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Fellowes Powershred MS-450Cs Safe Sense 7-sheet Confetti Cut Shredder
List Price: $199.99

Our Price: $162.95

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Product Description

The innovative Fellowes MS-450CS is ideal for use in the home or office. MicroShred feature shreds up to 7 sheets per pass into 5/64 x 5/16-inch particles as fast as 60 sheets per minute. Ultra-Quiet Operation with virtually silent motor for use in shared spaces or cubicles. Exclusive SafeSense Technology stops shredder immediately when hands are too close to the paper opening. Equipped with an 8.75-inch paper entry, the MS-450CS easily accepts letter or legal size documents, and features durable steel cutters that accept staples and paper clips. Designated safety slot with 0.78-gallon media wastebasket accepts credit cards and CDs. Shredder automatically shuts off and alerts operator when a jam occurs, 4.5-gallon pullout wastebasket is ajar or shredder is overheated. Window allows user to see if wastebasket is full. Auto start/stop ensures quick, easy shredder operation. Includes casters for portability. Dimensions - 24.375 x 16.75 x 13.875-inches (619.10mm x 425.50mm x 352.40mm)

  • High Security Cross Cut Shredder can shred up to 7 sheets per pass and 60 sheets per minute
  • Yields 5/64 x 5/16-inch micro-cut particles for maximum security
  • Automatically shut-off alerts you when jams occur, the wastebasket is ajar, or the shredder is overheated
  • Designated safety slot accepts credit cards and CDs
  • Convenient window lets you see when the 4.5-gallon wastebasket is full

Customer Reviews:

  • Not for credit cards
    This may be a good unit for paper, but is NOT suitable for credit cards. I put one credit card into this unit and it only strip cut it (versus confetti) and my account number was still readable. This was not acceptable, so I returned the shredder. After further research, I ended up purchasing the Royal 1610X Confetti-Cut Continuous Form Shredder which pulverized my credit cards as well as paper into the same tiny unreadable confetti bits....more info
  • Good shredder, bad warranty and customer service
    This shredder does its job well, if used exactly as intended. However, my wife fed some bank statements into the CD/Credit card slot (a smaller slot next to the larger paper slot, both on top of the shredder) and the shredder jammed. Believe me, this is an easy mistake to make since the two slots are so close to each other. Beisdes, who would think that a mechanism that can shred CDs would have a problem with paper? Anyway, after clearing the jam, the shredder will no longer shred CDs or credit cards fed into that slot. (The paper slot still works fine for paper.) I contacted Fellowes and they refuse to repair or replace the shredder, saying that it was misused and the warranty does not apply. There is no warning on the shredder itself, nor in the user's manual, that putting paper in the CD slot will cause any problem, or will void the warranty.

    Here, in case you'd like to read it, is my exchange with Carole from Fellowes customer service:

    Me: My wife recently fed some old bank statements into the CD/CreditCard slot on our brand new model MS-450Cs shredder, purchased from The paper clogged up the cutters, but I was able eventually to remove the clog by dismounting the shredder mechanism from the base and using needle nose pliers to pick out the paper, which had wrapped tightly around the shaft. However, the cutting blades had somehow become loose from the shaft and consequently the shredder will now no longer shred CDs or credit cards. It seems to me that the CD cutting blades should not have broken loose from the shaft under these circumstances. Can I get them repaired under your warranty?

    Carole: Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, this would not be a warranty issue. More than likely there is damaged strippers and not cutters. The strippers strip the paper (or material as it is being shredded) and feed it into the basket. If the strippers were broken, it can appear as though the blades are misaligned because the strippers are in between the blades. In addition, the further bad news is that we do not carry the internal components for this shredder.

    Me: This is not the response I expected from a reputable company like Fellowes. Are you saying that you are refusing to honor your warranty? It seems to me that the failure of these parts was very likely due to a defect in material or workmanship, which are covered for 1 year. It is not like we tried to shred a brick. We put paper in what turned out to be the wrong slot. There is no warning in the user's manual against doing so. In particular, nowhere does the manual say that putting paper in the CD slot will void the warranty.

    Carole: I am sorry that you feel this way, but the unit was not used correctly and this caused damage to your shredder. This is not a warranty issue. We do stand behind our products when the unit is used as it should. Since parts are not available to repair the unit, we can offer you a factory serviced MS450Cs unit at a discounted rate.......more info
  • Quiet, hard worker
    This stealth bulldog does what it is supposed to, smoothly and quietly shredding documents into confetti. Like any good dog, he seems solid and dependable. I feel better knowing he's keeping watch....more info
  • Fellowes Powershred MS-450CS, a true mirco shred
    The Fellowes Powershred MS-450Cs truly provides a higher degree of security by shredding your documents into the smallest confetti that I've come across. It is very effective for light office use. If you're constantly shredding a lot of documents over an extended period, I strongly suggest choosing the next model up from the 450CS as it tends to heat up and stops to cool off for at least 25 minutes after 15 minutes of continuous use. ...more info
  • What is wrong
    Has now stopped shredding all together.

    Checking to see how much it will cost to send to Fellowes...they deserve this piece of junk. Warranty not a factor, Fellowes offers no repair service nor parts service to repair this beast.

    It is the worst example of functionality. Only runs the right way 5% of the time; most of the time it will only activate the switch when paper is placed in the slot...BUT not shred anything! Take the paper out and it reverses as if it had been jammed even though no paper present. Push the button to shred manually may work 1 out of 40 times...still it wants to reverse. I have cleaned the head many times (as well as possible...upside-down with picks) and lubricated it good....more info
  • Shreds into tiny bits, with fairly quiet operation.
    I really like this shredder. I have used it for many months now. Indeed, I have been so satisfied with this shredder that I purchased a second one. It seems that I can often find fault with most products, and therefore rarely award five stars, but this one does all I that I expect for the price. The shredded bits are as small as any I've seen, and the shredding itself is relatively quiet. I like the safety feature which turns it off when accidentally touched near the feeder, and I also appreciated the instance when the device averted over-heating itself (temporarily shut itself down, and displayed an associated indicator light) during one of my more ambitious shredding sessions. That was an atypical continuous-use campaign, and the shredder has never failed me during normal daily use. ...more info
  • Excellent buy
    I owned a Fellowes Powershred model for 11 years and it finally died on me a couple months ago. I believe I ruined it, I always put a ton of paper in it and constantly confused it, but it never failed on me. I decided to retire it instead of having the blades fixed and ordered this Powershred MS-450Cs. It is AWESOME, to say the least. It shreds so thin, it saves you time, space, money, and reduces waste! My boyfriend recently shredded 20 DVDs and it accomplished the amazing feat. I am highly impressed with the quality, amazon offered a fantastic price and free shipping... you CAN NOT go wrong!...more info
  • Shreds into tiny confetti diamonds
    This is a great shredder! It even shreds credit cards, CDs and DVDs into tiny confetti. It does overheat after about 10 minutes of continuous use (I was cleaning out my office), and takes a while to recover (couple hours), but my fear of identity theft has certainly decreased....more info
  • Worst I've Ever Owned
    Owned probably 10 shredders and this is the worst I've owned. Normally love the Fellowes products, but not this one. Hard to get the paper to begin shredding, will only handle 4 sheets at the most and then it has a tendency to jam. Removal of the waste is difficult and I will guarantee that you will leave bits of paper on floor, ok lots of paper on floor.

    But, it does shred very tiny. Doubt anyone could put documents back together.

    Going to replace it with another model, secretary can have mine. Come to think of it, I traded better shredder to another employee who didn't like this one....more info
  • May be a good shredder Fellowes Powershred MS-450Cs
    However, mine came DOA from Amazon's supplier. I read the reviews on this item and had to have it, however, it arrived dead. So, I had to return it and still looking for a viable option....more info
  • It's great
    I bought this as a replacement for an old Fellowes strip shredder (which still works fine by the way). Everything is as advertised - it's very quiet and reduces the shredded paper down to vitually nothing. OK - so the micro-shred might be a bit over the top in the sense that a cross cut or confetti cut shredder are more than suitable for 99.99% of all shredding needs, but I still like it nonetheless. If I had one complaint, it's that the credit card and CD cutter simply strip shred. You may want to go for an additional pass - either that or keep the scissors handy....more info
  • Much smaller than anything else - the shred
    I bought the MS-450Cs because it shreds smaller than anything else you will find at the consumer level. Shreds end up being about 1/2 the size of an unstapled-staple. Or if you are a levenger binder user, about the size of a chad. Really small.

    If you've been saving up your shred material for months, be prepared to shred in cycles as this shredder will heat up fairly fast (3-4 minutes continuous use). It has an automatic shut-down feature when it gets hot. The cool down doesn't take that long.

    After shredding the material that I had been saving for months, it has never heated up on me again with my everyday junk mail.

    I'd buy this again in a heartbeat!!!

    4 stars instead of 5 because of the price - but if you want small shreds, you'll have to spend the money...more info
  • Great Shredder and worth every penny
    I bought this shredder after researching it online and reading the reviews. I have had the $30.00 shredder, too painful, too loud, too slow and too easy to see the info. even after I shredded it, this is true confetti, mulch like. I have no worries about data being left. It also zipped through CD's with no problem, I am confident this will be the only shredder I ever need.

    It's also incredibly quiet, which impressed me immediately. The safety feature is amazing, no way children can get in there, any fingers at all, it has a sensor that just won't allow this to happen. It's on rollers, so if you need to move it, no problem there.

    I highly recommend this shredder, especially if you want to be sure your checks, credit info, statements, etc. are completely destroyed.

    By the way, the shredding makes for good packing material
    if you ship a lot or want to stay "green" it's a nice way to recycle.

    ...more info
  • Fellowes Shredder
    Except that the credit card/CD/DVD shredding function cuts in strips rather than cross cut (making it easy to reassemble the credit card and read the data), it's a good shredder....more info
  • Random Impressions
    I have used my MS-Cs for 4 months with no complaints worth mentioning. I use it in a home setting shredding mail for the most part. I have never
    shred to much mail time wise or thickness wise to activate the over-
    heating switch nor do I overload thickness size of 7 sheets at one time.
    I Love the way it shreds paper into confetti size bits, no way can
    anyone piece these together again!!
    Pros: Perfect Machine for my kind of use: I.E Mail,Bank Statements, Private Info Ect Ect.
    Cons: Could not find any worth mentioning!...more info
  • Yes, You Will Want to Shred Everything You Own!
    I felt like I was overpaying for this when I bought it (not here, for $200), but it even feels like a value at that price. My only complaint about the machine is that it does not live up to its advertised billing of a 7-sheet capacity. I think I can get seven sheets shredded if they are inserted exactly right, but it often balks. Still, paper tends NOT to jam, the opposite of every shredder I have ever used. The most it would take would be a gentle tug with some pliers and even the overload went right through. Considering I have spent literally hours unplugging some low grade models (the Office Depot Ativa comes to mind) this was really unbelievable. And all of the things that others are saying are true. It is SO QUIET!! I have never used a shredder while my daughter is going to sleep without disturbing her! And the microshredding is very easy to bag for recycling. The childproofing (and adult-proofing) apprears to work really well -- the maching does not work if a finger gets to close to it.

    I am favorably impressed and expect this unit to last. It seems well built and fundamentally better than any shredder I've ever used, even at the higher price. I am probably going to buy another one for my office....more info
  • Great machine!
    Two things about this shredder:
    1. Data recovery. No one will be able to piece back together anything shredded by the MS-450C. Paper is simply shred that finely. Better than anything else I've ever seen.
    2. Quietness. Perhaps I should've put this first. I can shred while my wife sleeps in the next room, something I never would have attempted before.
    Please, do your research, check opinions on other shredders, whatever you need to do. But you will come back to buy this model. Absolutely no bad things to say about it. The CD/DVD shredder part is actually a different feed than the paper shredder, a feature not seen on many machines. By that I mean not only is there a different slot, but it has a different method of shredding them.
    I've had this machine about a month now. Love it!...more info
  • quiet, secure shredding
    Great product, quiet yet really eats um up. I hope I get many years of confetti shredding. Fellows makes a better shredder....more info
  • Nice unit. Very quiet.
    I have had this unit for well over 5 months, except for some paper bits not landing in the basket regardless of what I do (paper bag,etc), I like it. It would be a 5 star if it shredded (even just a crosscut)the credit cards and cd's, it just cuts them into strips. This unit is very very quiet and so far very reliable....more info
  • Proceed with Caution
    I've had this for months now, and it is quiet and you can shred a lot before you need to empty it because of the small pieces. I really like it except...

    Unless you know someone is assembling your documents from your old strip cut shredder, stay away from these superfine shredders unless they have some sort of filtering system on them. You will have lungs filled with paper dust making a mask necessary, and your room will have a layer of paper dust all over it (possible fire hazard?). I can also see even more puffs of paper dust flying out the top slots every time I put the bin back in. My next shredder will not cut the pieces that small.

    I'm not sure if this is a health or safety hazard yet. I'm going to contact the product safety forum. So far I'm not worried about it enough to stop using it. I will get a different shredder when I can....more info
  • The shredder failed after about a half hour of use
    The paper shredder's cutting cylinders stopped turning after about a total of a half hour of use; the motor continued to run. I sent it back to Amazon.

    The shredder's box had a mean looking bull dog, marketing I took to mean that the shredder was tough. This marketing conflicts with the manual, which says that the shredder is recommended for 25 to 50 pages per day and that it should be used no more than 8 to 10 minutes at a time....more info
  • Good Shredder other have said before me, this shredder is quiet, very quiet! It also shreds paperwork into TINY pieces. Don't overfill the basket though as the small pieces make a terrible mess of things and are hard to clean up. Handles 5-6 sheets at a time easily but can handle more with each pass. I simply find the unit seems to be working to hard to handle 10pgs at a clip, especially if I expect the unit to live a very long life. I am perfectly happy with this shredder and would certainly recommend it to anyone for home and small office use which is what I use it for. ...more info