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Step Up (Widescreen Edition)
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Incredible dancing and awesome music fuel STEP UP, the exhilarating and inspiring movie starring Channing Tatum (SHE'S THE MAN, COACH CARTER) who sizzles as Tyler Gage, a rough and streetwise hunk with raw talent. When Tyler finds himself doing community service at a school for the performing arts, he also finds Nora, a beautiful and privileged classically trained dancer who¡¯s searching for a temporary replacement for her injured dance partner. Spying Tyler¡¯s smooth moves, Nora decides to take a chance on him. But as they begin training, tension builds, tempers flare and the differences in their backgrounds explode ¡ª igniting this electrifying tale about not giving up on your dreams.

Step Up happily joins the long line of movies intoxicated by sexy bodies in motion. When an overachieving dancer (Jenna Dewan, Take the Lead) at an East Coast art school loses her partner just before a big showcase, her only possible replacement is a young tough (Channing Tatum, She's the Man) doing community service as a janitor. From there, Step Up slams together a folio of cliches, from prissy-rich-girl-gets-loosened-up-by-poor-boy to hoodlum-learns-the-error-of-his-ways-through-personal-tragedy to artist-discovers-his-voice. It's set in one of those performing arts schools where the students burst into spontaneous synchronized dance at parties. But Step Up, directed by choreographer Anne Fletcher, has a relaxed kinetic momentum and enough texture to give the nonsense just a hint of realistic grit. More than anything, Step Up shows off hunky Channing Tatum. With his sleepy eyes, broad jaw, and sloping neck, Tatum looks like an Easter Island statue come to life. His acting range may be limited, but Tatum has a definite lazy charisma; even when dancing full tilt, he looks like he just woke up and is still dreaming of the night before. Step Up also features Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under) as the requisite tough-but-loving-authority-figure. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • Unexpectedly impressed....
    I took my 8yr old son and 14 yr old nephew to see this last night. It was mostly for them but I was unexpected surprised that I enjoyed it so much myself. Film delivered the subtle messages about "crime does not pay", "never give up and aspire to better with your life", "follow your parent's rules", "give everyone a fair chance", and more. Oh, did I mention that I REALLY enjoyed the dancing? I liked the way that you saw parts of the Main Dance Routine and felt you were being given a performance when the actual Main Dance Routine was done in its entirety at the end. My little men were up an dancing in the show when the credits were rolling. I really enjoyed this movie. I must also admit that CHANNING TATUM is a handsome youngman....more info
  • Step Up Rocks!!!

    Step Up

    The movie Step Up, is so amazing!!! I loved that show! The first time I saw that show, my jaw was to the ground. I was so amazed with that show. I'm a dancer, and to watch that show, it was just really cool. One of the main characters was Channing Tatum, (Tyler in the movie). Was before in She's the Man, (also a great show), He was a fabulous soccer player in that show. But in Step Up Channing took it up a notch, and surprised us all with his dance moves. If you haven't seen Step Up, you had better go get if from the movie store because its so worth your time!!! But make it known, If you haven't seen the movie, remember this... One person gets shot in the movie. Just keep that in mind if you have a little one watching.

    ...more info
  • Danced by masters.
    The dancing is awesome ,the customs and characters are well
    done and adecuated.
    The story is forgetable and it gets in the way of the amazing dancing moves sometimes
    Some of the music could have been better but still a great movie to own.
    Great moves.Great actors....more info
  • Kept it TOO PG13
    The outline of the movie was good. The advertisers kept the hype going but the movie was too much for little kids. They should have added some sex scenes. Thats what gets the audience. Their "relationship" was phoney in my eyes...more info
  • Superb dance film-- Better than even "Flashdance" in some ways
    This film was excellent and I thought that it was even a little bit better than one of my favorite dance movies, "Flashdance", in some ways. One way that "Step Up" was better was the fact that Jenna Dewan was little more admirable as a character than Jennifer Beals was due to the fact that there were a number of instaces in "Flashdance" where I felt that Alex (Jennifer Beals) just got way to foul-mouthed and upset for no apparent reason and also I felt that that "Step Up" was deeper in its thematic elements, whereas "Flashdance" seemed a little too shallow in some parts. Also, I really felt that Jenna Dewan really showed some major star power in this film and really made me say to myself,"Wow this girl is got a great future in acting in front of her is she keeps it up." At any rate, I really enjoyed this film and I thought it was FAR better than "Save The Last Dance", which didn't really seem to do much for me and was actually rather violent, dark, and depressing. Go ahead and give "Step Up" a shot. I can guarantee you will at least find it very likable. ...more info
    The movie's plotline it is as 'cliche' as you can get. A troubled teenager who lives in a foster home gets himself in trouble (yet again!) but this time meets a gorgeous girl, falls in love, and also finds the meaning of life. I must also mention that the script and the direction of the movie was not so impressive, either. So, artistically, two stars would be a very generous rating for this movie. However, this is a movie about dancing. And to rate the movie's depiction of dancers 'dancing' I give it five stars. I would also give the casting director credit for casting the two main characters of this movie, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan. Their vibrant and sexy nature completely draws us, the audience, into the screen and makes it a little more bearable for us to watch the weak plotline unfold. And then when they dance, it is simply amazing. The dancing, on its own, makes the movie worthwhile to watch. Unlike other movies about dancing, these actors both come from a dancing background and you can clearly see that in their performances in the movie. I also liked that the movie allows the actors to break into dancing a few times before the big finale, unlike other movies where you have to wait 'til the end to see the actors show off what they can do. Lastly, I read that Channing Tatum was one of the top 10 most googled people in the recent months. I think that is enough to tell you that he is sizzling HOT in this movie. ;-)
    ...more info
  • A Nice Surpise
    Ok, so this story kind of reminds me of the "Save the Last Dance" movie, but I actually like it a lot. The music is great, the dancing is great, and the story is different than the recycled "Dirty Dancing" storyline. Channing Tatum is great, I love his character. He is complex, yet believable as Tyler Gage. Plus, he's white. It's a more realistic look at the poverty of all races in America right now. Jenna Dewan is fun to watch, but her character Nora isn't as well developed as I would have liked. Overall, the movie had good movement, and a decent story, but it still a dance movie; It isn't always about the story, so there are holes in what you would like to see develop in the characters. My final point would be that it is a good movie for anybody, just not Oscar material :)...more info
  • Void of ORIGINALITY... but amazing DANCING
    This could be one of the great and most memorable dance movies ever, if it weren't for a weak and unoriginal storyline.

    First of all, the dancing in STEP UP is fantastic, even breathtaking at times. The biggest asset the dancing and choreography has in this film is that it is completely REAL! There's none of that, shoot the lead actors in close up and insert the real dancer in long shots.

    The leads, Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan are AMAZING dancers for actors. It is very rare to find ACTORS in hollywood that also DANCE this good and the creators of STEP UP were intelligent enough and professional enough to use no smoke and mirrors in the movie. They dance and we see them dance. In fact, there are many instances in the movie that are jaw dropping. Most noteably, a scene with Tatum on a car. Then the final scene will give chills to true dance fans.

    Unfortunately though, STEP UP is far less creative when it comes to storyline, originality and believablitity. Unfortunately, it is ONLY the dancing that will garnish much emotion from its viewers.

    Many of the dilemmas were too easily solved with coincidences and rushed plotting. Many of the shocking instances were way too foreshadowed, obvious and unshocking. Many of the instances that moved the story along were sort of, for lack of better words, silly.

    I don't want to give too many examples because I don't want to ruin for those who haven't seen, but I'll try to be vague. Like, the car scene for instance. As cool of a dance scene as it was, you can't help but think, "What the heck is this dork doing?" Cause that is what you would be thinking if you saw this clown doing this elaborate dance in a parking lot in broad daylight, for no reason. The death scene... I saw it coming fifteen minutes before it happened. Terrible execution. Also, Tatum's free-style dance character adapted to the choreographed moves too easily.

    The storyline to STEP UP is very run of the mill, you've seen it before, and you've seen it again. Bad boy meets good girl, learns something good, changes for the good, they have a falling out and they get back together just in time to reach their goal. This to me is STEP UP's biggest flaw, but what makes it even worse is that the reason for their falling out, or at least the length of their falling out, is very weak and doesn't really inspire much emotion other than... "Oh, I bet they get back together seconds before the final dance."

    I recommend STEP UP, but only for the amazing dance sequences, choreography, realism and originality. It's just unfortunate that they couldn't come up with a storyline that was original or storyline execution that was more believeable and anticlimatic. ...more info
  • Don't be fooled
    Step up is a very okay movie at best. I'm a sucker for dance movies and thought this would be a very good movie to purchase. Over hyped music soundtracks and reviews of the movie clouded my judgment.

    What you got is a very mediocre story of talented goof meets hot dance girl. The story line is what it is aspected to be but what I brought this for was for the dancing, which was very limited, very unskillful, and very average quality at best. Channing Tatum does a good job as a dancer, but for someone who is suppose to be an elite at hip hop - pop lock dancing as it is protrayed, he still came off as an average dancer to me..

    If you want an average fill good movie (such even the brother getting shot plot, ended up being very weak in impact) this is a rental..

    If you want a dance movie with great dancing with a slightly better plot, wait for Stomp the Yard to be out on dvd. That will be a better to own movie by far.
    ...more info
  • hot movie
    this movie was one of the most exciting movies i've watched in my life. channing is hot. jenna is talented. story is well plotted. everything you would want in a thumbs-up dance movie! <3...more info
  • good movie
    this movie was better then i though it would be. i watch it two times already. and i love mario in this movie.i caN NOT WAIT UNTIL HIS OTHER MOVIE COMES OUT....more info
  • I was bored stiff
    Very boring, very predictable, every cliche under the sun. The lame plot might have been bearable if there had been more dancing but there was hardly any. I hated the little brother and was very happy that he got plugged. What the heck was the big brother thinking, giving him money and telling him to take the bus? What an idiot! Everyone in this movie was an idiot. Nora's Senior Showcase seemed to showcase everyone but her. And wasn't Tyler a senior too? I'm pretty sure you can't transfer into an art high school in the second half of your senior year -- you just don't have the background necessary to graduate. All the boys at that school were wimpy little things, weren't they? Could any of them hold up a partner in a pas de deux? Also, I couldn't tell how much time went by after Tyler quit and then asked to be taken back, but it had to be weeks. So Nora was willing to switch her Senior Showcase dance at the last minute back to one that hadn't been practiced for ages -- seems like quite a risk. Channing Tatum sure is nice to look at; that's about the only nice thing in this entire movie....more info
    I bought this movie for my husband he loved it! We saw it at the movie theather when it came out and he was fascinating with this movie. We both like to dance and go partying together so this movie was really good to show us a few moves. If you like dancing this is a perfect movie to watch!...more info
  • Fun and hip
    Channing Tatum as Tyler Gage gives a great performance in this fun movie. The basic idea is a bit contrived, but it works: a no-gooder teenager with a knack for rap is reluctantly coopted by a beautiful dancer in need of a partner. He will of course help her jazz up her act, she will make him a better man, and they will fall in love. Aside from annoying zigzags in Tyler's commitment (one slip is OK, but three?!), the script pulls us in. It is helped by a lot of dancing, not always great but always energetic. Rachel Griffiths is excellent in the minor role of the principal of the art school....more info
    movies with song, rythem, and attitude, and a pinch of romance. damn, they hit the spot. a little of this and a little of that. all in one make for a good film no doubt. to sum it up, bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks meets the poor little rich girl. the only thing they have in common is their passion for dance. both worlds collide, crash, and they don't end up to bad. this movie just makes you want to get up and dance, you know. i know if you like to bust some moves you'll surely dig this one no doubt. it also runs deep and gives you some emotional stuff that some not so privaleged people have to go through sometimes. it gives you that point of view from both worlds where it isn't always puppies and candy kanes. anyway jenna dewan, damn that girl does here thing. she's an up and coming actress and she's doing a fine job for real. i like her, she gives you a good performance. as for channing tatum, well i what can i say, if you got it you got it right? he's a b-boy type, so he plays the part very nice. being from the hood and all that. their chemistry was so well on set, that they took it to the real world you know. good costars good movie. ...more info
    This is the Best Movie Ever! The music is great, the dancing is amazing and the characters are cool....more info
  • Step Up Purchase was well worth it!
    Excellent experience! Received the product before estimated date (12/27) and BEFORE Christmas! Also shipping was expedited without me requesting it!...more info
  • "You feel like because you're a white boy you gotta overcompensate or something? "
    In STEP UP, cultures clash and the musical worlds of ballet and hip hop amicably collide. When troubled, young carjacker Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum) and his homies break into and trash the Maryland School of the Arts, Tyler is nabbed and is penalized with 200 hours of community service at that same institute. There, toiling away as a custodian, he catches a glimpse of ballet dancer Nora Clark (Jenna Dewan) as she beguilingly works thru a floor routine. Tyler is accordingly intrigued with her grace and beauty. A little later, Nora looks out a window and witnesses Tyler outside goofing around with some nifty hip hop moves. Hmmm....curiousity is piqued.

    The school's senior showcase presents an all-important plot device as it is key in Nora garnering a lucrative post-graduate livelihood as potential dance company employers will be present for her performance. Too, she's promised her unsupportive mom that if her showcase proves unsuccessful (ie, she doesn't land a gig) she'll settle for a more practical vocation. Calamity strikes when Nora's dance partner suffers an injury and bows out of the showcase and Nora's ensuing search for a new partner proves frustratingly futile (apparently, a lot of these male dancers are puny wusses who can't hoist up a girl without embarassingly collapsing in a wimpy heap). Tyler, fueled by his attraction for the girl, steps up and is able to successfully pass Nora's lift try-out. Nora gives him a shot, despite misgivings from her and the skeptical school director. However, their doubts soon bear fruition as Tyler initially doesn't take Nora's classical dancing seriously, is tardy for practice, and even quits for a time. But, finally, something clicks in Tyler's brain as he at last finds his rudder and zeroes in on what he wants - the chance to pursue his new-found dream and, of course, the girl...

    STEP UP is energized by the two vibrant leads, Tatum and Dewan. Gee, it's nice to be young and hot and in tune with your body. Jenna Dewan is beautiful and shows off her acting chops, while Channing Tatum's acting is choppy but, at least, he is, to quote the girls, "babe-a-licious" - he's certainly got that laid back, smoldering thing going on (I'm trying not to hate). Plus and importantly, these two can dance it up, with Tatum a particular stand-out as the white-boy dancer from the slums who can bust a move. Tatum and Dewan breaking it down and funking it up in the club and, later, on stage are showstoppers. The movie also benefits from the secondary pair of dj Mario (Miles Darby) and his crush, the seemingly unattainable Lucy (Drew Avila), both of whom provide amiable support for our stars. Damaine Radcliffe also turns in a solid performance as Mac, Tyler's lifelong best friend, who feels his friendship with Tyler slipping away as Tyler becomes more embroiled in the doings at the Maryland school. Mac's younger brother Skinny (De'Shawn Washington), however, is plain annoying in his lame attempts to win his bro's well regard. Plus, you see his story arc coming from a mile away.

    Somewhat reminiscent of FAME but not quite in the same vein as the more urban YOU GOT SERVED, STEP UP is great fun and, at times, exhilarating to watch. There's nothing new here, of course, but everything in this coming-of-age story is done in such a good natured way that I just sat back and let myself pleasantly sink into the movie, and to blazes with the cliches. True, the romance is done by the numbers, but the thumpin', hip-swayin' soundtrack and the dynamic dance sequences go a long way to make the film palatable. Ultimately, I walked away from this film feeling pretty good. Still empty headed, and half-heartedly determined to learn the Crip Walk, yeah, but feeling good. And, now, I guess I'm ready to tackle STOMP THE YARD.
    ...more info
  • Dare to Dream
    "Step Up" brought a smile to my face when I saw it in theatres; so I snapped up a used copy. Channing Tatum who was SO good in Stop-Loss plays the leading man Tyler Gage, a street kid in a foster home who doesn't dare to dream so he won't be disappointed when it doesn't happen. His moves are excellent. I particularly enjoyed how he used the car in the dance on the schoolyard. Also the scene in the ballet class where the little girl keeps hushing him is perfectly precious. Jenna Dewan, who cameoed in Take the Lead plays the lead here as Nora, the wealthy girl who dreams of dance. The improbable romance between Tyler & Nora is reflected in their dance moves. Miles Darby is played by singer Mario who was also in Freedom Writers (Full Screen Edition). Drew Sidora plays the supporting lead Lucy Avila, with a shallow depth and chronic smile. Damaine Radcliff from "Glory Road" plays Tyler's buddy Mac Carter. De'Shawn Washington plays Mac's brother Skinny. Tim Lacatena has a nice cameo as the injured dancer Andrew. Josh Henderson who was featured as Austin McCann on TV's "Desperate Housewives" plays Nora's boyfriend, the self-centered singer Brett Dolan. Rachel Griffiths, currently in TV's "Brothers & Sisters" has nice moments as the school director. Anne Fletcher who choreographed "She's All That" & Boogie Nights goes behind the camera to direct. She does a good job of keeping the pacing brisk. The music videos and dance contest clips in DVD extras were energetic. "Step Up" combines great fun, a splash of romance into a marvelous dance. Enjoy!...more info
  • Hip hop boy meets ballet girl
    Another worthwhile teenage film
    That's set around a dance
    A guy who grew up the hard way
    And gets a second chance

    He's basically a smart-mouthed punk
    Just headed for disaster
    By picking fights and boosting cars
    He's gonna get there faster

    While cleaning up at the Art School
    He notices this girl
    As luck would have it, he's the man
    She needs to help her twirl

    She's a driven dancing queen
    Who needs to get it right
    On and off and off and on
    They practice, feud and fight

    I'm sure you've guessed how this one ends
    With dancing and romance
    But something in it strikes a chord
    It's worth more than a glance

    Amanda Richards, January 20, 2007
    ...more info
    i loved this movie! when it first came out i saw it three times. the move stars Channing Tatum and Jenn Dewan. Channing plays Tyler Gage who is a streetwise kid who gets in trouble and takes the blame for his friends when they get caught trashing a school for the Performing Arts. he has to do community service at the school where he meets a beautiful girl Nora played by Jenna Dewan. Nora is in her last year at the school and she has been trained in classical dance and she needs a partner when hers hurts himself. tyler and nora are different in alot of ways. tyler hip hop dance and from the wrong side of the track and Nora classical dance and privlaged. when they first meet they cant stand each other. this is a must see. ...more info
  • Sweat never looked so good.
    Step Up is a great dance flick. The two leads are sexy as hell and the dancing is original, lively, and passionate. This movie is dripping with predictability but the story is never boring. I highly recommend giving this poor, troubled guy meets rich girl love story a try. Enjoy!...more info
  • Step Up is the best movie ever!
    Step Up is one of the best movies that i have ever seen. It has everything that u want in a movie. The dancing is awesome, the acting is great and its so entertaining, that it never gets boring! I can't wait for the DVD!

    -Ashlee D...more info
  • A+ - Great transaction. Fast shipment. Great Product!
    A+ - Great transaction. Fast shipment. Great Product!...more info
  • Oddly enough...
    ...I liked this movie. Although it follows the same formula as almost every other teen movie (opposites attract, they learn from each other, they fight, they learn lessons, they fall in love) it still offers something fresh with the chemistry between its characters. I still don't understand why they can't make a movie about two poor kids or two spoiled rich kids...I mean at least they didn't go the obvious route and make this a bi-racial thing (ala `Save the Last Dance', which I love but needed need repeating).

    So, despite offering nothing new `Step Up' still delivers entertainment that is worth the time. So we have tough-guy foster-kid Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum, a boy with a future) who rebels with his friend Mac (Damaine Radcliff) by stealing cars and breaking and entering. His latest stunt though (trashing the auditorium of a local performing arts school) got him caught and sentenced to 200 hours of community service within the school walls. That's where he meets aspiring dancer Nora (Jenna Dewan) who just lost her dance partner and is desperate for help with her senior showcase. That's where Tyler comes in for little does she know, he can really dance.

    Expect the usual boy likes girl, girl doesn't trust boy but is drawn to the danger he presents. She's tempted to fall for him while still having a boyfriend, yet boyfriend is creep. She also must contend with a mother who doesn't support her dream and continues to push her own aspirations on her daughter. Boy must learn life lessons about change and sacrifice, and this may or may not manifest itself in the form of Skinny (De'Shawn Washington), Mac's younger brother, who gets himself in trouble after trying to hard to be like his older brother and his best friend (I saw that one coming from the very beginning).

    There are some good performances by the two leads as well as Drew Sidora who plays Nora's best friend Lucy as well as singer Mario (who looks like a younger Chris Rock) who plays Miles, the school musician who secretly loves Lucy. I liked it, and I'm sure the general public will too. It has enough charm and chemistry to make it memorable, I just wish they would invest some extra time and effort to make a movie that's different and unique, not something rewashed and regurgitated. Alas, it's still a lot of fun and the dancing is amazing!...more info
    I love this movie. It has great music and the actors have great chemistry. It is definitly my favorite movies and I'm hoping to get it for Christmas!...more info
  • great movie!!
    my daughter and i love this movie. she has watched it over and over even with the commentary! she is 14 and i am almost 40 and we both agree that it was very good. we like music and dance. and channing tatum is a good actor and good looking too!...more info
  • pleasantly surprised by this movie
    i saw this with my kids and had low expectations. this is not the first tough guy meets upper class girl and fall in love thru dancing movie. having said that, we all were pleasantly surprised. Channing Tatum is solid & appealing in the main role and the story packs enough action and momentum to keep it going. has some rough language and violence (thus PG-13 rating)...more info
  • awesome
    i had been waiting for this movie to come out for like 3 weeks (i love channing tatum) and i was very happy with the movie when i saw was definitly what i had been hoping for .. thats why i saw it 2 times!! if this is a choice for a movie you are going to see i would definitly reccomend choosing it!!!!...more info
  • Great movie for all
    this is a great movie for all ages just makes you want to get up and dance
    ...more info
    This was the best movie of the year!! I give it 2 thumbs and 8 fingers up. You should buy this movie, it was AWESOME!!!!!! I'm 25 so if your having a hard time shopping for someone around my age, get them this. They'll LOVE it....more info
  • lbuggie's review
    I saw this movie just this past week-end and I must say, I really liked it! My favorite part was when Tyler and Nora first danced together in the spot their friend Lucy sang at with her boyfriend, the jerk. Same ol' plot, but different in it's own unique way....more info
    When I first heard of this movie I didn't think that it would be to good, but when I went to see it I fell in love with it. Channing Tatum is amazing! Although you can guess everything that happens, I still like it. Within 2 weeks of seeing it I went to the store and bought it. My favorite part about this movie is the music. It has the best music ever. I've never seen a movie with such good music. Well over all it is like my second favorite movie ever it is worth purchasing!...more info
  • Ah-mazing Movie!!!
    This movie is awesome. I watched it, and I felt very touched by the story line. Don't give up on your dreams, and you can make them happen.
    Besides that, Channing Tatum is a MAJOR hottie! Him and Jenna Dewan make the cutest couple! Their on-screen chemistry is ah-mazing. This movie is pretty much the best movie on Earth! I love it!...more info
  • Widescreen a must
    I enjoyed this movie very much, but then I'm a sucker for dance movies. Channing Tatum, the male lead has once again changed his spots. He's been a basketball player(Coash Carter), a soccer player(She's The Man), an angry/abused tough kid(A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints and now a streetkid/dancer in this movie. These are just a few of his roles and I think that he pulls this one off very well. The two leads, Ty and Nora come from two different worlds, but are brought together because of their love of dance and each other. You get to see a lot of dance, hear a lot of music ( I reccomend the soundtrack) and of course a happy ending. And "widescreen a must" because when you see it on tv, and then you see the dvd on widescreen, you realize just how much you really do miss. On widescreen you get to see so much more of the final dance number. So if you are in to music, dance or love stories, I highly reccomend this movie, but watch it on widescreen if you can...but ignore Nora's friend Lucy, she is so fake!...more info
  • Awesome film
    i loved this film i thought it was inspiring. i love dancing and attend several dance classes. this film inspired me to take up ballet (the basis of dance). Thank you...more info
  • Step Up
    I am an admitted dance-film addict. Moreover, I am fixated with Channing Tatum, mostly because he is exceedingly hot (that is a scientific term). Obviously I enjoyed the movie, although I prefer the preppy Channing of "She's the Man". Still, the film was fun and entertaining and while no one is going to win any academy awards it is an enjoyable feel-good movie all the same. If you like dancing movies, you will enjoy this one....more info
  • Loved it!
    A very cute, teen movie. It is kind of a combination of previous dance/romance movies, but with enough of an updated twist to find interesting. I really enjoyed it, and it didn't hurt that you have Channing Tatum to look at during the whole movie :-)...more info
  • Step Up
    Pretty much a teen chick flick. Thought the camera work could have been much better. If you're filming a dance movie, how about showing the dancing!...more info
  • The Absolute BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!
    O my goodness I absolutely LOVED this movie!!! I loved the storyline, and I really liked all the dancing! I mean how can you NOT like this movie!??! AHHHH!!!! IT'S SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • The Best Movie In The World!!!!!!
    OMG!!! You have to have to have to have to see this movie! It is AMAAAAAAAAAZING! It's full of romance, fun and some pretty sweet dance moves! I've probably watched this movie at least 10 times! And I'm still not tired of it! It is definately the BEST movie I have ever seen in my entire life! I love the MUSIC! I love the DANCE MOVES! I love the ACTORS! And every single scene in the movie!

    P.S. Watch out for the guy that plays Tyler (Channing Tatum). Now he is what I call HOT!!! He is so HOT that by the end of the movie I was practically sweating!!!...more info
  • Channing Tatum! Wow!!
    I LOVED this movie!! I love the dancing, the actors, the clothes, everything was great about it!...more info
  • Step Up- Fantastic Movie!
    Thrilling and exciting with brilliantly chosen actors and a clear, moving story line, Step Up is a truly amazing movie! Touching and real, Step Up is a movie you will watch again and again! An emotional rollercoaster filled with love, sadness and yearning, this movie will keep your eyes wide and your heart beating with excitement!...more info
  • step up!
    very sexy movie with lots of dancing!one sad part that will put a tear in your eye!...more info
  • Step-Up DVD
    Daughter asked me to buy this dvd, I rented the movie to see what all the fuss was about and it turned out to be a good movie. So I bought both Step-Up movies for my daughter....more info
  • good movie
    Good movie. Saw it in the theater not as good the 2nd time but still a fun hip hop movie. DVD in great condition....more info
  • Step Up Movie Review
    This was a really great movie. I had watched it at the theater before. It was nice to have a copy of my own. The product arrived in great shape and I have viewed it about three times already too.

    The dancing and story for the film are really phenomenal. If you enjoy a feel good tale of young city kids- this is for you. Entertaining for anyone 13 and up. ...more info
  • Enjoyable :-0
    Aside from the average acting, this is a really enjoyable, fun movie. It's mostly predictable, but it's full of great dancing and a nice story line. Mario is super hot in here (although he isn't a lead actor in this) and Channing Tatum is good (I've loved him since Coach Carter). There is fantastic music and while the movies main appeal is directed at teens and 20 somethings, I think everyone who loves dancing and good music will appreciate this movie....more info
  • Step Up to one fun entertaining movie with some great eye candy called Channing!
    I just finished watching Step Up and even though it was not the most original movie it was a great entertaining one. The movie stars one of the most beautiful men in the world named Channing Tatum. Channing plays a guy named Tyler who is a foster kid living with a family who can care less about him. He hangs out with his friends Mac and Mac's little brother Skinny. Tyler and Mac steal cars and sell them. On Saturday nights, they stop in at their neighborhood club. One weekend night after being threatened by some thug, Tyler, Mac and Skinny run off in to the streets. Then Skinny decides to smash the window at the Maryland School of the Arts. After messing around on the stage in the school auditorium they end up getting busted by a security guard, and Tyler takes the blame for it. Tyler gets sentenced to 200 hours of community service at the Maryland School of the Arts, and at first wants nothing but to finish his time assisting the janitor. One day Tyler is making repairs on a ladder and sees some dancers trying out to be the partner for Nora Clark. Nora needs a stand in while her dance partner recovers. Tyler offers to be her partner, but she hesitates. When he convinces her that he is serious enough to be her dance partner the rest is history. Step Up is a great movie in the tradition of Save the Last Dance, and Honey. I have to say Channing's ability to move his body the way he does only adds to his charm. Check out Step Up for a fun entertaining movie with one hell of a hot guy!

    DVD Features:

    Available Subtitles: Spanish, French
    Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), French (Dolby Digital 2.0)
    Commentary by: Chinning Tatum, Jenna Dean and director/choreographer Anne Fletcher Dolby Digital 2.0
    Deleted Scenes
    Bloopers Dance Contest Videos
    Making the Moves featurette
    Music Videos
    ...more info
    This movie, is like one of my all time favorites. It has a great subject, and Channing is soooooo good. It has a good balance of what i look forward to in a movie. Humur, drama, and well, a very likable cast. If you are looking for an AWSOME movie, this is the pick!...more info
  • Awesome Movie!
    So, i had been waiting for awhile to see this movie and went and saw it with my best friend! We both loved it and had decided by halfway through the movie that we will be buying it as soon as the DVD comes out! The storyline is great and its a clean movie!! No complaints here! I just wish going to a theatre didnt cost so much so I could watch it several times while waiting for the DVD!...more info
  • Oh my gosh!!!
    I knew i would like this movie, but i didn't think i'd LOVE it!!! the dancing is great and you'd never know that about Channing Tatum from She's the Man. they both worked awesomely well together and the music made me want to dance so much, it was GREAT music.There's some violence and a little dirty dancing but other than that i can't think of anything bad in it. it's kind of predictable...but it's kind of a girl movie and it's supposed to be that way :). oh and another reason to see it (which is one of the reasons i decided to see it) is Channing's hot!!...more info
  • 10 thumbs up..... if I had 10 thumbs!
    I've never seen any movie like this! It's amazing. I've probably watched this movie at least 10 times and I'm still not tired of it. There's entertainment from beginning to end! The dance moves and cheoreography are excellent. I think everyone can learn something from this movie and no matter how old you are it'll be a joy to watch. Once you've watched it once, you'll probably want to watch it again. The actors were amazing. Especially Jenna and Channing! The chemistry between those two characters was amazing. There's romance,love,fun,and lots of laughs. I guarantee you will love this movie!

    P.S Watch out for Channing Tatum (the guy who plays Tyler)! Now he is what I call HOT!!! He is SO HOT that by the end of the movie I was practically sweating! No lie! If you watch the movie I would require the Air Conditioning!!
    ...more info
  • Step Up
    I gave this movie 5 stars for the dancing. It is amazing! I think Channing Tatum will grow to be a fine actor but the female lead...Jenna Dewan leaves a lot to be desired. If you like dance movies I think you'll enjoy this one. It is a fine blend of Hip-hop and Ballet....more info
  • Step Up Movie Review
    This was a really great movie. I had watched it at the theater before. It was nice to have a copy of my own. The product arrived in great shape and I have viewed it about three times already too.

    The dancing and story for the film are really phenomenal. If you enjoy a feel good tale of young city kids- this is for you. Entertaining for anyone 13 and up. ...more info
  • A very good movie
    The movie is full of energy, very dinamic, a little bit sad, but I like it a lot. ...more info
  • This movie is incredible!!!!!
    I expected good things from this movie, and i was completely blown away! Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan are spectacular dancers! Channing Tatum is also a feast for the eyes, but we knew that after She's the Man. The movie had a great plot and a beautiful love story. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did and I highly suggest going to see it!...more info
  • Step Up:The Awesome Movie
    This movie is about dancing. It takes place in the present at a school. It was set in New York. I LOVED THAT MOVIE! I love that movie because i like hip hop,jazz,ballet and stepping. My friends would like this movie because they teach poeple how to dance. They love to dance....more info
  • He's the MAN!
    If you're interested in following the career of Channing Tatum, then you won't want to be without this one. He's made four films so far, and his last is the best so far, but this one isn't at the bottom of the list either....more info
    I like movies that feature any type of dancing, so I enjoyed it very much.
    The story line is predictable but I didn't buy it because of that. If you love to watch some really cool dance steps, you will like this movie. It's very entertaining!...more info
  • Fantastic!!!!
    I saw this first with my sister and then took my three granddaughters. The music and dancing are wonderful and the message is fantastic. You can do or be anything if you want it bad enough and are willing to pay the price!!!! ...more info
  • Can't forget about it
    I always like dancing movie. However, there is seldom a movie that will impress me on both the plot and the dance itself. This movie caught me by surprise. I went to see this movie thinking that I will enjoy the dance part at the least. But as I was watching the movie, I realized that I was living in the movie with the characters immediately. By the end of the movie, I had already had the urge to buy the dvd of this movie, so that I can watch it again and again. This movie is perfect. It has my favorite music, favorite dances (hiphop and ballet), cute guy (Channing Tatum), great dancers (Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan and others), good plot, great messages....more info
  • Step up:)
    I loved Step up when I saw it in the theaters I also loved it on dvd:) the music is great and the dancing is amazing:)....more info
  • Step Up is what it simply needs.
    I thought this film was decent. I will agree with some of the complaints I've seen about the acting in the movie. The script is filled with every clich¨¦ under the sun, and just when you thought that something unpredictable might happen, it doesn't. Right from the beginning, when a character's younger brother is introduced, I said to myself, "Please don't make him be the lesson learned". Let's just say that every teen romance and ghetto flick plot line is rehashed to the exact detail, without a whiff of originality.

    Channing Tatum performance was okay and not bad for someone who had worked for the Public Defender's Office specifically in juvenile court and plays his role as Tyler knowingly. In this movie he seems so insecure with himself until he hits the dance floor. At that moment he becomes the most confident person in the room because he has some serious skills. Nora (Jenna Darwin) just seems like your typical ballerina princess until she finally opens up about her life. The story is interesting enough to keep you in your seat until another dance scene. But, although the acting wasn't top notch I will say that the movie had an incredible moral lesson/theme if you will--about different 'worlds' coming together and how the view issues in life so differently. It also spends a lot of time on understanding differences in daily life and issues between both 'worlds.' In addition to this it teaches us about choices and accountability for our action.

    I also did enjoy the booming soundtrack. This may be the first film that would work better as a 90 minute music video, and save us from either uninspired dialogue, or mis-delivered dialogue. Sadly, even the dancing doesn't compare to previous dance films like "Center Stage", "You Got Served", and probably "Honey" but that is even stretching it. At any rate, it's one of those movies that you have to see for yourself and step into.
    ...more info
  • Not a kids review but whatever
    Not enough dancing!!!!!! And the song used in the last dance sequence was amazing but its not on the soundtrack! Urgh! Overall a good movie not as good as I had hoped for though.... The dancing was fairly good but not spectacular....more info
  • Did not know Disney helped put this out...
    well there is not much to say about this movie...extremely predictable, bad guy steals the heart of the good girl and blah blah. The dancing is good, and so is the acting. The overall story is average, seems to be a forgetable movie that you would only watch once or twice then put on your shelves to collect dust. ...more info
  • Step up:)
    I loved Step up when I saw it in the theaters I also loved it on dvd:) the music is great and the dancing is amazing:)....more info
  • Your typical teenage dance drama with an above-average leading man
    In Step Up, Channing Tatum plays Tyler Gage, a kid from the wrong side of the streets who is sentenced to community service after vandalizing the theater of a private performing arts school. His community service forces him to go to the school every day and work as a janitor until he completes his sentence. Along the way, he stumbles upon the school's dance team and is particularly fascinated by a girl named Nora (Jenna Dewan).

    When Nora's dance partner for her senior showcase gets injured and is unable to perform, Tyler steps in as her partner. His hip hop dance style clashes at first with her classical ballet training, but eventually they learn to combine their styles to come up with a performance piece.

    This movie has all the elements of great teen dance dramas including Save The Last Dance (the hip hop dancer and the ballerina), Dirty Dancing 2 (the rich girl and street boy dance together in a showcase), and Center Stage (the backstabbing that goes on in a performing arts school). If you liked any of those movies, I think you'll enjoy this one. And if nothing else, go see it for Channing Tatum. His combination of looks and dancing ability are enough to make this film worth watching....more info
  • good shipping
    I got the dvd without damage or anything. I'm not going to write about the movie because my opinion is not to buy something you know nothing about. It's a great movie though. I must say that shipping was a tad slow but that's expected....more info
  • Step Up
    I enjoyed this movie. I finally got to see Channing Tatum show his true talent. Jenna is also awsome in this. Every film that I've seen her in she never fails to deliver a good performance. This movie touches on a group of kids from different sides of the track, but are brought together by common bonds, music and dance. I also enjoy the bonus features of this movie, videos and submission tapes....more info
  • It's Fantastic Dancing But We Just Want More of it
    At first sight "Step Up" looks like some of the recent films with a dance theme such as "Honey" or "You Got Served." In fact, the story of "Step Up" reminded me of "The Cutting Edge," where the chemistry of the two leads somehow manages to carry the implausible story to the end. In `Step Up" same thing happens. The film has beautifully choreographed dancing scenes, and its soundtrack is also impressive, but don't try to find unpredictable stories or Tarantino-like dialogues.

    While doing community service at the Baltimore's art school, street dancer Tyler (Channing Tatum) offers his skills to help Nora (Jenna Dewan), aspiring ballet dancer whose dance partner got injured recently. Through the events that follow, such as reluctant permission given from Director Gordon (Rachel Griffith), Tyler finds himself attracted to Nora, or vice versa. And this sure-fire boys-meet-girls scenario works better than you expect thanks to the two leads with enough chemistry, natural personalities and dancing talent.

    Choreographer-turned-director Anne Fletcher successfully combines two different types of dances in the film's concluding part with amazingly beautiful dances, but "Step Up" takes too much time to reach there. Unlike Baz Luhrmann's hilarious "Strictly Ballroom" many scenes of "Step Up" covers the materials such as car theft and street gang, topics that have been used in other films in a better way. With more dancing, "Step Up" would have stepped up one more notch higher or possibly more....more info
  • Much more impressive than I expected it to be
    Its foundation may be shaped by a number of clich¨¦s, but Step Up manages to rise above all of its individual parts and surpass expectations. I'm not really a fan of the whole dance movie genre, but I really enjoyed this movie. That being said, I would never have watched it had Jenna Dewan, the absolutely hottest female on the planet, not been in it. Apparently, Channing Tatum represents some kind of eye candy for the female audience, as well - but all I know is that Jenna Dewan is a veritable goddess.

    Let's list some of those clich¨¦s peppering this story: you've got your hip-hop hoodlum heading down the wrong path in life who gets an unexpected chance to do something worthwhile; your pretty, rich girl who takes a desperate chance with a guy from the other side of the tracks; their early friction but inevitable romance; and it's served up with a noticeable dash of a future gangster learning his lesson the hard way. It all works out in a predictably cheesy conclusion, of course, but this film is too good to let cheesy endings and predictable storylines bring it down. For some reason, everything about Step Up just works like a charm.

    Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum) is a wayward youth seemingly content to grow up as a real loser, spending most of his time hanging out with his equally carefree friends, jacking cars, and basically just being a juvenile delinquent. After he's busted for trashing the auditorium at the Maryland School of Dance, though, he's sentenced to two hundred hours of community service there at the school. His devil-may-care attitude doesn't win him any friends initially, but one talented young dancer, Nora Clark (Jenna Dewan) does take notice of the dancing skills she sees him displaying for his hoodlum friends. After her dancing partner injures his foot and she can't find a suitable replacement, she reluctantly agrees to give Tyler a shot. She's desperate because the big Fall Senior Showcase is coming up, and that represents her big chance of actually making it as a dancer after she graduates. Obviously, it's not a smooth road ahead - getting Tyler to mimic her more formal moves, getting Tyler to show up to practice on time, etc. Somewhere along the way, though, Tyler begins to have a new perspective on life and - for the first time ever - begins to dream of a better future. His friends resent him for what he is doing, but that proves to be the least of his troubles.

    Step Up has a little bit of everything - it's way more than a mere excuse to watch some good dancing. Most importantly, it starts with a story we've seen and heard before in numerous forms and takes it to new heights. And every strand of that story ultimately culminates beautifully in the Senior Showcase. Channing Tatum isn't going to win any awards for his brooding, uninspired acting, but that takes nothing away from the story. For her part, Jenna Dewan is fantastic in every way.

    Finally, I just want to say that parents of young teenagers should have no qualms about letting their kids watch this movie. I think the PG-13 rating hinges for the most part on a tragic event that takes place late in the film. There is mild profanity, but there is no nudity whatsoever. The only danger would be for pre-adolescent boys, as the mere sight of Jenna Dewan is more than capable of causing the immediate onset of puberty. Seriously, though, this is a really good film that not only entertains, it also conveys a number of really important lessons about growing up in the real world, chasing your dreams, etc....more info