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Martin - The Complete First Season
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Martin Lawrence (Bad Boys, Big Momma's House) plays Martin Payne, a brash radio personality who always speaks his mind, often to the frustration of Gina (Tisha Campbell), his feisty but eternally forgiving girlfriend. Always around are Martin's "hang out partners," Tommy, Cole, and Pam (Tichina Arnold), a co-worker of Gina's. Find out wazzup in the outrageous world of Martin.

DVD Features:
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It's a pleasure to be reminded, after years of increasingly lazy movie performances, that Martin Lawrence was once a hungry, crackling young comic. His 1990s sitcom Martin, in which Lawrence played a radio shock jock juggling the demands of his friends and his girlfriend, was nothing new--it's your basic "gee, men and women sure are different" setup with an African-American flavor. But Lawrence threw himself into the show with gusto. In addition to the central character of Martin Payne, Lawrence played Payne's mother, his trashy neighbor Sheneneh, pompous player Jerome, and numerous others, some of whom were integrated into the main stories, some of whom just appeared in stand-alone segments at the opening of the show. (Ironically, many of the show's fans are more enthusiastic about these side characters than about Martin Payne.) No one will ever accuse Lawrence of subtlety, but his reckless energy is undeniable. That, combined with a good supporting cast (including Trisha Campbell as Gina, his long-suffering girlfriend; Saturday Night Live's Garrett Morris as Stan, his penny-pinching boss; and Carl Anthony Payne II, Tomas Mikal Ford, and Tichina Arnold as Martin and Gina's friends), gave the show a solid dynamic that raised it above the often formulaic scripts. Martin: The Complete First Season includes all 27 episodes; the extras, unfortunately, are only a highlights feature and a standard blooper reel. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • It's about d@#$ time
    This is one of my alltime favorite sitcoms. I can still watch episodes over and over again and lmao off each time. Martin is a comical genius and this show showcased his many talents. ...more info
  • Love, Love, Love it.
    I've been waiting to see this on DVD...I'm so happy I got it. NYC has a channel that plays this at nights, but here in New Jerz we don't have that channel. The first episode it hilarious..and it keeps going. My fav. on this DVD has to be when Martin is the director of the talent show, and he lets it go to his head...And Gina singing "Push, you got to push"...LOL..too funny.....more info
  • My collection is complete!
    I began collecting DVDs in 1996. To date I have well over 2500. My wife feels that I am going overboard, but never really complains while we snuggle up to watch the newest addition. I have always told her that when they put Martin out on DVD I will close up shop. The other reviewers say it all. Martin is here, and the world is a much better place. My wife grabbed this up the day it came out and made sure I knew it was time to put down the shopping mouse. Too bad dear, I'm still collecting on the LOW.......more info
  • Every episode is worth your time!
    Everyone from the Prince of Wales to the janitors at your middle school have seen at least one episode of Martin, and, if they have any type of sense of humor, they probably have seen more than one episode. Out of its five seasons, season one is one of the best. Martin is hilarious, but he didn't stop there. He dressed up as an old woman (who played his mother), a ghetto girl (his neighbor), a wanna be pimp (Jerome), a bad, snot-nosed child (Roscoe), and a cool, white co-worker (Bob.)

    Martin Payne is a radio host with a cocky personality. The main characters are he and his intelligent, down-to-earth girlfriend Gina, her snobby, smart-mouthed best friend, Pam, and Martin's best friends, Cole and Tommy. In this season, we see the gang share a Jeep, Martin and Gina go at it on live radio, Jerome and Pam date, Martin become angry because Gina makes more money than him, and so much more!

    I highly recommend this DVD because its hilarious, and who doesn't enjoy a laugh sometimes? Easily 5 stars.
    ...more info
  • Martin
    This was Bbirthday gift for my son-in-law from my grandson. I purchased the item for him. I can't rate this item fairly since I have not seen the DVD....more info
  • Martin- Season 1
    I love Martin. If I knew it was for sale, I would've bought it a long time ago. Having it on DVD is much better than having it on VHS. Thank you info
  • You GO, boy!
    When I first saw that Martin was coming to dvd, I laughed and wondered, 'Who would buy these?!' After not seeing an episode in years, I rented the dvds off Netflix and now there's no turning back. I was in elementary school when the show first aired but now as an adult this show is still hysterical. I love all of the characters and situations that arise in each episode. Martin Lawrence brings the viewer laugh after laugh with his crazy antics and even crazier alter-ego's.

    Not only are the episodes funny, but a lot of them are true to life. I'm sure everybody has been through some of the same relationship problems that Martin and Gina have faced, and I'm sure all of us have a Cole in our lives, you know, that guy who just can't move out of his moms house. This show is a lot of fun and I'm glad I rediscovered it. That's wazzup, wazzup, WAZZUP!...more info
  • It's about time!
    Ohh! I have been wondering for years when is this man going to come out with a DVd set of his series.Well I walked into this store and there it was.But I waited until Christmas time to buy it.Found out the store was not selling it any more.Then I found it on Martin reminds me so much of my first boyfriend.He was funny just like him.Made faces like him.I feel like a kid at Christmas!Thank you Martin Lawrence for putting this out on DVD.I have been waiting for years for this....more info
  • classic material
    I loved this show when it first came out. This collection of dvds is a classic example of how creative and funny television used to be. Before the reality show boom there was martin. Watching the show now is almost as funny as when I watched the show for the first time. I can't wait for the second season to be released because if memory serves me correctly it is just as funny as the first season. These dvds are highly recommended for your collection....more info
  • I've been waiting for this for years
    I have been waiting for Martin to be released on video for years. I love this show and the DVD is full of some of the funniest episodes that are a part of the series. If you love Martin you will love this item and if you've never seen it you should give it a chance. Hilarious!!!...more info
  • Must Have!
    If you are a Martin fan, then you will love Martin- The complete First Session. There are 4 disc with 7-8 episodes on each disc, and they are all funny. I cannot wait until the rest of the completed sessions are avaliable. This is a must have. ...more info
  • Still funny after all these years...
    "Martin," the self-titled sitcom that shot popular stand-up comedian Martin Lawrence to universal stardom still remains one of the funniest and best television situation comedies ever!
    The show first aired on Fox in 1992, but still draws huge laughs like its still airing today. Need proof?, TV-One airs it about 90 times a day because of the huge ratings it garners. This first season featured some classic episodes like "Forever Sheneneh," where resident ghetto chick Sheneneh Jenkins gives Kid of Kid-N-Play a date he will NEVER forget!, "Checks, Lies & Videotape," where Martin and Gina set up a corrupt minister (played by funny man David Alan Grier) who is stealing money from Martin's mother, Momma Payne, along with other church memebers for his personal financial gain. This season also featured the three-part episodes where Martin & Gina break-up and ultimately make-up (Martin singing "I Will Always Love You" still gets a chuckle).
    This disc is well worth your money. Sixteen years after its premiere, it is still just as funny as the days when it first started airing!...more info
  • Martin at his FINEST!
    I love this show, and now my children are hooked on it, as well!! Can't wait to get the second season!!...more info
  • Mixed Bag
    After the nostalgia wore off I realized many of the early episodes were more stupid that funny. Of course they have their bright spots like Moma Payne, King Beef, Gerome, Sheneneh etc. But all non-characters seemed weak in development. And it showed in their interaction with each other. So I was left waiting for the appearance of the next character played by Martin. The DVD set doesn't come into its own until the later half of the set. It seemed that the writers got their act together. The writers put everyone in their "spot". And no longer were the LOL moments restricted to Martin's characters. But the main cast provided just as much laughs. The future of the Martin DVD Collection does look bright for Season 2 when ever it's made. Because as Season one came to a close, the show was firing on all cylinders. If you were a fan like me and taped every episode to VHS when it aired, picking this up is a no brainier. If you were a little more causal about you Martin viewing, it's still recommend, there are still a lot of LOL moments in the set....more info
  • I am laughing just thinking about this show!
    This show got me through some really tough times. This DVD is priceless! Martin is a bona fide genius! When this show and 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' were on the air I truly enjoyed television. Now, I hate TV. Thank God for DVDs!...more info
  • hilarious
    make sure you dont have yur mouth full when you're watching, it will crack you up....more info
  • Classic Comedy
    Martin first seanson is the bomb.... He is a funny brotha and if anyone would like to just have a good laugh on a weekend afternoon of relaxation this is the comedy show for u... ...more info
  • Very pleased!
    It's worth the price in the amount of laughs you will have....more info
  • It's Been a Long Time Coming
    I love Martin Lawrence. He is one of the greatest comedians out there. I have been waiting for this DVD to come out for years. I found a "bootleg" copy of all seasons on ebay, but still had to have this one. I was a little disappointed in the extras/commentary/bloopers. I expected a lot more. I wanted to know more behind the scenes stuff and wanted Martin to comment on more of the episodes and characters. He sounded as if he didn't want to do the commentary which upset me greatly. Overall I still rate the DVD with 5 stars. This DVD turns my gray skies blue on any given day. Like I said, It's been a long time coming and I'm glad it's finally out. I am now waiting on the other 4 seasons. Where are they???????????????? ...more info
  • Martin Show
    It's about time!!! I can't wait for season 2, keep up the good work amazon and keep them comin....more info
  • Funnyman Martin!
    I'm so glad this show finally made it to DVD! It was one of the funniest shows on TV. I love all the characters - especially Sha na na! Enjoy!...more info
  • Love, Love, Love it.
    I've been waiting to see this on DVD...I'm so happy I got it. NYC has a channel that plays this at nights, but here in New Jerz we don't have that channel. The first episode it hilarious..and it keeps going. My fav. on this DVD has to be when Martin is the director of the talent show, and he lets it go to his head...And Gina singing "Push, you got to push"...LOL..too funny.....more info
  • Martin-The Complete First Season
    Excellent, can't wait for season 2 also very prompt delivery amazon is the greatest. ...more info
  • Love Martin
    I couldn't wait for Martin to come out on DVD. Everything works fine!!!...more info
  • Funny
    Funny as hell. Love Martin, can't wait for the other seasons to come out on DVD....more info
    I have been waiting a long time for Martin's shows to come out on DVD. Some of his greatest shows are in this First Season. Can't wait for the rest of the Seasons to be released on DVD!...more info
  • This is why the '90s ruled!
    Martin - The Complete First Season should be in everyone's dvd collection. What can I say about this hilarious, unpredictable, and edgy little show from 1992. Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell are truly talented actors, great show and outrageous characters created and portrayed by Lawrence himself. Definitely a great gift idea, I highly recommend this past time favorite. Enjoy!...more info
  • Love it!
    I COULD NOT WAIT for this show to come out on DVD. I kept checking and checking for years. I'm glad it finally here. This show is hilarious, and I love it. I can't wait for season 2 to come out, I already pre-ordered it!!!!!...more info
  • You Go Boy!
    Martin is the sitcom that I searched the internet for over and over again. When I found that Amazon had it, I was elated. Season 1 was the funniest season on Martin, but I will own the remainder seasons as they become available!...more info
  • WHUZZ UP!!!!!!!
    Its just the best comedy series ever and this season was just sweet man. I would give it ten stars instead of five stars. Just buy it man trust me the things you will see and hear will bring you to tears of joy.
    ...more info
  • WAZZUP!!
    All the episodes are there. All the subtitles are there. ALl the everything is there. Good first season start for a great show. Looking forward to the next season. ...more info
  • You go Martin!!
    It's about time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been a Martin Lawrence fan since he was on def comedy jam. I was ALWAYS looking for his seasons of Martin to come out on dvd and I could never find them. As soon as I got it at home I forgot how funny they were. I definately can't wait until the rest of the seasons come out. You go boy!!!...more info
  • I love It !!!!!!
    I am very pleased with my product. I haven't seen these episodes in a long time. But of courese, I'm a big fan of Martin's anyway. ...more info
  • LOVE Martin...
    This is a MUST have. You won't regret it. TOO FUNNY!!! and you can watch it over and over again. Can't wait for the second season to be released next week. It's definitely worth it!!! =)...more info
  • funny
    these episodes where really funny. i can't wait until the next season come out. i laughed alot...more info
  • Total Hysteria
    I have loved these particular episodes and used to tape them on vhs. Now I have this collection and will get the next season soon. The characters are just hilarious.

    ...more info
  • Funny
    I remember watching Martin when I was in junior high. I just had to buy the dvd and laugh all over again. After all this time Martin is still funny....more info
  • Fantastic. I LOVE Martin ;-o
    I barely remembered this show (because I grew up in New Zealand and we didn't get the whole series). From what I did remember, I knew I always laughed through it, but wanted to watch it again now as an adult. It is absolutely brilliant. Martin Lawrence is so funny and he plays different characters as if those characters were played by different actors. Shenaynay (I don't know how to spell it) is brilliant. I crack up every time after seeing her. I also love the coke-bottle glasses wearing security guard. Hilarious.
    My favourite episodes were the Halloween night (where they scare the daylights out of Martin), and the episode featuring Keith Washington who played Gina's ex boyfriend. The whole series is great and I am so glad I purchased this. If you are a fan of old school comedies, then you'll love this. It's so good....more info
  • Great review on Martin
    I have always loved his show and once I saw that Amazon had it and at a cheaper price I had to order a copy. I can not wait until the second season becomes available. ...more info
  • FINALLY!!!
    I have waited a long time for this. Martin is hands down one of THE BEST comedians of all time! This sitcom will keep you laughing!It amazes me how funny this man is. I am 29 years old so I was a teenager when Martin first came out and I loved it then but I didn't appreciate it until now. I still laugh at every episode as if I saw it for the first time. KUDOS to Martin and the entire cast! ...more info
  • A Must Have!
    This is the cure for what ails you! Martin will brighten up any day with laughter. My husband loves it and me for buying it for him!...more info
  • mar----in!
    great series!!brings back some good memories!! its pretty weird how u look at life and things differently as u get older. this show came out when i was a freshman in college. while i still found it funny i noticed a lot more things now that im older than i did back then.

    anyways, ill only be purchasing this season of martin only. the 2nd season and the remaining seasons, i didnt find too funny....more info
  • Good buy
    This series was just as hilarious as when I saw it for the first time..I plan on buying all 5 season..Nothing has changed, Martin is as funny as ever.. ...more info
  • Best 1990s sitcom; season one is the utimate
    Martin Lawrence in his peak. Hilarious characters, simple but funny plotlines. Sesason one is the best of all the seasons. In the later seasons they try to develop the storylines a little too much and the show becomes something it was never meant to be. Season one is just all out craziness, silliness and nonstop laughter!...more info
  • Martin, I'm your man...
    Waiting for the next 2 seasons to come out, I had been waiting for this DVD and the second season to come out for years. I actually got cable so I can watch Martin, but since I have my dvds, really don't need the cable :)The only thing is I dont think the episodes are in order, I could be wrong, and in the Episode that Cole was living with Martin, I remembered Cole was clipping his toenails and one of the hit Gina in the head. I also remember when Martin and Gina got into a fight,she said something about his mommas biscuits, that may have been left out too. But besides all of that. the show is awesome, I was also impressed with how quick it got here. It took about 4 days to get here. I actually have watched all of the first and second season, it took about a week to watch it, but it was the bome....more info