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Logitech 970223-0403 X-540 5.1 Speaker System (Black)
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $50.00

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Product Description

The X-540 speakers use FDD2 (Frequency Directed Dual Driver) technology to produce a uniform soundfield anywhere in the room. Immerse yourself in the game using the selectable matrix mode, which automatically creates 5.1 surround sound from common 2-channel stereo sources. The compact satellites are wall-mountable, and a special clip lets you place the center channel speaker on top of most flat-panel monitors to reduce desktop clutter. Use the wired control center to control volume and bass levels or connect headphones to enjoy your games and music privately.

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Customer Reviews:

  • X-540 Review
    This speaker system is pretty awesome. It sounds great - the sub wolfer is awesome, and the Matrix button disperses the sound through the 5speakers very well. I definitely wouldn't compare it to a good pair of Bose speakers but I definitely think it's clear enough (play w/ the EQ if needed) and worth the money - easily. ...more info
  • Good quality, Bad setup
    I use these speakers in my apartment to bump music when I have people over. They are loud and get good quality but the length of the speaker chords is ridiculous. If you want good cheap speakers these are a good buy but if you want surround sound go with something else....more info
  • Awesome speakers!!
    These speakers rock! They are both awesome for gaming and for listening to music. The wire control is a really, really nice feature. I was constantly having to try to reach the volume button on the front of my previous speakers. I have the sound blaster Audigy sound card with support for 5.1 and together with the speakers, it is an awesome system for less than $100! I am very happy with my purchase....more info
  • Logitech speakers
    I like the speakers very well. They have a very good sound. I would buy these speaker again....more info
  • Great system, but the cords could be a little longer
    I'm a college student and overall, I'd say this system is pretty great. The only problem is that the cords which extend to the rear speakers are a little short, so I either have to buy extensions to have cables going all over my floors. Overall, the sound quality is very good, and for the price I'd say it's a pretty good deal....more info
  • Great speakers for the price.
    Positive: Sound is very good overall. The speakers are loud and the subwoofer is respectable for 70W. Decent bass too. In the $50 range, you cant beat the X-540s.

    Negative: The controller and the speakers themselves are somewhat cheap-looking. They look really cool in the advertisement but are much less remarkable in person. I've seen better designs but I guess you can't ask for too much in this price range.

    Word of caution: if you don't have the space to set it up 5.1 style, don't place the rear satellite speakers in front of you. This set-up jumbles the sound due to the interference and will sound terrible in "matrix" mode....more info
  • 5.1 are the best
    I think you will enjoy the fact that these are surround sound and cost really cheap. ...more info
  • Excellent
    This is an amazing sound system for the price it is at. :) I enjoy it every day and I blast hard metal music and it sounds great. ...more info
  • Amazing value!
    When I moved to school, I had a 13" TV with one speaker, which rattled so bad at times that you could hardly hear the actual sound that was coming out. I decided to purchase the X-540 because it was cheap and would certainly be a step up from what I had - and, it would fit nicely in my dorm.

    I admit that I am not an audiophile, so my standards probably aren't that high - but I am pleased and even impressed (especially for the price) at the sound this set puts out, as well as the bass. The unit is very simple to set up, and although the wired remote can be inconvenient, it was a trade-off I was willing to make.

    I do not use it for every-day TV, as I like to be able to control volume with a remote. My new TV only has an optical audio output, so I cannot connect the speakers directly to the TV; however I had them hooked up to my old TV's headphone jack, and they worked just fine. The "gaming adapter" that comes with them is very useful, allowing you to plug both audio cables into the system. I hook my video games (Wii, N64, XBox and 360), DVD player, and the TV (on occasion, via the audio cables from my cable box) up to the unit and they all sound fantastic. I also hook my computer up to them when I want to play games through my TV.

    Haven't had any problems with the hardware, other than some of the foam pads coming off the bottom of a couple of the speakers. Additionally, I have noticed that one of the rear speakers is rattling like the speaker on my old TV - I assume the grille is coming loose or something, and a rubber band around the unit fixed that. I like the TV clip on the center speaker, it works great, and the matrix mode is nice as well.

    I would think the length of the cables would make this a little inconvenient for a bigger living room setup, but for a small room/dorm room I have found this to be a terrific set of speakers....more info
  • Great system.
    Great system. Good volume, sound quality, material quality, cable quality. Responsive, speakers are crisp and rich. Sub is crisp and punchy but smooth.

    Pros: Good sound quality. 5.1 surround. Good material quality. Separate bass control. Headphone jack. Simple, color-coded setup. Very responsive. Really brings games to life.

    Cons: Matrix function (generates "surround sound" from Stereo input) generates fluctuating signal for rear speakers that is muddy and cuts out. Tends to reduce overall sound quality for other speakers.

    Overall: Good buy. For best results, you'll need a 5.1 surround sound card or 3 to 1 stereo splitter (poor man's version of surround sound). Leave the Matrix function alone.
    Plug in, turn up, enjoy.
    ...more info
  • 5.1 Speakers Rock
    Buy them I love them.. Awesome price for 74 bucks nice and loud. they ROCK...more info
  • Great speakers for a great price
    I didn't expect a whole lot out of these speakers for the price that I got them for, but I was amazed when I set them up and started cranking some music. The "matrix mode" works very well for turning a stereo source into 5.1. The sub can be felt in my whole house, from my room in the basement to the second floor bedrooms. A few days after I bought the speakers I did a movie marathon of Star Wars, and they performed beyond my expectations. I don't think that better speakers can be bought for this price....more info
  • Good Buy
    Sturdy and great sound appear to be durable. I really like the fact that the volume adjust is not on a speaker like other models but that it is a separate entity. Very please with the software and its many features. Overall this is a great buy for the price....more info
  • great product
    I have had these speakers for a couple of months so far.I have the speaker system hooked up to my Computer. They have clear crisp sound and plenty of bass response. It sounds so good we listen to it as a stereo and not the shelf system I have as a home stereo. They are great for true surround sound from any game that has that option. I would recommend them to anyone looking for good value and quality in a small speaker system . Amazon was great to do business with as usual. ...more info
  • more for less
    I bought this pc speaker system at a very low price aspecting it to be good but this was way better then i aspected! This is surtenly a bang for the buck! For a small system like this it sounds loud, what i like the most! If your limited on space in your bedroom of office, the logitech system will definetly fit your need!...more info
  • Very good sound for very little money
    I just purchased this and wow it's louder than I had expected. It's not only loud but it has pretty good bass coming from the sub. I did not expect much bass from a tiny 5" low frequency driver but I guess the wood ported sub enclosure really helps the tiny bass driver put out strong bass. The satellites aren't that bad either. I thought they would be really tinny because of the small drivers but they do put out good midrange. High frequencies are clear too.

    One of the cool features of this system is that the center channel can be mounted right ontop of your LCD monitor. It basically clips over the top edge. It has rubber cushions to protect your LCD and absorb vibrations. Keep in mind that the center channel can tilt but the other 4 sats are fixed and cannot be tilted. The sats could be mounted on the wall since the mounting plate rotates and it has a hole for a screw.

    This system works only with 5.1 analog computer setups. It does not support digital optical or coaxial inputs. The system supports matrix mode which works with 2ch sources and feeds all speakers with sound. The wired remote has a volume and sub level adjustment knob and also a headphone jack and Matrix mode button. The headphone jack works even without powering on the speaker system.

    This is a really great buy, so much speaker for so little money....more info
  • Get the extention wires....
    I am very happy with the quality for the price. I read the reviews and took the advice to buy the extention wires - yup used them. Good clear sound. I am very happy with the product....more info
  • get what you pay for
    All my peripherals are Logitech - I also own the Z5500 but decided to purchase these as I moved and needed something less powerful. Here is an honest, brief review:


    - Price
    - Decent Quality
    - Bass is acceptable for the $
    - Good value overall

    - Speaker wires hard wired, very short (even the front speakers are unreasonably short and hard to reach to the sub) - you will need extensions otherwise wires will be all over your floor

    - Doesnt come with drivers/software (luckily I have the software panel from my Z5500, but it didnt come with a CD and I was unable to locate anything on the website)

    - Somewhat cheap looking

    - Compatibility with headphones sucks - the system automatically goes to max when you insert a headphone - the control adjuster stops working. So you have to control manually through the computer

    I would not recommend this for anyone that is looking for exceptional sound - go with the Z5500, its worth the extra $250. If you want an cheap, but functional system to beat the crap out of and have another system for home theatre and audio, this may be a decent pick....more info
  • Nice for the price!!!!
    Great set of speakers! I've been using this set for 1 year specially for gaming (with a Creative 5.1 sound card) and hearing rock music. I usually play on mid level sound/power of the speakers and they do a great job as well on the music and movies.

    My only complaints are that the speaker cables are too short and well, after 1 year of use if I set the volume too high I can notice a touch of crisp, specially on rock music. but again for this price you are getting something really really nice!!! Recommended is you have a small room :D !!...more info
  • X-540 :)
    These speakers i thought weren't going to be that good when i got them in the mail, I bought them for my Xbox 360 but come to my amasment that these speakers are the best man. These surround sound speakers are by far the best speakers ive ever bought and theyll prob be my last because im not buying anymore unless these break for some unfortunate reason but i highly recommend these to any costumer i have had mine for about 3 months now. No problems or anything, great speakers!!!! ...more info
  • Great Deal
    This is a great system. Its loud (and clear too), has good base, the speakers are flexible, the wired volume switch is unexpectidly useful, and the "matrix" mode is a decent substitute if you only have 1 channel audio (i.e. plugging it into a laptop).

    I used this system for my dorm room and it was awesome. It would probably work well in an office or bedroom. I don't think I would get it for a home theater....more info
  • Excellent sound and bass from small speakers.
    These speakers provide the high quality sound that I need. Most computer speakers don't produce adequate bass and treble to make the sound balanced but these definitely do! I love these speakers. I have them set up in the office at the back of the house and could use them as the sound system at a party throughout the house because they are powerful enough. I'm really pleased and highly recommend them for whatever application that requires excellent acoustics....more info
  • What a gift!
    I bought this for a friend as a gift. She just loves it. The matrix mode is fun to have and the sound, so far that I have heard, is nice....more info
  • Very impressed
    I purchased these for our HP Media Center PC in our family room. Hooked them up and was very pleased with the sound. My daughter could hear the music from her room which is upstairs and down the hall. Bass is deep but not heart pounding like a full blown home theater system. Good enough for music in our family room and for games. At [...] with Logitech rebate I don't know how anybody could complain. ...more info
  • good speakers for the amateur
    I think these are great speakers for an amateur (which I am, in the world of speaker). Only bad thing about them is the lack of cord that comes with them but this can be fixed by picking up some at radio shack (kinda expensive). I highly recommend these set of speakers though. They have a great sound and the sub has some thump to it. ...more info
  • Very good
    I'm glad that I bought this product. Now it's been 1 month since I got it; I had no problems with it....more info
  • Excellent for your room
    I am a graduate student and this was the most affordable product in my budget. The sound quality is excellent and the sleek shape makes is comfortable to hang anywhere.

    I fully recommend this product if you want to rock your relaxing time.
    ...more info