at bay.

With a 250-sheet paper tray for everyday printing, and a 50-sheet multipurpose tray for special media, this printer can handle high-capacity paper loads with ease. Need a larger paper capacity? The P2015 will accept an additional 250-sheet paper tray for an even higher paper capacity.

Networking Capabilities and USB 2.0 Connectivity
The P2015's integrated networking technology makes it extremely easy to share and manage the printer as part of a network without compromising the printer's performance or document security. Network printing has never been quicker or easier.

The same holds true when transferring data via the high-speed USB 2.0 input. The USB 2.0 connectivity enables blazing-fast data transmission at speeds as high as 480 mbps for direct printing or quick and easy expansion.

Durable and Reliable Operation
The LaserJet P2015 printer is extremely durable and built to last with a 15.000 page duty cycle, which allows you to spend more time on your business and less time maintaining your printer. This printer's recommended monthly page volume is between 740 and 3,000 pages per month.

This printer is compatible with both Windows (including Vista) and Macintosh operating systems. It measures 13.8 x 14.3 x 10.1 inches, and it weighs 22.7 pounds. It comes with a standard 1-year limited warranty.

What's in the Box
HP LaserJet P2015 printer, HP LaserJet print cartridge, Getting Started Guide, CD ROM (includes software and User's Guide), power cord.

  • Reliable, professional-grade monochrome LaserJet printer
  • Crisp and clear 1,200 dpi print quality
  • Fast 400 MHz processor handles large and complex files easily
  • High-speed USB 2.0 connectivity; 32 MB internal memory expandable to 288 MB
  • 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great printer for the price
    After reading all the reviews, I was nevous to purchase this printer, but for the price, I took a chance. I am running xp and had no problem loading the drivers. The printer worked right away. It prints extremely fast and very clear. I would recommend this printer for xp users....more info
  • Poor Quality, Smearing Issue Cannot Be Resolved
    After spending an hour on the phone with HP support regarding smearing issues, I was told that this machine is designed to use a maximum 20 lb. paper, not bond paper. If I leave the back of the machine open, enough heat may be generated to make the toner set better, but if I sent a sample of my paper...I thanked the young Indian man and called sales to get the number for Mission Control, the support number here in the U.S. (888-943-8476). They attempted to send me back to India, but I refused to go and encourage everyone in the U.S.A. to use Mission Control and refuse to be transferred outside the country. It's fun to hear them say, "serious?" And the door to my 2015 won't remain closed all the way, so I have to hold the door shut. It's less than 2 weeks old. To say it's poor quality is putting it mildly. The Nova I drove in high school was built more solidly than this.
    ...more info
  • good performance for awhile, poor warranty service

    Initially the print was way too light. Apparently this is a known problem. As HP will tell you, you simply have to print a few hundred sheets, and the print darkens up. Kinda lame, especially as it uses about 10% of the life of the expensive toner cartridge.

    After that, it worked very nicely for quite some, almost a year. Then one day the "paper jam" light came on. I verified there was no jam, and tech support confirmed this with me (on the phone) and said I was covered under the one-year warranty. All fine so far.

    Then came the catch: I had to pay a "handling fee" of $57 to get the replacement printer. Mightn't have been so bad if I'd gotten a new toner cartridge out of the deal, but no. Pretty lame warranty, costing me about 25% of the price I initially paid (after rebate). Oh well, so much for "the HP way"....more info
  • Stopped working after a year-and-a-half
    I purchased the P2015d, but my experience applies to this model as well.

    After having worked flawlessly for 19 months, this printer stopped working properly. Sometimes it displays the paper jam and toner warning lights and won't print, even when there's no jam and plenty of toner; sometimes it prints one job successfully after restarting it, only to stop working after that; sometimes it prints only one page of a multi-page job; sometimes *no* LEDs are lit even when the power is on; sometimes it shows up as "offline" on my Mac (OS X 10.5.6) even when connected directly to my USB port and its power is on.

    I called HP Tech Support and spoke with a technician who troubleshot with me and told me this was a problem with the formatter board, and that is was a known issue. He said it affected 10-20% (!) of all P2015's, but that, since my printer is out of warranty, HP would charge me $260 (incl. shipping) to repair it. (For what it's worth, he said the P2035 and P2055 are "excellent printers" and that only "1-2%" are sent back for servicing.)

    Be wary of this printer. I didn't expect to replace it so soon....more info
  • Works great! Small starter and expensive replacements.
    I assume HP makes their money on toner and not the printer itself. Starter cartridge is incredibly small (just a few pages) and replacements are expensive. Good for low volume small or personal user....more info
  • Great printer, but unreliable and bad warranty service
    Great little printer when it works. We bought two for our office. It is fast, cheap, has great print quality and a simple paper path. Here's the rub - made in China, some parts (the formatter especially) are clearly defective and failing early. When you contact HP for warranty support you will be offered a $50+ exchange (25% of what I paid for each of the printers). When you decline that you will be told that you can mail the printer in at your own cost and wait weeks for repairs because replacement parts are in short supply. Go figure. I plan on switching back to Brother, etc. for low-end printers. UPDATE - HP fixed mine and 60 days later the formatter in one failed again. Guess I'll throw it away and start over....more info
  • HP Laserjet P2015 Printer
    Everything I excepted from HP. Top quality and works every time I send a document to it.
    I highly recommend this printer to anyone looking for a laser printer to do home or small business printing with top quality results and performance....more info
  • Undocumented stripping away of PCL5 fonts and Jetdirect features
    We've used several of these printers in a moderate duty PC only environment with decent results. The only significant problem has been with the simplistic network interface locking up and requiring a power cycle to clear. This printer does not have a real JetDirect interface; its a lightweight toy in comparison to the real JetDirects that are now apparently only provided on higher end printers. This is not easy to find out until you purchase one and try to set it up.

    The big problem for us is use on non-Windows (VMS and Unix) systems for which no PCL-XL/PCL6 driver is available. There was no way to find out from HP before purchasing that the PCL5 firmware is crippled, and the font selection available using PCL5 is miniscule. You have to use PCL-XL/PCL6 or Postscript in order to access most fonts, so any system or application relying on PCL5 encoding, which has been the standard for many years, is limited to some fixed pitch and line printer fonts. NO proportional fonts are available from PCL5. As a result these printers are totally unusable in our more diverse environments, the first PCL capable LaserJets to achieve that notoriety since LaserJets first came out in the 1980s. Pitiful.

    ...more info
  • Smearing & lousy front loader
    This printer stinks on ice. The front loader is at such an angle that you have to stand up to see if the paper is down low enough to trigger the paper feed. It constantly gets stuck on the feeder. The ink smears so badly on letterhead envelopes that I have to put tape over it so it won't rub off. You can't print on any paper other than the cheap copy paper or it will smear terribly. If I would have known of the smearing problem I would not have purchased it. Save your money....more info
  • A piece of junk.
    A piece of junk. Either the networking is flaky or the sheets don't feed very well. I stick with the oldies but goodies for HP: HP 4000 series laserjet printers. You can get gently used ones off eBay for $250 with shipping. Rock solid unlike these clunkers. ...more info
  • HP printers used to be wonderful
    I own 6 HP laserjet printers. I have had HP printers since 1984. I will not purchase HP printers in the future because their technical support is so bad. My last experience with HP nonsupport wasted an hour and ended with them trying to sell me a new printer. I was able to solve my problem by purchasing a parallel connector PCI card from amazon. The experience still cost me $49 plus tax even though HP did not solve my problem....more info
  • Works great
    No problems - easy to configure as a networked printer. Much less frustrating than configuring the lower end HP's such as the P1505n and the P1006 for network use.

    Also works great my my macbook....more info
  • HP Laser Jet P 2015
    This product that was purchased a few weeks ago from Amazon.com is a really nice and so far a dependable printer. The only thing I do not like about it is that sometimes it is noisy when printing. Other than that it is one of the finest printers I have used and owned. I have used and owned at least 6. Even the ink that came with the printer is still going and I have been using it everyday a lot for business. I did purchase through you also a toner but have not had the chance to use it yet. So I can not review it as of today 12/12/08. So once again thank you for your help and great merchandise. We also use your company plenty at home and are very satisfied to say the very least. Your shipping time is also terrific at home and for the business I use for.

    Have a wonderful holiday season and a very Healthy and Happy New Year!

    Sarine Rohde...more info
  • Crap Service
    Printer did not work. got the run around from the supplier and told to contact HP.
    HP stated "Out of Warranty", eventually help to get it fixed.

    Last printer i buy from Amazon....more info
  • $360 paperweight.
    Don't bother with this printer unless you have incredibly low blood pressure. It broke after less than a year of casual use, and HP didn't bother to record the date I registered the warranty, they used the date they sold it to the store. Now I have a very expensive paperweight. Complete waste of money, this is the last HP product I'll ever buy. ...more info