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Sony MDR-EX71SLA Fontopia Bud-Style Headphones with Case (White)
List Price: $49.99

Our Price: $13.98

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Product Description

Flaunt your style with the MDR-EX71SLA/W headphones and custom skins. The earbuds come equipped with super-small 9mm drivers that deliver premium sound with superior bass and also come with a convenient case making them easy to carry. Express your uniqueness and decorate your case with your choice of 5 custom skins. Three Sizes of Earbuds Long-throw PET Diaphragm Neodymium Magnet Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) Cord Gold-Plated Mini-Plug Streamlined, Compact Case Stylish, Neck-Chain Cord Gold-plated, L-shaped stereo mini plug Frequency Response - 6Hz - 23,000Hz Sensitivity - 100dB/mW Impedance - 16 ohms Driver Unit - 9mm Power Handling Capacity - 100mW Oxygen-Free Copper, Neck Chain Cord Headphone Type - Closed, Dynamic

Many noise-reducing headphones feature large, over-the-head or behind-the- neck headbands, making them rather bulky to use while traveling or working out. Not so the Sony MDR-EX71SLA Fontopia headphones, whose ultra-light, in-the-ear design sounds great while minimizing distracting ambient noise. The closed-type construction makes the headphones a perfect fit for airline, train, or bus travel, or while dancing or skating to your own tunes. The phones owe their audio performance to the extra- small 9 mm drivers and neodymium magnets fitted inside each earpiece. The drives and magnets combine to generate high-intensity sound, with a deeper-than-expected bass response (as low as 6 Hz) and refreshingly crisp mid- and high-range tones (all the way up to 23 kHz). Listeners will also dig the three sizes of earbuds that come with the headphones, ensuring that users find the right match for their individual ear shapes while enjoying long-lasting comfort. And thanks to the dual cord lengths--1.65 feet (original) and a 2.3-foot extension--the phones are great for both iPods and MP3 players on armbands or belt clips.

Other details include an oxygen-free copper cord that reduces noise and improves signal transfer, a gold-plated mini-plug that resists corrosion, a stylish neck chain cord, and a streamlined carrying case that slips easily into a shirt pocket. The 100 mW phones, whose white color matches iPods perfectly, is backed by a one-year warranty on parts and a 90-day warranty on labor.

What's in the Box
Fontopia headphones, hard carrying case, 2.3-foot extension cord, three sizes of earbuds, user's manual.

  • Lightweight, in-the-ear headphones designed to minimize ambient noise on the go
  • Extra-small 9 mm drivers produce impressive 6 Hz to 23 kHz frequency response
  • Soft silicone earbuds reduce outside noise while fitting comfortably in the ear
  • Oxygen-free copper cord and gold-plated mini-plug improve signal transfer
  • Includes 3 pairs of earbuds and streamlined carrying case; 1-year parts warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Good, but beware the build quality
    THE GOOD: These are decent all-around headphones, with deep bass, and are versatile over a range of music styles. If jazz or classical are your primary genres, you might find these lacking a bit in nuance, and require something higher end. Otherwise these are a very good value.

    THE BAD: I primarily use these for the gym and running, which has shown the build quality to be somewhat lacking. Between the jostling and the perspiration, they will fail after a handful of months. I'm now on my fourth pair. If you are hard on them, these may not hold up....more info
  • awesome headphones
    I purchased these for use under my motorcycle helmet and they do the trick. The different sized ear bud pieces make it easy to find the perfect fit for the noise level you want (or don't). Definitely recommend these....more info
  • Jim
    Perfect earphones for iPod with remote control.
    I have so many headphones and earphones, this
    one sound very good and reasonable price....more info
  • good earphones
    i've had this item for about a month now and it's been great.
    i keep buying the same earphones because they are so nice....more info
  • Great sound and great value!
    Ok first to address a couple of things that people have said in their negative reviews with regards to the headphone lead...

    1. The asymmetrical design (one lead is longer then the other)
    If you bothered to look at the diagram in the instructions you would understand that the idea is you take the longer wire around behind your neck before placing it in your right ear. This is actually a great feature NOT a flaw! This is for two reasons - firstly there is less weight pulling down on the earbuds (which helps to keep them in your ears) and secondly there is less chance of you catching the lead and pulling them out.

    2. The lead and extension, the reason you have the short lead and the extension is so that people who have remote controls on their headphone leads don't end up with overly long leads. If you have an iPod try combining these buds with the Apple remote (or BlueEye) and then you will start to appreciate how sensible this part of the design is. If you don't have a remote control on your ear buds wire then simply use the extension lead. The combined length is perfect for most applications and the connector is very small and lightweight.

    3. The durability of the lead: I've had mine for three years and they get used daily - my leads don't show any signs of wear. Either the design has changed recently or the few people who have had this problem haven't been storing them very carefully ; )

    4. The "L" connector - this is another great part of the design - compared to most other ear phones the "L" connector is very small and has a very low profile to the socket when connected. This is great news because it means that the connector is less likely to cause damage to the socket as it bumps around in your bag or pocket.

    5. All of the connections are gold plated - Ok I doubt that this really makes any really notable difference but it is a nice touch that adds to the overall quality feel of the product.

    Right, that's enough about the lead onto the ear buds themselves - only two things really matter here comfort/fit and sound quality.

    Well everybody is unique and has different shaped ears so it would be impossible to have a design that is going to fit comfortably for everybody. The good news is that Sony includes three sizes of rubber earpiece so that you can play around to find the best fit. I have tried many different sets of in ear phones usually I find they tend to fall out too easily when I turn my head, I very rarely have this issue with these they fit very securely in the ear and also do a nice job of sealing out outside noises.

    Well they sound very nice at low or high volumes, producing crisp trebles and thumping bass. They can go very loud without distorting which is great if you are on a noisy train or have a low volume recording.

    The bad bit...
    Well they are hard to fault, they are fairly priced and have many good points! If I had to say something bad about them then it would be that the rubber pieces that go into your ears can come off and get lost quite easily (especially when taking them out of your pocket or bag when they can get a little jammed). It's just something you learn to be careful about and I know that most ear pieces with this rubber style of pad also suffer the same issue (in fact the Bose which cost more than three times the price suffer from it much worse!). If you do lose the rubber pads then just remember Ebay is your friend as you can pick up replacements very easily and cheaply (I'd recommend to keep at least one set of spares with you).
    ...more info
  • I can't believe they're this inexpensive!
    I just received my second set of these earbuds. I wanted to buy some more before they were discontinued. Sony, if you are listening, keep making the MDR-EX71SLA! These are the second best sounding earbuds I've ever owned, the first being the Shure E5's, but those shure buds are in a totally different class and with a $500 price tag, I'll not be getting them again.
    Pros: Sound quality is fantastic...better than anything else of Sony's that I've ever heard, and I've tried all the Best Buy Sony earbuds. I even bought a pair of Bose earbuds, but immediately returned them because they are way too boomy, lacking in good definition in the mid-high range. I even bought a set of Shure e210 buds, but also returned them the same day. I'm noot paying nearly $200 for crappy sounding earbuds. These little white sony earbuds beat them all in my opinion. Crystal Clear higs, very nice midrange and astounding bass, when the song calls for it, not all the time. The Sound Isolation of the soft rubber is nice as well, I drive a large vehicle and I can hear all the pick noise, soft nuances and quiet bonus material that's on many tracks, but that only people with good hearing and great equipment can hear. I like the short version of the cables when my Ipod is in my front pocket. I also like the soft rubber that surrounds the buds (white rubber) because it's more comfortable on the ears and face.

    Cons: the dang rubber ear canal thingies will fall off after time. My solution has been to buy a super cheap set of earbuds costing $6 that have the same size rubber thingies and use them as spares. Also, I'm not too hot on the left ear cable being so short, like others have said. But it's a small price to pay. ...more info
    this is an update to this older review that when i read it about 3 or 4 months later, didn't make any sense at all. so...

    1. comes with 2 cases
    one small case that protects the earbuds only and is easily lost
    and another large case that is completely useless due to it's size
    2. great sound quality
    exellent bass and wonderfull mids and highs
    if you don't like it, go to "view", then "show equalizer" in iTunes and adjust the left side for lows, and the right side for highs.
    3. around the neck wire orientation
    can go around neck, but slides down and is pretty much useless, probably causes the broken headphone everyone talks about
    just don't do the around the neck thing and it's fine
    4. order extra ear pieces cause the set you use most often may fall off, and the ones you don't will be gone when you need them so either be careful with the ones you have, not much is needed because they are pretty firm on the headphones, or have extras (i have some coming in the mail right now and they where only $1)

    i still give these a 5 star because once you get past all the little things, the sound quality is immense so... 5 star...more info
  • Great quality headphones!
    These headphones are absolutely phenomenal. When I wear them when I'm studying, I can't hear anything that's going on around me. For such a low price, these headphones are a steal!!!...more info
  • Best Buds!
    This is the third set of these earbuds that I have purchased. One set was mine, one for my daughter, and one for my husband. They are extremely comfortable in the ear and the sound is exceptional. I have recommended them to everyone I know planning to replace the original set and I have gotten wonderful feedback from those who have purchased them. ...more info
  • Great headphones for the price.
    These are great headphones for the price. They would be even if they were 50-100 dollars. I just got mine in the mail today and let me first say the bass is unbelievable for earbuds. It is deep and doesn't distort with my Ipod Nano 4g at max volume. Everything about these headphones is great. I also love the behind the neck design Sony used. I think they are much more functional and it makes them less likely to fall out when using them in the gym (which I did today).

    Again the most impressive thing about these headphones is the sound quality. Great bass, great highs as well. Definitely the best headphones I have ever used with an Ipod. Obviously they don't compare to Sony Studio Monitors or Shure Earbuds ([...] bucks) which I frequently use while DJing but as someone who knows his audio I do love these. For the price you can't go wrong. ...more info
  • headphone review
    Quickly sent to me, low cost.

    my only problem (and it is minor) is that the photo shows white headphones. the headphones I recieved are black. I never complained as it was unimportant to me. ...more info
  • Great headphones
    These are great headphones. They deliver excellent sound, are very comfortable and never fall out! This product totally blow away the stock iPod / iPhone earbuds in all three categories. I could never go back to stock earbuds after using these. Highly recommended!...more info
  • I am very unhappy
    I am so unhappy. I ordered my headphones and did not get them. I sent a request to have it resent. I noticed that somehow it was going to an old address and I let them know that it was wrong. The billing was correct but the shipping was wrong. I got an email saying he was resending it but it was again to the wrong address. I sent a request to correct it immediately but it still never came. I sent another email telling them I had not received my items and wanted my money back. This has been over a month now and I still do not have my items or my money back. Please help me to get my items or my money back. I will find my headphones somewhere else.

    On a scale of 1 to 5 I rate this vendor a -2.

    Debra Leazenby
    10120 Holder St
    Buena Park, CA 90620
    713/366-5641...more info
  • This product is great
    the earbud is great. in fact it is greater than what i expected, it it even came with a case. I strongly recommend everyone to buy it. ...more info
  • Amazing sound, horrible cord
    The sound in these headphones is absolutely amazing. Only thing I've heard better are my Sony studio monitors that radio DJ's use.

    The bad part is the cord. If you're running and have an MP3 player on your waist, the stupid mid-way connector bounces like crazy, causing your left ear to get tugged on with every step. I have to hold the connector so the earplug doesnt get yanked out of my ear from the stupid connector.

    I'm going to buy an armband, which should fix the problem, but I just feel like there had to be a better way of doing this....more info
  • for running
    I use these headphones for running and love them. With the different size ear pieces, the fit is good. The one problem for me is, they only last 3-5 months. Only one side continues to work. I guess that's what happens for the price and using them to workout/run with. ...more info
  • Sony MDR-EX71SLA Fontopia Bud-Style Headphones
    Awesome earphones. They are the only Bud style phones that fit in my ear with a helmet on! Plus, they sound really good....more info
  • quality and quiet
    I've been using these headphones with my Sansa mp3 player for about a year and they are great. The adjustable ear-inserts make them comfortable for almost anybody and produce much clearer, crisper sound than most ear buds. The extension piece is also very useful, just long enough to listen comfortably, with a little slack, while the player is in my shirt pocket or on an arm band.

    I like them so much I bought a pair for my mom for Christmas to go with her new iPod. She loves them too.

    These are much better than the knock-offs which Apple sells at its stores, and cheaper too.

    My only complaint is they are so good at isolating sound that I can't hear people talking to me when the music is playing. Though that can be a plus if you're in a noisy environment alone....more info
  • Bass <> Good Sound, Bad Cable Management
    What is it with people these days that equate tons of bass with good sound? If you want bass then buy a cheap pair of super duper extreme mega bass headphones at your local CVS for $8. If you want great clear sound with decent midrange bass then these headphones can't be beat, especially when you consider the bang for the buck. I have a set of Shures (the cheapest one they offer) which cost 2x as much and do not sound better, actually those Shure headphones must have been made for classical music because they offer absolutely no bass.

    The major problem with these headphones is almost a deal breaker which you will have to consider carefully. The cord is made out of some very soft rubber and they do start peeling away. I've used mine carefully for 1 year now and they are about to fall apart. I've even used the supplied case for storage. I am thinking the sweat and heat from working out has destroyed the cord, I've never had this problem with any headphone before.

    The second major problem is the stupid design of the cord. I can live with the dumb left side shorter than right side length but what is up with the extra long cord? You either have to use the really short cord that is long enough to put your player in your shirt breast pocket or use the extension cord which is like 6ft long. Someone needs to tell Sony that these headphones are most likely going to be used on the go, you know when people are mobile. Having to manage a long cord while walking around is cumbersome and very annoying. The long cord is more suited for use at home.

    In summary, the sound quality is excellent but the construction and design are horrible. Bad enough that I won't buy these again. If you think you can treat your phones with the utmost care and don't mind the ridiculously long cord (trust me it will get on your nerves even if you wrap your player with it) then give it a shot, but I'll pass.

    Sony, please learn from Apple. Design these wonder sounding headphones like the iPod'd phones, with the Y design, normal length, and the sliding piece so the cords don't tangle....more info
  • Crisp audio, but lacking in Lower Frequency
    I purchased these ear buds a few months ago and they are not bad for the price. I enjoy falling asleep to soft music and the small size of these ear buds is ideal for that. I found them comfortable to wear even with my head lying on top of the ear buds. I found the wiring to be somewhat cheap in construction and the lower frequency to be the quality of that of less expensive models. I am not as concerned with the lower frequency issue while I am falling asleep, but I would definitely recommend other ear pieces for daily music listening. In hind sight, I would have purchased something else.

    -crisp high frequency audio
    -reasonable price

    -Poor Low Frequency
    -Cheap wiring and construction
    -Case is kind of lame.
    ...more info
  • Love em
    Great ear buds, block out the outside noise and have good bass response and sound quality....more info
  • Good product
    Love the headphones. Wiring seems to have improved over the previous model by Sony. Sound is good. They feel solid in the ear and block out most noise. Carry case is an improvement....more info
  • One side way longer than the other
    Headphones are decent. Quality of sound coming through is great, unless you want to run and listen to your music at a low volume which causes the Stethoscope effect from the headphone cord bouncing against your chest and interferes with the listening experience. I have no idea why the right side is so much longer than the left. Also, unless you are 3' tall, you will absolutely need to use the extention that comes with. Would I purchase, it is aggravating having one side much longer than the other!...more info
  • Excellent, but a flimsy cord
    Purchased May 2008

    Sound Quality
    Cable extension

    flimsy wires

    This was my first set of ear buds and what an improvement over any of the headphones that I have ever used previously. The sound quality was wonderful.

    The medium tips came already installed and felt pretty good. I used them for a few days then decided to experiment with the other tips and discovered that the small tips were much more comfortable for me. After a few hours wearing the medium tips I started experiencing some ear fatigue. I do not experience any fatigue with the small tips, even after wearing them all day. The the different size tips, even if you think you have found the correct size.

    The sound quality is excellent. I can listen at a lower volume and hear more of the music than I could with any conventional headphones.

    The sound isolation is excellent. In fact it is a little too good. I used these at work and even when I paused the music I could not hear someone talking to me. I would have to remove them from my ears. The asymmetric cord length took a little while to get used to, but if you route the longer side behind your neck, both sides will hang nicely when not in use without dangling too low. I would often times only put one side in my ear so that I could hear when someone wanted to talk to me.

    The extension is a nice feature. When I was using my Creative Zen, it was small enough that I could hang it from my neck and use the ear buds without the extension. Now that I have an iPod, I keep it in my pocket and I need the full length that the extension allows.

    Sadly, the plastic piece that covers the junction of the main cord and the two ear piece cords does not provide any strain relief. One day at work, while the ear pieces were dangling from my neck, they snagged on something and the wire for one of the ear pieces broke inside the insulation. They need to use heavier wires and/or provide better strain relief. Now the extension is the only usable piece.

    I would give this 5 stars if the wires held up better....more info
  • Comfortable with great sound
    I was looking for a set of headphones with a long cord and happened upon these through some searches. They have a nice long cord, and fit well in the ear and unlike other ear-buds, these are actually comfortable and you can wear them for long periods of time. These headphones have great sound and cut out any external noise that you get from other ear-bud type headphones. Great quality from Sony - I recommend them highly....more info
  • Half and Half
    These headphones produce incredible sound, however, as other customers have pointed out, the wiring in the product is not up to par. Having bought a new mp3 player, I wanted some nice headphones that didn't cost alot, and these seemed like the perfect solution. And they were, until after a little over a week's light usage the left ear-bud died mysteriously, and I have yet to discover the cause. For a few days I could remedy the problem by tapping on the ear-bud whenever the sound cut out, but now I can't find any solution to the problem, so now I have a pair of good quality headphones for one ear......more info
  • Good audio quality with godawful build quality
    I rarely write reviews. I bought these headphones about a year ago. They served me well with a few issues. First of all, they have very good audio quality, they isolate the ambient sounds quite well. They are also very comfortable. Now comes the bad:

    -Without the extension cord, it's too short, however with the extension cord, it's too long. That being said, if you happen to wear a jacket and would like to put your player in your inside pocket, it's perfect for that particular occasion without the extension cord.
    -Build quality sucks. Again, it sucks. Terrible. Bad doesn't even cut it. It's very likely to tear into pieces. Wiring in the cords is very likely to show after a while but that's nothing a good-old electric tape won't fix. Thus stated about the cord, I just glued my left earbud together because it was in two pieces...I shouldn't have to do this with a $50 (at the time I bought it) headphone.
    -The piece that goes in your ear is replaceable. As a matter of fact they provide 3 sizes to your liking. DO NOT DISCARD the ones you do not use because they tear apart very quickly, especially the large and medium sizes. I have gone through 3 of them so far. They also have a tendency to get loose and fall out so I ended up glueing them securely in place.

    Well, at $30, it's probably a great deal for the money but prepare yourself to replace it in a year under moderate use. Oh and buy yourself some superglue as well... :)...more info