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Warhammer Mark Of Chaos
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Product Description

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos puts the focus squarely on the battlefield, with a real-time combat system that gives the player unprecedented customization and control of an army. An epic battle rages following a brutal Chaos invasion, where four fully playable armies (Empire, Chaos, Skaven, and High Elves) as well as additional controllable races (Orcs, Dwarfs, Vampires, and Goblins) clash on a massive battlefield. Over a year has passed since the Great War, and fierce battles still rage across the Old World. The united Empire and High Elf forces hunt the Chaos hordes from the Empire territories, still alert because danger lurks around them in the form of smaller enemy warbands that loot the settlements of the border lands. Now, four powerful armies - Empire, Chaos, Skaven and High Elves - along with other "dogs of war" including Orcs, Dwarfs, Vampires and Goblins, clash amidst breathtaking scenery in an epic battle for land and power. Dynamic cooperative campaign mode and full multiplayer action for both casual and competitive gamers

  • Gameplay focuses on the armies and battles, instead of the tedious aspects of base and resource management
  • Epic sense of both scale and detail where big demons and huge beautifully rendered battalions clash with thousands of characters
  • A variety of buildable features and randomized, destructible terrains such as forests, swamps, plains, and tundra change the shape of the battlefield
  • Heroes and Champions learn new tactics, unlock new abilities, command larger units, even challenge other Champions in a duel to the death
  • Customize your army - Swap body parts, add weapons and armor, even paint units and banners

Customer Reviews:

  • Not a finished product...
    I bought this game because I love warhammer and warhammer 40K. I thought THQ did a suburb job with the dawn of war series for warhammer 40K. I was excited to see warhammer universe get a (second) chance with Mark of chaos.

    The game has good graphics and sound and is playable but I for example:
    1) The multiplayer mode for me is unplayable because there are no multiplayer maps.
    2) Game periodically crashed during campaign mode.
    3)AI units get lost or cannot move from point A to B unless it is a stright line and clear terrain.
    4)AI units forget to defend.

    Issues 1-2 could be fixed with a patch but were not. I feel this game could be good if they would have released it has a finished product or just supported it....more info
  • A Solid Warhammer Game
    I was a big fan of "Shadow of the Horned Rat" and "Dark Omen" and this game is very much in the same vein. It uses a combat engine similar to the Total War series of games, but as others have pointed out, it's a bit more simplistic. Like the previous games mentioned, the strategic element is quite simple as well, and is seperate from the combat portion. The ability to equip your heros with magical armor and weapons, as well as the ability to upgrade and outfit your troops is interresting and useful enough to justify the campaign mode.

    The look of the game is very impressive, and the opening movie alone is worth owning the game for.

    If you enjoyed the previous Warhammer Fantasy games mentioned above or enjoy Warhammer Fantasy in general, then you will probably enjoy this game too. If you are unfamilliar with Warhammer Fantasy, but loved the Total War series, be prepared that this game is not really the same sort of thing. It's a step up from the old Warcraft model of micromanaging individual units, and you don't have to mess with your economy and production while you fight, but it is not nearly as complex as the Total War series. It sits somewhere in-between... ...more info
  • Looks good on outside, but unplayable.
    First, let me say that this game has one good point. That is, you can customize your army by changing the color, design of weapons, and features. All units are customizable and if you are a person that enjoys doing this, then you will be able to keep yourself occupied for a while. Initially the graphic are a little impressive, but the fluidity is lacking. Regardless of this, the game is unplayable due the bugs. First, upon loading the game, you will need a patch just to get it to run. However, getting the patch installed is a major pain as the autoinstaller doesn't work.
    And IF you can get the game to run, you will have problems with the mouse pointer disappearing onscreen in the setup screen prior to battles. Howevever, alt+tab out and alt+tab back in resolves this. The point is, why? Why all this labor to just play?
    The game play itself has a poor framerate, and the campaign put me to sleep.
    Another company should have designed this game. THQ did a great job with Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War, and Creative Assembly's Total War series is quite excellent. If one of those companies designed this game, things might have been different.
    Mark of Chaos is crap. Total crap, and a waste of money. If you want to buy a good battle game, I suggest something else. If you want a massive scale battle game, then you will need to stick with the Total War series. If you want a fantasy element in the wargame, then I have no suggestion for you. Maybe another fantasy battle game will come out in the future.

    I am very unimpressed with Mark of Chaos. It looks good on the outside, but it's got nothing to offer. This game is the equivent of a car with a nicely painted body, but no engine. More time should have been spent on it, because it really could have been something special, but it was most likely rushed to release. I doubt there will ever be an expansion for this game, due to it's negative publicity.

    For the same price, you can buy Company of Heroes AND Titan Quest. Both games have been marked down recently, and are excellent. ...more info
  • BEWARE - What a ripoff!!!
    To say this game is a disappointment would be an understatement.
    Nothing but technical problems (and no it's not my system, plenty of horsepower - well beyond the system requirements) as witnessed on the Mark Of Chaos Technical Support Forum. Namco released this game with so many bugs that they had to release two patches in the first month totaling nearly 600MB !
    My main problem seemed simple enough. I was unable to load previously saved games from the program's Load Game screen. The games were being saved (found them buried 14 folders down in the My Documents folder!) to the hard drive so it's obviously a programming issue. After trying to find a solution with Namco over a month's time, they finally said there was nothing they could do about it. This response came after installing, uninstalling, clearing the registry, installing the 600Megs of patches over 10 times!!

    The game actually installs fine and game play is smooth and fun. But like others have posted, the single player campaigns are seriously lacking in scenarios. But not being able to load previously saved games means you need to have about 24 hours of time to finish a campaign straight through. And even when you finish the campaigns simply end with your character on a map. No theatrics, not even a message saying the game is over. What's next? Going to heaven and finding out it's just a bunch of clouds and nothing else?

    Beware to all those who are interested in purchasing this game. If you need any further warnings just browse the 25+ pages of technical support problems posted on the Mark of Chaos Forum.

    What a waste of money! Do not give in to the temptation to give Namco your money to be a guinea pig for their poor quality of work and customer support....more info
  • awesome game
    My husband is currently stationed in Iraq and needed something to do to pass the free time till he gets to come home to his family again so I got this for him and he finds it has helped to pass the time away without loads of stress!!!! Thanks!!!!...more info
  • Excellent game......!
    I think it is a great game, lots of hours of fun, I'd recommend it to everyone!!!!...more info
  • Take a nap instead
    I had just finished THQ's Dawn of War series when I bought this. Expecting something of the same experience, I was horribly disappointed on several accounts:

    1. First of all, this is NOT a Warhammer 40K game, it is based in the plain-jane warhammer world. It is a Dungeons and Dragons remake with a dash of WH40K plot thrown in. This human, dead people, dwarves, elves, orcs type of world is tired, let it rest people.

    2. The graphics, despite what other people have said above, are good but not great. It is relatively useless to have beautifully modeled characters if you spend the entire game in bird's eye view to get a comprehensive view of the battlefield. They are also wasted in the sense that all the units come in geometric arrays of 20, 32, 48 or whatever. It's like playing Risk on a Harry Potter book.

    3. Harry Potter books are larger than the maps you play on.

    4. This game is so linear I used it to help me hang paintings. Seriously, how stupid is the 'let's just follow the plot along and see what happens' type of game? This is purely laziness on the designer's part, and I feel pretty robbed. Again, if you lose a siege unit early, start over. Lame.

    5. Despite what you've heard, the voice acting is ATROCIOUS! I'm sick of Elves sounding like they're 13 year olds on qualudes, and why does every human that wears armor have to have a bad fake European accent? The actors quite obviously read their lines in a half-hour session, never interacted in person, and used the money to buy their next bottle of Mad Dog.

    6. Leveling/Items/Unit Management screens are non-intuitive to navigate and ridiculously roundabout to use. I have to wait to be in combat before switching items between heroes? Come on...

    7. A little nitpicky, but the art in the load screens (which you will have the opportunity to study IN DETAIL) is undetailed and uninspired. One of the things that makes the warhammer series so cool is the visceral connection you get with the characters through the amazing artwork. Just look at the intro to Dawn of War, that's qual-i-tay. These stills look like watercolors that were left in the rain. And the intro movie sucks donkey.

    8. The heroes are one dimensional. No, less than that, they are Half dimensional. 'I have a scar on my face and my daddy was killed so now I have to prove i'm a good guy' (even that struggle was not obvious throughout the game). Boo hoo. 'I'm a big, mean orc and I wanna kill humies'. YAWN.

    9. At least with 6 CD's I now have a set of coasters.

    To sum up: DO NOT BUY THIS GAME, ever. Don't let your friends buy it, don't even let them know it was made. It is an embarrasment. NAMCO should have their Game Designer's Union membership card torn up for this. I want my money back.

    PS the art on the box is cool-ish....more info
  • Warhammer Mark Of Chaos
    The game it self is pretty cool. Long load times and fairly boring combat make it suck. I bought this game because I really enjoyed Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War. I still have more fun with Dawn of War and Dark Crusade. Hopefully the expansion for Mark of Chaos will be a huge improvement. (Like Dark Crusade was for Dawn of War.) ...more info
  • Fun for 2 to 3 hours.
    This game was pretty fun for 2 or 3 hours and hten it really went down hill. There are no where near enough modes and the single player campaign is really uninspired and way too easy. Multiplayer was pretty lame as their is really no difference between each game, if you do A and B And C you always win.
    I would not recommend this game...more info
  • Chaos fun
    It was a fun game. It had its ups and downs but still a good game....more info
  • Horrible Excuse for a Warhammer Game
    This game, despite what the box shows, is a horrible waste of money. For a new game, this has no excuse for the simple things that games from several years before could master. I'll list the problems below.

    1. AI with down syndrome
    The enemies in this game were obviously the products of a drug using couple, no brain power besides walking and hitting is exercised. It's as if the designers were making a warhammer dominos game, the AI bots would simply follow the others, to be mowed down one by one.

    2. Meagre forces on the battlefield.
    I was severely disappointed when I discovered that you could only put 200 (maximum) soldiers on the battlefield at a time. I would tote around a huge army on the campaign map, and only use an 8th of it during battle. This was a severe anti-climax to the massive armies shown on the box.

    3. Horrible, simply horrible voice acting.
    While in the beginning, the voices for the main characters were relatively convincing, the game designers failed to even attempt to syncronize their mouths with their speech. The character's maws would gape and close slowly, as if chewing a raw steak, while the actors were yelling and arguing in fast paced conversation. Additionally, the enemies had horrible voices, the chaos and skaven made me laugh in astonishment at the laziness of the voice actors to even try to act like what they were representing. It was pathetic.

    I could go on and on, due to my anger over wasted money, but I will conclude here by saying that I implore you not to reward the poor effort of the makers of this game with your money, I beg you....more info
  • Might be okay, if it worked.
    nvidia 6800gt
    2gb ram
    4ghz amd64
    win xp fully updated

    Graphics are nice. But sound stutters on occasion. My biggest problem is random game crashes when loading new maps. I find its not a graphical issue, its database related. For some reason if I buy certain items for my characters, do certain things to my army ect - I can't load the next mission. I have to go back to a previous save, and buy something different, or arrange my army differently then the game will proceed.

    Even after patching, reinstall/deleting saves, ect. Game still not stable.

    Plus its incredibly short and linear with horrible constant loading. No you can't out manuever the enemy, since the map forces you to go a certain way. Want to attack from behind? Nope, invisible map lines keep you from doing that.

    If I could get through the entire single player campaign without crashing it might be a nice short romp which was fun. I'm not interested in the multiplay part of this game. Maybe it is good? But don't buy this for the single player portion....more info
  • Warhammer: Loadscreens of Chaos
    I have twin 10,000 rpm WD drives set up in a stripe raid, over 2 gigs of RAM and a 4.0 ghz processor. My machine exceeds what the manufacturer suggests on the box is a "really hot setup". Yet load times on this game are unbearable. I've had maps that actually took less time to play than the load screen to get into the map. And the load time is just as long to get from the tactical map to the world map, which has no real moving parts or interactivity other than to click on the next town in line for the story to continue. Once you arrive at the next town, you are treated to another couple minutes of load time while the computer asks if you want to fight or retreat. If you choose to fight (like you have an actual choice), there's another couple minutes of load time. I got almost to the end of chapter two and just stopped playing due to the frustration. It might be acceptable if the game were incredibly detailed or complex, but this game loads slower yet looks and plays far worse than the latest Total War game.

    Let's just say that the makers of this game got my $40 this time around, but it will be a long time before I buy anything with the Warhammer name or from these game companies again. ...more info
  • The best RTS
    Warcraft was my favorite since War 1 but after Warcraft III I lost interest. Warhammer is far better, more brutal, less humour, better story, insane realism, amazing units and stunning gameplay and graphics! I hope to expect alot more of these!...more info
  • Great Game, best I seen in a while
    This is a great game, true to the table top game universe while still being a great Real Time Strategy game. I enjoyed both the Chaos and good single player campaigns. The Online battles are the best part of the game, creating different armies and then battling players from all over the world. Be warned though, the game needs a really good graphics card, I upgraded to a PCI-E card with 512MB just so I could play this game and that card worked fine...more info
  • Good, but not as before
    The game was fun to play. However, it did not match against the previous Warhammers that I have played....more info
  • A Great Start For The Warhammer RTS Franchise
    I'll keep this review short:

    The Good:
    -4 Unique armies with many units and customization options, including mercenaries and individual soldier customization, as well as extensive hero customization and rpg-style leveling
    -Amazing attention to detail and army composition options
    -Decent multiplayer when there is no lag or dropping
    -Single player storyline was pretty decent, and you can play from the side of Empire or Chaos
    -The absolutely INSANE intro video when you start up the game

    The Bad:
    -I experienced many drops on Gamespy while attempting 4 player matches
    -In large-scale skirmishes when huge armies would clash, my game would crash completely with no explanation, and I run a pretty sick gaming rig
    -While the story itself was good, the single player cutscenes lacked and the campaign itself was waaaay too linear
    -Lack of variety and depth in multiplayer maps, with only a handful of varient or siege maps

    The odd:
    -You have to start a lan game with cpu's to have a skirmish?

    4/5: It's a great attempt at this serious, and far from failed in my eyes. While it lacks in places, I feel if they expand on it at all, it could only do some good. This game will soar with enough attention to it by the developers and gaming community. Rock on Games Workshop!...more info