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One Student One Teacher One Secret Loving Annabelle is the controversial story of a Catholic Boarding School teacher Simone Bradley (Diane Gaidry) who has an affair with her female student Annabelle (Erin Kelly).Simone is Saint Theresa's prized young poetry teacher who finds peace and security within the boarding school's walls. Surrounded by a lush atmosphere with little conflict Simone has settled into a life of comfort and purpose educating her young female students.Annabelle is a charismatic and enchanting new student who quickly draws attention for her rebellious behavior. Fearing Annabelle will influence the other students rigid Headmistress (Ilene Graff) instructs Simone to keep an eye on Annabelle and get her under control.Simone however quickly learns that the real challenge is not Annabelle's behavior but the attraction budding between the two. As Annabelle pursues her teacher she unleashes the passion that has been locked deep inside Simone who must decide whether or not to enter into an affair that could cost her everything.System Requirements:Run Time: 77 minsFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: DRAMA Rating: NR UPC: 754703762702 Manufacturer No: WOL4315D

A lot of taboos are broken in Loving Annabelle, even if the film itself remains remarkably tasteful--even demure. The central characters are two women, a teacher and her student, and the setting is an all-girls school (shades of Lost and Delirious). Annabelle (the smoldering Erin Kelly), a senior, is a rebellious rocker chick--the Beverly Hills version that is, i.e. highlighted hair, black eyeliner, and nose ring. Her senatorial mother ships her off to boarding school to shape up. Annabelle's hard-partying ways are starting to become an embarrassment. Miss Simone Bradley (the sympathetic Diane Gaidry) is a popular poetry teacher. She's a Catholic. Annabelle is not. Simone has a boyfriend, Annabelle is gay. Looks can be deceiving, however, and there's more to both than meets the eye. For one, Simone's relationship is not as secure as it appears. For another, Annabelle's ardor is so relentless it threatens to sway sympathy against her. She seems to have no regard for the damage an affair would inflict on her teacher's career. Nonetheless, Simone is not entirely resistant to her charms. Inspired by 1931's M?dchen in Uniform, writer/director Katherine Brooks preserves the forbidden relationship at the heart of the Weimar-era classic, but drops the political subtext. Consequently, she doesn't take on more than she can handle, but Loving Annabelle still feels a little slight. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Customer Reviews:

  • eh, just when it gets good/
    The movie is good, it keeps you interested. But just when it gets really good it ends. You don't even realize its going off. You are left waiting for the next scene and the movie stops. I wouldn't recommend buying it. ...more info
  • Not loving this film
    Incredibly contrived and sadly lacking in chemistry, this film is a thin refashioning of "Girl, Interrupted." The premise is a winner under any circumstance--misunderstood youth falls in love with authority figure, who after wrestling with her feelings and against all odds returns the sentiment. The story is unbelievable, namely that the underacted and precocious Annabelle doesn't even demonstrate half of the feeling or depth we are supposed to also have for this tumultuous romance. ...more info
  • There is no story here. One of the worst movies I've ever seen.
    Pretentious and boring. I felt embarrassed for the filmmakers. It appears that little or no effort was employed in the making of this vapid waste of celluloid. It's not bold. It is garbage thrown at the feet of desperate lesbians. "Oh. We'll watch anything and applaud as long as you don't ignore us."...more info
  • Kind of Disappointed
    I finally got around to watching this movie and all I can say is: HUH? The writing for the film seem to have lacked descriptive detail. While I understand too much detail can be a bit much, this movie surely needed it. The acting was mediocre and everyone was going through the motions with each character. The plot fail short to having true substance and it was quite predictable. The ending was very weak as well. So for those that want this movie I would check it out from a friend or rent it before purchasing it!...more info
  • One of the best... ever
    For anyone who has ever had a crush or been in love with someone older than they are, this movie is for you. And for anyone who has ever been torn between the past and the present, afraid to be who you are, or afraid to be in love, this movie is for you also.
    This is the greatest lesbian love story that I have seen yet. It touches on desires that we have all had at one time, and gives us a glimpse of how hard it can be to deal with that desire. And what it is like to finally act on it. This movie is not about the right or wrong of the relationship, but about two women saving each other from themselves. One who is on a road to destruction if she can't correct her behavior. The other who needs to stop denying who she really is inside and forgive her love lost.
    No matter who you are, no matter what your orientation, your age, or sex, if a love story you seek, a love story you find. This is one of the best. ...more info
  • One of the better ones
    Lately I have embarked on a mission to watch as many lesbian films as I can and figure out which ones I want to buy to put into my personal DVD catalogue. Last week I purchased "Loving Annabelle" and "Show Me Love (aka "F**king Amal"). I enjoyed both, but I have found myself watching "Loving Anabelle" several times, most recently, I watched it again today with the Director's Comments on. This film was not the greatest lesbian film ever, but it never set out to be! This is a film that is absolutely fueled by passion--the passion of the director, the passion of the actors and the passion of the characters--and you know what? It really works. Yeah, the acting is a bit difficult at times---but HEY they shot the thing in 20 days on an indie budget and they'd only found 'their Simone' like 3 days before they started to shoot. All in all...I think they did damn well...because when Simone and Annabelle get together, it's pretty hot and believable. I really didn't have a problem with the subject matter because I thought this to be a film in the tradition of Madchen in Uniform and not totally reflective of reality (but then again who hasn't had that secret crush on a teacher?).

    At any rate--I found it enjoyable and one of the better lesbian films out there. (Oh, and "Show Me Love" is pretty cute too--though more about "coming of age" than "coming out").

    ...more info
  • Fell in love with this movie!
    This is an amazing story of forbidden love, and the effects it has on the two women involved. Wonderfully written and directed by Katherine Brooks, Loving Annabelle will leave you with perhaps a different perspective on what you may perceive as right or wrong when it comes to love. Diane Gaidry gives an intense portrayal of Catholic schoolteacher Simone, who falls for her persistent student, Annabelle. And how can you not fall in love with Erin Kelly in this role?! The acting, the directing, and the story itself all comes together to make an absolutely amazing movie. I fell immediately in love and could not stop watching it!...more info
  • Provocative and appalling
    This movie is not about being Lesbian, although it pretends to be. Does being unprofessional and inappropriate somehow lack import when it happens between two women? While there are so many opportunities for Annabelle's TEACHER to draw an appropriate and professional line around Annabelle's attempts at seduction, she seems to be completely unable to do so. Nor is she able to draw the line with a boyfriend she clearly has no interest in, even though she sleeps with him anyway. Nor can this teacher seem to be able to stand up to the Aunt who is her supervisor at work. Simone sets herself up as everybody's doormat - and then wonders why her life falls out from under her. This isn't love, folks. It's seduction, betrayal and lust; which has nothing to do with love. The caring thing for Simone to do would have been to walk away - transfer Annabelle to another classroom, another school, or leave the school herself if she felt her life was getting out of control

    Once the "love story" begins, we see no teaching take place. The other students are portrayed as either hostile or understanding, but no one seems to care what is happening to anyone's education, including Annabelle's.

    There's a reason the rules exist about teachers and students - and it's not just because people "don't understand." It's because they do. Don't support this tripe. Students everywhere deserve better, and teachers who exhibit this behavior deserve no excuse....more info
  • Loving Annabelle
    What can I say other that perfect!! Erin and Diane really come alive in the movie. With a small budget and an up and coming cast Kat made a great story come to life. The extras on the dvd are worth the price of the dvd. Grab a copy so Kat can make more movies. Katherine brooks is a great story teller. ...more info
  • Lacks a foundation
    Foundation, foundation, foundation. That is what the movie lacks. The movie is not that bad but, it lacks foundation for the characters, for the storyline and even for the back-stories. The director just lays everything out, without tying it to anything, giving it a reason to be or a meaning.

    The movie fails at the very beginning because it fails develop and "explain" why Annabelle falls for Simone. Honestly, why does she like her so much? There are very few scenes that barely, if at all, present the start and development of the crush.

    The movie also fails to explore the relationship between Simone and her aunt, and her ex-girlfriend. Characters do things which seem out a character and without any reason. And the reason for this is that they have no foundation.

    There are many wasted scenes, and too many lingering looks that amount to nothing. The time could have been better used developing the story. The movie takes 72 of its 77 minutes getting Annabelle and Simone together and then abruptly ends, in a not so happy ending (but at least a realistic one), without any explanation of what happened later (watch the alternate ending). Basically, this movie is 72 minutes of foreplay with a 1 minute climax that falls flat.

    The movie is not that bad, but it was poorly fleshed out. The acting is not the best, it is emotionless at times (especially when it should be VERY emotional), and it is also a bit too restrained. The character of Simone (Gaidry) is boring, inconsequential and uni-dimensional. She could have been better if her story had been given some dimension and background. On the other hand, the character of Annabelle (Kelly) is absolutely mesmerizing. She played the character perfectly. Kelly basically carried the movie. The movie needed better editing and better direction. The cast and crew should have taken more than the 3 weeks it took to shoot and attempted to get better acted scenes.
    ...more info
  • A Classic!
    I am a connoiseur of film and I have to put this one on the top of my list. It took me 3-4 viewings to grasp the intricacies of the writer/director's attempt. The characters happen to be 2 women who love each other, but the film is about the power to set another soul free. Look closely at Simone Bradley's late love and I think you may see Katherine Brooks (the writer/director). If you missed it then look again at the film with different eyes....more info
  • Excellent!
    The product came to me brand new. The movie itself is excellent for an independent film....more info
  • one of the best
    Even though it has it's limitations (as you can the check with the director's commentary) I thought it was a delightful film about usual phorbidden relationships (in more ways than one). Incredible performance of Diane Gaidry. I usually get disappointed with most leabian films - not the case! Definitely worth watching....more info
  • morality aside, this is a mediocre film
    This is a good quality, well-edited film. The locations are realistic and attractive. However, the plot is basic and predictable, down to the battle of wits between the spoiled 'bad-girl' daughter of a senator and Mother Superior; the tattle-tale; a jealous school mate; the teacher's long-suffering fiancee. The opinion of the film (as art) should be separated from the judgmental position on teacher-student or minor-adult relationships. I don't think the film overly condones the relationship; and in the end, the teacher is arrested. It's just not a very good picture. It was not fun watching Simone grimace through the movie....more info
  • Loving All Around!
    This movie is tastefully done, Kat Brooks is a fabulous writer! The dynamics between the characters are wonderful. In this movie, there's passion, humor, sadness,and hope. Loving Annabelle is definately worth the purchase! Erin and Diane are fantastic! I'm loving it all around!...more info
  • guilty pleasure....A+
    what more i could say....i stumble into the title in this site...and i took a gamble...most of us know the story, hoping and praying that is good as the reviews....but then, magic! starts slowly, yes is one those things...but for character development!!! studying both annabelle and Simone...and their respective paths...and how both find love in the most onorthodox and inexplicable way...it's not the grossing lesbian explotation film...so guys a token of advise, it's a lesbian movie made by a lesbian for lesbians!!! if you want soft-porn go to that section...if you want candlelights and a romantic movie that takes you to the soul of the heart, then this is your movie!!!!...more info
  • Maybe we've set the bar too low...
    ...because I'm shocked at the number of 4 and 5 star reviews. Just because there are so few lesbian films does not mean that you have to train yourself to enjoy movies that are poorly written or acted.

    I got about 95% of the way through this movie before I stopped. I realized that I didn't care if the women in the movie lived or died.

    The young girl in the movie is supposed to be a "bad" girl (conveyed to us by her smoking and her awful orange highlights). The character of the teacher is hardly developed. And while I'm not shallow, I couldn't concentrate on anything she was saying due to the Grand Canyon-like wrinkle between her eyebrows.

    It's not sexy. It's poorly filmed. It's predictable.

    If you enjoy things like American Idol, cargo shorts, and Katy Perry, then go for it. If you have taste, then don't waste your time. ...more info
  • loving annabelle review
    For me just basically seeing the movie on logo so many times getting the video was way better because, you got to see all the outakes and the mess ups plus the actors were actually interviewed by katherine and that was neet to watch all of that.
    to this day i still watch the movie .
    For a teacher and a student movie secret it the best i have seen.
    they don't rush things and it all taken slow.basically the teacher is playing hard to get.
    when she finally gives in wow she is hot .
    The only question i have is when annabelle is on top is she wearing a well how do i put this a device of some sort or not cause i see a black stap across her thigh each time the seen comes up.
    I can't wait for the series to come out for television i will be the first to buy season one.
    ...more info
  • Love this movie
    Before I purchased Loving Annabelle I wanted to rent it. I am rather sick of lesbian movies that just seem fake whether it be the actresses or the script. This movie had me online purchasing it within the first ten minutes of watching it. The womens mannerisms made me believe 100% that they were in love with each other and really into girls. This movie is a must have for anyone's dvd collection....more info
  • Loving Annabelle
    This movie was to my surprise, exceptionally well done. I though it would be more on the lines of another teen type of movie. It actually had depth and a very good story line. This is the first movie I have seen that so closly resembles "Girls in Uniform", but with much much more of an impact. Great acting!! Great movie!! A must see!!! ...more info
  • Lesbian or not--a beautiful film
    Though I myself am not gay, I couldn't help but enjoy this film. Erin Kelly as Anabelle steals your heart as does the other school girls in the script. The cinematography is gorgeous. Katherine Brooks has a real eye for color, scene selection and lighting. Though the subject is dark and troubling, the film feels warm and soft. The writing is compelling as you can't help but cheer on something you know isn't right. Remember singing that song by the Police "Don't Stand So Close To Me," because it's so catchy? The same thing with Loving Anabelle......more info
  • The Idea Was Great
    I'm going to have to say that I expected so much more from this film from all the clips of it I had seen before renting it. I was let down by it. I feel like it may have been poor directing or even a poor screenplay, but it was all too simple. It wasn't real enough for me. Annabelle kept appearing in every scene and she lacked character depth, as did the teacher. I just feel like there wasn't enough build up of tension and drama, neither character really got to know the other and when it seemed as if they were trying to, everything was cliche and unrealistic.

    So I'm going to have to say that this could have been an amazing film, but instead it's was only a good idea that was executed poorly. And that's unfortunate. ...more info
  • Story of A Genuine Girl Rebel
    Fortunately, this movie is very short. Unfortunately, it isn't mercifully short. By now, you can probably tell that neither my wife nor I found much to like about it. One aspect of the movie that really grated on me is the music; it felt like a funeral dirge. As usual in progay movies, the Church has to be made out to be the 'bad guy' because it is the strongest force in society for morality. When one understands the Divine guidance of the Church, it becomes evident that all these progay movies are an attempt to deny the authority and power of the Divine.

    The reason I give the movie a D and not an F is that it shows Annabelle as really a social and morality rebel. If she were in a Moslem school, she probably would have rebelled against the niqab. In the two previous secular schools she was kicked out of she undoubtedly found other ways to defy the rules. So, it makes sense that in a Catholic school she would choose one of the Church's most vile sins to throw in the face of the nuns. There is nothing in the movie that indicates in any way that she had any prenatal or psychological compulsion to homoerotic sex.

    As for the teacher, she is a pathetic person. One can't decided if she needed compassion or deserved revulsion. How could she be a teacher in a Catholic school and not have any apparent sense of moral conflict in this situation? Was she raised to be such a weak person? Or was she unconsciously rebelling against Catholic doctrines? One thing is certain and that is that she was in severe violation of the proper teacher/student relationship. For that, she seems to have received what she deserved; an outcome that any male teacher in such a position would certainly have experienced.

    I have enough movies about or for kids to watch two different movies every week for the next twenty five years, never seeing the same movie twice. With so much available to watch, the overwhelming majority better than this movie, why waste time on this one? ...more info
  • C'mere Simone
    Call me silly, I thought this was a great film. I expected so much more out of the ending, but then again, it would've been a typical 'romance' film. This brought reality into the love story, although I still prefer the alternate ending. The stolen glances, the communication void of any spoken words...one of the scenes I love most is when they are at Simone's beach house, and Annabelle had just confronted Simone over her ex's suicide letter. After panning to the sand and beach, they show the two of them laying together in bed. Annabelle's leg draped over Simone's, her arm holding hers...it was such a sweet, innocent scene.
    I really enjoyed the movie. I thought both actresses were gorgeous, I thought the love making scene was extraordinarily real...I only wish Simone brought a little more passion to the scene. When they finally give into each other outside of the dance, my stomach leapt wildly with anticipation.
    Again, call me crazy, I just really loved this film....more info
  • Not wat I was expecting--better, in fact
    I didn't read the description before I rented this movie. I just went off the title alone. So when Annabelle arrives at boarding school, I was expecting her to hookup with the rebellious Cat. But then the moment Annabelle gives her poetry teacher a thorough head-to-toe once-over during class, I realized this film was going to take us in a far different direction, and I'm glad for it. How many times have we been attracted to the wrong person and couldn't help it anyway? And there's a real struggle there. We watch the teacher's life implode in slow-motion. Everything she'd built up around her begins to crumble and scare her; and the catalyst for that is a student who refuses to compromise herself. Simone and Annabelle are like two sides of the same coin--the older woman more world-weary and shut down, and the younger one more idealistic and open to new possibilities and being true to herself (and encourages Simone to do the same). I have to say the actress who plays Simone does an extraordinary job, presenting Simone as someone cautious and yet human and open--reluctantly and believably not immune to Annabelle's advances. And Erin Kelly as Annabelle is smouldering. So much of the communication and chemistry between them develop through glances, and the eyes of these actresses are soul-achingly deep. I was, in fact, rooting for them for the whole movie, despite the age difference, despite the impropriety and rule-breaking. It is an interestingly sympathetic look at what is often sensationalized in the press, with the older teacher being demonized. In the context of this movie you get two sympathetic leads in a difficult spot. The movie, while clearly loving these characters, doesn't go easy on them. This movie was a big surprise--far better than I expected. And, as anothe reviewer said, the sex scene when Simone finally succumbs feels entirely believable and hot. I would watch it again....more info
  • LovingAnnabelle
    Regardless if you are gay or straight, you will get hooked on watching Loving Annabelle over and over again. This movie reveals the undeniable connection between the characters of Simone and Annabelle. With the fact that Simone is a teacher who is struggling with her past and sexuality and Annabelle is the strong willed, persistent student, director Kathrine Brooks, does a good job exploring this relationship. The chemistry between the two actresses are very believable throughout the movie along with other characters you loved to hate. The ending leaves you wanting more...some may not like it but I believe it leaves the story open for your own imagination.
    Loving Annabelle is worth buying and watching!...more info
  • Great movie with perfect ending.
    I was just started to watch this movie expecting some lesbian in action with have no idea what's inside. But gradually I was fascinated by the story and it was completely changed my mind. This is a lesbian story... but unlike others it has no lesbian sex in action but fascinating story about a teacher who fall in love with her student.

    Very simple story with superb acting and extraordinary music composition. I have watched it twice but by the time I write this review I still feeling to watch it again. Its all about relationship..love..passion..and fear ... Regardless what is your viewpoint of these kind of sex, you can be really enjoyed this movie I'm sure you'll be surprised how great it has done. This is a great movie with perfect ending.
    ...more info
  • WOW!
    Purchased this DVD from Amazon.com and have watched it everyday since receiving it. Powerful, tantalizing and realistic are just a few words to describe this movie. I was captivated by Erin Kelly's character Annabelle. Erin is a beautiful and talented actress who will do great things in her career. Diane Gaidry, as her teacher and mentor was outstanding. The love scene is the sexiest I've seen in a movie ever. The ending is sad, but realistic in the times we live in, but you do feel compassion for Simone. These two women were believable from start to finish. Katherine Brooks has a winner here and hopefully will do more in the future. It's very hard to find such a quality film with so much depth. Thanks to everyone involved in Loving Annabelle....more info
  • I don't understand...
    Why are people giving this film so many stars? Not only is the movie incredibly short (a few minutes over an hour, which in and of itself makes it not warrant a $20 price tag), but it is also incredibly bad. Whether it be from a bad script (which it was) or by bad performances, the piece lacked a certain depth that is required for a good movie. This could have been a very good film - it had all the potential, but that potential was never realized.

    Lesbian cinema is somewhat lacking in good films. Are we so desperate that we clutch onto any movie we can and call it good? There are standouts like 'Fire', 'When Night Is Falling', and more recently, 'Nina's Heavenly Delights.' Those films are not only contain good, well-rounded plots where even secondary characters are not two-dimensional, but they feature excellent acting performances.

    I am a hopeless romantic, and more than anything I want the girl to get the girl in the end. What's unfortunate about this film is that I didn't care in the end if that happened.

    I wish I could get a refund for this......more info
  • I'd give it no stars if I could have
    This film brought nothing to the table.

    I'm always looking for a good film with strong lesbian characters -- they are hard to find -- and this movie was no exception. I'm tired of all of these films veering so far from reality that, as a lesbian, I am embarrassed to have been portrayed in such a way.

    Why is it these movies seem to go for shock value? If we want to be accepted by the mainstream, perhaps we should think about the impact films like this have. And yes, there are many straight films with questionable plot lines and content -- but there are plenty that don't. There are so few lesbian movies and fewer still are of any quality or substance. I'd rather see less skin and better developed plot lines and characters that I want to root for. If I can't fall in love with the characters and believe how they are feeling... I don't care whether the girl gets the girl or not.

    If you want to watch a great romantic comedy, buy Imagine Me & You instead.
    ...more info