Color Mini Pin-Hole Camera
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Product Description

General: Color Mini Pin Hole Bumper Car Camera -

  • Perfect for Car to use it for rear view action
  • Camera with size of the penny
  • Resolution ratio: 420line
  • Programmable I2C bus function: Color saturation, brightness and contrast radio, self balance, exposure time and 2 times gain
  • Illumination: 1.5Lux @F1.2
  • Output standard: CCIR/EIA (PAL/NTSC) standard video signal
  • Lens focus and visual angle: 3.6mm72 6.0mm52
  • Automatic shutter: 1/60 second-1/15,000second
  • Supply voltage/consumed power:12V-6w 120mW
  • Functions: Automatic exposure control, automatic gain control, automatic balance adjustment, external frame synchronization, aperture adjustment, Gamma adjustment