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2GB SanDisk MiniSD Mini Secure Digital Memory Card (SDSDM-2048, Bulk)
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $11.94

You Save: $88.05 (88%)


Product Description

The SanDisk miniSD memory card offers all of the benefits of a standard SD card, but in a much smaller size. In fact, it is over 60 percent smaller than a full-sized SD card. The SanDisk miniSD cards are used to store digital images, video, MP3 files and other data in mobile phones. SanDisk offers the industry's broadest range of capacities for miniSD cards with a capacity of 1024MB. The SanDisk miniSD card includes an adapter that converts the miniSD card into a full size SD card to be used with the growing number of SD compatible devices available in the market. This item is "Bulk" packaged. Comes with Protective Plastic Case only (No retail packaging). No additional documentation is included. Full 1 year USA warranty

  • All of the benefits of a standard SD card, but in a much smaller size
  • Store digital images, video, MP3 files, and other data in your mobile phone
  • 2GB (2,048 MB) capacity; holds 800 5-megapixel images, 250 songs, or 32+ hours of audio (128 kbps MP3, 4-minute songs)
  • Built-in security features let you download, store, and play secure content
  • Includes an adapter for use in both SD and miniSD electronic devices

Customer Reviews:

  • good while it lasted
    Purchased on march 18th 2007 for my cingular 8125 for $24.00 shipped. Once put in there never removed. Died on feb. 10, 2008. In less than a year. All files, songs, downloaded software gone. ...more info
  • 5 stars - just another san disk product
    San Disk has earned a reputation for solid products at a reasonable price... this is no exception.

    If you need the size and the format then don't hesitate, San Disk has never let me down....more info
  • works great
    Bought this for a cell phone and it works great no problems after 4 months...more info
  • All's swell.
    Works well with the Moto Q9C I'm using it with. Comes with a SD card it can mount in for computers/readers thad do not have the mini-sd slot. ...more info
  • SanDisk Mini Sd card
    Great memory card,works fine with my Moto Q. arrived sealed in manufacturers package and plastic card case with adapter.Great price too....more info
  • Beware..card reader does not read with adapter
    I used it for the first time with my Canon HV30. I then slipped it into the adapter and plugged it into my Laptop card reader. Laptop cannot read the card (unless I am doing something wrong!) but it can read my normal Sandisk cards.....hmmmmm...more info
  • Goin Ebay- the shipping is more than the product itself
    I didn't see it till I got the invoice, but if I would have known it was $25 shipping I would have never bothered with this product...more info