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There's a reason Barbra Streisand's 2006 tour broke the arena house record in every city it visited, and it's because she's not only a legend but (still) a performer who effortlessly twists intimacy and friendliness and fierceness into a perfect, sturdy braid. This two-disc set, which pulls performances from dates in New York, Washington, D.C., and Fort Lauderdale, will raise its share of goosebumps. For longtime fans, they'll be a reaction to songs Streisand hasn't touched since the '70s and earlier, including "(Have I Stayed) Too Long At the Fair?" and "Unusual Way," from the Broadway musical Nine. For relative newbies, they'll be a response to her between-song patter, which touches with grace, wit, and sincerity on everything from her love for her son to her political leanings to her limitations as songwriter. The voice, of course, enthralls--there it is glowing on "Carefully Taught," one of four songs that have never before appeared on a Streisand recording, and there it is again wrapping luxurious tones all around "Evergreen," one of three songs she shares with Il Divo. Streisand--diva, political dynamo, superstar--still knows how to orchestrate a showstopper. --Tammy La Gorce

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Customer Reviews:

  • Babs lets loose
    I LOVE Barbra Streisand! I just needed to let that out. I am so happy that her wacky stage antics were finally set to music and it was captured like a baby leopard in Ghana. You never know what Babs is going throw at you. Is she going to come on stage dressed like a cowgirl riding a donkey? Is she going to shoot hot dogs otu of one of those hot dog shooting things? You never know and that is that magic of Babs. Her voice is about as good as Beyonce's, but she has better material. I'll usually grab the newest issue of Black Tail magazine, go to my treehouse and put this classic platter on. It is soothing to listen to Babs rock the mic like a fiend. I personally would have hired Burns to play keyboards on this tour because along with being a master of his craft, he's tall and will do nutty things on stage. There was this one time at an asschowder show where he wrote "right" and "left" on his pantlegs and did this bit where he pretended he couldn't tell which one was which before lauching into a floor exercise routine that would have won the silver at the Helsinki Olympics.

    Anway, this is Babs being Babs, which is a treat for you. She and Hasselhoff should tour together and make the world a better place for all animals....more info
  • Streisand-Live-2 CD's
    I live in Denmark, and I was surprised that I had to pay toll, which made the CD's 2 times as expensive - and much more expensive than if I had bought it in Denmark.

    But Streisand is fantastic. She's got the feeling - more than anyone else....more info
  • Pleasure Is Mine...
    Being a 7-years-old child, back in 1988, there is something that I cannot forget about our private English (as a second language) school: the loud and unique singing of Barbra Streisand from our central speakers. I was there to be looked-after by a working mother, actually a school-ruling mother. That time was the times that no official liscencee of the international labels were available in Turkey. Pirate copies of "top sellers" or mixtapes of artist's "chart toppers" were prefered...
    I got this soul to collect all good material from my mother. She never went out to buy illegal copies. She tired hard to reach out to liscenced products, when it was the times of rural rules in our city.
    Barbra, had always touched me somewhere. Not to mention her unique voice. She is one of a kind persona that this world would never ever have again.
    Fully artistic, fully humanistic, fully political and that's the way it goes.
    When I grew up and cds were common in our country, my first official Streisand belongings were 1994 "Highlights From: The Concert" CD, Casette and VHS. I can still remember how I picturised in my mind that an artist should be like.
    Then everything went better. Amazon appeared and I could even get 25th year dualdiscs of "Guilty" and very precious "Guilty Pleasures". "Timeless" was another concert disc, for which I spent all my weekly allowance on...
    I had spent so many money to have her CDs. Never at once did I regret. If it's KARMA, than I owe KARMA a lot to bring me the divinity of her music; if it's THE SECRET, I owe my universe a big loud THANK YOU for making me hear every note, if it's GOD that made me "able" of all these things... than I owe GOD my every littlest breath. 'Coz I'm more than flattered to have AN ART -herself- in my life. So perfect, so divine, everythime thrilling, everytime amuzing, everythime speeding my heartbeat.. everytime I FALL IN LOVE WITH!
    I may not express my gratitude toward this lifetime for making me hear and get the taste of Ms. Barbra Streisand, I wouldn't be saying that I understand music, if it weren't for Ms. Streisand and her unique ART.
    Please BUY this album, and be sure to get back every little culture and art OBSERBED IN YOUR GENES! Love... xXx...more info
  • Like Buttah!
    Saw Barbra in Atlanta and this is a wonderful album to bring back the memory of an unforgettable experience! I just hope there is a DVD planned! ...more info
  • The Ultimate Diva!
    The CD is very good. Enjoyed the patter with the audience. But she sounded MUCH better when I saw her live in Phoenix! Her voice sounds a little raspy in some points on the CD. I didn't notice that in concert. It could have been the excitement of finally seeing my all-time idol live for the first time. I hope she tours at least one more time before she calls it quits!!!
    ALL HAIL BARBRA!...more info
  • She still has it
    For those who enjoy concert albums, this will be enjoyable. The material was very familiar stuff, but she still sings it with all the skill and beauty she's made these songs famous with....more info
  • Junk Music
    Stop listening to her music years ago. How do you explain this person who only comes out to the public when she is promoting a record. Money $$$$$$$ is her only satisfaction that and puting down the United States to anyone stupid enough to listen. Barbie, go join Jane Fonda on your hate tours. ...more info
  • Always a class act............
    I had a chance to go to this concert - but passed - for fear that it wouldn't live up to her '94 Concert which I DID attend - BIG MISTAKE! Yes, her voice has continued to mature, but never underestimate this superstar. Her selections were sublime, and delivery - well - isn't that why we all love her? True fans can really appreciate hearing some of her lesser known material - and by the second cd her voice really sounds well oiled and resonates beautifully. I'm now sorry I didn't go to this - it sounds like an intimate evening with an old friend - the one who has provided the soundtrack to your life....more info
  • dissapointing
    dissapointing in that the duets really do little justice to the songs. The duet5s in particular have beengiven inappropriate arrangements....more info
  • great voice
    barbra is one of the best voices i know. this konzert - i unfortunaly missed it - is great. it's five stars worth...more info
  • Hey gorgeous, here we go again!
    Barbra Streisand is pop music's greatest voice. No doubt about it. At 65 she can still sing better than anyone else. This CD is no exception.

    My complaints---they used very 'tame' vocals when putting together this CD. Seeing her perform in Chicago was the time of my life, my dream. Barbra REALLY LET GO in concert, singing and peforming her heart out. While she sounds great here, they used tamer vocals: not the ones where she belts her heart out.

    The highlights----nearly everything. The "new" songs are worth the price of the CD alone.

    Seeing this tour in person makes this CD give you chills. I still get chills when the overture is ending and anticipating Barbra's entrance to the stange.

    Keep singing Barbra! Sing more often! You're amazing....more info
  • Starting Here, Ending HereLeave
    Leave it to the legendary Babs to FINALLY get over her stage fright, let go of her perfectionism, and tour just in time to have 100's of thousands of fans in 7 countries witness the shockingly bad and deteriorated voice of the century. I saw two of the shows LIVE and have no desire to relive the disappointment on DVD. How I long for the 'old Barbra' and her perfectionaism and genius. I don't mean to be so critical of my all-time favorite vocalist and entertainer; but getting old really sux....more info
  • she's simply the best
    I enjoyed this concert in Vegas last november, she is 60 and her voice have loose some force, but wehen you hear her voice is easy to belive in angels. The orchestra is magnificent, Il Divo sang beautifull, but Barbra is...Barbra: the best voice in the hole world!!!!! In this album you can enjoy her gretest songs and a surprise...Barbra playn piano. If you are a Streisand Fan you have to buy this CD now.

    Catalina Martinez
    Monterrey, M¨¦xico...more info
  • Energizer Songstress Still Going
    To me Streisand is one of the great wonders of my time. She certainly has entertained me as a singer and actress not to mention her multi-talented skill set that has enabled her to be all she can be. I found Live In Concert 2006 another good listening album. Still has a fine voice but I didn't care for the conversations with the audience as I have in the past....more info
  • Great musice but dissapointed in the actual concert
    The music is ok on this, yes her voice isn't what is was in the past but everyone gets older. Still wonderful to hear.I saw Barbra on her first night in Chicago on the 2006 tour and although this fulfilled a lifelong dream of seeing her in concert, I was not at all impressed with her choice of Il Divo. They were overly loud and I hadn't paid $350.00 to see them. And now after seeing clips of Barbra's European Tour shows, I feel robbed. The concert she did in Europe is the one I was hoping for. An entirely different experience and as she will most likely never tour again, there went my one chance to experience Barbra as she should be. ...more info
  • Streisand: Live In Concert
    We attended her concert when she played the Staple Center in L.A. and knew we would be first in line to get the C.D.. The recording is fabulous and with the selection of new songs and her narrations of each song, she places them historically in her long career. What can I say, she is still a sensational vocalist and well intended political activist. However, the political comments are edited out of the C.D....more info
  • Pretty much critic proof
    This is a fine recording of Barbra's live show. Well worth the expense, and much more reasonable than the 1000.00 tickets were on tour...everything you expect is here, and more. Most enjoyable? "The Music That Makes Me Dance", the great Funny Girl tour-de-force finale that was cut for the movie and substituted with "My Man". Some of the songs are accompanied by my other favorite entertainers, Il Divo. The sound is supurb. The selections wonderful. ...more info
  • What can I say?
    Does she not ever have a bad album? Her voice has always been the greatest! The early songs from the start of her career have to be a great treat for everyone. Love "Down with Love", "The Music That Makes Me Dance", "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life" and of course, "Have I Stayed to Long at the Fair"----trust me----this is a great album.
    Another treat is the album "Come What May" with her sister Roslyn Kind---try it-----it's a Keeper....more info
  • Barbra At The Top of Her Game
    Wow! What a thrill! Barbra has still got the chops. And what a revelation to hear many of the most beautiful songs of her early career sung now. With authority and power, she reveals dimensions in the material that we had to accept on faith alone 40 years ago. I was in tears throughout. Hearing these old songs again, I was amazed to realize how much of the soundtrack of my life she provided. Thank you, Barbra. Please keep singing and entertaining us. We need you!...more info
  • People amaze me...
    I can not believe some of the nasty comments that people feel compelled to write. Some are so obvious in the way they are written that you know the person was never a fan but hates Barbra and looks for these opportunities to trash her. Ok, so her voice has changed, my gosh people she is 65 years old. You should hope on your best day you can speak as well as Barbra can sing when YOUR 65. If you didn't like this CD why post trash, just move on and try and be a grown up...if that is possible. So much easier to trash then to compliment. That is what is wrong with the world today...nasty vindictive jealous people. Now, my review? I LOVED this CD. Yes Barbra's voice has matured but "oy" the range is still there, she belted and she massaged the lyrics like I have never heard. Barbra was born to do this and God has been good to still allow her to bring joy and happiness in our lives by listening to an angel on earth. Truly beautiful!...more info
  • Buttah!
    I don't agree with Barbra's politics, but I absolutely adore her voice, her acting ability, her presence, and the way she brings class, elegance and sophistication to everything she does. Her voice has darkened, deepened, and has a "dusky" and "husky" quality to it now, and she doesn't have quite the resonance and brilliance that she had even 10 years ago, but even so, her voice is still incredibly rich and smooth. And she can still belt a high note like no one's business. She works magic with each and every song she sings, completely enthralling the listener. Especially magical and beautiful are "The music of the night" and "Somewhere", both of which she sings with the Pop/Opera group "Il Divo". The sound of her voice interwoven with theirs, especially at the climax of each song is, yet again, beautiful, magical and exhilarating. But of course, Barbra is all of those things when she sings alone as well.

    She sings for us some of the staple songs of her long career, such as "The way we were", "Evergreen" (which she also does with Il Divo and in a variety of different languages), and "People". She also sings for us some songs from early in her career, such as "Have I stayed too long at the fair?", which is one of my personal favorites. She also treats us to a whole string of songs from "Funny Girl", some from the movie, and some from the stage version that didn't make it into the film. We are also privileged to get to hear her briefly play the piano, and then sing for us the very first song she ever wrote, "Ma premiere chanson". In this recording, she seems very relaxed and amicable towards the audience, as opposed to past times when she perhaps was more nervous and tense.

    The arrangements and orchestrations of each song are so beautiful and elegant and sophisticated and grand...just like Barbra. Her style is inimitable, her voice is perfect, and she is truly a living legend....more info
  • Barbra's still got it!
    Although Barbra is always great, I have mixed feelings about this CD because Il Divo and Barbra just don't harmonize that well together. I love them both but not together. Barbra's voice is still amazing but seems to get lower as she ages and she doesn't hold notes quite as long or challenge herself with more difficult songs like she use to. But I still loved the CD and it's worth having....more info
  • Streisand Still Wonderful
    Barbra Steisand continues to amaze me with her fantastic voice. Her live concerts with audience reaction and her interaction with the audience makes for a wonderful CD, filled with many of her hit songs. Adding IL DIVO to the CD really makes it special. Barbra's voice remains clear and strong with perfect enunciation as she sings my favorites "Somewhere" "Happy Days are Here Again" "Don't Rain On My Parade" "What Are You Doing the Rest of My Life" and on and on. I rated this CD a four star instead of five star because I liked her 1990's concert tour CD better, rating it a five star performance with more of her classic songs. The orchestras who accompanied Barbra on both tours were fantastic. I would highly recommend both the 1990's tour CD and the 2006 tour CD to every Streisand fan....more info
  • It's Barbra, So?
    So what if her voice shows some wear and tear? She still sings better and sounds better than most singers. I'm not a rabid fan, and I was disappointed in some of her studio work of late, but I wasnt disappointed in this live set. In some ways, I enjoyed it more than the last one. She does sound a bit raspy here and there, but considering her age, one cant expect her to sound like she did 40 years ago. I could've done without Il Divo and some songs she has sung to death like Evergreen, but she does sing a lot of new material (new in the sense she hasnt done them live in quite awhile) I was a little disappointed there was no On A Clear Day (though it was in the overture, so maybe she did sing it at some point) but overall I'm happy to have this recording, which may be her last for some time. I think you will too. A lot cheaper than springing for tickets (Which I didnt do! Too poor)....more info
  • Just Like Being There
    I bought this CD because I was able to attend her conference in Boston. It was just like being there and I LOVE it! If you are a Babs fan you will want this CD. I especially get chills when she sings with Il Divo. Enjoy!...more info