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VGA BOX PC Monitor LCD AV Input Convertor Selector
List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $31.00

You Save: $38.99 (56%)


Product Description

This VGA converter can convert the video and audio signals into your VGA monitor with high resolution and low radiation. Simply connecting your VGA monitor with TV, V8 Camera, VCR, LD, DVD or Video Games consoles like Playstation, PS2, XBOX, Gamecube, Nintendo 64 or Dreamcast. Resolution effect is four times increased.

  • Converts the video and audio signals into your VGA monitor.
  • Compatible with Playstation, PS2, XBOX, Gamecube, Nintendo 64 or Dreamcast

Customer Reviews:

  • It works
    It does just what it says it will. It included multiple A/V ports so that more than one thing can be plugged in at once. It has imput selectors on the top, and you can keep it hooked up to your computer and press a button to change the imput to your monitor. The only issue I have had is having to adjust the screen, as the image was not on center at first, but an easy fix and a small price to pay for not buying a TV....more info
  • Love this little box!
    I needed this device because I have a monitor that only had a VGA input. After hooking up my,PC, XBOX 360, PSP2,and a VCR to use as a tuner, I can now use this monitor for all. I did find that sometimes the picture was not great but there's a button located on the front to change the resolution between 640 x 480 @ 60Hz
    or 75Hz, 800 x 600 @ 60Hz or 75Hz, and 1024 x 768 @ 60Hz. After pressing this button you can pick which screen looks best. For someone who wants to use their monitor for more than just the PC this is a Great thing to have!...more info
  • Sorta Works
    This product does what it claims. But using the audio connections at the back caused a buzzing noise in the speakers. Just using it for video connections is fine....more info
  • Functional, but barely...
    Overall quality of this thing is pretty poor. It doesn't even have a power switch, so you just have to unplug it to turn it off. The video quality from my playstation 2 is terrible on my 19 inch lcd, blurred and somewhat distorted. The picture actually looks much better on my old cheap tv set. I've toyed around with monitor settings and even tried a different vga cable, but couldn't get any significant improvements. Unless you just dont care about picture quality, you should continue your search. This device wont give you what your looking for....more info
  • RCA to VGA converter
    Great product. I can't believe they are being massed produced becaause I saved about have the cost of purchasing a LCD TV by purchasing a LCD monitor with only the VGA and HDMI input device. The RCA to VGA converter allowed me to hook the VCR/Game Cube/Xbox to a 22" XVGA computer LCD monitor that only cost me $300....more info
  • Good product, especially for the price, but not amazing
    I bought it to use my N64 (W00t, retro gaming!)on my monitor, since I don't own a TV. It has four mini RCA inputs (Standard DVD player and console outputs, one video and two audio) and one VGA input- one 1/8th inch audio (standard for headphones/speakers) out and one VGA out. It has two other features, one button to change the resolution and a button for each input to change the input selection. The resolution settings are 640x480@60Hz, 640x480@75Hz, 800x600@60Hz, 800x600@75Hz, and 1024x768@60Hz. (I don't know why there isn't a 1024x768@75Hz option, maybe that's just too much demand on the machine.) If that's mumbo jumbo to you, just press the "RESOLUTION" button on the front repeatedly until you're happy with how your picture looks.

    It's much cheaper than most mini RCA to VGA converters. I was told to expect about $100, and that is what I found for most of them, which seemed absurd to me. I think you will agree that this is a much happier price. I can have my N64, Dreamcast, Cube, and DVD player all hooked up to the same box and switch between them all by pressing their respective buttons, which is much quicker than swapping out cords.

    But all is not happy. The picture's quality is noticeably reduced. The color is a bit off, and it seems a bit blurred as well, but that might be because I'm used to play my N64 games from further away on a TV much larger than my monitor, which might have made the image look sharper. You definitely do not want to hook up your XBox 360 or PS3 through this thing. I mostly play old video games, and you have to accept that the graphics suck anyway, so no big deal for me. Interestingly, I have noticed more of a problem with with color in Zelda than in Perfect Dark, and more of a problem with blurriness in Perfect Dark than in Zelda. I attribute the extra blurriness to more motion in the fast moving first-person shooter Perfect Dark and concentrating on other things and so not noticing the color being off. Where as in Zelda, I'm wandering around and taking my time to figure stuff out, so I notice the color being wrong (everything seems a bit more red, which is especially odd since I'm in the fire dungeon right now) but I'm not moving quickly enough to really notice the image blur.

    Also, the resolution settings are not saved for each input, which is why I wouldn't plug my computer into this box if I could help it. I don't know for sure, maybe it doesn't mess with you VGA in, but I was happy that I use DVI for my computer, and so didn't have to try the little experiment. (So all of my mini-RCA things plug into my box which plugs into my monitor VIA a VGA cable, but my computer plugs into my monitor via my DVI cable, so to switch between my computer and my VGA converter box I just switch my input on my monitor.)

    Because the resolution settings aren't saved, you'd have to manually change the resolution when you go from a N64, which likes a very low resolution, to a GameCube (Or any other newer console besides the 360 or PS3) which prefers a higher resolution. You could certainly get by without changing the resolution, but the picture really looks significantly better when at its proper resolution. (On a side note, if you want to see was Gears of War looks like at 640x480, this is how you could find out.)

    As to the audio, this box adds a hum to it. It's really quiet, so if you're playing video games you'll only hear it during loading screens. Also, it's not a steady tone, or that "CHHHHH" sound that is annoying at any volume that you hear when your television's trying to get a station but can't. It's got a low, gentle oscillating up-down to it, which I actually find rather pleasant. Makes loading screens more interesting for me. =D

    I would buy it again for what I am doing, but if I were into PS3 or Xbox 360 gaming, or I had a Wii and was a real Nazi about picture quality, I would probably go for something a little higher-end.

    4 mini RCA inputs
    Easily change resolution
    Easily change input
    VGA input
    Comes with a VGA cable ( I already have a half dozen of these laying around, so I opened the box and went, "Ohhhhhh, great.")

    Might be pro or con: Whether or not the box messes with your resolution settings for the VGA input. The small instructions sheet doesn't say, and I'm too lazy to figure it out. (If you really must know, shoot me a message. =D )

    Picture quality diminished a bit
    Resolution settings not saved for different inputs
    Some might find audio hum annoying

    ...more info
  • Probably just a personal problem, but still
    Getting a VGA adapter that can handle about 4 game systems for less than $50 is clearly a deal. The fact that one can save the money on a having to buy an LCD TV by using their monitor instead only adds to the savings. However, I have a problem when it comes to my monitor (a 19" LG Flatron LCD). When I switch to PC mode, the image is fuzzy and soft, and in general not nearly as crisp or clear as when the AV adapter is not the one rerouting the signal from the computer to the monitor. Plus, when playing a game systemo on such a monitor, the image doesn't take up the whole screen, resulting in black borders on the left and right sides. If these problems could just be fixed though, it would be an exceptional product. Until then, it only gets a 4 from me....more info
  • Not Much!
    with my monitor LCD lg L17527x-sf, the vga box it was not what hoped ,the image is blurred it is worse than the TV,I do not recommend it to use it with playstation 2,I am disappointed...more info
  • Adequate for attaching a Wii to an lcd monitor
    I bought this so I could use my Wii with an Acer monitor I have. The image is ok, but if you need a 42" HD image experience, you'll probably be disappointed. On the other hand, it works well enough. I haven't experienced any momentary black outs, as some others have reported. The game play is fine.

    The audio channel is noisy through head phones, so you should plan on running the audio directly from the Wii into a stereo or what have you.

    if you order from Canada, the shipping is horrendously expensive, effectively doubling the price. But it is still cheaper than buying a new TV (I don't watch television, I just want to play games, once in a while).

    Buy it if you have a monitor and don't want to spend the money on a new TV to use with your Wii....more info