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X-Men: The Last Stand
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  • Pitiful *SPOILERS*
    That was by far the worst movie I ever watched. The plot was awful and there was little continuity.

    A "cure" is made by the humans for the mutants to rid them of their powers, which I think could've made for a good main plot. But instead, the movie turns its attention to the return of Jean Gray as the Dark Pheonix, who I found was COMPLETELY unneccessary to bring back. I didn't like her in any of the movies, and there was little continuity with her. In the 2nd movie, to quote Storm, she had to concentrate to lift a book. Then all of a sudden she's a Class 5 mutant? Where did that come from? Not to mention she killed off Cyclops and Charles Xavier, who was my favorite character. Their deaths were also unneccessary. In my opinion, Jean should have stayed dead. She made her sacrifice, don't bring her back.

    What also annoyed me was how they veered off from the "cure" to this whole Jean/Dark Phoenix plot. Not to mention Wolverine became more of a softie in this movie.

    I know it may seem I'm ripping into the whole Jean/Dark Phoenix plot, but there are other parts that I think were awful.

    The script was terrible. Many characters that were leads were suddenly thrown into the shadows. I also think they should've brought back Nightcrawler. I liked his character, he was interesting yet flawed.

    They need to stop making Magnito the villian. It was a nice change of pace when the army and Stryker were the villians, I wish they could've done that again, it might've saved the movie.

    There were some good characters, however. I liked Beast, as well, he was an enlightening character. Juggernaut made me laugh, especially in the deleted scene of him. When Mystique was turned human, it was very depressing. She was one of the best female characters in the film, I found it amusing she could fly virtually any craft she stepped into. I have little opinion of Angel, being as he appeared very little in the movie.

    I feel a bit better after venting the bad points of this. Thank you for reading....more info
  • The future is rosy even if the UN Ambassador is blue
    The third act of this tragedy or drama is this time bringing the fight within the mutant community. The President of the USA, with his Secretary to Mutant Affairs who is not even informed, let alone associated, to the President's decisions on such a matter, has paid for the invention or devising of a special genetic vaccine to "cure" the mutants of their mutant-ness. This gives the opportunity to the bad mutants to gather some groups and even crowds and to start some terrorist action against this cure in the name that mutant-ness is not a disease. The final battle in order to destroy the research center that devised the "cure" and the scientist who is behind the discovery is spectacular with a bridge rotated in order to tie up San Francisco to Alcatraz by way of the Golden Gate Bridge. This time the battle will bring the bad mutants down once and for all. The leader of them, a certain Magneto, will be injected four doses of the "cure", the winged son of the President of the USA will save the scientist, and Wolverine, the man with metal bones and claws on his hands will get rid of the too famous Jean who had gone wild and evil after her resurrection from the water catastrophe in the previous film. Then peace and safety are finally assured and men and mutants can live happily together thereafter and have many children. Such films are definitely naive as for the meaning but they are saved by the special effects and are entertaining after all. We could of course compare this trilogy with the Aliens first three films, or with the Terminator trilogy, or the two Star Wars trilogies. We would always find somewhere the belief that the future is not so grim as it may look and that good will always get over evil. Then the differences are in the surviving or winning models. From the Genesis or Ragnarok model of Terminator, to the bi-partisan peace of this X-Men trilogy, to the never ending resurrection of the Aliens in the Aliens series, to the democratic victory of the two Star Wars trilogies, we can write volumes on the persistence and return of such ideological, supposedly religious or philosophical models, but the best novel ever written on that subject remains Stephen King's The Stand.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne & University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines
    ...more info
  • A return to when comic book movies were a joke
    I held off on a viewing of X3 due to the departure of writers and directors from the previous 2 films. Eventually I decided to give it a shot on HD after hearing so much about the special effects, I expected to be wowed.

    There certainly are some eye popping and detailed special effects, unfortunately they are just gimmicks like Magneto's use of the Golden Gate bridge instead of well thought out Xmen effects.

    What can be said about the plot other than its old, tired, predictable and leads to some very stilted dialogue. Not once in this movie is anyone surprised, nor is there even any tension. Even as magneto rips the Golden Gate bridge off its foundation, most look on in a sense of 'meh'.

    Lastly the casting, presentation, story and acting of the Beast character is far worse than one could imagine in a big budget film. While Frasier seems like a good choice for the Beast, it only works in voice over/cartoon format as actually seeing the aging Kelsey Grammar w/ the blue makeup and monkey suit is simply goofy. His fight sequences with the stunt double are rough transitions that are not in any way believable.

    It was a gutsy call bringing an old character like the Beast to film, and one that clearly doesn't work at all. Xmen 2's use of Nightcrawler was fantastic as that film gave him motivation, and a soul for a few moments along w/ amazing special effects. Here in X3 the beast is unintentional comic relief.

    In short this is a movie that never should have been made as it tarnishes XMen 1 and 2 forever....more info
  • While the whole thing is really far-fetched, it's worth watching to see how it all ends
    The first two X-Men movies were short but really great. The Last Stand unfortunately doesn't live up to the other two, but it's worth watching for those who want to see how it ends. (SPOILER WARNING) It's a pretty good movie but the whole story is based off of shaky foundations and very far-fetched ideas. Jean comes back from the dead because apparently her powers formed a cocoon of some sort. She kills Cyclops and Xavier (sad moment) and is then convinced my Magneto to help him take over the world. She was DEAD! And now we're supposed to believe her powers are the most dangerous of any ever discovered? Uh... ok.

    To keep it simple, The Last Stand mainly suffers from an 'out there' storyline. Otherwise the movie is good with spectacular special effects, an excellent music score, and some more great acting. If you liked the first two films you should watch this, if not then don't bother, because you'll only like it less....more info
  • X-Men 3 is very cool
    X-Men the Last Stand was the best yet. you have to own this movie. I can't wait for X-Men 4 to come out in the theaters it will be good. The spin offs will be something to wait for too....more info
  • Watchable but not as good as the previous two movies in the series
    This movie was accurate based on the comics. But it just wasn't as good as the first one, which was great and the second one, which was ok. To the director's credit, he didn't have a lot to work with based on the story. Hugh Jackman wants to keep himself in great shape and the right weight for his height, according to magazines like Men's Health. But he just doesn't look right for Wolverine, like he did in the first movie. I bought it just to have all the movies in the series....more info
  • Watch to the VERY end
    Many viewers leave the theatre as the credits start to roll or turn off the DVD at that same point. If they do, they miss a very important added scene that follows the lengthy credits. It is a REAL SURPRISE so will not add a spoiler.

    As for the main film, it is a rather nice extension of the X-Men saga. Not great or as good as the first two, but taken for what it is, it's rather enjoyable and better than most third follow up films.

  • The best of the best in Special Effects
    A wonderful conclusion of a great story. Enjoyed this not only for the great special effects but also for the acting by several of the stars. ...more info
  • This Blu-Ray not much better than regular DVD
    Best of the X-men films and I have almost every X-Men comic ever printed. Now onto this blu-ray transfer. Ive only had a blu-ray player a short time and have the ten free movies it came with. This is the only one of the ten that only uses the single layer 25g space. This was most certainly rushed to blue-ray to cash in on X-mas shoppers. The sound is exactly the same as the collectors edition DVD!! The picture is a little better. This I would not buy if you already have the regular dvd because the way this player (Sony S-300) upscales you barely notice. Shame on Fox for this one, they did a good job on Fantastic Four/ Surfer blu-ray though....more info
  • Why didn't . . .
    The cast their usual excellent, action scenes thrilling. But, a couple of questions (I'm told Steven Speilberg and George Lucas pay each other "one point," one percent of each film, to look over each other's shoulder and ask questions). First, though I don't follow the series in magazines, I'm told Jean regenerates. Why didn't she this time? And with Rogue taking the cure, why couldn't Jean? After all, Rogue returned to the fold to be welcomed when she'd taken the treatment.

    On the "making of" sections of the DVD's almost every cast-member spoke of the series touching their own chord of feelings of lonliness, apartness. This surely does, to be ostracized by the "different" ones bacause one is no longer different!

    Fortunately the manager of the theatre spoke to the crowd to tell us to wait through the credits for something important. Bless his heart!...more info
  • Excellent PQ
    Great contrast and colors, not the sharpest blu-ray, but one of the best....more info
  • A nice surprise
    When I sat down to watch this movie, I wasn't expecting much. Reviews from this movie release turned me off from seeing it even though I enjoyed the first two installments. To my surprise, this was actually a very good far as superheroes go. Sure, I was stunned by Professor X's and Cyclops early departure, especially since it comes at the hands Gray/Phoenix. I was surprise that Wolverwine doesn't exhibit any guilt. If he hadn't set Phoenix loose in the first place, none of this would have happened. Berry's Storm as usual was boring, Rogue, I always thought was a boring mutant. Honestly, I thought the boy was going to be the answer to curing Phoenix, since no one's powers work around him, but it doesn't seem that answer occured to anyone. So we bring Gray back just to kill her again. I love the explanation to how she returned: "I don't know". Alrighty then. Why not just have her say "because the screenwriters said so"? Still, this was an entertaining installment BUT it definitely needs to end here. ...more info
  • Hard to keep the bodycount...
    I love the X-Men. I was a fan of the comics back when I was a kid, so I have an enourmous emphaty for the characters. Altough I've long been over my early younger days infatuation with superheroes the x-men and Batman universe still "call out" to me, so every time there is a movie or even television series based on both these universes i allways take a peek. Usually I end up dissapointed (aside from BATMAN TAS, Wolverine and The x-men The second Noland BAtman movie and the first two X-Men and Hellboys, there really aren't many sucessfull adaptations of superhero universes onto moving picture), so I have learned to lower my expectations considerably.
    X3 is not that bad. It's fun enough to watch and the action is allright. It has it's gripping moments and the actors where well casted. I adctually enjoyed it. But for a comics purist this movie will be maddening and insulting... Hell, I'm not one but I feel there were alot of choices that were pretty exagerated and that kinda got in my nerves. For example, I remenber the phoenix saga and this has little to do with it. Also the death of all those X-Men was idiotic and unnecessary. Juggernaut has nothing to do with the comics nor he has any relation with Xavier, etc, etc. It's a shame because the first two movies were pretty faithfull to the source carachterswise. For a comics purist this will be a maddenning film...
    But If your not a purist and you set your standarts a little low it's fun enough. It's not that terrible. Besides, as enjoyable as the first two X-men movies were, they werent THAT amazing to begin with......more info
  • The Last Stand
    Great move! Plenty of action and have one of the best action scene. Great movie on blu-ray with spectacular graphics and sound. Make sure you have enough nacho's and popcorn, because the ending leaves you at the end of your seat. I definitely recommend this movie in your blu- ray collection....more info
  • Pleased as always!
    I've always been skeptical about making purchases online, but this Christmas you have made a solid patron! Everything I've ordered, including this particular dvd arrived quickly and in excellent condition, as well as a fantastic value! I'll never think twice again about coming back to you. Keep up the excellent job, especially the security of your site!...more info
  • Surprisingly good
    Having avoided it in theatres because of Brett Ratner's involvement (you have to admit, after the lifeless Rush Hour 2 and Red Dragon, what were the odds on Ratner being able to do anything right?), usually the guarantee of lazy paint-by-numbers filmmaking at best, to my very great surprise the much-troubled X-Men: The Last Stand turned out to actually be good - very good - with Ratner for once putting a little effort into proceedings in a film that's far more successful than Bryan Singer's take on Supes and has all the excitement and emotional power that film lacked.

    It helps that Singer established the emotional background strongly enough in the first two films for Ratner to be able to just get on with telling a story (I do wonder how well it would work for a newcomer to the franchise with no prior investment in the characters), and there's still a part of me that figures that Singer and Matthew Vaughn spent so long in pre-production before leaving the film that the action sequences were probably fairly comprehensively storyboarded before Ratner came aboard because there's none of his customary just-point-the-camera-in-the-general-direction laziness, but I still have to give Mr I-don't-like-action-it-bores-the-audience credit where credit is due for not screwing it up - the big set-pieces are genuinely impressive, and this is a cracking yarn that rarely lets up. He even gets something like a performance out of Halle Berry, which is more than Singer ever managed. Shame about the terrible CGI make-up effects that make the `younger' Patrick Stewart look like a Final Fantasy character in the prologue though.

    Although some found the film a little too short, after looking at the deleted scenes on the DVD, I'm not really sure if it is that possible to extend the movie without going the Spiderman 2.1 route and filming new scenes - most of them are alternate bet-hedging versions of scenes in the film (like the Rogue cured/not cured variations). But it's pretty rare to see a blockbuster people would actually like to be longer these days! ...more info
  • 2.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Unfortunately not the last stand for this series, Xmen III suffers from too many characters and the fact that the screenwriters don't know what to do with them--the reasonable heights reached in the previous 2 movies aren't approached and the viewer is left disappointed....more info
  • X-Men - The Last Stand
    Who could have seen the movie in theaters and not wanted to have it on DVD? A fitting and excellent conclusion to the trilogy, leaving one with the hope that it will not be the last....more info
  • like a bird that was shot out of the sky
    If it weren't for the fact that the first two were done very well, that the acting was good and strategic, keeping those who dont know how to play the part of an action hero to minimal show times (halle berry), then maybe I would give this film 3 stars. But this was disappointing. It was the perfect example of Hollywood taking a perfectly good series and crapping on it because they want to rush through a summer blockbuster. They changed the director. They changed the head writer. You got to ask yourself why the hell would they do that? I mean the writer was the writer for American Pie for god sakes. The answer was that the director was doing Superman Returns and wanted to finish it before moving on to the next project. The studio told him to stick it, they didn't want to wait, so they pushed a new director through. The movie was a Hollywood wet dream of Fan Boy pandering, explosions, little acting and story, and even a tribute to the famous Juggernaut Youtube video. For those of you who said it wasn't the first two movies but it was still fun, just imagine what it could have been. The X-men 3 The Last Stand is nothing short of disappointment. ...more info
  • X-Men - The Last Stand DVD
    Excellent DVD! It definitely keep me engrossed with the visualizations and interesting storyline. Received in perfect condition, and quick and easy transaction....more info
  • Best of All 3 Movies!
    I love this movie, lots of actions and special effects, don't miss it, comic book fan or not, you will not be disappointed; great movie but it or rent it!...more info
  • Blue Ray DVD
    I received m DVD on time and in great condition. I would highly recommend this seller....more info
  • Excellent Production
    X-Men 3 - The Last Stand [Blu-ray] Say what you will of this movie's plot, direction, etc. This movie is a must have in that ever growing collection of Blu-Ray Films! It'll bring out that true quality we expect from our entertainment systems. Great piece to show what HD's all about!...more info
  • Wolverine doesn't cry! He kills.
    X-Men: The Last Stand is the second sequel to X-Men, and unlike the first sequel it falls far short of the original. I could spend a lot of time getting into why Brett Ratner is as much to blame for the this as Joel Shumacher was for the near fall of the cinematic Batman. We may very well be one sequel away from a screenplay riddled with puns and fight scenes choreographed like a Broadway show or Disney on ice. Don't hold me to it...all I'm saying is that this disappointing garbage is a few more steps in that direction.

    X3 (because us American's love for our blockbuster movies to have the shortest colloquialisms possible) mimics the Dark Phoenix saga by legendary comic writer Chris Claremont, and it mixes that arc with a newer story I'm not so familiar with. I'm assuming this is where the idea of the mutant cure comes from. In short, there is a cure available and it might mean the end of mutants, so we might be tempted to ask ourselves some important questions and a better filmmaker like Bryan Singer may have made these questions far more clear and allowed the answers to cut more deeply. We've developed differently our whole lives, so how much would we really enjoy being like everyone else on Earth? What does Mystique, a shape-shifter who prefers to walk around blue and scaley as opposed to adjusting her appearance like we know she can, really think of this opportunity? What about everyone else and how can a director address this with such a large cast? Ratner is not up to the task of making these observations interesting...he does however know how to direct straight action and make a highly commercial film. He did his job.

    Singer on the other hand brought a tremendous amount of emotion and soul to his films, and he did this without being remotely heavy-handed. As a bonus he could also deliver straight action, but in his films we actually cared about the characters. In the second X-Men film we got to see Pyro blast some cops in front of Bobby Drake's house and then we got to see Bobby fly away with the other mutants, but instead of seeing some more explosions and loud jet engines, we see Bobby briefly glance at his family who just betrayed him...and we connect. Here in X3, I honestly just wanted to see the fire guy fight the ice dude. I wasn't buying into the characters anymore and the all-too-often clunky dialogue didn't help either. All the characters that were carried over from the other films are almost just empty shells of themselves from the previous movies, so I felt as if I had to think back to when I gave a damn.

    But it's not all bad. Jean Grey's return from death in X2 as the ultra-powerful mutant Phoenix is fun to watch and the film doesn't pull punches to work toward a definitive end to the series (another reason an additional sequel could be dangerous). I'm not a real fan of the comic, but I'm familiar with it enough to know that hardcore fans have countless concerns for how there favorite characters are portrayed. It's not a horrible movie in comparison to some movies of it's ilk. The real disdain for me lies in how X3 betrays the depth of the first two films....more info
  • Somewhat Okay, but Slightly Disappointing
    I loved the first two movies in this series, but found this one slightly disappointing. There was a nice mix of characters and some interesting pieces to the plot, but, overall, I think this was a disappointment. I grew up reading my brother's X-Men comics and loved all of them, especially all of the neat crossover ones. I get the idea that they made this movie just to set up for a few more sequels, and they forgot to add a story to this one. I sat through it, but don't have a desire to watch it again. And I might not bother to watch any more additions to this series of movies. In comparison to the first two, this one falls short of the mark. I would only give it three and a half stars for the good actors and special effects, because the story is not that great. I now wish I had not put this on my wish list for Christmas....more info
  • Meh
    What can I say? This film was a huge disappointment after the first two. I wasn't expecting exactly the same, but I was not expecting it to be this bad.
    The only reason I'm giving it two stars is because the actors and cinematography is good, the script however is awful.
    They throw in way too many characters, even for a fan like me, and throw get rid of key people like used Kleenex.
    My hope is that Bryan Singer will return and make another film to make up for this one, but it's a long shot.
    Not worth it....more info
  • X-Men:The Last Stand does not deliver in a jumbled mess of dull dialogue and poor acting.
    In defense of Director Brett Ratner, he did the best he could under the time constraints for this film and the fact that Singer abandoned his "child" to direct Superman Returns. Writers Kinberg and Penn are seasoned pros, but both came into the film after Singer left and took the original screenwriters, Harris and Dougherty with him to Superman. Basically, they started with nothing and were able to create something just above nothing. Its the same old tired out storyline of good mutants versus evil mutants with a little bit of modern day political agenda thrown in for good measure.

    It is not just the poor screenplay that ruins the film. Unfortunately, The Last Stand lacks the acting necessary to carry what is supposed to be one of the most tear-jerking, intense narratives in the X-Men comics, The Dark Phoenix Saga. Typical of comic book films lately, do not expect to find the original story arc in this movie. The dialogue between our heroes is tedious, a slap in the face to readers who know that Marvel Comics have always been cerebral in nature. The special effects are not up to par and even the actor chosen for the minor role of President was horrible. (Cotter Smith where were you?) This film was a huge disappointment and an embarrassment to the X-Men franchise.

    There were major faux pas and incongruities in this film. Beware! If you have not seen the film, there are spoilers ahead. Stop reading now and know that if you are a fan of the X-Men series you will be very dissatisfied. Stick with the first two and pretend this film was never put to celluloid.

    In an opening scene, we see Professor X walk to the Grey's door. Prof. X was paralyzed before he started the School for the Gifted and so would have been in his wheelchair at this point. Instead of using clever dialogue to establish that we are in the past, the writers and director chose to cop out and remove a prop that should have been present if they had back checked their facts.

    The Phoenix kills Scott in the first twenty minutes of the movie. While the Phoenix side of Jean might not get along with Scott, she never would have outright killed him. Not only is this anti-climatic, but clearly, the only reason for his death was that the actor (Marsden) had other obligations i.e.: Superman Returns.

    Where was the Phoenix? Jean looks more like a goth girl gone wrong rather than the fiery entity of the Phoenix. We never get to see her rise from the ashes in a blazing inferno. Singer had clearly laid the groundwork in the second movie; her eyes had fire in the them and at the end of the film, we saw the Phoenix fly across the lake. That idea was obviously trashed when the new director took over.

    The scenes involving Wolverine and Storm debating/arguing are forced and tiresome. It seems as though the director gave up on accents in this film as Ororo went from having a strained Kenyan accent in the first movie to none at all by the third. Of course, it may be that Ms. Berry had difficulty acting her part or was asked to stop attempting the accent.

    The entire middle of the film was unnecessary. There were too many scenes of Magneto rousing the troops, too many cut scenes to the forest (yes we get it, he is in the woods!) too much of the President babbling "God Help Us" or gathering the troops. Where were the scenes of Jean/Phoenix struggling with the fact that she had just killed her lover/husband and her mentor/father figure?

    Why bother introducing characters like Callisto, Psylocke, Spike (who are not mentioned by name) and Archlight if only to kill them off unceremoniously at the end of the film?
    Why kill off Jean - again.

    One creative point of the movie was Jean's split personality disorder creating the Phoenix rather than an alien entity. It would have been more poignant, however, if Jean had lived, having to face that she had killed the people she loved most in life. There is no real justice or even remotely successful conclusion to this film....more info
  • X-Men - The Last Stand (Collector's Edition)
    Not a bad movie in itself and good for individuals not familiar with the xmen history comic or other, I also found this X men to have a week plot but has a good story line. So would I watch it yes would I buy it again no....more info
  • Overall this movie is...
    So I went to see this movie on opening day with some friends and I came away satisfied. I saw it for the second time, but I wasn't excited that some characters were nowhere to be found (Nightcrawler) and others were cast aside early on into the movie (Cyclops & Mystique).Though some characters did get decent and meaningful deaths (Professor X & Jean) the deaths still felt unneeded.
    This week I wasn't feeling to great and was trying to find something to watch that I hadn't already seen a hundred times and I picked X-men 3. I turned on the movie expecting that an hour and forty-eight minutes of my life would be wasted. Luckily I was wrong.
    Sure this movie isn't the best movie ever, but by no means is it the worst movie ever. It's a fun action movie; if you're looking for a deep, emotional story then this won't be your cup of tea, but if you're looking to get away for awhile and just have some fun then this movie is definitely worth the rental price.
    ...more info
  • Lousy delivery system.
    I bought this and paid for overnight delivery. It never arrived. It left the Amazon distribution center, but nobody could find any evidence of its location once it left. As far as I am concerned, someone who had access to it stole it. I received a full refund from Amazon, but I had to chase around looking for it at the last minute. That is why I paid for overnight delivery. I didn't have time nor energy to chase after it. In this case, online did nothing for me. The "one" star is really for the level of service....more info
  • are you people kidding me?
    this movie is a disgrace.

    SPOILER warning

    Why do they think they could get away with killing Dr X? no. thats wrong. he doesnt die ESPECIALLY CYCLOPS he never dies in the comics or the tv show? this movie makes no sense.
    especially when they use THREE darts to take out magneto instead of saving one for jean grey. she wouldnt have had to die. and neither would the series....more info
  • A must have to complete the trilogy
    I love all 3 X-Men movies. Unlike some other trilogies, where plots weaken with sequels, I found all 3 X-Men movies full of action, and not just cheesy computer effects. The characters are very engaging, and the underlying message of the movie is not missed....more info