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Adesso 2.4 GHz RF Wireless Mini Keyboard with Optical Trackball
List Price: $71.99

Our Price: $49.99

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Product Description

Enjoy the freedom of wireless connectivity with Adesso's wireless mini Keyboard with Optical trackball. The keyboard and trackball allow you to work up to 100 feet away from the USB receiver connected to your computer. In addition, the optical trackball provides great accuracy with minimal hand movement due to its 800 dpi resolution. The lightweight and stylish keyboard offers mobility and comfort wherever you type. Take complete control of your desktop with hotkeys. The different hotkeys give you quick access to some of your most common tasks such as e-mail access, volume control, and launching your web browser at the push of a button. With notebook keyboard module enables handheld operation and effortless typing. Optical Type, 800 DPI Trackball Resolutions Streamlined full-featured RF keyboard built-in 27mm Track Ball with Optical Technology Hot Key - WWW, Pre-Page, Next-Page, Volume-Up, Volume-Down, Mute, E-Mail, Suspend, WWW-Stop, WWW-Refresh, WWW-Search, My-Favorite Keyboard - 15.1 x 7 x 1.9 inch (385 mm x 178 mm x 50 mm) Receiver - 3 x 0.8 x 0.39 inch (78mm x 21.5mm x 10mm)

  • Streamlined full-featured RF keyboard built-in 27mm Track Ball, with Optical Technology
  • 2.4 GHz radio frequency, 100 feet effective working range
  • 360-degree navigation, sleek and elegant design
  • With notebook keyboard module enables handheld operation and effortless typing
  • 8 different frequencies with 65536 IDs per channel

Customer Reviews:

  • Great wireless keyboard w/integrated trackball
    The keyboard works great. I use it from an armchair about 10 feet away from a 46" monitor attached to a PC. It's lightweight and I haven't noticed any lag in reaction time. I LOVE the integrated trackball on the right and the scroll button on the left. No need to hunt down a mouse and I can just drop the keyboard into the magazine rack when I'm done. A quick double tap on the enter key brings it right back to life. It was up and working in under a minute. The keyboard is small - think laptop size - and I wouldn't want to do large amounts of typing using it. But for web browsing and email typing, it works fine. I looked at a lot of other wireless keyboards with integrated mouses and this was definitely the best for the money....more info
  • Wireless Keyboard fair range and compact design
    The keyboard's design made for a convenient space saving design when it came to wireless appliances. The mouse ball would gather dust occasionally but ran without problems from at least 20ft. Would recommend for entertainment center PCs....more info
  • Great wireless with trackball, no resync, batt last forever.
    I've used this keyboard for over 2 years with my mediacenter pc. It works almost flawlessly. Batteries last forever.

    2 issues

    1) function keys set automatically to alt configuration but this is easily reset
    2) range is only 10ft without direct line of sight, 15 with unobstructed view

    I've been very happy with the board and will get another one for my office....more info
  • Adesso wireless keyboard
    This keyboard works well at chairside in my orthodontic practice. It is compact and the trackball is convienient [no mouse]. I have 18 of them. Some are 2 years old; of them, about 4 have died. For their convienience and at the price, I consider them disposable. I keep some on hand should one go down. Battery life is OK, not great....more info
  • Exactly What I Was Looking For
    I have been looking for a keyboard with a logical on board mouse of some type for years. I have tried a few others other year but this one having the left mouse button right there with the ball is MAGNIFICENT! I love the way it sits on my lap or on a hard surface with ease. I'm very pleased....more info
  • Great ergo design!
    This keyboard is great for sitting on your lap and getting around the screen. I've found that it can accommodate most any sort of "mouse" clicks with the ergonomically situated buttons. The only drawback is getting in/out of numbers lock since there is no keypad....more info
  • Home use
    This worked very well with a laptop. I tried using it in my office though and it is not made for heavy use. I would recommend it for home computer users with limited space....more info
  • wireless keyboard
    i bought this keybooard for the reason of being wireless. i am not at all satisfied with this product,it keeps turning off by itself and the owners manual does not give much help when i am having trouble....more info
  • Great Keyboard
    Excellent Product! Just what I was searching for. Easy to setup, even easier to use. Perfect for my Media PC in the living room....more info
  • Piece of JUNK
    Poor quality...Chinese junk. The M key didn't even work straight out of the box. Cheap feel...trackball is NOT smooth...very jerky. Don't waste your money. I'm still waiting to hear back from the "Electrone" company so I can get a refund....more info
  • Works Flawlessly
    Just received the keyboard and followed the very short instruction pamphlet (easy to setup) and it worked first time with Vista, no driver disk needed. I was further impressed when I plugged the USB receiver dongle into my PS3 and the keyboard worked with it too. The only fault I can find is the instructions are sparse. I want it for my desktop gaming PC (I use a Mac for real computing) and it is designed for a media center but also has nice none slip rubber feet for my desktop and also built in curves underneath for your legs while sitting on the couch, very good. It also has mouse buttons and scroll wheels on it all work with windows but some special buttons do not work with the PS3. It uses 4 AA batteries and I do not know how long they last. I am using rechargeable anyway and set aside the 4 they gave me for my TV remote....more info
  • Surprisingly great keyboard!
    For this price I didn't expect much really but I usually have the habit of falling for the priciest most dazzling product instead of one which really gets the job done in an effective manner.

    Well, this time I went against my usual habit and purchased a cheaper product that looked to have what I was looking for boy was I pleasantly surprised :)

    This product is compact, light and works excellent. No software, just plugged it in on my Vista 64 box and away it went and works like a champ.

    The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because it is a bit too compact and that is probably just a personal preference. I'm sure this is exactly what people are looking for. Great job!...more info
  • Outstanding product
    I have been looking for a cordless keyboard that used RF and have tried a couple of other brands. I was impressed that this one lived up to the specs displayed on the site. ...more info
  • Great for relieving repetiitve stress - RSI
    Second keyboard I bought works flawlessly. Relieves repetitive stress pain from using a regular mouse for hours each day.

    This is why I give this keyboard 4 starts instead of 5 - I had to buy the keyboard twice and return the first one, which had a malfunctioning trackball. The second keyboard that works properly IS a 5-star keyboard.

    I deleted my original 3-star review and I'm replacing it with this review.

    The first time I bought this keyboard, the trackball would not work smoothly, if at all. I emailed Adesso support and they responded quickly, asking me to change batteries and to test the keyboard on another system - which I did with identical results. They also asked me to check for a red light under the track ball, which tells me they sent me a stock reply or the rep was clueless about this model. The trackball is enclosed, there is no red light.

    I liked using this keyboard with my laptop, which I use for hours each day, so I ordered another keyboard in hopes that it would work given the good reviews of this product. The second keyboard works perfectly! The trackball works smoothly and does not intermittently stop working altogether as the trackball on the first keyboard did.

    I write for a web site and I use a mouse as often as I type. This keyboard is fantastic for the hours I use my laptop nearly every day for work. I love the size of this keyboard (I have small hands), and having the mouse buttons, scroll wheel and trackball right on the keyboard relieves the repetitive stress pain in my wrist and a couple of fingers. I use the trackball with any finger or the palm of my hand to avoid over-working joints.

    Having to return the first keyboard is a disappointing inconvenience and expense. But, the physical comfort the second, properly functioning keyboard provides is worth it for me. Unfortunately, I think sometimes a "clunker" is shipped. ...more info
  • Wireless keyboard with built-in mouse
    This keyboard has worked well for me. I've had a couple of questions on functionality of the "F1-9" keys and also waking it up after it has been disconnected from my PC. (should respond to just a key stroke, but I have sometimes found that I have to take out the batteries and put them back in to accomplish this) The customer service at DSI was very responsive and friendly when I contacted them regarding my questions. A good value....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I purchased this mini keyboard about two months ago. The wireless connection worked well. But, the keys began sticking. I got a continuous EEEEEEEEE one time. Then some of the keys didn't work. You have to touch the keys very hard and hope they work. I was using it for work and personal and this really became a problem. I wasted my money and would not recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • perfectly sweet
    Exactly what I wanted for my home theatre laptop - perfect size (not too big or too small), built in trackball to minimize clutter, great range (works beyond my ability to see clearly on screen), hot keys for email, Windows menu, my omputer, refresh, etc.

    Very solid feel - would order again in a flash. ...more info
  • Great ergonomics
    Using either a standard mouse or trackball for any length of time causes numbness in my arm, but this keyboard/trackball combo put an end to that. It's the most comfortable arrangement I've found yet. I use it nearly everyday and rarely need to change the batteries.

    It does occasionally have trouble keeping up with my typing, but resetting with the ID key often fixes that. I suspect there's some intermittent interference with another device.

    I would love to find the exact same keyboard design except with a mac layout (command key, etc.) and bluetooth enabled. ...more info
  • Works.
    I bought this for use with a Windows Media Center computer. It does the job.

    However, it is quite heavy and slippery!...more info
    I got kicked out of my office because it became the "baby room". My monitor is now on a small end-table next to my recliner, with my computer next to it. I hated using my mouse on the armrest, it never worked right and it was annoying having cables all over me. So I ordered this keyboard and it is everything I had hoped it to be! Ergonomically, it is so natural and comfortable to use as both a keyboard and mouse. It has right, left, and scroll click. The only reason I give this a 4-star rating is because it doesn't read keystrokes at the speed that I type. Many times, I find myself going back while typing because it missed a character that I know I pressed. I have to type slower for the keyboard to transmit everything. Other than that, it works great as a replacement for a keyboard/mouse in both office and media purposes. Not so much for gaming, as you can't use the mouse and arrows at the same time very easily....more info
  • Very Nice
    Good product from Adesso ... have been using it for about 4 months now with my HTPC and I am satisfied.
    Nice size, Range is about 20 feet and the keyboard sleeps on its own after a few minutes - I just press the volume button to wake it up without messing anything up.
    Love the mouse button placements - under the two index fingers and also on the top left

    1. Accuracy is not 100% - it frequently eats up a few characters - so cannot type fast ... good for a HTPC but not for everyday computing
    2. you can not re-program the buttons - there are no installables or anything like that - even on the website ... I wanted to change the assignment of the default buttons (like browser, search etc.) but am unable to do so.
    3. The trackball is not always accurate ... it slides sometimes and I have to apply some downward pressure to make it work correctly. Same for the keys on the keyboard - you have to hit them hard(er)

    Overall satisfied with the product - use it everyday with my HTPC. I tried a couple of logitech wireless mouse and keyboard combos but it becomes unwieldy to use the mouse on your thigh ... plus you misplace one or the other!!
    The all in one form-factor helps immensely - 4 stars....more info
  • Ergonomic help
    Although I have only been using this product for a few days, it seems to be very helpful in dealing with pain caused by "mouse elbow" from prolonged mousing and typing in the same position. I can easily move the whole unit to multiple positions and still have the same control over the mouse and keyboard. I also can easily move to various distances from the screen for the best focal range.

    The only negative that I have found so far are the lack of indicator lights for caps and num lock....more info
  • Cheap Junk
    Bluetooth stops picking up frequently, and this thing EATS batteries. Uses 4 AA batteries which last about 2 weeks. ...more info
  • No Num Lock or Cap Lock Indicator
    I set-up my computer so that you have to log-on before using. I had to enter my password ten times before I could use it because I had no idea if the scroll lock, num lock or cap lock was on. How hard is it to have that on a keyboard?...more info
  • No Good
    I don't know how this keyboard gets as many good reviews as it got. If you do the math its 3.8 stars (Amazon pads the reviews by rounding up). This keyboard frequently skips characters wile typing making using it a chore. I have tried 2 different USB ports with no change and the receiver is only 3.5 feet away. Also the track ball is unusable due to skipping around probably due to the same issue that make it skip characters. I have fixed about 15 errors in this review due to the problem - maddening!!!...more info
  • Nice with some major issues
    I purchased this after reading many reviews. Installation was easy and automatic; insert the receiver in a USB port, sync the keyboard, and go.

    Layout is great, easy to use. All the multimedia buttons worked out of the box. Liked the scroll wheel and Mouse 1 button on the front of the keyboard. If numlock is on, then the keypad overlay on the regular keys is on so I got numbers rather than letters. That screwed me up the first time I rebooted and tried to enter the password. There are no idiot lights to indicated the status of the numlock or capslock button.

    After a day or two, the keyboard occasionally wouldn't wake up. I went to the Adesso site and the FAQ suggested replacing the batteries. Did that with brand new Duracells and two days later the problem started again. It doesn't happen all the time but enough to be annoying. Sometimes just pulling a battery and putting it back will work. Other times have to resync the keyboard.

    Today, when it happened, went to pop the battery and the clip that holds the battery cover in place broke off. We'll see how Addesso responds, but right now I've got it taped on and looking for a replacement.
    ...more info
  • Shotty
    I bought this keyboard to used for surfing the internet from my couch. The basic idea of it is great, it has all the buttons I wanted (shortcut keys, scroll wheel, etc.). However, its painful to type with when it skips letters consistently no matter how fresh the batteries are. Also, moving the cursor with the scroll wheel is a struggle. If you are only looking to use it for a few minutes at a time its perfect but if you want to type an email or use it for an extended amount of time you'd be better off finding something else. I even tried to sell it to a friend for a discounted price but he returned it to me after experiencing the same difficulties. Great idea, poor product, spend some extra money and get one of higher quality....more info
  • Great design. Wish the build quality was a bit better.
    I LOVE!!!!! the design of this keyboard. The rounded corners, built in track wheel and (not seen in pc) scroll wheel at your left middle finger, the second right mouse button for your right middle finger... by far the most functional placmement of any trackball keyboard I have seen. There's even slight indents on the under side so it sits right over your upper thighs while in a lounge chair. A++++ on form factor!

    For those considering this keyboard, it is not just for a media center as my primary use is the office. No more sore shoulder on my mouse side and I now sit comfortably with my shoulders square to the monitor so it encourages much better posture than a mouse. This has probably even saved me from carpel tunnel syndrome!

    Although I haven't tested the range to it's maximum, I have had no issue in small to medium sized conference rooms while straying 20-30 feet from the receiver and many people have commented how cool it was I could move around the room and face the projection screen, instead of with my head buried in my laptop. Much more interactive. The receiver too is a very friendly USB stick about the size of a flash thumb drive.

    The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is the build quality. Although I have gotten used to it, it would probably feel a bit cramped for some who like a full size keyboard and the size dictates the number keys are less important. But this is no differnet really than a lap top keyboard and it is not a big nuisance for me personally. It is more the 'cheap' keystroke feel that disappoints and it is a bit louder than a really high quality keyboard. But keep in mind when I say 'high' quality, I am talking about the likes of a Logitech DiNovo which is twice the price.

    Also, there are two rubber feet on the underside which peel off fairly easily and once one gets lost (and one eventually will in the portable settings for which it is intended), you have to pull off the other as it will not site right on a desk. Luckily, it's heavy enough that it doesn't slide around a desk without them.

    Still, for the price, and for the form factor, these nits are easily overlooked. This is such a handy keyboard I am even considering a second one, just in case they decide to stop making it. I have not seen any other form factor that makes deskless mousing and scrolling so effortless. I'd have a hard time living without it now....more info
  • wireless keyboard
    It's a very nice keybord, it works really fine, the only drawback I see is that sometimes if you are using it from a distance of about 3 to 4 meters the key are not very responsive but the mouse work very well....more info
  • Great design but flawed execution.
    I've had this keyboard for a couple of years and at first it was a great addition to my home theatre setup. But the keyboard trackall has become progressively more difficult to control and you can't open the socket to clean or blow out whatever dust or other contaminant is interfering with it. I presume that's why it has become more and more difficult to control the cursor using the trackball. But whatever the reason, no amount of tweaking from the control panel has helped. The frustration is driving me crazy so I'll be dumping this and getting another brand. If anyone else is having this same problem, please post. Maybe mine is an anomaly. Otherwise this is the PERFECT keyboard for me....more info
  • Surprise ! Surprise !
    When buying this mini keyboard, I expected just marginal performance. But to my surprise it's turned out to be very much better than expected. Going from a full sized keyboard to this mini takes very little getting used to. Since buying this keyboard & mouse, they have worked without any hiccups. The wireless range is very good and so far I haven't encountered any interference problems. Definitely recommended....more info
  • great while it lasts.. but something is weak in it.
    I have owned 2 of these. I use them on my media center.

    The first lasted about a year. Then the receiver mysteriously stopped recognizing the keyboard.
    The next lasted me about 2 days before the same situation happened.
    More than a little cursing happened.

    I don't know if its a lack of hot-swap-ability or something else but the keyboards still work but my receivers are fried. they still think they work, but they don't connect to the keyboard. Mac's give me the "I need to identify the keyboard" script and pcs just sit there dumb.
    BUT if you're willing to give it a chance.. its quite comfortable and easy to use on the lap or couch.
    There are much better keyboards out there but not too many with a track ball included....more info