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Go-Go Kidz Travelmate
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Product Description

Go-Go Babyz makes traveling with toddlers a breeze with the new gogo Kidz Travelmate. The gogo Kidz Travelmate is a convenient and safe attachment for your car seat. Instead of carrying your car seat and child through the airport, you can wheel them! It is a must-have for parents traveling with toddlers.


  • Keeps one hand free
  • Lays flat in the trunk or backseat of the car
  • Weighs only 5 lbs
  • Wide wheels provide stability
  • Telescopic handle extends from a compact 28" to 47.5 and 50.5" for easy handling
  • Eliminates the need to hand carry, rent or borrow a car seat at your final destination
  • Easily lifted into shuttles or trams
  • Weight limit is the same as car seat manufacturer standard

Airplane travel with a toddler can be a challenge, but with the Go-Go Kidz TravelMate, navigating the airport becomes a piece of cake. The TravelMate is a car seat attachment that allows it to be wheeled with ease through the airport, with your child safely belted in. So, rather than carrying your child on one arm and a bulky car seat on the other, you can breeze through the airport with less hassle. It is designed for use with most convertible or toddler car seats, for babies and children up to 50 pounds.

The Go Go Kidz TravelMate offers:
  • Easy car seat attachment makes traveling with toddlers easy
  • Lightweight, compact design won't cramp your travel style
  • Compatible with most widely available convertible or toddler car seats

The Go-Go Kidz TravelMate is compatible with a variety of convertible/toddler car seats.
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How It Works
The Go-Go Kidz TravelMate quickly and easily attaches to most convertible or toddler car seats. It has 5-inch wheels and a telescopic handle for easily wheeling your child in his or her car seat. Since the FAA strongly recommends that children under 40 pounds use a car seat for air travel, the TravelMate saves you the hassle of hauling your car seat -- and your active toddler, plus all your gear -- through the airport. The TravelMate's wheels detach easily for passing through airport security X-ray machines. The handle features four-position adjustability, ranging from 28 inches to 50-1/2 inches for maximum versatility. And at only five pounds, the TravelMate won't bog you down if you're trying to travel light. In fact, it makes a compact package: it folds flat for easy storage, measuring just 28 x 17 x 5 inches (H x L x W) when closed and 50-1/2 x 17 x 5 inches (H x L x W) when open.

Safe and Secure
You can rest assured that your child will be safe and comfortable while you whiz through the airport with your TravelMate. Its wide, rubber wheels provide a stable, smooth ride, and it is designed for compatibility with most widely available car seat models.

Award-Winning Innovation
The Go-Go Kidz TravelMate has received many awards, including the 2006 JPMA Innovation Award; the iParenting Media Award for Greatest Products of 2006; the Best Product of the Year for 2006 from Fit Pregnancy; and the Preemie Cool Stuff Award.

Go-Go Kidz TravelMate Compatibility
The Go-Go Kidz TravelMate is compatible with most widely available car seats, including:
  • Britax (Advantage, Boulevard Decathlon, Diplomat, Freeway (UK Version), Marathon, Regent, Roundabout, and Wizard)
  • Cosco (Alpha Elite Apex Booster, Alpha Lux Convertible, Alpha Omega, Alpha Omega Elite, Alpha Sport Vantage Booster, High Back Booster, and Summit High Back).
  • Eddie Bauer (Deluxe 3 in 1 Convertible, High Back Booster, and Summit Booster)
  • Evenflo (Big Kid Booster Car Seat, Chase LX, Generations Booster, Harness Booster seat, Titan Deluxe , Titan V, Tribute VLX, Tribute 5 Delux, Triumph, Triumph Advanced LX, Triumph Advanced DLX, and Vanguard)
  • Fisher-Price SafeVoyage
  • Graco (ComfortSport, Nautilus 3-in-1, Platinum Cargo Booster, Toddler SafeSeat (step 2), and Treasured CarGo)
  • Maxi Cosi Priori
  • Recaro Como Convertible
  • Safety 1st (3-Phase and Enspira)
  • Sunshine Kids (Radian 65 and Radian 80)

  • Note: the TravelMate is not compatible with the following seats: Britax Parkway Booster; Combi Koluk High back booster; Cosco Scenera; Graco Turbo Booster; Safety 1st Intera; and Recaro.

    • New ratcheting, quick-release strap, Easy to attach and remove in just seconds
    • Lightweight: weighs only 5 lbs, Compact: 5” deep, 17” wide, 28” high
    • Telescoping handle with four positions, from a compact 28" to 50.5" for easy handling
    • Attaches to most car seats for children up to 50 lbs
    • 5 inch, rubber wheels, the gogo Kidz Travelmate provides a smooth ride

    Customer Reviews:

    • We love it!
      I saw this advertised in a baby magazine and cut it out. When we were planning our trip to California and would be in two airports, I found the clipping. We ordered it and just used it in the Atlanta airport and LAX and it was WONDERFUL!!! It rolls very well and strapped on easily to our Eddie Bauer car seat. We kept it attached to the car seat and checked it plane side. It was great to be able to just put our daughter in the seat and strap her in and go. I highly recommend it to anyone! We didn't have to bring a stroller, which made for less things that we had to carry in the airport. Plus you don't have a baby moving around in your arms while you're carrying everything else. We also got a lot of comments on it. ...more info
    • Promotes airport bickering because it's so hard to put on
      Though it works as advertised, to put it on, it takes 7 minutes, uses both hands and puts your body in awkward position. This lack of ease makes you re-think each and every time about whether you want to put the wheels on.

      Plus, it's a product that provokes aiport bickering with your spouse.
      "We should put the wheels on."
      "No, not yet, because we'll need to take them off again when we get to the taxi."
      "Yes, I know, but we're walking miles before we get there."
      "They are such a pain to put on. I'd rather not put them on. I'll just carry it."
      Result: we now had another thing to carry -- those durn wheels.

      Note: our car seat, (and probably yours, too) is too wide to be wheeled through the aisles of airplanes. You generally will have to lift it up over your head, using both hands. If you have these wheels attached at that time, you'll be dealing with the heavy carseat plus a handle that pops out unexpectedly.

      I'd return this expensive product in a heartbeat, but it's been too long.
      ...more info
    • Use with Britax Roundabout fits through security scanner
      I have the Go Go Kidz carseat attachment thing and have used it NUMEROUS times for air travel through probably 10 different airports' security. I absolutely LOVE it and get stopped multiple times each time with people asking about it. It's awesome because you can attach it easily (very easy but takes probably 3 minutes because you have to get the long bolts through) with the kid still in the seat, my daughter loves it, and it all stays together when it goes through the security scanner. I have gone through approximately 10 different airports' security scanners and all were able to fit my Britax Roundabout with it still attached. The Britax Roundabout is a little shorter than the Marathon. We use it in my husband's car and for travel. Still just as comfy for my 2 1/2 year old daughter as the Marathon. You can use it from newborn till your kid is 40" tall and 40 lbs (Marathon can be used till 49" tall). Might consider this combo for those of you having problems with the security scanner. I never have to remove the carseat from the wheels to get it to fit through. I take the kid out at the security belt, walk through the security scanner, pick up the carseat from the belt with one hand and put it down to easily strap my daughter back in. She's then secure while I collect whatever else I have. I also wrap the overstuffed diaper bag around the handle and it "sits" on the top of the carseat (like you might use the strap at the top of a wheeled suitcase to hold an additional bag) so I don't have to carry it on my shoulder. That leaves my shoulder free for a duffle type bag with a padded shoulder strap. Also, you can push OR pull the carseat on those Go Go wheels very easily. I actually manage very easily to get from East Bumble Parking Lot/Garage (walking the whole way or loading on and off a bus) by pushing her in front of me and pulling a large wheeled suitcase to the ticket counter. I can also pull her in one hand and another wheeled bag in the other. The Go Go Kidz thing is much more maneuverable and wheels much more easily than a suitcase. My favorite thing: my daughter goes to sleep in it when she won't in a stroller or on a plane. I take her to the most remote area of the airport where we have a layover and push or pull her down the long stretches between the moving sidewalks till she goes to sleep. I just circle around at the end and keep lapping. She falls asleep and gets the much-needed nap and I get a little exercise and time to stretch my legs. PRICELESS....more info
    • Great Idea
      I just bought this product a month ago for my recent trip alone with my 1 yr old. It does work great and makes walking through the airport much easier. I never unscrewed it at the security screening because I just asked them to take it and wand it. I never left it as an option to unscrew it. They won't make you do it. Just tell them it doesn't fit and continue with your screening process. The only problem with this product is that once on the airplane (does not fit down the aisle)the seat will not recline at all. It has to sit straight up if still attached to the product. So I unscrewed one side and unattached the whole thing so that I could recline my child and she could sleep. I tried to screw it back on and re-attach it once we landed and while she was still in her seat before de-planing. It was such a hassle at that point. I was sweating! If they could find a way for it to attach faster, then it would be PERFECT. Until then, I do recommend buying it, but just practice your method before traveling. ...more info
    • great travel gadget--one less thing to bring!
      I just purchased this from BRU for a trip we were taking and I was very skeptical. I have purchased many "convenience" items for myself in the hopes of making things easy and usually I kick myself for it because it was a waste. I have a 19 month old and a 3.5 year old. The 3.5 year old is old enough to walk with us and to sit in the airplane seat without a car seat but not the 19 month old. Taking our stroller AND the car seat AND the carry ons has proven to be a pain in the past. When I saw this in the store I decided to try it out since we decided that ultimately we didn't need our stroller where we were going. It was a GODSEND!! my daughter loved sitting in it while we checked in and moved about the airport and got angry every time my older daughter tried to get in it since it was HER seat. It was so easy to maneuver around--much better than the stroller and it turned on a dime. My husband attached the seat to the device and this is why it doesn't get 5 stars. as great of a product I think this is, I think there should be an easier way to attach the thing to the seat like a snap on device or something. right now there is a bar that goes on the seat and then screws on to the platform. It's not complicated just takes a few minutes and that can be an issue when you're catching a flight. you just have to plan for it. I suppose this makes it super secure which is more important when lugging your child around but I still wish it were easier and faster.

      In spite of this, I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs to take their car seat on the plane for their child especially if you don't really need your stroller at your destination because if you get stuck, ultimately you could use it as a stroller too....more info
    • Seriously poor design
      This device is basically a set of wheels and a handle which you attach to your infant car seat. The first version would not easily fit through x-ray machines so they came out with a version with "removable wheels". The problem is that the removable wheels are always falling off at the most inconvenient times. This poor design is combined with the ridiculous price makes this product a waste of time and money....more info
    • Made my plane trip easier
      I purchased this for a recent plane trip with my 18-month old. I was deciding between this product and the CARES harness. I'm glad I decided on buying this product instead of the harness since I think the flight went much smoother with my son in a carseat. I had an extra seat for him and he behaved well in the carseat. I think if he had been in the harness he would have found a way to wiggle out of it, and I also don't think it would have been nearly as comfortable as his carseat.

      This also made it easy to get around in the airport - the wheels glide effortlessly, and I love the fact that the pull handle can adjust to different heights (since I am short and my husband is tall).

      The wheels are easily removed which was great since it meant that I didn't have to remove the whole thing from the carseat to put it in the plane. I just popped the wheels off and strapped the carseat onto the plane. However even with the wheels off it did not fit in any x-ray machine at security, so I had them hand check it (which only took 2 minutes).

      Overall I would highly recommend this for any parent who decides to take their carseat with them on the plane....more info
    • Traveling car seat holder
      Gogo Babyz Travelmate
      I only wish I had purchased this product sooner! We recently went on a trip and the Gogo Babyz Travelmate was a lifesaver! It simply attaches to the carseat you already have and then you can pull your child through the airport (almost like a stroller). This way we didn't have to push a stroller and carry a carseat. We simply checked the stroller and pushed our child in the carseat using the Gogo Babyz attachment. When you're on the airplane or in your car you don't have to take off the attachment it simply slides down out of the way.
      The only thing that was a little tricky is the handle. It takes some time getting use to locking it in place....more info
    • Did what we needed for.
      We purchased this item a year ago for a trip to South Africa. It worked great for us since we were taking the seat on the plane. But the big thing for us was at security having to take it off to go through the scanner was a big pain. The other issue we had was when we had to make a connection, having to stop to put it back together before running across the airport was not ideal. The only time my daughter sat in it was on the way home standing in line to check-in, which we ended up checking the whole thing on the way home since she never sat in the carseat on the plane either.

      We did get a lot of questions about it, and my husband did feel bad for all those dads we saw carrying carseats through the airport. But in the long run we decided it was not needed for our travels since our daughter perfers to sit in the seat. Ended up selling it on Ebay!...more info
    • Life Saver!
      I never realized how difficult it is traveling with a baby! The Go Go Kidz TravelMate was extremely helpful when moving around the airport. A couple of improvements could help much. Making the handle collapse further down so you can store the car seat in a travel bag without detaching the TravelMate, and a better mechanism to attach the TravelMate to the car seat being that too many pieces are involved and during the grind of attaching and detaching during travel (some airports may make you take it apart to pass security) you could lose a piece....more info
    • Awesome product
      I purchased this product for our recent vacation and it worked wonderfully on our Britax Boulevard car seat. Attaching the Travelmate was easy and quick and it was great to wheel my daughter through the airport and not have to hold her hand while carrying the heavy car seat. I highly recommend this product to all who travel with young children....more info
    • traveling with car seat
      works great as a stroller when you have to travel with car seat.
      Kind of a pain to unscrew from car seat but wheels come off really easy...more info
    • A must-have piece of toddler travel gear.
      This product is so easy to use; even my husband, who has very little patience and inclination for reading directions, found it easy to use both on and off the plane. I can't imagine hauling the car seat through the airport without it. I highly recommend the TravelMate to anyone attempting airline travel with a toddler.

      An added bonus is the Go Go Kidz' incredible customer service. When I received my order, I thought the retractable arm was faulty (it turns out I should read the directions, too), so I called the company for a replacement part. I was assisted promptly with no hassle, and they even overnighted the part which arrived the day before my flight. Great job, guys!...more info
    • Great
      Super! totally worth the money. We have used it twice and it has made traveling through the airport with car seats and two kids so much better. We have been stopped at least ten times for people to ask us about this....more info
    • Great product for traveling...
      We bought this to take our son on his first birthday trip. It was invaluable for wheeling him around the airport. Taking it off and on was very easy, which is good, because it really does need to be removed before the seat can easily fit on an airline seat.

      Our only complaint was that it couldn't be wheeled down the aisle of the airplane, but that's more the fault of our giant Britax car seat....more info
      On 4/25/09 I purchased the Go Go Kidz TravelMate in Black/ Orange from, after reading bad reviews on the product, but figured I'd give it a try anyways. Seemed pretty good when I got it. I just followed the instructions for assembly then off to the airport we went. When we arrived at the airport, I followed all instructions and everything went very well--until the security checkpoint. TSA required me to dislodge the Go Go Kidz TravelMate from our Britax car seat--no problem--or so I thought. Until I couldn't get it off. The tether-like device would not come open per how to do it in the instruction manual. TSA officials said they'd seen these devices before and would try to help me. This failed. They had to cut the Go Go Kidz TravelMate off of my childs car seat. Not only did this completely ruin the Go Go Kidz TravelMate that I paid $80.00 for, but I was also stuck at the airport with my 5 month old child, a huge car seat, and an unfortunate way to get to my gate and on to my plane. I am very disappointed in this product. ...more info
    • Updated Version Review
      My wife and I just got back from our first trip while using the TravelMate with my son. Based on the reviews I had read previously I knew that this product had some problems but thought that it was still worth a shot. I was pleased to see that my TravelMate had the improvements that other reviewers asked for. The wheels now easily come off with a clip! In addition the car seat is now attached to the TravelMate with a ratcheting belt which made hooking and unhooking the product extremely easy. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to travel with their kids. My son loved riding on it through the airport and having the carseat on the plane made him much more comfortable while flying.

      -easy to take off wheels with clip
      -easy ratchet mechanism to attach car seat
      -great for rolling through airport

      -None, except that though the product can be rolled down a plane's aisle most car seats will not so you must carry (not the fault of the product, but keep in mind)...more info
    • Great idea, okay execution
      I fly with my kids about 20x year. This product is a great idea for bringing the car seat along, but the whole process of attaching and detaching the travelmate takes too long! It connects to the car seat by positioning a plate with two very long screws, which takes about 5-10 minutes. It's absolutely impossible to do with a child asleep in the seat.

      If the car seat could either be installed with the travelmate attached or if there were some faster way to snap it on instead of using screws, it would be perfect. It's pricey for what it is, but still the best option for travel with a toddler seat which is why I give it 4 stars and will probably buy a second one now that my son is outgrowing his infant seat.....more info
    • Great Product!
      These wheels attached easily to our Britax Boulevard. It made our trip easy since we had one for each of our children (ages 2 and 9 months) and we were able to just wheel them through the airport! We have used these a few times and some airlines have skinnier aisles than others. A word of advice would be to always pre-board if you will be using the seats on the plane. That way if the seat doesn't fit down the aisle you will be able to make a couple of trips (one for the child and one for the seat). Otherwise most airlines will allow you to check the seat at the gate. These make it so simple to bring your car seats with you on trips. (You won't have to worry about the seat being abused if checked with the baggage, and you won't have to worry about renting one at your destination). I will be using these every time we travel!...more info
    • Hopeful
      I haven't actually used it for traveling yet, but I put it together and did a test run in our living room. My son (almost 1 year old) thought it was great. My only complaint so far was that there were two sets of instructions that came with it and they had conflicting directions. We still managed to get it put together with minimal difficulty. I'm hopeful that this product is exactly what I'll need while I travel back and forth between the grandparents' houses....more info
    • Works with First Years True Fit
      We're taking a trip where we will need our son's car seat. He uses the True Fit by First Years. We love his car seat but it is pretty huge and would have been a pain to try and carry around the airport. I saw this online, then again at BabiesRUs. I noticed that our car seat wasn't listed, but figured that I could always return it if I couldn't get it to work. After lots of work I found that this does work with First Years' True Fit.

      I'm not sure what model I have, but it has the snap off wheels. The holes for the screws were difficult for me to screw in, and my husband ultimately had to do it. The quick directions were pretty much worthless, so I had to just go with trial and error. And the screws do take some time to screw in and out, so I spent a good 20 mintues doing that alone. But I did discover how to attach it to our car seat, and once attached properly, it works magnificently!

      First, I had to make sure that the flip bar underneath the seat was moved towards the back so that I could put the supports underneath it. Next, after various attempts I discovered that if I thread the belt through the very bottom of the car seat it worked, but not if I thread it through the slots on the back. (See photo.) Finally, I had to make sure that the strap was as tight as I could get it.

      Our baby was a little worried when we first put him in to test it out, but really seemed to enjoy it. Although it was a pain to put on, and a pain to take off, we plan to leave it attached and just check it and the seat at the gate - in a bag of course. I gave it 4 stars because it looks like a great device. Our car seat will NEVER fit through the x-ray, so I don't think they will be asking us to take anything apart. I just hope the whole contraption fits into a travel bag....more info
    • Needs work - consider an alternative
      While it seemed like a great idea and technically it does work as claimed, you would be better off buying a smaller and/or lightweight car or booster seat.
      We just got back from our hawaii trip with our 16 month old son. Bought him his own plane seat and attached the TravelMate to his Britax Marathon. The initial trip into and through the airport was fine, then the problems started:
      1) The Marathon is admittedly big, but many are these days. It is too wide for the plane aisles so you cant just roll up to your airplane seat. Not the travelmates fault but too late to do anything at that point. I had to take my son out of the seat and lift the car seat over my head to get to our seats (of course we had other carry on luggage as well)
      2) Per other comments, getting the travelmate off the car seat was a royal pain, GET RID OF THE THUMB SCREWS!. HOWEVER - realized that you really dont need to take it off as the car seat fits in the airplane seat fine with the travelmate still on it (thanks for covering this in the instructions, NOT). Just ignore the fact that it pitches the kid forward so he is constantly kicking the seat in front of him.:)
      2a) the attachment plate makes snaking the seatbelt buckle through the seat a royal pain (as you are blocking the aisle and getting dirty looks)
      3)Same problem getting off the plane - seat was too wide to roll through the aisle, so had to give kid and carry-ons to wife while i hold seat over my head to get it off the plane.
      4) You may think you will use this as a stroller replacement but you wont. We ended up going to WalMart on the island and getting the $17.00 cosco stroller. It worked great, left it there.

      Repeat all above on return trip. argh.

      Had we known, I would have bought a smaller lightweight car seat or maybe just a good booster seat and then checked the stroller at the gate.

      Its enough of an adventure traveling with a child or two. While seemingly a cool idea I would pass on this piece of gear until they make substantial improvements....more info