Xbox 360 HD DVD Player
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Product Description

Add High Definition HD-DVD Video Playback to your Xbox 360! / Plays current generation DVDs / 7.1 Digital Surround Sound / Includes Universal Media Remote

  • Stunning video and immersive surround-sound audio with up to six times higher resolution than standard DVD
  • Innovative interactive content enables PIP commentary, scene selection, and menu access, all while the movie is playing!
  • Only HD DVD offers a 'combo' disk: DVD on one side allows playback on all your existing DVD players in your home or car
  • Enjoy hundreds of great HD DVD movies this holiday from major studios such as Universal, Warner, Paramount, Studio Canal, and more

Customer Reviews:

  • Awsome!!!
    This HD DVD player is great!! I have one and recently purchased one for my brother and we are both very pleased! I've noticed it even up-converts some of the newer standard DVDs as well. The only down is that is hard to find HD DVDs now since the Blu-ray take over because it seems the only way to purchase HD DVDs are by searching online at [...] sites. Im going to wait until the next gen console to start purchasing Blu-ray discs because Microsoft recently received rights to place the Blu-ray into their next X-Box 720 and with rumors have it, the HD DVD player will be compatable with the new X-Box 720 so we'll have the best of both worlds! Plus since Blu-ray took over you purchase the HD DVDs at almost the same price for a standard DVD! I highly recommend this product!...more info
  • BlueRay Won
    I got my Xbox HD DVD player for Christmass '07. It was a great gift then, and it cost almost twice as much. But now in February '08, it looks like BlueRay has won the competition. Don't buy an HD DVD unless you need something to put next to your laserdisk, and Betamax. Netflix is going to stop carrying HD-DVDs, and the Hollywood studios are all moving to the BlueRay format as well. HD-DVD had the name, but BlueRay had the technology, and the tech won this race....more info
  • Great Player at A GREAT PRICE
    I have a Toshiba HDA1 and the 360 add on. This thing is great. Fast load times and great picture on HDDVDs and almost as good on upscaled. The PS3 fanboys who keep comming in here giving this thing a 1 are just preteen console fangirls and not videophiles. If you want to watch movies in the best video quality buy this add on. For the price it cant be beat. ...more info
  • Yay
    Even though HD may be running out of time, this is still a great piece to have with your xbox. And the free copy of King Kong isn't too bad either...more info
  • One System fulfills Home Entertainment needs by far!!!
    The Xbox 360 HD DVD Player is absolutely unbelievable!!! My expectations for this unit were met and then some. The brillance of the picture is breathtaking especially on a 1080P Plasma Monitor. The amazing part of it is that the entire Xbox 360 system with the player is truly all one needs for a complete top of the line Entertainment system. 5 STARS in my book.
    Tim Stagnolia
    Austin,IN...more info
  • Does what it should
    It is a better DVD player than the 360's OEM drive. It does what it should, not sure how it is still so expensive, but it does what it should....more info
  • Great device for home theater set up.
    Alright, HD-DVD may be dead but if you're looking to jump on all the discs that are going to be on sale in the upcoming months, this is a nice route to go, especially for a home theater computer setup or if you already have the Xbox 360....more info
  • it cool but not worth it
    hd dvd is losing to blue ray wait for microsoft to come out with blue ray and hd attachment...more info
  • Obsolete. Toshiba to dump HD-DVD
    As of today, February 17, 2008, all news report indicate Toshiba is dumping HD-DVD. So don't buy this, the writing is on the wall: Blu-Ray has won. If you want HD movies, try a standalone Blu-Ray player, but everyone knows the best price/features ratio is given by the Playstation 3....more info
  • xbox HD dvd player
    Great product, had hoped it was black instead of light grey, the picture is a bit deceiving. matches the basic xbox 360 instead of the elite version. overrall great process....more info
  • 3 reasons to buy AFTER HD-DVD
    1) Comes with the 360 Remote

    2) Quieter drive to watch Standard DVDs

    3) Saves the built in drive wear and may extend console life if you watch movies often.

    I enjoyed HD-DVD while it lasted. I'll still watch my HD-DVDs on this device along with my standard DVDs. If you can pick this up on the cheep do it! Just break down what you get and weigh the benefits of using a second drive and decide what its worth to you....more info
  • good add on- but too obsolete for a real recommendation.
    This was a great idea while the HD wars were going on, and if you still need a player this might be worth considering- but I would really recommend a real standalone player. The cost difference is either negligible or nonexistent now so this isn't really a relevant product. Good while it lasted though!...more info
  • Great player, stupid reviews.
    This is a great player, picture quality matches my Toshiba HD-A3 and sound is the same sine i have an older optical receiver. picked it up used at Gamecrazy for $39.99. I am only reviewing on here to help unskew all the idiots who are giving it a one due to HD DVDs death as a format. That fact has nothing whatsoever to do with this player. Rate it on its picture quality, features, price, whatever but not on the format. Its not like my 30 HD DVD titles are going to self destruct or somehow become VHS quality. Anyways i picked this little gem up for two reasons... Number 1 is so i could sell my HD-A3 for like $100(with a movie and an HDMI cable) and number 2, so i can consolidate my HDMI devices into 1 instead of two being that my TV only has one HDMI input....more info
  • sweet for the price
    i love dvds, i have a ps3 and 360 i got to say after witching same movie on bouth i like HD DVD better, but if i was any one i would not buy one now becasue blu ray has won so save your money and get blu ray player, but if hd had won it would have been better...more info
  • Microsoft makes garbage? Who knew. . .
    I purchased a new 360 HD DVD player a month and 10 days ago and it stands as a doorstop today. Microsoft refuses to provide the warranty work on it so I have an ag complaint on them over it. These devices have a very high defect rate, similar to the first generation of the 360 system. Microsoft has discontinued it and doesn't want to service them anymore. Their customer service is provided by the notorious collections agency, NCO, which spells customer service nightmare. Hopefully if you buy one of these, it will not become a pricey paperweight like mine has....more info
  • Well so it ends...
    I bought two of these (one for full price a few months back) and feel a little cheated now. They work fine. When plugged in they are a little annoying if you are going to play a game as they slow the boot waaaay down. Sometimes there are issues with web enabled content. But the reason I feel cheated is that HD-DVD is essentially dead. There are still movies on the market but with Walmart dropping the format it is as good as over. If you can get it cheap and don't mind buying a soon to be discontinued format then go ahead and buy. It still plays DVD's. Can be hooked to your PC via USB. And has a USB hub on the back of it. Reuters reports that Toshiba is throwing in the towel so maybe some of us will get some cheap HD-DVD's when they close them out. :(
    ...more info
  • If you have an xbox 360 it is a great way to get in the hd-dvd game.
    A great way to get in the hd-dvd game. Especially with the cheap prices on hd-dvds right now. I have one of these and my ps3 but I like my hd-dvd player better....more info
  • worst purchase ever
    they fail to tell you that you need the newer HDMI xbox 360, if you are still using components like me it doesn't work...more info
  • Worthless now that Blu-Ray is the dominant format
    This is (or I should say was) a great add-on HD DVD Player. Only problem now is that it's virtually worthless since Blu-Ray is now the dominant format, and virtually every store is switching over to carrying Blu-Ray movies and players ONLY. So Far Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Netflix are going to carry Blu-Ray only, and I'm sure there are many more retailers I'm not aware of that are planning to only carry Blu-Ray. As I said, there is nothing wrong with this product, only problem is that in less than 5 years, this will be as useful as a Beta VCR was after 1985. I was going to buy this as it looked like HD DVD would be the dominant format less than 6 months ago. VERY VERY glad that I decided to wait a while longer.

    *Microsoft announced on February 24th that they are discontinuing production of this add-on HD DVD player. This is even more proof that this item is now worthless. Do not waste your money on this obsolete technology....more info
  • bad timing
    only 2 weeks after the purchase the formate war ended and HD DVD is now dead so what is the point. shoot....more info