Giro Me2 Infant Bike Helmet (Red Duck, Duck Goose)
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Product Description

Even the youngest of riders deserve Giro protection. The Kids' Me2 Helmet combines proven safety design with fun graphics and parent-friendly features. The lightweight Microshell construction meets all ANSI standards, and the easily-adjustable Mini Loc system ensures a snug fit without pinching.

Product Features

  • Material: Microshell
  • Ventilation: 6 vents
  • Adjustability: Acu Dial
  • Weight: Not specified
  • Recommended Use: Mountain biking, road biking
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
  • 1 bicycle helmet
  • Microshell with built-in Bug Net
  • Mini Loc Fit System - 6 vents
  • Built-in Visor, Pinch-Proof buckle
  • 1 year

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for Infants!!!
    I first bought a Schwinn helmet for my baby at Target, which I was able to adjust snugly, but the back was pointed, which made it difficult for my baby's head to lay back in her bike seat, which in turn would cause the straps to practically choke her. I decided I needed to look elsewhere.

    I read some reviews of the Me2 helmet on other websites, and decided to try it out. When I got home, I adjusted it to fit her in minutes and it fit very securely and snugly (she is 9 months with a 45cm head circumference), and has a wonderful, adjustable knob to tighten it around the bottom of her skull, similar to my bike helmet. Another huge plus is the flat back so the baby can wear it in a high-back bike seat or trailer. It also has a brim in front which adds protection to her forehead.

    It is a little pricey, but definitely worth it for your child's safety. For an infant around 9 months who is just starting to wear a helmet, this is the place to start. I'm not sure how long she'll be able to wear it, but I'm excited about our many bike rides together....more info
  • Great fitting helmet
    This helmet fit our daughter at age 2 and now at age 3. I love the adjustable easy to turn nob on the back for a custom fit. This allowed our daughter to wear it last year and now this year at 3, which will probably be her last season in it. She does run small. ...more info
  • Great fit, design & protection
    Bought this helmet for my daughter when we wanted to take her in the bike trailer. I purchased it from a local bike shop for around $35. The Giro helmet seemed to be lighter weight & less clunky than the Bell and other kids helmets.

    She was a bit below the minimum head size but the helmet snugged right up. Only issue was riding in the trailer the helmet would push forward if she rested her head on the headrest.

    Now that she's about 8 months older it fits perfectly. She loves her helmet and insists on putting it on before we go for a ride. Ample vents keep her head cool on warm days. Have to love the pink bunnies too.

    [...]...more info
  • Very good buy
    This is the only helmet that I could find that would fit my 12 month old. It fits her very well. All of the other helmets would fall right off. It is a struggle to get on. She doesn't sit still long enough for me to adjust it. When I hook it I almost get hre chin caught in it. The only thing is that I wish it were easier to put on and ajust. It still is a very good purchase. Once the helmet is on it works very well....more info
  • Not pleased
    We bought this helmet for our 10 month old who rides in the kiddy seat behind my bike. When she leans back, the helmet flops down over her face like a face mask. It doesn't matter how tight we squeeze it, it's just never comfortable and always ends up over her face. We think this has to be more dangerous than riding without a helmet at all. We've looked into other companies and nobody seems to make a helmet designed to work well with child seats...more info
  • Great Helmet
    My baby is 8 months old, and although he certainly does NOT enjoy having the helmet put on his head, it fits comfortably and safely. It takes awhile to adjust it, and I suggest setting aside time for fitting it to the baby BEFORE you attempt to take him/her out as doing so right before you want to leave will only frustrate you and probably really aggravate the baby, thus lending to an unpleasant bike ride/jog. Helmet is lightweight and secure. I would recommend it to a friend, and I would also purchase another if I have another baby....more info
  • perfect for babies
    We bought this helmet for our six month old. It is very lightweight and fits his head just fine. It is so much fun being able to take him bike riding with us. I would recommend this helmet along with the iBert Safe-T front mounted child bicycle seat....more info
  • Just what we needed
    We bought the Giro me too helmet for our son who was 6 months old. It came with a few extra pads so we added them to the top to make the helmet sit a little higher on his head. It fits great, doesn't drop while riding, and he doesn't mind having it on. It is easily adjustable with the knob on the back. The straps were a little bit of work to get the initial fit but they will stay in place. It will grow with him and is of good quality so it was worth not getting a "dome of obedience" from wal mart. It was worth paying a little more to get a nice helmet to keep my son safe....more info
  • Great bike helmet for 13 month old!!
    I hemmed and hawed over which helmet to get out little guy. I chose this helmet and was worried it would not get small enough to fit his head securely (he's on the small side for his age - 13 months). But, the helmet adjusted easily - it fits him perfectly. We have gone on countless bike rides ( even in the FL heat) and he doesn't get to hot or mind the helmet at all. He doesn't try to take it off ( it is very light) and his head's not sweaty when I take the helmet off. I am so glad we chose this helmet. Also, the shape of the helmet sort of acts like a visor to keep the sun off my son's face (bonus!)....more info
  • Perfect for a 1 year old
    I visited several stores to find a helmet that would fit my one year old, with no luck. On the recommendation of a friend, I ordered this helmet and am very satisfied. While my son fights having a helmet on, it fits him perfectly, but does take a number of adjustments to get it right (which is quite a challenge when you don't have a willing participant!). Having just purchased helmets for my older children, this helmet compares in price to other full price helmets. Overall, I think this product fills the need for a quality helmet for infant or young toddler....more info
  • Cute Helmet
    I bought this helmet because it was the only infant helmet available locally at the time. However, although the price is a bit steep, when you take your childs safety into account, it's worth it. At first I had a bit of a problem figuring out how to fit it to a squirming toddler. But once I did figure it out, it's easy to adjust. I have now had it over a year, and it still going great. Deedee still loves her pink bunnies. It hasn't gotten used at much as I would have liked, but I'm glad that it's growing with her so we don't have to buy another one for her yet. I like that there are several cute designs to choose from. I have heard that it's better to have a smooth rounded back vs. a back that protrudes, however I can't say that I've noticed a difference. Both of my boys have Bell helmets that do protrude in the back, and they have never complained about it when riding in the trailer or in on of the infant seats. Although this is marketed as pinch free, expect that you will pinch your child once in a while. Especially if the chin strap is too tight. Still, it happens much less often than one the older style clips. Another eason I would reccomend this over a Bell is because of the dial in the back that tighten's/loosen's the strap to the perfect fit of the head without having adjust the chin strap. A child's Bell helmet doesn't have this feature....more info
  • Cute and Top Quality, Too
    I thought the duck was adorable and it fits well. The first time fitting it and putting it on was a bear, but now that my little guy associates it with going on a ride, we have no trouble. I would buy it again....more info
  • Great Helmet
    After looking everywhere for a helmet to fit my 14 month old son I googled helmets for babies and came across this one. We couldnt be happier with this product, it fits perfectly and is a good quality helmet. As always amazons service was terrific and we received the helmet within days of ordering it. The helmet took a little getting use to but the key is to put it on at the last minute.

    Great product......more info
  • really nice fit
    This the only infant bike helmet that I found that would fit my 6 month old baby's head
    We started on the smallest setting and it was perfect.We will be able to use this helmet for quite awhile
    It is light wieght and has a really nice clasp

    I really like this helmet...more info
  • Good decision
    When I first received the helmet I thought to myself that it did not look as cute as it did on the website but the moment I put it on my 13 month boy it looked absoluletly adorable. The fit was good , the straps easy to adjust and the padding looked generous. My son who normally throws down any cap on his head never complains when I put the helmet on. I do not ever see him fidget with it except on the occassional chew on the straps. The strap have a nice curvature on the buckle so it does not poke him under the chin. Overall I am happy I purchased this product along with the ibert bike seat . It did seem pricey at first but since I get good use from the helmet, its really worth it. I will recommend this helmet to anyone. It is really difficult to find bike helmets in the regular store for the 12-36 month old toddler so it was a good decision to go with the Giro infant helmet from Amazon....more info
  • protect the little one
    I really like this product for my 12 month old. Fits great and had good adjustments so the fit seems comfortable. He actually stumbled forward crawling with it on at first and it worked great.
    This is the first bike helmet I owned, so I needed to read the instructions for fit which was really easy to understand. ...more info
  • great adjustable helmet
    Giro helmets are the best! I have 3 kids and have tried different helmets. No other brand offers the custom fit that giro does. the helmet grows with the kids' heads. there is a dial inside to expand & contract the fit. do it. buy this now. "Yellow chicks" looks less 'feminine' in person. I confidently put it on my son. the Pink Bunnies rocks for Girls!...more info