SanDisk 2GB SD Memory Card (SDSDB-2048, Bulk Package)
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Product Description

SanDisk Corporation is the world's largest supplier of flash memory data storage card products. SanDisk designs, develops and markets flash memory data storage card products used in a wide variety of electronic systems.PRODUCT FEATURES:High transfer rate for fast copying and downloading;Large storage capacity, up to 2GB;Built to last, with an operating shock rating of 2, 000Gs, equivalent to a ten-foot drop.

  • Capacity: 2GB
  • High transfer rate for fast copy/download
  • Low battery consumption to maximize battery life in small portable devices
  • Bulk Package SDSDB-2048 (Non-Retail pack)
Customer Reviews:
  • Great for movies
    Great for movies, and at 2 for the price of one, can't be beat. And fast shipping through the US mail....more info
  • An excellent product...
    This card is really good for digital cameras, although it won't store as many pictures on a higher megapixel camera as a higher gig card, however, for lower megapixel cameras this will be more than sufficient for photo storage. My camera (a casio exilim Z700) recognizes it right away and so does my windows XP computer. Usually SanDisk products are of great quality, and I have never had any problems with any of my SanDisk disks. I would recommend it to anyone considering this product. ...more info
  • Great little card at a good price
    I bought this card to transfer and hold music from my computer to use for one of the games on my Wii. Since the price was so good I also bought an extra one for my digital camera. It works great and the transfer rate seems fast. I've been buying San Disk cards for my digital cameras since the first ones with removable memory came out and used the CF cards and I've never had a problem with any of them. That was back when the biggest card held a whopping 32 mb! So I expect to get many years use from these cards. They'll probably be outdated before they ever wear out.

    I bought the Sandisk MobileMate SD Plus Memory Card Reader to use to transfer the music and/or photos between my computer and the card, so I'm all set....more info
  • Decent Deal
    Purchased this card for my new Canon SD1100 IS. Card works fine and holds enough pictures for my satisfaction. The SD card that came with the camera was limited to a 32 MB capacity. Not many pictures. I noticed some customers reviewing this item were perturbed by the shipping charges. I paid $2.34 for the card and $5.95 for shipping. $8.29 ain't bad. My bottom line, still a decent deal. San Disk produces good quality memory cards. ...more info
  • Great card. Insane shipping? Huh?
    Great card. It's my 4th card and all have been trouble free. Don't know why everyone's complaining about the shipping fee's. Guys: FREE SHIPPING/NO TAX! A simple great deal....more info
  • SanDisk 2GB SD Memory Card
    San Disk 2GB SD Memory Card works great with my GPS and i'm very satisfied. The purchase was prompt and i'd buy from this seller again....more info
  • shipping costs are sky high
    the list price sounds too good to be true, right?
    DOn't order from this company; they charge 9.95 to ship two 2GB cards.
    Run, flee to another vendor. Buyer beware!...more info
  • Lots of space
    Used for extra memory for videos. Seems to hold quite a bit of video. Have not maxed out yet....more info
  • 2GB sandisk SD
    it is what it is. it works. no problems with it. it was delivered on time. no complaints....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I bought two of these, one for my digital camera and one for my digital camcorder. I've had them for about 8 months and am very pleased with the product. They work great in both of my cameras and the SD slot in my PC. Each of mine came in a small plastic case which has proven to be very handy in preventing damage to the card (or a spare SD card) and allowing me to differentiate between cards so that I never have to worry about mixing them up. I've found the 2GB's to be more than adequate for my needs but should I need more I will be purchasing these again....more info
  • Shipping is PER CARD
    This is insane. 6 cards will cost you $35 shipping. Why doesn't Amazon stock these instead of subbing out to these ripoff companies?...more info
  • media card
    i have a cannon a560,and purchased the sandisk 2.0gb card. the only problem is the card is to slow after each picture you take. you have to wait 3 or 4 seconds before you can take another picture. my 512mb card works alot faster,but you can not take half as many pics. i think the 2.0gb is just to big for this particular camera....more info
  • Check out the shipping price!
    I placed an order for 3 of these SD cards, thinking they were are great deal at about $4 each. When I saw the shipping charge, though, I reconsidered. The SD cards came to $12.03, but shipping & handling was $18.97! Actual mailing costs has to be under $2 for these things, so the seller is luring people in with a low product cost and making a killing on the shipping. ...more info
  • Great for camera.
    Bought this to go with my new Canon a720. At full resolution can hold over 500 photos. Works great....more info
  • Beware of shipping costs
    If you buy this product be aware that the shipping cost pretty much offsets the great price. I got mine at Circuit City for $14.99. I don't know how they get away charging twelve bucks to ship someting that you could probably ship with a standard envelope and stamp! ...more info
  • Fine
    This is a general 2gb memory card. And lets you hold a lot of space on your camera. If that is what you use it for. I was able to hold 1700 photos on my camera with little sucker!...more info
  • sandisk
    The shipping cost on this product is totally outrageous. This thing can't weigh over what a normal letter costs to mail, at best 2 stamps, and they want to charge $5.00...that is almost what the product cost....more info
  • First time I ever had problem with Memory Card
    I took about 50 pictures at my daughter's dance recital using this memory card. When I got home and tried to see photos, all I got was an error reading on the card. This was only the second time I had used this card and only had about 40 pictures on it previously. I've never had this happen before with any other memory card. Will never buy SanDisk again!...more info
  • Excellent value
    I was told by a friend who initially recommended a 1.0 GB, "You'll never use all the space," yet I decided to get the 2.0 GB and I'm glad. I won't ever use all the space and that assures me I can take all the photos I wish without a thought to space. I just returned from vacation with 503 photos on my camera and plenty of room for more....more info
  • Dirt Cheap, Wii Friendly
    Okay, it's not meant to be put in you $1500 SLR camera-needing ultra fast memory. This gets it done cheap and it works in the Wii just fine (apparently a few cards are having issues and more over the 2GB mark). ...more info
  • Great card great price
    Shipping time and price were both great. The card plus shipping was less than $12. For a 2Gb card that is super. For those of you who think shipping is too high, simply place the item in your cart you don't have to purchase the item if you still think shipping is too high. Shop your item around for the best buy including shipping. I have had nothing but good experiences with Amazon....more info
  • Its a sandisk card, no suprises
    Bough this to use with a Nikon CoolPics. It works well, just like every other sandisk card that I've purchased. As much as prices have come down it makes no sense to go generic when you can get a trusted name for a couple bucks more....more info
    I bought this card for my digital camera about two years ago. I have never had a problem with it. Later I bought one for my mother in law, and she had no idea how inexpensive it was for me. So I earned some serious points....more info
  • SanDisk card incompatible with HP Pavilion XP SP2
    On the HP Pavilion dv4000, with Windows XP SP2, with a built in multicard reader, I have found that the BlueProton USB SanDisk SD card reader offered [...] *does* make the card *readable* by the HP XP SP2.

    So apparently, the SanDisk 2GB card hardware design sold, is not hardware compatible with the *multicard* reader that is built into the HP, and that this new BlueProton USB SanDisk-SD-flash-format only card reader makes it completely readable. I also tried my USB 51 in one multicard reader with the SanDisk SD 2GB cards on the HP XP SP2, and it also makes the card readable by the HP. So the HP XP SP2 has no problems accessing a 2GB SD card format, but that the bulk SanDisk card itself is not backward hardware compatible, or it is simply incompatible, with one versions of multicard reader, or that the HP Pavilion dv4000's multicard reader is not 100% compatible with all SD format flash.

    I cannot diagnose which hardware issue is the problem, in the SD design, in the SD reader, or a mix of both. As some users have commented there's incompatabilities, it is good to have another 10-20 buck card reader, or buy one SD flash before buying bulk, to assure compatibility between the two hardware systems of SD flash and SD reader you may own.

    I would rate the unit 2 stars, but don't know how to upgrade the rating, just the post.
    I recently bought four 2GB SanDisk cards. They cannot be properly formatted in the built in SD card reader, on the HP Pavilion XP SP2. When they are "formatted" as FAT only on the HP XP SP2, they act like they can receive files from the HP, but when you go back to examine them, the files do not read back. When the cards are used in a digital camera to take pictures, and the card is put in the HP XP SP2 SD card reader, no files or folders are visible at all.

    I have to work around all of this by exclusively using USB to download the files from the camera to the HP, versus simply plugging the card into the HP. Plus, the card is useless, with the HP, by itself.

    A definitely incompatible SanDisk product, with a standard HP Pavilion XP SP2 with built in SD/multi card reader slot. Useable enough with a digital camera, through USB exclusively, as you cannot swap the card into the HP....more info
  • Loved it
    It is the second time I bought a Sandisc memory card. I had no problems at all and was very cheap....more info
  • The card works fine
    I got this card for my wife's sandisk MP3 player, the card works fast and fine. The card's brand is very reliable for the cell phones too....more info
  • Great with Kodak EasyShare SV-710 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame
    I bought this, as Amazon suggests, to use in conjunction with the Kodak EasyShare SV-710. It worked perfectly! I plugged it into the frame and copied photos to it with ease - no problems at all! I will definitely buy this card again with future digital frame purchases!...more info
  • Solid Product Worth the Purchase
    I purchased a sandisk 64MB disk for my point and shoot camera, which I still have to this day and since it is still working well I decided to go with sandisk for the upgrade. I needed the disk for dSLR I purchased recently and considered the high capacity SD cards as they are suppose to give you a quicker response time.

    I have shot a few hundred shots and there hasn't been a significant lag with this card ( I tested it against my sisters SDHC card). I haven't had a read problem with the card (I have used it with my internal card reader on my notebook, a stand alone third party reader, with the camera attached to a desktop, etc). With the price drop I probably will pick up a couple more.......more info
  • Great Buy
    I originally bought the Kingston 2gb SD Card because it was cheaper than Sandisk ... what a mistake! The Kingston did not work in a single computer I put it in, so I swapped it out through Amazon and got this SanDisk. It works exactly as expected ... haven't had any problems....more info
  • san disk 2gb
    no problems with the actual product itself, but the shipping cost more than the item itself....more info
  • 2GB memory card.....what else is there to say?
    If you are looking for a 2GB Sandisk memory card then you found it. Works like it should....more info
    Well, I know there are larger capacity SD cards out there now, and I've tried a couple of 4GB versions, but they werent as across the board compatible as this 2GB device by Sandisk. This one holds over 3000 photos at 1600x1200 resolution, goes straight from your camera to laptop or SD capable plasma/LCD tv, and as far as I can tell is totally bulletproof, not to mention FAST.

    SD cards are for specialty applications. Unless you're addicted to making movies with your new digital camera and need more storage capacity, spend your money on a USB flash drive. 5 Googleshnitzles

    ...more info
  • SanDisk's defective product & lousy customer service
    I took a bunch of pictures for my brother's wedding with this card. When the card was full I turned the camera off, carefully removed the card, placed it in its plastic case and in my camera bag. When we got back from the wedding and I tried to transfer the pictures to my computer, I get an error message. I try numerous ways of reading the card as well as recovery software. Nothing works.

    So I try to return the defective card to SanDisk. I have to register on their site and then enter in all my product information before sending a email, which must be done though their difficult to navigate and out of date website. I finally send an email though their site and request an exchange and all I get back is a form letter with things I may have done wrong to cause the error. I then fill out another request on their site, again stating that I want a refund or exchange, and I get an email telling me to check my message box on the site. I check after a few days and it's from someone asking for more information. But because I waited a few days, it's too late to reply or some such nonesense, and then I send another email and am again asked for more information at which point I just gave up after spending nearly an hour on recouping $5 or so.

    I frequently buy IT accessories for my company and now make it a point to never buy a SanDisk product....more info
  • Outstanding!! Sorry for the other people...
    Oh man the day I bought it was the best!! The price was 4.9$ and I was like no way so then I put it in my cart and it was 11.00 and that was b/c of shipping but that is still a great deal compared to the other reviews they said they paid over 30$. :D I guess my timing was good :)...more info
  • Perfect....
    This was exactly what I needed, not too big and not too small. I might take 100 pictures in a day, not more, and this was more than enough to hold all of them. I use a 7.2 megapixel point and shoot.
    Made of good quality plastic, it can be handled without breaking. Great product for the price, worth every penny....more info
  • Upset
    Whoever sold me this product failed to tell me that I would have problems. When I tried to use it, it said that the card was full but there was nothing on it. I had several people try to fix it and it couldn't be fixed. They told me to ship it back, but I do not have time to get to the post office. This EEk Technology will get no more of my business....more info
  • Small gripe
    Unfortunately I was never able to load this card to my camera. It had to be returned, and I was charged a restocking fee, for what I feel was nothing I did....more info
  • Be Careful!
    I thought this was a great price, so I put six in my shopping cart along with six of the promotional "free" card readers. Upon checkout I discovered that the shipping charge was over $78, tripling the effective price! A whopping $6.49 for each SD card plus $6.49 for each "free" card reader. Look before you leap....more info
  • Why pay more.?
    This memory card is currently selling between fifteen and twenty bucks in my local city big box stores. The memory card works perfectly in my Garmin Nuvi GPS as well as my Panasonic digital camera. Why pay more? Will the price ever drop below ten bucks with shipping? Time will tell....more info
  • Great Value
    Nice value, good performance. I use it with a digital camera. Plenty of picture space....more info
  • Good product
    I'm a writer who has suffered through one too many computer crashes. I keep this card in my SD reader and save all work to it. I have other backups but this is easily transportable to another computer. This prices is a good value. I paid much more at the office supply stores....more info
  • What we needed!!
    Works great with Canon PowerShot A560 7.1MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom. Just got back from a week at Disney World and didn't max out the memory card even though we took several videos and almost 100 pictures....more info
  • Perfect
    This is a perfect memorry card, a lo t of storage and a very good price. One of the best boughts i've done.. ...more info
  • just what i needed
    this is exactly what i needed for my camera what more can i say? i own three of these for my 7.1mp camera. they fill up relatively quick but theyre cheap enough to keep a few on hand. one card i had was pretty much full after 230 pictures and a few less then 3 minute long videos. so if youre planning a trip and dont have an easy way to clear the cards you should definately have more then one. ...more info
  • CRAZY SHIPPING!! Think twice!!
    I put three of these in my cart and the shipping was $18 !!! I live in the US so it was just standard shipping. This is a complete rip off when you think about it. The shipping on these cards is so inexpensive, seller is padding the shipping to make up for the cost. This price was put up to trick people into buying who may not notice the crazy shipping.

    Do yourself a favor and buy any other cards than these. I will never support price gauging on shipping - its dirty and unfair....more info
  • Great value and great reliabilty
    I have bought 3 or 4 of these now for different cameras, phones and other gadgets. I have never had one fail and each time I buy one it has been less expensive than the previous. Thats a refreshing change. Always nice when a product works as intended....more info
  • SanDisk: The last word in removable digital media
    I've got a Kingston in my phone, but I have to say that I'm absolutely sold on SanDisk. I have a Sansa e260 MP3 player that I really wanted to double the capacity of, but I didn't know for sure if it was compatible with the High Capacity cards. So I just went with the 2GB model to be sure.

    I popped it in my phone and then in my MP3 player and it works just like it's supposed to. By comparison, when I bought my LG phone from Verizon, I had to go through 3 Kingston cards before finding one that worked.

    Don't expect any fancy packaging or you'll be disappointed. Mine came in the plastic storage case (note that the card and adapter were secure inside, not flopping around loose) simply dropped in a padded mailing envelope small enough to fit into my post office box. (I have the smallest box available).

    Oh, I almost forgot... The shipping. Three days. Three days from 'click to order' to 'pull up outside the post office'. Hard to beat that... Amazon and their partners are, in my opinion, committed to customer satisfaction. I could go on, but then you'd just think I was employed by Amazon, so I'll just shut up, now......more info
  • Actually pretty good.
    I was hesitant at first, given the relatively low cost, but I'm very satisfied. I bought 3 of these 2gb SD cards. My iPaq has no problems reading them, neither does my PC. I reformatted them to FAT32, but that's something I do anyway, not something necessarily required.

    I much prefer SD cards to CF and other formats, because of the small "pocketable" size, and the write-protect switch. You could easily carry 10 or 20 of these loose in your pocket, if you wanted....more info
  • Shipping charges
    Check the Shipping charge before buying. It's $4.50/item, which makes it more expensive than a Kingston 2GB SD at $12.49 directly from Amazon (when you reach the $25 free shipping situation)....more info
  • Nice storage
    I purchased this for my Canon PowerShot SD1000 7.1MP Digital Elph Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Silver), and together they operate flawlessly. Worked right from the package. The overall delivery was sooner than expected. It got here on the 2nd day after the order date. It came with a little plastic case, roomy for the memory card itself. Seems like an oem since it doesnt have original packaging.
    5 stars nonetheless....more info
  • I only buy SanDisk cards
    Over the past few years I have bought quite a lot of cards from different sellers. The SanDisk cards are the best I've used. I've never had any problems on them even though I swap my cards out between my PDA, camera and computer and sometimes I carry them around in my pocket without a case. I use the 2GB often in my camera and I can take hundreds of pictures at 7 megapixels so I never worry about running out of space. An absolute must have....more info
  • Defective Product and Poor Customer Service
    I bought the product a little suspicious about the deal. When I received the product, the SD memory card was defective. I contacted the seller and no response was returned. First and only disappointing Amazon purchase thus far. The defective product collects dust on my desk now....more info
  • you need this
    There is no reason to want any less capacity. The cards that come with most cameras barely hold anything. It's so inexpensive here. Why not?...more info
  • memory card
    quick accurate service. I will use this company again as I have in the past....more info
  • Great product
    I've order two of these cards (one for me & one for my daughter's camera) & they both work great! This is definitely the best deal going for storage cards & I wouldn't buy anything else....more info
  • Good product and shipping not so bad
    Good product and it works as it should. To all the people complaining about the $7.00 shipping charge need to consider that if you bought the product in the store for $27.00 (going rate at major discount store) + tax you'd still pay more than you would here....more info
  • Excellent card
    Sandisk really knows how to make their products. I've never had any problems with any of thier products, this one included. I saw reviews about the shipping charges and was aware of how much they charge, but even with the shipping, it's still cheaper than anywhere else, especially in a Best Buy or other store. I would still buy from this company....more info
  • No problems
    I have no complaints. It works great and was low in price. I have used it now in my camera for about 2 months. ...more info
  • Fantastic Deal for a memory card
    I had purchased a Kodak M734 camera for my dad for Christmas, along with a battery charger. However, it did not contain a memory card for it. Since I have had very positive dealings with eBay, I looked here first. I receive the very same product that was sold in the stores for at least 150% more than what I paid here. The shipping was fast and I may be buying one for myself in the near future....more info
  • Sandisk 2gb SD
    Works as advertized. I generally use it in my GPS unit, and sometimes in a digi-cam (6mp and it shows like 1500 pics at highest resolution/dpi available) it would also work fine in my Wii, although I haven't needed it yet.
    I also have a 4gb and a 2gb MicroSD+adapter....more info
  • Do not buy from Blue Proton
    Ordered a card on Dec 26 and never received it. Tracking number says it was sent on Dec27 but not delivered by Jan 20. No response to email to the company....more info
  • Easy to use
    Plug in the memory, store stuff in it, remove the memory & share it.
    Dude, its too easy. If you want the items to "transfer faster" whether it be from computer to memory, or from camera to memory, buy the more expensive. This is still fast and great tho...more info
  • So far I'm in love
    I'm really impressed with this memory card. And I know there isn't much a memory card can impress you about, but I put mine through the washer and dryer (by mistake) and it still works like a charm. When I found it on the floor I thought I would have to throw it away, but I thought I'd give it a try and it still works great....more info
  • If you are going to buy it, do not get it from ChiTek!!!!
    I am 100% sure that this product is excellent, but please do not buy it from ChiTek. You will be better of buying it from another seller. There are many sellers on Amazon selling this same product and even at cheaper prices. I had a very bad experience with this seller, they mess up with my order, charge me for it and I never received the item because they wrote a wrong address on the item box, when they obtained my address from Amazon records??? And after they realiced they made a mistake they cancelled my order and did not enven told me about it. Just don't buy it from ChiTek....more info
  • San disk card
    I'm happy with it. Works well with all my electronics but is a little slow with my card reader.
    I would recommend to try the SDHD high performance card...more info
  • Worked great
    Worked great! Plenty fast enough for my Canon SD850. Transferred all pictures from card to my laptop in about 5min through the built-in memory card slot....more info
  • lots of space
    2 GB speaks for its self. lots of storage. its all i need, i am very pleased with it....more info
  • Cheap and works as expected.
    Using it in my iPAQ mostly for mp3 files, works great. Nothing more to say....more info
  • Excellent deal, solid product...
    This memory card does what it advertises and the price (even after shipping) was still far less than buying it at the mall.

    P.S. It works well in the Wii! ...more info
  • Great deal for the price
    Works great, as any memory card should! You can take tons of pictures with this card! :)...more info
  • ChiTek = Customer NO SERVICE
    I ordered a 2GB memory card for a camera, and was kept in the loop on shipping, etc. However, I never got the package. I contacted ChiTek and was told to check with all my neighbors and the Post Office to see if it was mis-delivered. I did all that, no one had seen the package, and since the tracking code shows "delivered" (to whom, I do not know, but certainly not to me!), ChiTek says tough luck. Now I have to do a VISA chargeback over a lousy $22.43 order. Lucky it wasn't higher.
    With ChiTek's lack of concern, I will certainly NEVER buy anything that comes from them again, and I advise each of you to consider this hassle before you do, too....more info
  • Excessive Shipping
    I received this product in a very timely manner, in good shape. BUT the shipping was aweful! Mine was just like another persons, came in a small little package with 1, yes 1 piece of packing peanuts. Like that would help and the postage said $.58! Still cheaper than going to the store, but they are a rip off for the shipping. ...more info
  • Never Again
    My name was placed on two items which were delivered to me and they were not my items.

    I was told that if I sent them back, they would send my a Portable DVD Player for my troubles.

    Yeah Right! I should have kept what was in the boxes!! I was honest and took the extra time printing the return labels, taping them on and seeing that they were picked up by UPS.

    Do you think I ever say the Portable DVD Player????? NO!!!!! I was told when everthing was finished that has been several weeks now and nothing.

    Be careful! and if they say they sent you something and you didn't receive it, they probably sent it somewhere else. Make sure you document everything....more info
  • Device is Fine, Shipping is Outrageous
    I bought this card for $9.42 and had to pay $6.99 for shipping. I though maybe there's a reason, that the actual shipping price was high. Nope. It just came in a padded envelope and the postage in the corner said...58 CENTS! Now, come on. Where did my other $6.41 go? If they need it to make a profit, then they should just make the price that much more.

    That being said, the card works great. No problems, but maybe you should buy it from a store rather than from Amazon....more info
  • Shipping Charges--Outrageous!
    The card is fine. I have others and they work great
    I ordered two more SD cards and look at the shipping charges from the reseller.

    Shipping Method: Standard
    Shipping Preference: Group my items into as few shipments as possible
    Subtotal of Items: $21.60
    Shipping & Handling: $13.90
    Total for this Order: $35.50

    I have one-click ordering.
    Be aware of shipping charges from resellers when comparing prices.

    ...more info
  • Max memory for my Topographical GPS unit
    2 Gigs is the max memory allowed by my Topographical GPS unit...and it has to be Secure Digital memory.
    I can place the highest detail level of Topo USA data from 4 states on one of these 2 Gig chips, so I find them very useful AND MUCH less expensive than the XD memory required by my cameras.

    It would be nice if Olympus and Fuji could also utilize SD memory, but it is probably not fast enough for these cameras that can also take MPEG4 movies as well as rapid fire shots as long as you hold down the shutter I find myself paying 3 to 4 times as much for XD flash memory for my cameras....more info
  • Still less than the chains
    I purchased this for my husband to use with his Wii. It works great! It was about half as much of the cost of the white one that has the Wii logo. Since we don't care much about what color it is, we decided on this. Initially I thought the shipping was a bit excessive, but after looking at the big box stores for the identical product, found that even with shipping, this one was still substantially less. And I didn't have to go to the store and buy it!...more info
  • Works fine. Not a problem
    This item works fine. i just got it today on 11/29/07 and i started taking pics with it.. its a good deal for a 2.0 GB...more info
  • Fine, just miserably slow...
    If you bought this card to use in a digital camera and only transfer smaller files occasionally, you're in luck -- there's nothing wrong with it except speed... or more accurately, lack thereof. This is the slowest SD card I've ever owned, and by a fair margin too. Note that I haven't been into SD cards that long, but... it is really slow compared to others I've tried recently. Can't beat the price tho....more info
  • Perfect price!
    I got a great deal on this and it is working like a charm in my Casio Exilim!...more info
  • SanDisk 2GB SD Memory Card 2 GB
    We purchased two this item. Each cost $11.58. The cost for USPS shipping was outrageous!! The item weighed 1oz and we were charged $12.98. Even with handling charges the total probably should have been $5.41 (.41 for 1 oz w/USPS). Needless to say we will NOT be doing business with this company again....more info
  • "Bulk" packaging voids warranty
    I have not had issues with SanDisk in the past. However, I bought this card and it quit working after 6 months. I would have not minded if it had been replaced, but neither the seller or SanDisk would replace it(yet this listing is claiming a 5 year warranty). The seller would not replace because it was too long after their return period. SanDisk would not replace because their warranty applies to "Brand New in Factory Sealed Retail packaged products only". So I am not knocking SanDisk exactly, but the bulk cards. Great price, but if something messes up you're outta luck. ...more info
  • Great memory card
    It's kind of hard to write a review for a memory card, let's just say it has a lot of memory. I use it on my Nikon D40 digital camera, and it holds a lot of pictures even in fine shooting mode. I bought it through Amazon, and had great service. San Disk has a good reputation, so I would recommend it....more info
  • Christine
    I was very happy with the price of this memory card. The shipping was more than what I thought but it was still considerably cheaper than buying it at a Staples or other department store and since I bought three I think it was worth it. ...more info
  • Reliable and still working
    Have saved / transferred / erased over 100GB without any errors. Works every time.

    **Added 5 months later: Well over 250GB transferred onto and off and without any problem....more info
  • Great product
    I love ScanDisk memory and this was no exception. A great product at a great price. ScanDisk has never failed me....more info
  • Flash Memory Card
    I took this card to Sierra Leone, West Africa on a mission trip. I took over 300 pictures and 400 more upon my return and the card still was not full. ...more info
  • Great product
    I've owned this for about 6 months now, and after using it practically everyday while backpacking Europe for 3 months, it never let me down. 2 gbs allowed me to take many more photos than I could ever want to take. Overall, very satisfied with my purchase, especially since I believe this is one of the cheaper-priced memory cards....more info
  • Well priced expansion card
    Works perfectly on my Palm TX and is available at a very reasonable price. I don't know how well the memory might work in other products, but for my application, an excellent purchase....more info
  • Charge too much for freight and restocking
    I order a Scan Disk memory chip by mistake. When I returned the item they charged me 20% restocking fee for something that I did not even open.

    Don't do any business with this people. ...more info
  • Good memory card
    So far I think that it is a good memory card, I didn't have problems with it....more info
  • Good value for money
    Good size and price. Although you don't really get the entire 2GB of memory. I only got 1.8GB even after reformatting but I presume it takes up cache? Works perfectly with my Canon A560. ...more info
  • Wash Machine Safe
    I found out that these are machine washable and will still keep ticking.
    There is no delicate cycle needed on this product...more info
  • Very useful.
    This is a good little card. I've certainly had no trouble loading it up on my card reader. I would recommend it, particularly for the price. ...more info
  • Great price, not so great product
    I bought this card about three months ago. I have not been able to put more than 1.45GB on it to date. I may have gotten a lemon, but sometimes price does equal quality. ...more info
  • Best price and performance by far!
    I felt a tad nervous buying this the price was "too good to be true", but it works great!...more info
  • Great Card
    i actually bought 2 of these cards to go with my new canon powershot camera. i only bought 2 since they were cheaper together, even after shipping, than 1 at wal-mart! depending on the settings, i can take up to 3400 pics or 65 min of video on 1 card! on the best setting on my camera, each card still holds 1800 pics or 38 min of video!...more info
  • ScanDisk
    Memory is memory, I'm not sure if it's my adapter that's on the fritz or if its the disk thats giving me trouble, but the only way I can get the info off of the disk is plugging my camera into the computer, other then that, works like a charm...more info
  • You Cannot Go Wrong
    Great, great product. I have several of these from SanDisk and some from other brands as well. Hands down SanDisk is best in this format. I have a Cannon A620, 7.1 megapixals. Set I highest possible resolution, I can get over 440 pictures on a single disk. Its fast too. At the reduced price, I'd by two. No worries....more info
  • Take lots and lots of great pictures!
    I bought this as a backup to the memory card that was given to me when I bought my Nikon D40x. However, with the right settings, I can take close to 1000 pictures (JPEG format), so I am currently using it as my primary card. I bought it through Amazon from Digital Media Outlet and it came on time as promised. Nikon also recommends the SanDisk (among others) memory card for the Nikon.

    Updated April 4, 2008 - I ordered a 2nd card from Digital Media Outlet this past Wednesday and it arrived in my mailbox the following Saturday. What fast delivery!...more info
  • Total garbage
    I ordered 3 of these and all 3 of them fail. They cannot be read in any card reader I try, even a SanDisk - and 1 of the cards cannot be used by my camera at all. I purchased another card from another dealer that was not listed as "bulk" and it works great - same Blue 2 gb card. I would not recommend these cards....more info
  • Great buy.
    It's compatible with my Kodak Easyshare C875, and it gives me no problems, cheap price, great asset....more info
  • Great Product..
    I'm using it with my Canon SD600 digital camera....

    I have another 1gb as back-up...more info
  • Great Value!
    This 2GB memory card was a great value! For the size, it was very inexpensive and holds a ton of media. The shipping was very quick (next day) and I can save lots of video & pictures on my camera without running out of room....more info
  • SD Secure Digital
    Very simple device, works properly and am very happy with it. Comes in standard packaging, not the original UPC....more info
  • awesome
    I love this memory card, when my camera is on the smallest setting it can hold approximately 6000 pictures, and when it is on the highest setting it can hold approximately 400 pictures. I could not be any happier....more info
  • Perfect price, card works well.
    For under $30, this is an awesome buy. No complaints about card performance. Seems to work excellently....more info
  • It's a memory card
    I bought 2 of these for my cameras. I have a Nikon D50 and a Canon A570. Not much to say. The cards hold a lot of high resolution pictures. Work for my photography needs. I don't use the salvo setting for more than 5-10 shots at a time so I have no need for the fast memory cards in my D50. The A570 is a point and shoot so there are no need for the faster cards there. FOr the price, I would buy again....more info
    Great price for the amount of space on the card. I bought 4! Work just fine! No problems!...more info
  • Shipping Charges Are Outrageous
    This is a common thing I've found on the internet, especially on Ebay, but more and more on Amazon these days too. I selected several SD memory cards, placed them in my cart. When I went to check out, the total for the cards was about $70. The shipping was more than $85., and the tax was more than $12. The actual shipping charges would be less than $5. I don't know why these people do business this way. At best its dishonest, and at worse, its fraud. For me its a complete turn-off, and I won't do business with these kind of people. I just wish Amazon had a way for me to filter these merchants from my searches so I don't waste so much of my time. As this practice becomes more frequent on Amazon, I find myself using Amazon less. I can see a time in the near future where I'll only use Amazon for book purchases.
    ...more info
  • Huge Storage and Savings
    Good value for money. I clicked around 200 pics and i still have 1.4 GB free space. Worth the money spent....more info
  • Smoke and mirrors
    Seems like a good price for a 2GB memory card. The shipping charge is excessive but that helps Digital Media Source make up the money they discounted on the product....more info
  • 2 Gig SD memory card
    It works well in the SD1000 Cannon camera as intended.
    For other up loads such as MP3 files it is slow....more info
  • Top Card
    Not much to say about this card. It's a leading brand. And the amount of storage is just great for the demands of today --- especially your camera. I use this in my Canon S3 so I know I have all the storage I need for stills and movies. I got two at a very handsome price here on Amazon.

    Update: I used the card in my new Canon S3 and found it slow. It is not good with movies. So if you plan to take a lot of movies, you might want to check with your camera manufacturer to see what cards it accepts. I've bought a Sandisk Extreme 111, which is a super fast card. I hope I get better results with it....more info
  • Works fine
    We purchased this disk to use with our Nikon D50 digital camera. With high resolution pictures, we can fit 567 pictures on the disk. That's plenty to carry us through an entire vacation--or two. We have used the disk heavily for several months and clean it off several times a week and have had no problems with it yet....more info
  • Great Deal
    What a great deal and they showed up two days later, far earlier than I expected....more info
  • Good place to shop
    This is a good place to shop. Got exactly what I ordered and was shipped when they said it would be.
    Shipping is a bit high though for using the postal service....more info
  • Great Price, Good Product
    Works great, no defects, good shipping, exactly what I wanted. At this price, it's well worth the buy. ...more info
  • SanDisk SD Memory Card (Bulk) review
    I haven't had problems so far.I have used it for over a month now.
    No problem with shipping etc....more info
  • I love the memory space!
    I have taken so many pictures since I got this card and my camera. It holds a lot of things like videos and pics, which i take all day....more info
  • died after a week.
    Not much to say, mine died after a week. I am going to contact san disk to see if they can rma it....more info
  • What is with the price here?
    I previously bought the same size, same brand at Office Max for about $35. That was for my digital camera. I had a 512mb one laying around that I was using for my Wii as a memory card, but when I saw this deal it was too good to pass up. These things are cheap, and if you ever feel that you'll need more (Like you're taking a lot of high resolution pictures on your "Sony Elph", or saving a lot of data on your Wii, or even downloading GPS maps on your Dell Axim PDA, having extra 2GB SanDisk memory cards is definitely a Boon.

    A lot of technology uses these, and the price is extremely good. ...more info
  • What a deal!!
    Don't go to some place like Best Buy or Circuit City for an SD Card and spend 3 or 4 times as much. Just order a few of these for the same price....more info
  • big & easy to handle
    The bulk package of the 2GB SanDisk Secure Digital SD Memory Card was a very good purchase seeing that all i wanted was just the card. I purchased this card for my Palm Treo 650. It was easy to format and it's just as easy to maintain. It holds up pretty well to hard hits (I actually dropped my phone a few times and the card popped out) and it still works. It's 2GB capacity is enough to hold my files and other programs that needs an external memory card to be installed on the phone....more info
  • It Works Great
    The 2GB SanDisk Secure Digital SD Memory Card is the best and the price makes it better...more info
  • Mis-ordered, returned, no acknowledgement of receipt of goods
    The product that was sent was misordered. It should have been the 2 GB SanDisk Micro memory card.
    Permission was secured to return the card. It was returned in the original package plus an additional envelope. It has now been about three weeks since it was returned via the US Postal Service. The vendor has not acknowledged receipt of the item....more info
  • SD memory card
    the card is working great ,great price , received it very promptly ...more info
  • Good product with a good price
    I bought this card for my new camera, works well and speed is better than I expect.
    The shipping is just a little bit long (more than a week)...more info
  • Memory card 2 GB
    Excellent all the way around. Great storage space avalable for my digital camera. Service provided by seller was also excellent. I would highly recommend both. ...more info
  • memory card
    I recently got this card a month or two ago for my EASYSHARE V803 Zoom Digital Camera and it works great! For 8 mgp camera, it can store over 800 pictures! ...more info
  • Works Perfectly
    I bought this for my Kodak camera. I put it in as soon as it arrived, have been using it for a few weeks, and it hasn't given me any trouble. SanDisk is a name I have grown to trust for SD cards because they have never let me down....more info
  • Wii!
    Works wonders with the Wii. Now I don't have to worry about Virtual Console games taking over memory! Huzzah!...more info
  • Memory at a great price
    I saved big $ by purchasing online. The memory was delivered as promised and works great in my HP digital camera....more info
  • Excellent
    I bought one for my Video Cam & my Digital camera, The amount they hold now is just amazing! We can go on trips and never have to worry about running out of memory! SanDisk 2 GB SD Memory Card ( SDSDB-2048-A10, Retail Package)...more info
  • Great Price - Lots of Pictures
    I bought this for a price way below the normal price for a 2gb disk. I had just bought a new camera and although I already had a 1gb, I couldn't pass up the great deal for a 2gb. I'm glad I jumped on that deal. It has been awesome. I don't know a whole lot about the technologic difference but I know I get a lot of pictures and video clips with this which is what I wanted....more info
    This is the best item i've ordered. i ordered it on friday and it came on monday and i ordered standard shipping. this is a must buy product for the price and quality...more info
  • Very good product and service
    I got an excellent SD for a low price and a quick delivery. Really I think it's a great service....more info
  • Great Job
    This company was very prompt with the delivery and the product was just as promised. It was packed in a crush proof container and earlier then promised. Would buy again from them....more info
  • Great Product
    It is just amazing how much storage 2gb really is. I get over 1000 pictures from my camera. It is a great product, and I would recomend this product to anyone....more info
  • The iPod is Overrated.
    ...or, more precisely, overpriced.

    If you're like me, you've shopped around for weeks trying to find the right MP3 player. On one hand, you've got the industry standards, like the Apple iPod, that are trusted, tried and true. And also very expensive. On the other hand, you have more affordable brands, but the quality seems rather hit-or-miss.

    Enter the SanDisk Sansa. This one had everything I wanted, including the low price. At 2GB of MP3/MP4 storage available, it's not exactly a memory monster, but it has pretty decent space. The full-color display, the myriad of features and options, and the excellent sound quality all made it a winner in my book. As an added plus, the music that came pre-loaded on the player was actually pretty damn good, go figure.

    Most importantly, it's from SanDisk, the veritable leader in portable hard-memory devices, so you can count on unmatched reliability and excellent support. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Fantastic Price & Solid Brand
    I've never had any problems with Sandisk media and I've used them for about 5-6 years. For this price, though, how can you go wrong. I bought a few of them for my Palm Treo 650...more info
  • More than I expected
    When I purchased my Canon S2IS camera, I was looking for something good, but not too expensive for taking pictures of friends and family and various nature shots to save on the computer. I didn't need professional grade equipment. When it arrived, it had the 16MB card. I was a little disappointed at the 6-8 pictures OR the 7 seconds of video. I knew that I was going to need to get a better memory card eventually thanks to the reviews of all the other people who purchased this same camera.
    I shopped around and found this great deal that seemed to be too good to be true. A 2GB memory card for only 16.99. I looked into this through every customer review on the amazon web site and through the sellers profile and the customer reviews on their site. Still a little skeptical, I figured it was a chance I could take for such a great price. I was amazed when I recieved the memory card and found out just how many pictures I could take without having to stop and erase the bad ones or save the good ones to the computer before taking more. Some of the reviews have said it holds 1500 pictures, but I haven't needed to take quite that many just yet. I didn't really get the camera for the video option, but so far I have captured almost a half hour of good quality video at one time. This has turned out to be the best deal I have found in a very long time. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for an inexpensive memory card to play around with for personal use and more....more info
  • Works just great!
    I bought two of these gems last week to use in a new Palm T|X. I've downloaded music files from iTunes/Mac, and the SD card works as good as any card I've seen. Tempted to get a couple more at the "bulk" rate....more info
  • Great!
    I have not really had a good chance to really use my memory card, but so far love the fact that I am able to take over a thousand good quality photos and am able to get long video footage from it as well. A plus so far!...more info
  • Yep, this one, too!
    In an earlier review of a different product (The HP Photosmart R725), I mentioned how well the camera took pictures and how clear they came out.

    With this memory card, one can not go wrong. Two GB (gigabytes) are more memory that ANYONE could possibly want in a card. I can take over 1,500 pictures at 4 MP (which comes out to about 1.08-1.8 MB each) and still have plenty of space left over for videos. I shot a video today and it lasted thirty minutes. THIRTY MINUTES!

    I recommend this memory card over any other type, brand, model, etc. You just can't go wrong....more info