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STAY ALERT Military Caffeine Energy Gum - CINNAMON - TRAY (24 packs 5pc) NOW IN ARCTIC MINT !!! - 100 mg Caffeine per piece
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Product Description

The U.S. Military has researched and tested for 6 years to help stop fatigue related injuries and deaths. The result, STAY ALERT ENERGY CAFFEINE GUM, is finally in production and available to the U.S. Armed Forces and Security Agencies. Soldiers no longer have to resort to eating freeze dried coffee grounds in the field to stay alert. The STAY ALERT formuala has been field tested and approved for First Strike rations. The U.S. Military has proven STAY ALERT GUM to be the most effective and efficient tool for addressing the fatigue/sleep deprivation problems that have been causing injuries and deaths among our troops. Not only does STAY ALERT decrease accidents, but it increases soldier performance. Clinical studies have proven increased physical and coginitive performance as well as improved marksmanship and overall vigilance under sleep deprived conditions. STAY ALERT GUM is proven to provide the most rapid absorption of caffeine through the oral membrane in the mouth, while also being the most compact, lightweight, and convenient vehicle. STAY ALERT decreases accidents, increases performance, saves lives.

  • NOW IN ARCTIC MINT !!!! JUST SEARCH "stay alert arctic mint" HERE ON AMAZON !! Available on in the following quantities: SIX PACK (6 packs) - TRAY (24 packs) free shipping - CASE (288 packs)
  • Developed and proven effective by the U.S. Military exclusively for use by the Military and Security Agencies. Clinically proven to improve physical performance, alertness, thinking, and marksmanship for fatigued soldiers.
  • Begins working instantly...Through oral absorption, chewing one piece delivers 100 mg of caffeine five times faster than pills or coffee. STAY ALERT received the Army's Greatest Invention of the Year Award for 2005.
  • The STAY ALERT formula was selected by the U.S. Military for use in First Strike Rations by Navy Seals, Army Rangers, and Special Forces. Recommended by The National Academy of Sciences for situations requiring fast action.
  • STAY ALERT GUM has had tremendous success in supporting our troops in the Middle East. First Responders, Firefighters, Police Officers, and Security Personnel have also found STAY ALERT GUM to be a powerful, compact, fast acting tool for stopping fatigue.

Customer Reviews:

  • Nasty Taste!
    This product is effective, but the taste is so horrible that I threw it all out. It is worth stating, I can endure nearly any taste if I feel I have a reason to, and with the expense of this product and two full trays... I had a reason to. Unfortunately, I found that I could not bring myself to chew this for the full five minutes recommended, since the taste got more and more bitter with every chew. Considering the many other options I have for caffeine (including Jolt Gum which is entirely palatable), I will not be buying this again....more info
  • Ok Gum!
    Works great with 100mg of caffeine in each piece but taste is disgusting. I would have given it a 5 if the taste was better. ...more info
  • Works, but be cautious!
    This gum has 100mg of caffeine in it, which is approximately equivalent to one cup of brewed coffee. However, it works MUCH faster.

    Being a college student, I'm often up very late (either for studying or for more fun activities) and have to get up very early, so this has been a lifesaver when I'm about to fall asleep during a test or important lecture.

    Be sure, though, that you follow the directions EXACTLY. You're to chew ONE piece for FIVE MINUTES. The first time I used it I'd already had a few cups of coffee in the morning and I popped two pieces in my mouth. Unfortunately, I started shaking and my hands were twitching for more than an hour. It wasn't scary (actually, a rather amusing experience) but if you need to be at work or driving, BE CAREFUL....more info
  • Caffeine Energy Gum Is Perfect...
    ... perfect for any time you would like a pick-me up and don't want to make or get or even drink coffee. As gums go I prefer and usually chew sugarless cinnamon, but this gum is also good and has an interesting slight bitterness that I enjoy. Just one piece is fine and the buzz comes on smoothly and doesn't result in the jitters. Great for bicycle rides or to keep in your tool bag just in case it's late and you have many miles to go. Mixes well and enhances other mind altering activities. Excellent for enjoying an evening out. I expect that I will always keep a supply on hand. ...more info
  • good way to take caffeine
    After chewing two pieces of this gum in the morning I feel completely alert - in about 15min) as if I had spent an hour drinking a few cups of coffee (my former morning routine).

    I think the gum has a pleasant cinnamon taste; however, some of my friends complain of an aftertaste. ...more info
  • Stay Alert Gum review
    I have found the Stay Alert gum a godsend both at work and driving on expressways. I use it judiciously because I have minor heart problems that could be worsened by caffeine. Its' main advantage is that if you are feeling drowsy, you can chew a piece or 2 (Each piece has 100 mg of caffeine and is absorbed through the lining of your mouth) and it will begin working almost immediately to bring you back to full alertness. I will take a piece before or during a long expressway drive, a long meeting at work or occasionally when working at the computer.

    I was concerned about the taste, since that was rated "poor" in the articles I read. While I wouldn't choose this for a recreational chewing gum, the taste was certainly tolerable and I didn't spit it out after 5 minutes as suggested by the military (when most of the caffeine has been absorbed through the lining of your mouth). Chewing a piece of regular cinnamon gum at the same time would almost totally mask any off flavor, but I have not found it necessary to do this.

    If you are having recurrent problems with drowsiness at meetings, while keyboarding or while driving, this alternative is more convenient than coffee, works faster than caffeine tablets and causes no gastrointestinal distress. I highly recommend it, although I would also recommend having a sleep study and being checked for sleep apnea if you are having those symptoms. This ailment is more common than many realize and will eventually affect your heart function, as it did mine. Get it checked out!STAY ALERT Military Caffeine Energy Gum - Tray (24 packs, 5 pieces per pack) Cinnamon Flavor - 100 mg Caffeine per piece...more info
  • Worst tasting gum ever...
    STAY ALERT Military Caffeine Energy Gum - Six Pack (6 packs, 5 pieces per pack) Cinnamon Flavor - 100 mg Caffeine per piece

    This has to be by far one of the WORST tasting caffeine gums out there. I have been chewing caffeine gums, taking caffeine mints, drinking caffeinated water for years now. Mad Croc is also pretty bad, the sick bitter taste this gum has, is alot like chewing a no doze tablet. Its just crap and I cannot believe people reviewed it and said it tasted good. Its just awful, seriously.. Jolt is alot better, Mad Croc is equally awful tasting though.. If your looking for a flavor, look elsewhere, this just taste like chewing an aspirin... TERRIBLE......more info
  • Life Saver But Use With Caution...
    "Stay Alert Caffeine Supplement Gum" was designed for use by the U.S. Army in situations where soldiers were fatigued but having a cup of coffee was out of the question. This reviewer uses it to restore alertness during long drives, long meetings, and sometimes early morning hikes.

    The gum is coated with a cinnamon flavor shell which has a strong taste. The gum itself is easy chewed for a few minutes for increased alertness. A second piece can be chewed if the first doesn't quite do the trick. A package with five pieces of gum fits easily into a pocket.

    The package warns against having more than one or two pieces at a time; it is not a substitute for real rest. Prolonged chewing can leave your mouth dried out. Exceeding the recommended dosage can leave your heart racing from caffeine overload.

    "Stay Alert Gum" is highly recommended as a substitute for a cup of coffee or soda in overcoming minor fatigue....more info
  • An Effective Product
    This gum besides being good tasting and having a flavor that lasts a surprisingly long time does what it promises. It keeps you alert. I am a person suffering from a variety of chronic illnesses including chronic fatigue. This gum helps me a great deal....more info
  • Great Stuff!!!
    I keep this in my car, and at work....a great pick me up...I repeat buyer of this great gum!!!...more info
  • Get paste the taste, enjoy the rest.
    I'd see this product several times when at the Shopette, and being an Army nerd, and noticing the simple packaging, I figured I'd give it a shot.

    So, on the drive to the mall I popped a piece in my mouth to test it out. I've never felt that alert in my life. Of course, you get the powerful burst of cinnamon, but as others state, you're left with the pure flavor of caffeine for some time. After that subsides, it's rather pleasant.

    Pop in one piece, you're good. Pop in two, like the instructions state, and you'll most definitely feel the effects kick in that much quicker. I handed pieces to my buddies for them to try and they couldn't believe how quick it worked in comparison to the energy drinks they'd chug.

    Most people mention the bitter taste, but after a while you get used to it. Besides, we Army people have eaten worse, right? ;) It does just what it should, and is supposedly only available to the military, but as it's listed here that's obviously not the case!

    As long as you can deal with the flavor you're left with after the initial rush of cinnamon, you'll be good. This will help keep you focused on the road, in class, or at work in general when you're in need of that extra boost to keep from planting your face on the desk....more info
  • Works as advertised
    I brought some of this with me on a long car trip this summer. From experience I know that when my head starts nodding, I have but a few minutes to pull over and take a catnap, or become a danger to myself and others. Trouble is, there isn't usually a place to pull over right away--the nearest rest area is often a half hour or so away (and on some state highways there are none at all). Not a problem with Stay Alert! This time I popped one piece, started chewing, and literally within a few seconds my head stopped nodding and I felt exactly as though I had taken a nap. I was wide awake. The effect stayed with me for 2-3 hours, and by then I was able to find a rest area and take a nap.

    I used it sparingly, only when I had no choice; I took naps whenever I could, and Stay Alert saved my behind several times on this trip. This stuff really works. And Amazon has it for the lowest price I've seen online.

    It has a cinnamon flavor which is acceptable, but not the best. But then again, you don't chew this for the flavor. When you're tired but you need to keep going, you don't care about flavor; all you care about is staying awake. This stuff will get you over the hump....more info
  • more convenient than coffee
    I love coffee, the taste of it and it's effects on making me awake, alert, and creative... that said, sometimes getting a cup of joe can be inconvenient. Enter Stay Alert gum! Yowsa, within a minute or two you realize you're a lot more awake, much faster than drinking coffee or any energy drink. If getting awake fast is your goal, this gum is your solution.

    I'm not sure what medical issues the gentleman who posted two stars who wanted to downgrade his review to one stay but clearly he has some type of mouth problem (or other issue) is he's not getting the effect quickly. The majority of the other reviews here though are spot on, including, sadly, the taste, it's pretty awful, that said, it doesn't last long (thankfully). I've tried the others including Jolt, they do not pack a punch like this gum.

    Now the only reason I'd see fit to want to deduct half-a-star though it'd only be a personal thing, it does, when taken too many and/or following coffee, for me, give me some heart palpitations. Like the other person said, it'd be hard to consume 10 cups of coffee without knowing you're doing so and potentially giving yourself a caffeine overdose. The directions are very clear that you start with one, wait for the effect, then if you need another take two. Consider these like any serious drugs, these aren't for kids but adults with good cognitive reasoning. Be responsible with this product....more info
  • Best Caffeine Product, imo
    I have caffeine related products out of the ying-yang, and this seems to work the best for me. Okay, so the taste isn't too great, but a small price to pay. My biggest concern is keeping it away for our kids b/c our 5-year old loves gum, and I certainly don't want him getting into this!...more info
  • Controlled, convenient intake
    Summary: It works

    Details: To state the obvious and redundant, would be the inherent convenience of consuming caffeine on the go. I don't have to deal with a flask of coffee to lug around all day. Each ball of gum is exactly 100 mg of caffeine. To better calibrate this number, a cup of coffee is 135 milligrams and a red bull is 80 mg. The gum does not taste very good, neither does stale black coffee. Consider chewing the gum with trident splash, they taste pretty good together. Here are some reasons I switched from coffee to gum:
    1. Cheap coffee can be acidic
    2. You can avoid SUGAR and lactose.
    3. I control the dosage, stick to exactly two balls of gum, one in the morning and one after lunch. Have a B complex vitamin with the gum, amplifies the effect.
    ...more info
  • Quick energy but use with caution
    At first I was skeptical about Stay Alert's claim of providing alertness almost instantly. I decided to see for myself if this product's claim was true by using it on the tenth hour of a 12 hour work day in a busy trauma ICU where I work. I used two pieces, equivalent to two cups of coffee. In a matter of minutes I noticed my energy was up and I felt that my mind was sharp as when I was well rested. So it does give you that instant gratification of alertness that you need when you must continue to think critically and physically drive on.
    A few words of caution.
    1. Can cause tachycardia (heart beating very fast). If you have an irregular heart rhythm or any sort of cardiac problems, hypertension, or are on any hypertensive medications, you should hold off using this product until your doctor gives you the okay to use it.
    2. Common sense should rule while using Stay Alert. Even though the manufacturer's claim of safety is noted, you shouldn't chew a handful at a time. While it would be considerably more difficult to consume 10 cups of coffee, chewing 10 pieces of this gum would be relatively easier to do. Therefore, you are opening yourself up to risk of some serious palpitations, that can lead to hypertension, stroke, or even cardiac arrest if you consume too many. So this gum with all of its good points for keeping you alert, is not as innocent as it appears.
    3. Children should not consume this gum at all. Caffeine is a drug, and it could cause problems in children with underlying heart conditions.
    4. Stay Alert contains Aspartame. Aspartame was denied approval by the FDA for eight years for many reasons. I would not consume aspartame on a daily basis for its cumulative effects.
    I gave this product 4 stars out of 5 for the quick alertness it provides when you need to stay sharp to save your life and others. The aspartame it contains, brings the rating down by one star. Overall, Stay Alert is a good product.
    ...more info
  • Caffeine quick 100mg
    This is a product of your taxes at work. The Army spent a lot off money developing a method to keep our troops extra alert for extended periods of time while not injuring them. They discovered the quickest way to deliver caffene is to chew it not swallow and dijest though you can just swallow it . The product works fastest when chewed . This is stronger than JOLT(40mg) gum and faster working , having 100mg of caffeine per piece. One piece works for me about the same a three pieces of JOLT gum (a good product that tastes better). If you need caffeine this is a great and convenient delivery system. Keep in your auto/truck for when you get sleepy behind the wheel , this stuff really works . I am a big guy and it has never taken more than two pieces to fully wake me up . For when you didn't get enough sleep the night before the test. Not for kids under 18. If caffeine makes you jittery don't use this product. ...more info