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Belkin F8N044-SLV CushTop Notebook Stand (Silver)
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Product Description

The CushTop provides increased padded comfort when using your laptop on your couch, bed or floor. A convenient storage pocket keeps your power adapter and mouse tucked away. By flipping its platform over, the CushTop can accommodate small or large laptops.

The Belkin CushTop Notebook Stand makes it more comfortable to use your laptop at home, the office, or on the go. As part of Belkin's laptop@home line of accessories, the CushTop Notebook Stand is designed to help you to take full advantage of the benefits your laptop has to offer -- comfortably, economically, and stylishly.

The CushTop provides increased padded comfort when you use your laptop on your couch, bed, or floor. View larger.

The CushTop can accommodate small or large laptops. View larger.

Versatile Laptop Cooling
The CushTop provides long-term, padded comfort and protects your lap from a hot computer. In contrast to electric laptop coolers that use fans to suck warm air from the laptop's bottom, the CushTop is made of unique materials that allow venting to keep your laptop -- and your lap -- from overheating. And if energy consumption is a concern, this comfortable stand is as green as it gets with no electrical consumption whatsoever. You can use this handy, attractive stand at home on your couch, bed, or floor, and if you need to get work done on the road, the CushTop is the perfect companion for car, train, or air travel.

Comfort and Convenience
Belkin has added many thoughtful design features to the CushTop. This stand is amply padded for extreme comfort and is covered with a high-quality, hand-washable microfiber upholstery that is durable and easy to clean. The stand also features a convenient, slip-in accessory pocket for your power supply and mouse. And since the CushTop features a flip-over design, one side of the stand is perfect for a 15-inch laptop while the other is just the right size for a 17-inch. If color coordination is important to you, you'll be pleased to know that this CushTop is available in a variety of other vibrant colors, including green, orange, brown, grey, and champagne. And for added peace of mind, it comes with a Belkin Lifetime Warranty.

Protect your lap from a hot computer.

Store your mouse, power supply, and other accessories inside.
The CushTop is available in the following colors:
Green Orange Silver Gray Brown Champagne

  • Stylish padded stand helps keeps laptop cool and protects your lap from heat
  • Lets you work comfortably on almost any surface
  • Attractive silver design; made of durable, hand-washable microfiber upholstery
  • Convenient, slip-in accessory pocket for power supply and mouse
  • For use with 15.4-inch or smaller, and 17-inch widescreen laptops; Belkin Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • just what i had been looking for...
    i love this product. since i never sit at a desk and use my laptop, previously i had been using it on a pillow (which they tell you not to do, but it was convenient). i ordered this to replace my laptop pillow. i have a 12in powerbook and i actually use the bigger side and there's enough room to use my mouse comfortably. it wasn't as cushy as i thought it was going to be, but it keeps my lap cool and remains cool on the top surface even though the laptop gets so hot....more info
  • Comfortable and convenient notebook stand
    I got this CushTop Notebook stand for my 2 laptops, one 13-inch and one 15-inch. The dual side use fits perfectly for both of my laptops. The stand prevents you from having a hot laptop on your lap for hours. I also occasionally use my computer on the floor, so this raises it off the ground in a much more comfortable typing position. It also lets the air circulate beneath the computer instead of setting it on the carpet, pillow or bed which can prevent overheating. I like this type of stand better than one with a cooler fan that you need to plug into a USB drive or a power outlet. I'm not someone who likes extra cords hanging from my computer or cluttering my workspace, so this has been a great alternative. I'm really happy with this notebook stand and would recommend it to anyone. ...more info
  • Great Purchase!
    This was the second Belkin CushTop I bought. The first was for my husband for his birthday, I liked it so much, I ordered one for myself. Soft and comfortable yet firm enough to fully support your laptop without any sinking or movement. Being able to flip it for a larger or smaller laptop works great. I was also very impressed by the "grab" between the laptop and the surface of the CushTop, no slipping at all. Even getting up and setting it down, I don't have to worry about the laptop going anywhere. Best product for the price I have purchased in a LONG time....more info
  • Love this!
    I love this product.

    My lap no longer gets hot from my laptop....more info
  • Excellent support
    The CushTop is a great device. It keeps the computer up off my lap, at a great angle for using the keyboard and is virtually weightless. It is very sturdy as well. I recommend it to anyone who literally utilizes their notebook as a "lap" topper....more info
  • Excellent!
    If you're looking for something to put your laptop on when working, surfing, writing or just plain dawdling with your computer in bed or in the couch, this is it. Forget anything else and buy it....more info
  • Good stuff!
    Good stuff! Gives sufficient height, avoids your lap from taking the burn, and does not slip away....more info
  • The Product is Great
    This product is great. The seller is terrible. Antoline will not work with you on correcting problems....more info
  • Nice for your lap or just to elevate your laptop
    This product is made very well. I use it on a table or desk to elevate my laptop and then when I head to the couch it serves as a nice table. I don't know why some think it cools the laptop, it does not, it just keeps the heat off of your lap....more info
  • Comfort!!!!
    I love this!! It is so comfortable that you don't even realize that you have a computer on your lap. It raises the computer for easier access for me. I no longer have to juggle my laptop on my lap. It feels very secure on my lap. It's not going anywhere!...more info
  • Awesome accesory
    I love it. It was what I was looking for, namely, a confortable holder for my laptop. While I have my MacBook Pro protected by a Speck Products MB15-CLR-SEE-V2 15-Inch See Thru Hard Case for Macbook Pro (Clear) if I hold it to inclinated the computer slowly slides. But, it is easy to prevent this and I don't consider it a problem. The inner pocket just below the computer is very useful to hold a small external HD that I use to store my music. While it is true that if you use your computer for heavy duty stuff (in my case, compiling software or compressing video) the computer might turn on the fans this cushion protects you from the heat. I recommend it....more info
  • Notebook Stand is exactly what you want for your laptop
    The product is perfect to elevate your laptop, angle it for viewing, and prevent overheating of the fan and your legs! Lap top does slip down a bit, but not really a problem. Very pleased with this purchase....more info
  • made me break out with a rash after using it
    seriously, it did. hopefully this won't happen to many others.
    even if I wear a sweat shirt or put additional clothing below the cushtop to protect my skin, I still get a splotchy rash from the material of this product. Once I stopped using this product, rash went away....more info
  • Fine, but there are better alternatives
    I have owned this item for 6+ months. I have used it with a Lenovo ThinkPad x301, a 17" MacBookPro and an Asus EEE 1000H. It does the job in a workmanlike manner. To be honest, I was pretty happy with it, but it is fairly bulky and I didn't always want something with that amount of bulk and warmth sitting on my lap. It fit well when I was using it in a seated position, but if I was lying on the couch or on the bed, it raised the laptop to an uncomfortable height. A few weeks ago, I found the Logitech 939-000091 Comfort Lapdesk, which is better than this Belkin CushTop in just about every way. It is much, much more comfortable on your lap, it has two functional orientations that you can use depending on your preferred keyboard slope, and it keeps your lap nice and cool due to the design. Anyway, this isn't a review of the Logitech so I'll keep it short other than to say that you should give the Logitech Comfort Lapdesk serious consideration if you're in the market for one of these guys. I would highly recommend using Road Tools 5871-POCP Podium CoolPad (Black) in conjunction with this item (or the Logitech pad) if you have a laptop that puts off a lot of heat (e.g., a MacBook Pro). Plus, the Road Tools 5871-POCP Podium CoolPad (Black) lets you customize your tilt exactly as you like it....more info
  • Love it!
    This works wonderfully for me since I use my laptop in bed ... raises the laptop to a nice height and I can put the cords through the 'storage' area', which is super for me since they are attached to the left side of my laptop and the plugs are on the right side. They could have made the storage opening large enough to hold 8 1/2 X 11 inch paper, but oh well, that was not my primary requirement, just a 'would have been nice to have'. Ordered another for my husband, since he uses his laptop on the coffee table ... AND got him that adorable little mouse trap (wish they made those in more color match combos). It also allows my dog to lie next to me without blocking the cooling vents on the side (ok, he's small - but has me well trained!!!!)

    And, my laptop is 17", my husband's 15" ... so the option to use either side of the stand is nice for us!...more info
  • Does what it was designed to do
    Quality is good and does what it's designed to. Bought for my wife to use in bed and keeps the laptop off her lap. ...more info
  • Perfect for my 15" MBP
    Several reviewers complained that this product doesn't support their 15" MacBook Pros, but I have nothing but love for my CushTop. The silver complements the steel design of my Mac perfectly. It is a few shades darker, which allows for much needed contrast (in fact it is the exact same shade as the dark gray trim on the MBPs).

    The best part about this product is that it serves two purposes for me perfectly.

    1. My office desk has one of those slide out keyboard trays. This allows me to keep my hands at comfortable positions, but I noticed that I was craning my neck to look down at the monitor. I wanted a cheaper solution than purchasing an external monitor. The CushTop raises the monitor 3-4" higher which makes a HUGE difference to my ergonomics.

    2. MacBooks get HOT. I used to put a pillow under my computer, but that is dangerous because you are blocking the fan with such a rig. The CushTop gets the computer at the perfect height without obstructing the cooling system.

    Two birds with one stone, my friends!

    The quality seems to be top notch, however I haven't really had to test it much because in the year I've had it, it rarely moves more than 6' from my desk......more info
  • Great Product!!!
    Not only was this item cheaper than in most websites/stores. This item protects your posture and prevents your little guys from burning (if you're a guy). Anyway, it puts the user in a comfortable position for typing and viewing your screen. Make sure you don't overpay for any of these accessories because some of them aren't good and put a hole in your pocket....more info
  • Leg insulation
    Keeps legs from heating up but causes computer to retain heat - good on me but not on the computer...more info
  • Not bad at all
    Bought for my wife who really wanted a "laptop stand" but uses it on her legs in the bed also, so I thought this would help with the heat and discomfort. It does. Good product in my opinion for the price. Now I need one that stands like a tray or table....more info
  • Does what it was designed to do
    Quality is good and does what it's designed to. Bought for my wife to use in bed and keeps the laptop off her lap. ...more info