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Orbit Infant System - Black
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Product Description

Orbit Infant Car Seat:
The Orbit Infant Car Seat provides maximum security for your baby while making your life simpler and more comfortable. The Infant Car Seat fits infants up to 22 lbs. and 29 inches, and meets or exceeds all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 213) and ASTM standards (F2050-03). The deep cradle design gives your baby one of the largest side-protection areas available on the market. It is the only car seat that ergonomically rotates into the patent-pending SmartHub for simple docking. It features 360-degree rotation on the Stroller that allows your baby to be rear, forward or even sideways-facing. The micro-fiber upholstery's patent-pending design easily removes for machine-washing. The unique ballistic nylon skin protects your seat and is padded for your carrying comfort. The patent-pending soft carrier handles enable exceptionally comfortable carrying. Orbit's exclusive Paparazzi Shield provides extra coverage and protection from the elements for your baby.

Orbit Base:
The Orbit Base makes your life easier and your child more secure by using the most advanced technology ever incorporated into car seat design. No base or car seat has ever been simpler or quicker to install safely. Patent-pending StrongArm technology makes a safe installation as easy and quick as the turn of a knob. The Base forms both the foundation for car seat safety in the Orbit Infant System, and is compatible with the Toddler Car Seat. The Base meets or exceeds all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS213). Orbit's patent-pending SmartHub lets you easily dock the Infant Car Seat from almost any angle wiht no need to line up any grooves or notches. The aerospace-grade aluminum backbone provides unparalleled strength. The Base is LATCH-optimized, as well. With its high-end materials, fit and finish, the Base is designed to complement and accent your premium car interior.

Orbit Stroller:
The Orbit Stroller makes it

  • Stroller's 360 degree rotation allows your baby to be rear, forward, or even sideways facing
  • Stroller's exclusive twist-and-lift mechanism allows easy one-handed folding
  • Stroller has custom aerospace grade aluminum frame for both strength and light weight
  • Car seat has Exclusive full EPP foam liner for maximum energy absorption
  • Stroller has smooth ride from unique front suspension and rear pneumatic tires

Customer Reviews:

  • Best Stroller on the market
    The Orbit stroller is by far the BEST purchase we made for our son! The ease and functionality of the stroller is well worth the price-while we see other parents struggling to put their strollers and car seats into the car, it takes us just a few seconds. We see them fighting with the stroller in our rear view mirror as we are driving away. It folds SO easily and quickly and I enjoy giving a demonstration, every time I'm asked, which is often.

    Some people gave us a hard time for spending so much, but a few minutes into the conversation they always admit that they were on their 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th (average priced) stroller, and their baby was just about one years old!-So, they spent MORE on their strollers AND struggled with each one, while we love our Orbit.

    We watched other parents spend over 30 minutes figuring out how to install a car seat base in their (or the grandparents) cars-with the Orbit it takes the most mechanically challenged person about 1 minute.

    We love the swivel feature and use it all the time to keep the sun out of Ethan's eyes. The sunshade is also great for that. The diaper bag is the only diaper bag we use.

    Additionally, it was the ONLY stroller we found that fit into the trunk of our Mini Cooper without having to put the back seat down.

    The SERVICE at Orbit is superior to luxury car dealerships. Any problem you may have, they will help you quickly. I needed a replacement front wheel, they shipped two immediately, at no cost. Phone calls and e-mails are responded to immediately.

    We used this infant car seat for 13 months-and our son was usuallyin the 50%-65% percentile for both height/weight

    This is the best stroller on the market-you will not regret getting one.
    ...more info
  • Love the Orbit!
    I absolutely love my Orbit. In addition to the fact that we are constantly stopped by people either asking about the stroller or commenting about how cool it is, it has the most user friendly functionality. Love is in the details. Just go try it out. You won't believe how easy it is to use.

    For those of you who are debating between the Bugaboo and the Orbit, I actually got the Bugaboo Frog for my first child (before Orbit reached the market) and liked it fine. But in my opinion, the Orbit is so much better for so many reasons. 1) It folds more compactly. It takes up significantly less room in my car than the Bugaboo. 2) It's a single step, 1-handed fold whereas the Bugaboo required me to remove the seat, put it on the ground so I can have both my hands to click the levers on the stroller, then basically fold it down twice before I can put it in the car (and then bend down to pick up the seat and put that on top of the stroller). 3) It rotates 360 degrees. There are endless obvious benefits to this feature. 4) It has cup holders! 5) It has a great sun shade. I'm constantly worried about my baby's skin exposure to the sun. With my older child, I always had to lay a blanket on top of the sunshade in order to fully shield her. But with the Orbit's shade and "paparazzi shield," they've beautifully solved this problem. (Additionally, the toddler stroller seat has a beast of a shade!)

    The Orbit car seat is heavier, but I feel that the ease of assembling/disassembling the stroller more than compensates for the heavier car seat, meaning you can always just stroll your baby instead of carrying ANY car seat. Another huge plus for the stroller is its maneuverability. I can always push the stroller with one hand and it turns on a dime.

    Lastly, as a mom who is slightly a clean freak, I love how Orbit understands the importance of being able to remove the linings and pads, machine wash everything, and put it all back on with ease. ...more info
  • Orbit Stroller is fabulous
    The stroller is well built, sturdy and is extremely easy to maneuver. Easy to fold and very compact. Love the removable pod. Great with the toddler car seat. The company customer service is unbeatable. ...more info
  • This stroller is terrific for tall parents!
    My husband and I were first introduced to the Orbit Baby Stroller by a salesperson because we were looking for a stroller that would be good for tall parents. My husband is 6'7", and I am 6'0". With the exception of the Orbit, we kicked the tires on every other stroller we tested. The Orbit is great because it has 3 handle positions, so both tall and short people can use it. The rear wheels are set far apart, and they are not connected by a bar, which eliminates the kicking problem. The tall handles, wheel position and lack of a connecting bar make it extremely comfortable and easy to push the stroller. Neither my husband nor I have to bend over to push the stroller. I was hesitant to purchase the stroller due to the price, but it was by far the best investment we have made. ...more info
  • Orbit is the new Bugabbo!
    Getting a stroller was the hardest decision I had to make! However, once I got the Orbit baby it was clear to me that I couldn't have chosen a better system! If you're planning to buy one of the high end strollers, this is absolutely the best choice in my opinion... and it is so cool looking, you'll get a lot of attention. My friend also have an orbit and we were walking in the street and somebody with a Bugabbo told us that everybody now got the Orbit...

    1. Very simple to operate. My husband loves the easy folding and getting our 6 month in and out of the car is a piece of cake! I see all other friends/family struggeling with either having to carry the car seat or putting it in an adapter and really feel bad for them....
    2. Papparazi shield is a BIG plus! we live in New York and this really helps with the cold weather-we just pull it down and no wind or cold air is getting to the baby.
    3. The cargo pod is also very convinient.
    4. Stain resistant-the big surprise for me was the fabric the stroller is made of. When my son was two months old he used to stain every possible outfit when the diaper leaked, and even the stronger stain remover wouldn't take out the yellow color.... so when it leaked on the stroller I freaked out! I was amazed however when I took a simple baby wipe and the dirt came out in a second!!!!!!!!!!! I have the stroller for 6 months and it looks brand new!!!!
    5. The company's costumer service is fantastic!

    1. I don't love the toddler seat as much as the infant car seat(stroller not car seat)-it doesn't fully recline, plus the way it reclines is with a strap so sometimes when you recline it the two sides are not even and it's a little annoying. Also, openning the bar in the from is a little hare I always afraid I am going to break my ring or something... and the levers to swivel it are also hard to manuver, unlike the infant car seat. We just got a Maclaren and i think we'll be probably using it more for the strolling part.
    2. It is heavy-especially if you have a bunch of stuff in the cargo pod and/or if you keep the toddler stroller seat on.

    ...more info
  • Best stroller for disabled
    Many of the reviews here are accurate and I won't reiterate, but I thought our application may be helpful for those mothers/fathers who have a problem with one hand.

    My wife lost most strength and coordination of one of her arms because of a stroke and we were looking for a stroller/car seat that would be easiest for her to use.

    The beauty of Orbit is that my wife can unlatch the car seat from the stroller or car base with just one hand as opposed to all other car seats we looked at which required a squeeze or twist of two handles to unlock. Also, the ability to place the car seat in the car straight in with the baby facing out the passenger door and then swivel into rear facing position is really convenient.
    One hand closure of the stroller base is very convenient for me and easy for my wife.

    She has trouble tying her shoelaces, but she has no problem with the Orbit!
    We've had this system for 7 months and still going strong....more info
  • Bugaboo vs Orbit
    We now have two strollers:
    The Bugaboo Cameleon bought in 06 and the BabyOrbit 07. I wanted to buy the Orbit last year but it was not available at the time + there were no reviews in comparison to all that's been written about the Bugaboo so we coughed up the coinage and bought a Cameleon. We received the BabyOrbit 2 months ago and here is the difference for those who wonder about the two strollers.
    Right out of the box the Orbit was dead easy because it was already pre assembled-no tools- no watching a DVD or reading assembly instructions.Things we were unsure of were well laid out in the photo handbook that neatly zips away in the baby seat. We had to assemble things with the Bug and the line diagrams were a bit harder to read.

    Excitedly, I took Maya out today for a 20 min walk just to try out the Orbit and compare specs to our Bugaboo Cameleon that is larger in fold mode going in/out of our trunk. Shannon said naturally without a thought..."Daddys gonna take you for an orbit"... and it was a good experience!
    Immediately, the Orbit's unexpected strength other than the simple twist and stroller fold out launch, was the rotating hub. During my first walk, I must have rotated Maya 15 times; she just loved the rotating perspectives I was able to show her during our walk whether is was getting her eyes out of the bright sun light or away from cold winter breeze, just squeeze and rotate...simple.

    With the Bugaboo, while I can with two hands bend over and unclick the seat locks then lift up and rotate Maya to one other position, in reality we don't do this very often because..A] the Bugaboo stroller seat a bit bulky to dead lift/ B] so one should lock the wheels and be on sure footing with room to rotate before performing a vertical lift/rotate and relock. This is much dicier if you have back problems. I don't do the 180 degree flip unless its really needed[ really windy-rainy or she is crying & bored], as Shannon is only 5'-1", she would rather not do it period preferring me rotate Maya.
    In the Orbit all this becomes mute as functionality, design and ease merge to provide more than just the ability to rotate Maya easily as her field of view becomes a 360 degree perspective at the snap of a lever.
    These new views kept Maya alert, quiet and happy[ she extended her leg and toes outwards so she could hold onto them throughout our walk as a sign of real contentment].
    The Orbit's rotating hub innovation is truly a big leap in parent / toddler stroller ease of interaction. For anyone who has ever tried to strong arm a 20lb baby seat[ie Graco Snugride] into a car will attest- the task becomes a chore because you need to align the car seat at a 90 degree to your body[basicaly put the seat in over the base locking latches then relift over the latches till everything aligns and then locks inplace. The sideways lifting and fiddling can be hard on the arms or back.
    With the Orbit, the seat goes into the car head first, pull up on the handle straps to gently guide the seat over the rotating base hub till unit clicks in place. Once secure the base carries all the weight as you simply rotate the seat until it locks into the travel position. If your baby crys or fidgets[especially waking up from a nap while the car is parked], simply rotate the seat to get easier access to her. Rotate the seat again when you are ready to take her out. What we love is the seat rotates in any direction we can take her in and out from the passenger side or driver side with ease.

    Superior build and wow factor. Being a Dad, I like cool well built things and the Orbit comes thru! Every detail is so well designed, I even enjoy using the sliding pod bag because its so easy to load and unload.
    On the Buggaboo, their carry tray is quite awkward when you load and unload from your car. It doesn't swing free and takes up extra trunk area unless you unvelcro it from the stroller. If you leave it on or need more trunk space you need to tip it up but this causes stuff to fall out of the carry tray. With the Orbit, the pod is a carry bag that closes up so nothng falls out + it tucks up neatly when you collapse the unit.
    The difference in trunk area between these two stollers side by side in our 4 door sedan?
    The Orbit takes up 1/3 the trunk area and will fold up with a one handed lever twist= easy. The Cameleon Buggaboo takes up nearly 2/3's our trunk floor area and you need two hands to complete the fold. Relaunching the Bug is a learning curve. I'm fairly usefull at gadgets but the ingeniuos frame design of the Bug that allows different uses is also confusing to unfold. I finally "got it" after 12-15 launches! The designers would do well color coding the fold/ up/down direction of the aluminum support arms so novices and family can figure out how to unlatch it quickly without having to think or learn the process as it is not intuitive at all.
    The Bug is slightly shorter in length so it can turn a bit easier. The ride of the Bug is softer especially over bumps due in part to better front wheels. For drivers the Bug ride is more Lexus while the Orbit more tighter like a BMW.
    The Bug comes with a Bassinette which we used a few times. The Orbit comes with an integrated infant car seat with rock solid all metal locking base station that installs easily into vehicles with or with out infant seat latches. This design clearly surpases our old Graco Snugride in every way except weight. The Orbit infant is about 4-5 lbs heavier due to the extra padding & lateral protection. The shape of the shell is like a protective caccoon around our Maya/ the Graco is more open and exposed.
    The Bug provides a bassinette instead of an infant car seat system. Both strollers have adjustable handles/ the Orbits has a more natural hand grip but the parking brake system requires two lever flips to lock as opposed a more convienent single lever on the Bug. We found the Bugs sun/rain shade a bit difficult to setup but the Orbit's literally a snap to use or tuck away.
    The Orbit's is designed to transport infants and small toddlers about/ it has a comfortable resting angle but the seat does not recline like the Bug seat. The Bug is not as effective carrying infants outside of the bassinette but the seat has more room if your infant grows beyond 22 lbs. The Seats of both strollers are comfortable for Maya. As she is 9 mo old and has not outgrown the Orbit infant seat, we haven't tried the Orbit toddler seat addition which does recline.
    In summary, both strollers are well designed, well built and without a direct comparison anyone would be tickled pink to own either stroller. However, after currently using both, I think the BabyOrbit provides better value in terms of the quality of materials used, the fit and finish of the details and more user friendly features in a more compact design. These are just a Dad's thoughts, if you have other experiences I would love to hear them.

    Baby On!...more info
  • Great car seat stroller system, but heavy.
    My wife and I love this stroller and people are amazed at how easy it is to take the car seat off and on. Car base is very sturdy, love the included sunshade, and the stroller handles very well.

    However, if you have a bigger baby it will probably only last until they are 6 months (22lb capacity). The car seat is also VERY HEAVY. It is around 10lbs, so is one of the heavier car seats on the market. I have gotten a sore back a couple of times when we were moving her in and out of the car throughout the day.

    Overall, a great stroller that would be perfect if the carseat was a couple pounds lighter....more info
  • Bar None: Out Of This World Customer Service!!!
    At this point in your stroller and carseat system research I'm sure you're aware of all the pros in terms of design and convenience that comes with purchasing the Orbit Baby Infant System so I'd like to tell you a little bit about the company's customer service.

    Recently my husband and I had a problem with our infant system that warranted contacting the the company. Not only was the representative who took the complaint extremely courteous and patient he actually passed on our concerns to the company's higher-ups. Within 24-hours of the original complaint my husband personally received a call from the company's CEO, Joseph Hei, to address our problem. Joseph could have easily brushed our concerns aside, instead, he worked with us to rectify the problem--all within 24 hours.

    You can do NO WRONG by going with this system. There's just no competition in terms of safety, convenience, craftsmenship/design, customer service and, yes, the ubber-high coolness factor (the least of our concerns but always a bonus). The infant system is on the pricey side but you know what they say, "you get what you pay for." In our situation we got our money's worth in the form of unparalleled customer service.
    ...more info
  • Orbit - one and only choice
    I can't tell you how much we absolutely love our stroller. My husband should be a spokesman for the company. Every time someone even looks towards the stroller, he is making a full on demonstration as to how the seat attachment is also the car seat, and how the stroller itself folds ("Just one hand...see?"). We recently took it with us on a trip to South America, and everyone had something to say about how cool it looked and amazing it was. I had actually bought a small fold up stroller thinking the Orbit would be too bulky to travel with. It turns out, I was smart to have thought of taking both strollers to the airport, and choosing to take the Orbit with me on our travels. In fact, I traveled alone on the way there, and as there were empty seats on the airplane, I was able to leave him in the car seat throughout the trip. It was so helpful! While in South America, my parents had borrowed from some family member, a car seat, that one: had no neck support, and two: frankly, visually, it didn't convince me of it's safety. We used the car seat without the base, as explained on the car seat itself, and boy was that a lifesaver. Now we are back, post holiday blues, and still using our Orbit Baby up and down Manhattan and Jersey. It looks a little worse for the wear, the airline did some major aesthetic damage to it (nothing involving the integrity of the equipment itself), thankfully, the replacement parts Orbit sells online will take care of the damage! The baby's change in food caused problems of another kind (thank you Orbit, for making it so easy to wash!). I wish I had looked on your website and known of the travel bag before the trip. Catalina & Peter, parents of beautiful boy Flynn ...more info
  • Cool, convenient, but frustrating when you think about it
    We definitely loved the infant system at first. The one hand folding feature is great. It looks great. We're confident that our son is as safe as possible. But the downside revealed itself pretty quickly. First of all, one of the plastic snaps that holds down the sunshade busted within the first week. The infant seat hardly fits in our '99 Subaru Forester. Fortunately, we're not very tall people, but our legs still feel pretty cramped up front. It's heavy. I can handle the weight, but it quickly became too heavy for my wife. The frustration now is that we're just about ready to go to the next level of seating. Didn't realize until now that there is no longer the convenience of one multi-use seat - there is a separate stroller seat and car seat. The stroller seat cannot be used as a car seat. And apparently, the car seat COULD be used as a stroller seat, but they don't recommend it because now its really heavy and really inconvenient to get in and out of the car. Which begs the question, what's the point of the whole "base" system once they're no longer infants if you use two different seats? And the biggest, biggest thing is the price. $220 for the stroller seat? $360 for the car seat!?!?! That's highway robbery. We'll buy the stroller seat, but we're taking the base out of our car and buying a quality car seat for safely under $200. ...more info
  • The best stroller/car seat choice!
    Although the initial investment is a bit pricey, this is a GREAT investment! We have travelled to NYC and Paris with the Orbit and it is fantastic. So easy to use all over. Travelling was simple...even getting in a cab was easy! We LOVE the Orbit and recommend it to everyone who stops to talk to us about it (and we get stopped all the time, even by people who do not have kids). The first time you use it and realise you can TURN the whole chair to put the baby in, you wonder why doesn't everyone own one of these. It really makes your life EASIER and as a new mom, who wouldn't want that! I would say purchase now, don't even think about it! ...more info