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  • Hey, what's with the fish sticks?
    I saw the "Aquamarine" dvd again last night. You ought to rush out and buy a copy today! I'd like to single out one of the special features which is the audio commentary by the girls, Sara Paxton, Emma Roberts and JoJo. They seem to have become fast friends while making the movie. I've never seen a movie w/ 3 girls so vivacious and so slap-happy. Jumping up-and-down and giggling all the time. Especially Sara Paxton. I've seen her before in "Sleepover" and "Darcy's Wild Life". But never like that. And what's w/ the fish sticks? I kinda get the sardines (yuck!!!) but not the fish sticks. They look good. I'd eat 'em. But do mermaids? Not if there is gummy worms in the pool. Enjoy the dvd!...more info
  • Hmm... not the best but not the worst either
    This is another form of a chick flick! now as a mermaid freak i am i though this movie would be awesome! well u would expect a personlike me to see it on the first day as i did. and boy what a waste of 30 bucks! i should of read reviews first. this is nothing likr the commercial explains. the plot of the whole mermaid finds true love cause her father does not believe it is terrrible. but the fact that a 13 year old girl and a 16 year old are ' best friends for eniternity ' just makes it more boring and unrealistic. emma roberts acting is low rate of 2 but jojo makes a great actress! sharar is beatufil as a mermaid and i must say even i laughed at the stupid stunts these girl do to get boys attention! please dont see this movie in theaters because u will be wasting a lot of money when u can just pay a buck and rent a chick flick of ' true love ' wait to rent it but that is my opinion.

    by: MovieGirl...more info
  • New Customer
    I received the purchase right away. I thought the movie was very cute. However, there were a few words that I thought were inappropriate for that type of movie. Other than that, I would have given the item 5 stars....more info
  • "As described"
    Condition, terms etc...were as stated. Item was in perfect shape. Dependable....more info
  • Good for girls
    My 11 year old daughter and 3 of her friends thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It's just about right for their age group -- boy crushes, magical mermaids, wishes, giggles and mean girls.

    It's an updated teen version of Little Mermaid -- Aquamarine is looking for True Love to prove to her dad that it exists so that she doesn't have to marry some seadude that she's not in love with.

    At the end of the story -- the true love that she finds is the love that the two girlfriends show to her.

    My girls all gave it a thumbs up and you'll find yourself humming the song as you leave this light hearted romp....more info
  • Aquamarine Review
    I really like this movie!!!!!!!!! It is sooo funny!! I love everything about it, the songs, the acting, everything!!!!!!!...more info
  • thumbs up from this mom
    My daughters (ages 7 and 10) really like this movie, and so do I. There is something for everyone -- romance, friendship, courage, mom-preteen daughter interaction, mermaids, cute boys, music, fun in the sun, etc! very entertaining, some great messages. I wish they would come out with Aquamarine 2. ...more info
  • A Delightful Movie To Watch With Your Daughters
    As a pre-teen boy in the early 60s, I secretly watched The Brady Bunch and never told my friends. Later on, I was a closet devotee of Little House On The Prairie. I don't know how many other boys in my generation also snatched the guilty pleasures of syrupy pop (Bradys)and downright excellent TV with a positive message (Little House) - but from an early age I have always been a sucker for girl flicks.

    What a joy to have two daughters of my own now (10 and 7), and to be able to do what I daresy few dads can - enjoy a movie like this with their girls.

    It is mostly a wholesome picture, soiled only slightly by the proverbial modern butt and boob references, (but done appropriately for our times and the intended audience), that yes, the adolescent in me found funny.

    I love the repartee between the two main characters, Hailey and Claire (not even sure I remembered their names right). But I have seen these two girls on TV and love their wisecracking.

    The boy hunk of the movie, a lifeguard named Raymond, is the type of polite but athletic youngster that even a protective Dad would like.

    Of course, it's no Gone With The Wind - but my daughters were mesmerized from front to finish, and, well, I couldn't keep my eyes off it either - even peeked in frequently when they watched it a second time.

    Dads with daughters - buy it for your girls, and watch it with them!...more info
  • I love Aquamarine
    I liked the whole movie. Especally when the starfish-earings gave compliments to Aquamarine. ...more info
  • a good movie
    this movie is touching and funny and has a hot mermaid....more info
  • Perfect for Girls of All Ages
    I love this movie. It has a wonderful message, and Emma Roberts, Jojo, and Sara Paxton are wonderful actresses who are very versitile and can fill any role. It is wonderful and as a teenager, I loved this movie. I would reccomend it to everybody!...more info
  • Best Movie Ever!
    Hello, I saw this movie the day it came out.

    This story is about a young, sweet, mermaid named Aquamarine. [ Sara Paxton - Sleepover,]. When Hayley [ Jojo - R.V.] has to move Clair [ Emma Roberts - Unfabulous] is so upset. Clair lost her parents, they had died in water. That was Clair's fear - Water. When Clair falls into water, she sees something [ Aquamarine!]! At night the girls go out to see what it was. And then they found Aquamarine! Aquamarine says she need to find love. If she dosen't find love, her father says she has to marry a man. Aquamarine dosen't want to marry him! What will happen next? See Aquamarine!


    Emma Roberts: I love her! She is amazing! She did a great job with her character! If you like Unfabulous, you'll love her in this movie!! amazing job Emma!! Really, the show is Unfabulous, but Emma i think your Fabulous!!

    Jojo: Jojo is awesome! Her music totally rocks, and so does her acting!! Totally awesome Jojo!! Neat movie, Fabulous job!
    Great job!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sara Paxton: My fave girl, she is beautiful, and she is amazing! I love her! Her voice when she sings is just Beautiful!!!!!!!!! And her acting is well, I have never seen anyone do better!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope she does more movies!!

    DVD: I have heard this movie is coming out on DVD on June 13th or June 20th, whenever it is, i'm buying it first day it comes out on DVD!!!!!!!

    See this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for taking time to read my review! ...more info
  • It was the night Australia came to a standstill.....
    Sassy. Fresh. Hilarious. Denim. Non-Sea Witches.
    Just a few words to describe a party I went to.
    But AquaMarine is, arguably, the best movie ever.
    If you were to argue with Mark Viduka, Australian Soccer Star.

    I watched this at a sleepover with young lady friends of mine to delightful applause from everyone, except for Lucy who went home sick. Full of Pizza!

    The acting snap, crackles n pops with over 4 Australian supporting actors. The uproarious Shaun Micallef blew our socks off at his brilliantly different take on a Weatherman. Hilarious?
    You bet, Johnny. Johnny Farnham, who was not in the movie sadly.

    I like JoJo. Says Jess.
    Oh, did I say JoJo? I meant Lindsay Lohan.
    Shes not in this movie Jess.
    Opps, my mistake.

    I liked the Mermaid. It reminded me of that movie where the mermaid wants to be "part of our world" and dreams of no longer living "under the sea" to find her true love on land. I think it was called The Shaggy Dog, either way, its lovely.

    Lovely and wet like all undersea adventures.

    Did you hear Fran got married?
    She sure did.

    5 stars.
    3 from Jess only because she thought Lindsay Lohan may have been in it.

    ...more info
  • Aquamarine
    My daughter is six and we first saw this movie at the theater when it came out. We loved it and what a great movie for a Mom and daughter to watch together. Normally my daughter squirms in her seat at the movies, Aquamarine kept her attention the entire length of the movie. Because we liked it so much, I bought the DVD and am very happy that I did. It offers everything for a young girl; humor, young romance, friendship and even a spoiled villian to dislike.
    ...more info
  • Please enter a title for your review
    I remember reading something to the effect that Jessica Bendinger was unhappy with the final version of this movie because it went through so many rewrites, so I rented it reluctantly, but I think it's just as entertaining as Stick It. The teen movie conventions of crushes, backstabbing, and game-playing are good-naturedly satirized and the mermaid delivers lots of great My Stepmother Is An Alien type lines while she tries to make sense of humans. ...more info
  • You won't want to throw this one back
    Yeah, yeah, it's basically a girls' movie, but I still enjoyed Aquamarine. As far as mermaid movies go, you don't expect to find a lot of substance, so this film came as a really nice surprise to me. Formulaic or not, this movie is all about friendship, family, overcoming your fears, and the true nature of love. It never devolves into anything silly, either, which is why I think just about anyone would enjoy spending time with Aquamarine.

    Best friends Claire (Emma Roberts) and Hailey (Joanna "JoJo" Levesque) are entering the late stages of what may be their last summer together, as Hailey and her mom are about to move all the way to Australia. There's still time for them to wallow in their mutual crush for lifeguard Raymond (Jake McDorman), comb through magazines to learn everything they can learn about boys, and just enjoy spending time together at the beach, but they can no longer pretend that Hailey won't be leaving. They both yearn for a miracle that will keep them from having to say goodbye to each other all too soon. And sure enough, a miracle turns up right at the bottom of their pool, courtesy of a powerful storm. That would be Aquamarine (Sara Paxton), the world's hottest mermaid, who has run away (actually, I guess she swam away) from home to avoid marrying a merman she cares nothing about. She has three days to prove that love actually exists - only then will her father call off the arranged wedding. Claire and Hailey, with all the knowledge of romance they have gleamed from teen magazines and Cosmo, are more than eager to help her in her quest - especially since Aquamarine has the power to grant them one wish if they succeed in helping her.

    Luckily, mermaids can change their tails into legs during the daylight hours, so Claire and Hailey can easily pass Aquamarine off as a friend of theirs. They are initially disheartened when she picks Raymond to fall in love with, but friendship is thicker than schoolgirl crushes. They actually make pretty darn good romantic coaches, but the fact that Aquamarine is gorgeous also helps her catch Raymond's eye - despite her sometimes odd behavior. Even still, it's no walk in the park. Aquamarine basically goes through the whole cycle of love in three days - the whole tell-tale giddiness and confusion, the heartbreak of mixed signals and possible rejection, the first kiss, etc. - and even the jealous rage of the snobby rich girl who thinks Raymond belongs to her.

    But will Raymond fall in love with Aquamarine in such a short period of time? And will the stress of it all strike a wedge between Claire and Hailey? I won't answer these questions, but I will say the film manages to tell this fanciful story with focus, integrity, and - most importantly - a lot of heart. Actual truths are learned here, as the two girls overcome some of their own personal fears and really grow as human beings as a direct result of Aquamarine's influence on their lives. Obviously, I think Aquamarine is a great film, and not just for young teenaged girls (although they will identify particularly well with the story). You don't find many wholesome, genuinely funny comedies around these days....more info
  • Aquamarine: Excellent Movie
    When I saw this movie for the first time I loved it and decided to buy it from Amazon. I see this movie everyday with my little niece who loves the movie too. I recomended this movie to everyone who love mermaids, love and the laugh. The actress; Emma Roberts, Sara Paxton and JoJo are incredible. Great movie! Yelitz...more info
  • Pretty Corny
    This movie will appeal to children, however, adults will find it pretty corny. Shocker! Looking for good family fun without the normal trash you see these days, it is a good movie. Plot is weak, but hey its for kids....more info
  • Excellent!
    From the moment I saw a preview for this movie, I knew that it was going to be pretty good. This movie was an awesome movie of myth, fantasy and reality mixed together, which was what made it so enjoyable. It was funny, especially those starfish earrings! They really were suck-ups. If they ever hit the shelves, I'll be buying them! Somebody can really make millions off of those earrings. lol I really liked this movie because it stressed the value of friendship. It proved that friends are more important than guys, which is really true. The only thing I would have changed about the movie was Hailey moving. Other than that, it was a great movie. I loved Aquamarine's innocent appeal. It was so cute and funny. And in the end, girls like Cecilia do get their payback, except maybe not that bad. =) This is definitely a movie worth seeing, even in theaters. I may even buy it when it comes out on DVD. I hope they make a sequel to this movie. It was a really clever movie. I hope to see more movies like that. The movie left me wishing there were mermaids in real ...more info
  • aquamarine
    Aquamarine this item said in the inquiry "like a new" i differ because it's have a various segment frozen, i need to change this movie. please let me know...more info
  • bought this for my niece
    My niece is 8 years old and just loves this movie. It has been on TV but she loves it so much I decided to buy her her own copy. My daughter who is 19 also seems to like this movie. I think they both secrectly want to be mermaids....more info
  • Aquamarine
    I just saw it yesterday!!!!!!!!!! It was great! I loved it. If you like mermaids, then you should see this. It is very funny and very sweet. There were very funny scenes....more info
  • Unexpectedly great!
    This is a shockingly good movie! The acting is great from Emma Roberts, Sara Paxton and (*mega-gasp*) Jojo! The story never has boring or empty parts and there's a really great message to be heard about love and friendship. Also, it's actually really funny! This is a perfect movie for young teens to watch with friends and even mom! Very worth the money to buy or rent....more info
  • Fantasy
    Great video for the young ones. I bought this for my 8 year old granddaughter and she loves it!...more info
  • Surprisingly sweet, and funny!
    I saw Aquamarine not hoping for much other than to have something to fill an hour or two as my broken foot healed. I was completely blown away by this movie. It is an adorable comedy that is just fun to watch. It never takes its self too seriously which makes it so enjoyable. The movie is about 2 girls, Claire and Hailey. Both are boy-crazed and crushing on the local lifeguard, Raymond. There are many issues they try to cope with such as Hailey having to move to Austrailia at the end of summer and Claire having to start 7th grade alone. They meet Aquamarine after a huge storm and have to help her charm Ray into falling in love with her. Aquamarine brings excitement into their lives and helps them deal with some deeper issues the girls have. Claire confronts Cecila the 'bitch' and breaks out of her shy-girl shell. She also deals with her parents death as Aqua tells her 'Your parents wouldnt want you to fear life. They'd want you to be friends with it.' She helps Hailey find out who she is as a person. 'Why go through life unnoticed?' Hailey also reflects on her parents divorce over her fathers infidelity, while helping Aqua find love.
    This movie is more than just a warm and fuzzy chick flick. I think it is a great description of what true friendship is. Aqua helps both girls realize that while obsessively swooning over a cute guy and constantly being burried in how-to-get-guys magazines they were missing out on life. I really recomend this movie to anyone who has maybe wanted to see it but not 100% sure. I think all the girls in it are great and it will really surprise you! ...more info
  • Wonderful Pre-Teen/Early Teen Flick
    Demographically speaking, "Aquamarine" has a clearly defined target audience. Young girls from the ages five through fifteen will think that this is the greatest movie ever. For the rest of us, meaning anyone over the age of fifteen, this is still a pretty cute film with likeable characters and decent acting.

    The story goes like this: Two young friends are about to be worlds apart when one of them's mother gets a grant to work in Australia. They pray to the weather gods in typical silly sleepover fashion in hopes to remain together. Luckily, a mermaid washes up in the local public pool and agrees to grant them their wish if they can help her prove that love exists by getting the local lifeguard dreamboat to fall in love with her.

    Sounds sort of silly, right? Well, it is, but not so silly that this flick is unwatchable. The three lead actresses, Emma Roberts, JoJo, and Sara Paxton, are all very likeable. Roberts and JoJo convincingly play best friends who are afraid of losing each other. JoJo can be accused of over-acting at times, but both she and Roberts do very well in the acting department. Arielle Kebbel plays the local mean/popular/spoiled girl that frequents films like this. Jake McDorman plays heartthrob Ray, the apple of the mermaid's eye. The real standout here, however, is Sara Paxton as the title character. She's a lovely young lady who can pull off goofiness with pure Cameron Diaz flair. Her character goes from snappy princess to giddy teenager with the flip of a switch.

    The story moves at a decent pace, and the special effects are actually pretty good too. There are a couple of "girly" montages that include a trip to the mall and studying teen magazines that did sort of grate my elder nerves, but I survived through them and the film was worth it in the end. This whole film plays out with a sugary sweet charm that's expected of films of this nature.

    Overall, I'd have to say that this flick is a safe bet for anyone who's hosting a sleepover party for their young daughter and her friends. Another decent flick for this demographic is the conveniently titled "Sleepover," which also features Sara Paxton, who plays the mean/popular/spoiled girl opposite "Spy Kids" alum, Alexa Vega.

    Highly recommended to anyone who falls in or has family members in the five to fifteen demographic, or anyone who enjoys sweet and silly teen romances....more info
  • 4 Kids, 5 to 11, Did Not Enjoy !
    Our kids thought this movie was a poorly done Little Mermaid rip-off. Despite the hype, Aquamarine is nowhere near Princess Diraris. Don't waste your family's time!...more info
  • Great move Funny
    I just loved this move. It's one that you can look at it over and over. Thank you...more info
  • Cute and clever
    I took my kids to see this last night and while they enjoyed it, especially my daughter, I have to admit that it was much better than most "family" films that have been coming down the pike lately. Let's face it, the filmmakers weren't out for a sweeping drama that would leave you awestruck, they intended to entertain a younger audience, while not lulling the parents to sleep. And this they accomplished.

    It wasn't as good a movie as 8 Below to ME, but my kids liked it better.

    And on a side note, the theater was packed with hundreds of 10-14 year-old girls who loved it as well....more info
  • My Favorite Movie of 2006, so far!
    I thought they don't make adorable movies like these anymore! Two girls' friendship is threatened when one's mom is moving because of her career. The discovery of a mermaid, and the push to help her find love in two days brings them together. Emma Roberts and Jojo are just darling together, and the notion of friendship as love is a very important one. The subtle message of finding love by following all the fashion advice columns in fashion magazines vs. actual human love is a great lesson that we should all pick up on in our youth. ...more info
  • SOOOOOOO Good!
    When I first rented this movie I thought "O Boy!" But after I saw it the first time I fell in love with it! I must have watched it 4 times! I highly recomend this for girls everywhere! I also recomend you buy the Aquamarine soundtrack with it. Emma Roberts and JoJo are soooooo good in this! Sara Paxton is very easy to like. Please watch this at least once and you are garenteed to fall in love with it as I did....more info