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Traveling Toddler Car Seat Travel Accessory
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Product Description

ATTN: Britax owners. 2009 Roundabout, Diplomat and Decatholon models may not be compatible with out product. Whether flying on an airplane or traveling by train or bus, it is safest and most comfortable for your child to be in a car seat. But traveling with a young child, their seat, and your carry-on can be tricky. Not anymore. The Traveling Toddler strap allows you to attach your LATCH and top tether equipped toddler's car seat to a rolling carry-on suitcase. Simply attach the LATCH and top tether straps from the car seat to the Traveling Toddler and adjust the straps so that the car seat is held securely on the suitcase. Once adjusted, the car seat can be detached and reattached to the suitcase in seconds. Lift the handle of your carry-on bag and you have a fun new stroller. Now there's an easy and inexpensive way to take your toddler's car seat and other gear on your trip. You do not have to buy a special seat or suitcase. As long as your suitcase handle locks in place, you can push it like a stroller. Your hands are free for check in and its simple to unhook for security. Keep your child safe and comfortable in their own seat. The Traveling Toddler has been tested with most major car seat brands including Graco, Eddie Bauer, Cosco, Evenflo, and Britax, and a variety of carry-on suitcases and has worked with every combination. It is important that the telescoping handle of your suitcase locks in place. If not, it might not stay extended when you try to push your child in front of you, though you would still be able to pull them. If flying, make sure that your car seat is FAA approved before traveling. The Traveling Toddler strap is made from heavyweight polypropylene webbing that will withstand 900 lbs of force. When not in use it easily slips in the pocket of your carry-on. As with any other wheeled child carrier, do not use the Traveling Toddler on stairs or escalators. Car seat and suitcase sold separately. Patent pending.

  • Quickly and easily connect your toddler's car seat to your rolling carry-on suitcase.
  • Creates a travel stroller perfect for the airport.
  • Slips easily into the pocket of your carry-on when not in use.
  • Works with any rolling carry-on suitcase and LATCH, and top tether, equipped car seat
  • Your toddler flys in the comfort and safety of their own car seat

Customer Reviews:

  • Eh, it's ok
    ok, here's the deal with this's hard to get on and off. in fact, i never attempted it. my husband was in charge of that situation. we strictly used this item to attach the carseat to one of our bags. we never used it as a "Stroller" of sorts for our son to ride in. it was just an easy way to get all our bags and car seat to the check-in counter. once at check-in that car seat got checked and we just used an umbrella stroller (you can take them on airplanes, it's ok) through the airport, which we didn't even use ALL that much b/c the more our 2 year old could run around, the less he'd want to run on the airplane. anyway...we felt it served our purposes, however, i wouldn't use it through the airport. i'd hate to get that thing in and out of security. it's just not THAT easy to attach and unattach. it's a great idea in theory, but the reality is that it's not great for everything it claims to be. I hope that makes sense. 5 stars for being able to attach it and get it into the airport (frees up hands), but beyond check-in...i dunno, wouldn't use it. would probably be a pain. Unless you REALLY practiced with it....more info
  • Great Product
    We used this with a hardside carry on and it worked very well. My son, 22 months, was very happy to sit in his own car seat and people watch through the airport. My husband would have to take it apart at the security check points but it took seconds. We never held up anyone behind us. I noticed one reviewer gave this a poor rating because she was traveling alone and didn't know what to do with her toddler while taking it apart and putting it together. I don't see how that is the fault of the product. Same would be true of a stroller or any other devise. I would suggest putting it together and taking apart a couple times prior to your trip though. Happy travels....more info
  • A must have!
    I chose to buy this product for a recent trip with my daughter. We wanted to gate-check her car seat but I didn't want to carry a 20+ pound Britax Boulevard through the airport.

    When my order arrived I was a bit disappointed. I didn't think there was any way the strap would work--it looked so small! However, it turned out to be perfect. It was very simple to use and I had no problem attaching my daughter's huge car seat to a 16" wheeled suitcase. It was so easy to use that I had no problems detaching the seat to get through security and quickly reattaching the seat after we passed through.

    I think this is a great product for a casual traveler!...more info
  • Did not work well
    The thing about this strap is that it uses the latch system on the car seat. So you have to adjust for the suitcase. Then adjust for the car. Then adjust for the suitcase again. I am travelling alone with my son. There is no way one person can work this. So unless your going to be traveling with someone I do not recommend it at all....more info
  • Didn't work for us
    Our car seat and rolling suitcase were within the product's specs but the car seat frequently scraped the floor. We followed the instructions to the letter and we tightened the LATCH straps as far as they would go, but the seat was still quite wobbly. I wouldn't dream of using it as a stroller. On the return trip, we simply gave up and hand-carried the car seat through the airport, which was no picnic when we already had two young children and other carry-ons to deal with....more info
  • Best Product Ever!!!!
    This is the cheapest and best product ever! i'm 5'4, 100 pounds with skinny arms. i was traveling from VA to CA with my 16 month old alone. i had one stop in Atlanta, when i got there my daughter was sleeping in her car seat, if i didnt have this strap i have no idea how i would have been able to lug the carry on, the car seat and my daughter to the other side of the airport to catch my flight! It was a total life saver, espes since as the Britex marathon car seat is very heavy. it had no problem at all holding up the 50 pounds of baby and car seat. and my daughter slept wonderfully even being lugged through a busy airport, on a train, and up escalators!

    putting it through the x-ray machine was a piece of cake, and it was easy to hook everything back together quickly.

    best 15 bucks you will ever spend!

    the only problem i had was with the car seat on the plane. my car seat was too wide to fit through the walkway. but the flight attendants were really helpful.

    if traveling, you should really get it. it's a lifesavor. ...more info
  • What a great idea!
    I bought this product to carry my 15 month son at the airport. It's such a simple idea, but works great! I put my son on car seat and it was life saving for me. So many people turned their heads to see how it works. Only thing you want to be careful is to make sure not to tip over when you are putting your kid in the carseat. Because it can be bit unstable, depends on your luggage. ...more info
  • Must have
    We got this for a trip including changing planes. It worked well and we were glad to have it. Only complaint is that it is a bit of a pain to stop and attach it every time you get off the plane, through security, etc... We will use it again, it is useful and nice to have. Did not use it as a stroller, only attached it to the luggage to carry it...more info
  • it worked
    I couldn't believe this really worked. Given the mixed reviews I was hesitant but I thought I would try it out before buying something expensive. Totally works with big suitcases, those that you are going to check. Much more difficult with a carry on size, though it does work. Clearly nothing is going to get your from your car to your plane seat without having some trouble (security, skinny plane aisles etc). I gave it 3 stars as it really is better with older toddlers who will stand still for 5 seconds. For those of you with really young toddlers especially traveling alone, no matter what you buy it is going to be the nightare you think it is!...more info
    This was our first time traveling with our little ones, but I can't even imagine having to have carried two carseats and all our carry on and manage a wandering 2 year old and a bossy 4 year old. For the times where we had to unstrap the seats to get on the plane, I was eternally grateful for the straps making it so easy to get through the rest of the airport. A MUST BUY FOR EVERYONE WITH LITTLE ONES!!...more info
  • Worth the money
    This was really helpful for me as I was travelling alone w/ my toddler. It was fun for my kid as well as for others watching us.
    The only complaint is that you need a carseat with a top latch strap or it won't work. So if you have a carseat with only two latchstraps, this may not work for you-unless you're ready to get creative....more info
  • Worth Every Penny!
    We've traveled twice with this product and feel it was worth every penny. Like one of the other reveiwers I was a little suprized when I received the package and there wasn't much to it, but I wish I would have invented this thing.

    Our son loves traveling with his car seat and this was a great way to keep him in his seat in the airport as well. It made transfering planes much easier than what we had experienced in the past....more info
  • tricky at first but got the job done
    I bought this product because of the price. For the most part it got the job done. It was terribly tricky to get hooked up to my car seat. Also good to know is that it uses the straps from your car seats latch system. Don't buy this if you have an older seat or a seat that is without those. Once I finally got my seat hooked up to my luggage pulling this around the airport was a breeze. Notice though that I say pulling. I had to pull it rather than push it. Due to the weight of the items in my carryon and the weight of the car seat I never did end up putting my little one in her seat while it was strapped to my suitcase. Overall I am content with the product but not thrilled with it. It made transporting the car seat easy but I still ended up having to hang on to my little one. ...more info
  • Good travel accessory
    I was wary of this product after the negative reviews posted. I do agree that it's priced too high, but it did its job! My child is 20 months, 25 lbs., and 35 inches. We have a Britax carseat. I had no problem getting the seat to fit on the luggage or removing/reattaching for security and boarding. My daughter said, "Wheee!" the whole time. The only problem was the luggage wheels-the rubber shredded off. Could've been due to pushing her through the parking lot on asphalt...Too much friction under her weight, perhaps?
    This little strap helped out very much....more info
  • Best travel option
    We did a significant amount of research on travel options prior to purchasing this product and this one by a long shot, was the best value.I can't believe this product is not more widely known or carried in stores.

    We just returned from international travel. The t-strap fit snugly on our roll-on and our 18 mo. old daughter was totally comfortable (even slept!) while we strolled her through the airport. My husband and I are pretty efficient travelers, so we loved the fact that this product kills 2 birds with one stone - no extra bulky stroller needed and it allowed us to bring her convertible car seat to keep her safe throughout the entire trip. The strap is very simple to use and one of the best features was that we didn't need to take my daughter out to move down the aisle in the plane! Also, not that big of a hassle to go from door-car-security checkpoint-plane-car, as the strap just connects at 3 points to your luggage. We also received a number of comments from passers by who thought this was a great idea. ...more info
  • Did not work for us
    The concept is great-simple and easy. But the strap did not wrap around our suitcase-it just did not fit our Britax carseat So, we invented our own with a booster seat strap and clipped it in place-no problem. Amazon as always was great in providing a full refund. ...more info
  • couldn't travel without it!
    My husband and I just got back from FL. We could not have traveled without this accessory and I'm not exaggerating! It allowed us to breeze through the airport without complication. My son loved that he was in his carseat while being wheeled around the airport. It's very easy to hook and unhook which you'll need to do when going through security.
    Note: you'll need to unhook the carseat from the luggage when boarding the plane b/c the carseat will not fit in the aisle. I would not recommend doing this if you are traveling alone. Otherwise I highly recommend this accessory!...more info
  • very clever product
    These straps worked out well for carrying the carseat through the airport, but I wouldn't let my toddler ride in the seat for two reasons:
    #1- The seat was not that stable- it moved from side to side
    #2- Our carry-on does not push well and I wouldn't want to drag my kid through the airport.
    But if you're planning on bringing a stoller anyway, this worked out great for us and saved us a lot of money.
    Another have to take the car seat off before boarding the plane because the car seat is too wide to pull through the ailse (we have a Britax marathon). We found this out the hard way on our departing flight, but coming home I just asked the airline staff to put it on the plane before boarding so we didn't have that extra thing to carry. ...more info
  • Worked Great!
    This worked great for my trip with my 2.5 year old daughter, a Recarro Youth Sport and a 19 inch rollerboard. Although she wanted to walk in the aiport so I didn't use it as a stroller, I found it very easy to use. It is very simple to clip and unclip. I'd recommend using it at home first so you feel comfortable. This is a great product!...more info
  • Good for what it is...
    I used this method to travel with my 15 month child from the Philippines to Hong Kong to Paris to Dusseldorf. While it's a good alternative to a stroller, keep in mind a few things if you're traveling as the only adult:

    - If you use a short-handled bag, you'll have to stoop pretty low in order for the car seat to lift off the ground. This really sucks when you have to walk a mile in 17 minutes.

    - Make sure your car seat is not wider than the plane aisles, otherwise you'll have to detach the seat and ask the crew for help when getting on and off the plane. Because of this, we were last to get off the planes and almost missed a flight or two.

    - Some airports (mostly international ones) have posts in front of escalators or elevators that prevent people from bringing in luggage carts. These posts also sometimes effectively prevent you from bringing in your kid/bag combo and you're left to find a good samaritan for help.

    - Additionally, some airports have these narrow gates with electronic doors and weird metal barriers, whereupon a car seat could get stuck and the doors open and close several times on your luggage and child while you figure out what to do.

    - Finally, the product is easy to use, but you still have to factor in the time it takes to put together. It may just take a few minutes, but those few minutes are precious when you only have 17 minutes to walk that mile.
    ...more info
  • Lifesaver when travelling alone
    I recently traveled with my 16-month-old when we had to evacuate away from hurricane Gustav. My husband had to go elsewhere for his job, so I was flying with my daughter by myself. This product was so helpful. As long as you do a trial run at home before using it for the first time, you'll be fine. The hardest part is making sure the LATCH straps are adjusted just right. I found it easier to pull rather than push, especially over carpet in the airport.
    Disassembling for airport security can be a hassle (especially without an extra set of hands) but if you think it through and give yourself plenty of time it works out. I even had TSA people remark how ingenious the product was and ask if they could help me put it all back together after we got through the checkpoint.
    The only downside is the price, but after using it once, I'm sure I'll use it again and get my money's worth! And it's much better than buying one of those car seats on wheels!...more info
  • Worked great! Be sure to try at home first!
    I got this for Christmas from my Mother-in-Law. It turned out to be perfect. I was not sure how to fly by myself with my active 16 month old. This solved my problems. Our rolling carry-on is old and did not feel stable enough with all that weight, so I just strapped on the car seat (Evenflo Triumph Advance Deluxe Convertible) and usually used my sling to carry my son. I still had a free hand! The diaper bag clipped to the suitcase handle and rested in the car seat.
    Yes, security is difficult no matter what, but I simply un-hooked only the top of the 3 clips and slid the straps down the suitcase. Then just slipped it back up and clipped it again when putting it back together. The flight attendants were happy to carry the car seat to an airplane seat, and I put my son into a regular seat (strapped with a SEAT BELT) while I installed the car seat on the plane.
    Sure it seems expensive for something so small, but it works! And it slips into the suitcase pocket for storage.
    ...more info