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Powershred MS-460Cs Safe Sense 10 sheet Confetti Cut Shredder
List Price: $449.99

Our Price: $257.99

You Save: $192.00 (43%)


Product Description

Ultra-quiet micro-shredder offers full-feature operation and is an excellent choice for small offices. Provides maximum security by shredding paper into pieces smaller than the length of a standard staple. Includes separate entry and 1-gallon waste container for shredding CDs, floppy disks and credit cards. Exclusive SafeSense Technology stops shredding immediately when paper entry is touched. Simple and convenient to operate with auto start/stop functionality. Automated alert system lets user know when machine is jammed or overheated. Shredder Type: Micro-Shred; Recommended Shredder Users: Up to 3; Specialty Shredding: CDs/DVDs; Credit Cards; Paper Clips; Staples; Motor HP: 0.125.

  • 6.4 gallon pull-out basket
  • 10 sheet High Security Cross Cut Shredder
  • Shreds as fast as 10' per minute
  • Clear window allows user to see if wastebasket is full
  • Includes casters for easy portability

Customer Reviews:

  • Outstanding, and Quiet!, but.....
    I owed an older strip shredder by Fellowes that has worked well over the years. This new confetti shredder is a vast improvement in quiet and security (size of shred). Due to the nature of the shred, it is a tad slower since it has more work to do. Very good shredder. I hope it last as long as the last one.

    UPDATE: At day 7, the first shredder self-destructed! Amazon was great about getting me a replacement. New one has been fine thru 10 reems or so of shredding. ...more info
  • State of the Art
    Well made microcut shredder. Securely reduces documents to unrecoverable confetti. Best protection for complete destruction of confidential documents....more info
  • Secure and safe.
    The 10 sheets of bond paper went through the shredder as they should. The size of the pieces is small. It would take many many months to reassemble these tiny pieces IF that is possible.

    I paid a lower price, but it is worth Amazon's price. I have used all the included plastic bags and have emptied the basket five time in addition to those times. No problems. The only thing you have to do is use some vegetable oil to squirt on the cutters when you empty the basket. You get a small bottle but I refilled it with (any) vegetable oil and it worked fine. This is in the instruction book.

    The MS-460 Cs is an excellent shredder. It is quiet, the safety touch system works, and it does what is supposed to do. If I were buying a shredder I'd buy this one again.

    When you empty the basket you might find little paper pieces around the area. No big deal. The basket is large, and when near full you can see the paper pieces piling up inside and empty it.

    If you shred a LOT of pages at once the overheat will turn the motor off. You must wait until it cools before continuing. This is to protect the motor from damage. This usually happens when you first get the unit because you have a lot of shredding to do. It is not a defect.
    I have no connection with this or any other shredder company. This is my opinion of the product only. Hope it helps.
    ...more info
  • Exceeded my high expectations
    My previous shredder was a 1999 Fellowes PS-80, which still works like new, after reliably shredding thousands of documents over the past 8 years. In order to protect my hearing, I have been wearing industrial ear muffs whenever I shred more than a few pages with this old machine. When I read about this new "quiet" MS-460Cs shredder, I decided it was time for an upgrade.

    Based on the advertising and the reviews, I expected the shredder to be quiet, but am amazed at HOW quiet this new machine is. The roar of my old PS-80 has been replaced by the gentle hum of the MS-460Cs. I can continue a phone conversation or listen to the radio while the shredder is running. I can leave my hearing protection gear in the garage, where it belongs.

    The paper shredding performance is robust, as described in some other reviews. Paper is chopped into tiny mulch, and the motor is rated to run for up to 10 minutes continuously before requiring time to cool down. This is more than adequate for my needs.

    There is a second, smaller opening for CDs and credit cards, which shreds items into strips. This is a security compromise, as I believe that a motivated thief could reconstruct a strip-shredded credit card and reconstruct the account number. To get a true cross-cut shred for the credit card, I feed the strips back into the shredder horizontally for a second pass. This is inconvenient, but it acceptable since credit card shredding is fairly infrequent for me.

    The controls are simple and intuitive. A Green LED indicates when the power is ON. There is an automatic sensor which turns the blades forward when papers or CDs / Credit Cards are inserted. There are also manual "ON" switches for both forward and reverse, which is convenient for maintenance or for shredding small items which do not trigger the automatic sensors. A 4 ounce bottle of oil is included with the shredder.

    This machine has advanced safety features. I was especially impressed how this shredder automatically and instantly pauses the motor and illuminates an orange LED if a person touches any area near the blades. The motor also stops if the waste basket is removed.

    The machine is tall, but fits nicely under my desk and easily rolls out on the included casters. There are recessed handles in the front and back of the machine to facilitate carrying the shredder if you are not able to roll it across your floor.

    If you can afford the price, the MS-460Cs is a good value considering the quiet and robust shredding performance, safe, easy to use design, and Fellowes track record of building reliable, long lasting equipment.

    Note - I am in no way affiliated with Fellowes or Amazon, but I do have high standards and appreciate a quality product. ...more info
  • Very quiet
    Bought this model to replace another more basic Powershred which has worked perfectly for 4 years without any maintenance. Replacement was driven by a need to shred CDs, DVDs & credit cards, and the Safe Sense technology seemed essential now I have a child.

    Paper shredding is very quiet (on an absolute scale, not just compared to its predecessor). Shredded pieces are the smallest I have observed of any shredder.

    CD/DVD/credit card shredding is only strip cut not confetti cut. I might have missed that detail in the product information, or maybe confetti cut of CD/DVD/credit cards is not yet available, or not available at this price point. This was a minor disappointment but not sufficient to lead me to drop a star.

    I am not a heavy volume user (haven't been since I signed up on the don't-send-me-any-more-credit-card-offers site), so I can't speak to its ability to work effectively over extended periods, but for my relatively light use, assuming the quality of the brand has been sustained, I foresee this model serving me well for several years....more info
  • Quit Messing Around With Toys!
    After going through three cheap department-store specials in as many years and having the motors fail in all of them, I broke down and bought a REAL shredder. All I can say is I made a good decision with this one. It's a real powerhouse, and I swear it'll cut through anything. Extremely quiet as well. You won't go wrong with this one....more info