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Canon Pixma Pro9000 Professional Large Format Inkjet Printer (9995A001)
List Price: $499.99

Our Price: $409.95

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Product Description

With the PIXMA Pro9000, you'll discover just how good a photographer you really are. The 8-color ink system opens up your color palette, and advanced software fine-tunes your output. Ready to move up to 13" x 19", or print on fine art papers? This professional-grade printer will take you to the next level.The PIXMA Pro9000's ChromaLife100 system combines the benefits of dye-based ink, Canon photo paper and FINE print head technology to produce long-lasting, beautiful prints. With an 8-color dye ink system, the Pro9000 produces a wide color gamut to achieve vivid coloration and high glossiness.

How good of a photographer are you? You're about to find out. The PIXMA Pro9000 Photo Printer's 8-color ink system will open up your color palette, and its advanced software gives you more control over your final output. Canon Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) technology uses a high-precision, 6,144-nozzle print head to deliver thousands of 2-picoliter ink droplets per second in one pass. This high-density ink placement produces a maximum resolution of 4800 x 2400 dpi with incredibly sharp detail and minimal graininess.

The Canon PIXMA Pro 9500 Professional Photo Printer:
  • 4800 x 2400 dpi.
  • 8-color pigment ink system
  • 6,144-nozzle print head is designed to deliver thousands of 2-picoliter ink droplets per second in one pass.

Pro9000 Product Tour

Beautiful long lasting prints. View larger.

Beautiful, long-lasting prints.
The PIXMA Pro9000 Photo Printer along with the ChromaLife100 system combines the benefits of select genuine Canon dye-based inks, select Canon photo papers and FINE print head technology to create long-lasting, beautiful prints. This 8-color dye ink system produces a wide color gamut, and achieves the vivid coloration and high glossiness that may have been missing with other conventional photo printers.

Canon software for photo fine-tuning.
Want more control over the print process? With the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Pro software plug-in, this next-generation photo printer can be seamlessly integrated into a computer workflow. Easy-PhotoPrint Pro augments other post-production software, including Canon Digital Photo Professional software (DPP version 2.1) and Adobe? Photoshop? CS/CS2 software. You can use customized layout options to produce contact prints, prints with shooting information-even pattern prints of a single image that let you select the optimal color balance, brightness and contrast settings. For further fine-tuning, choose from three color adjustments that can be saved with personal settings: Enable ICC Profile, Photo Color and Linear Tone.

FINE Technology
Canon Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) uses a patented print head with
6,144 precision nozzles, ejecting ink droplets as small as 2 picoliters. Meaning? More nozzles + high accuracy + small droplets = amazing images.

  • Maximum 4800 x 2400 dpi FINE print head technology
  • Support for fine art paper up to 13" x 19" with two separate paper paths, including front feeder for heavyweight paper types
  • Professional printer features using Easy-PhotoPrint Pro (Plug-in software for Adobe Photoshop CS/CS2)and (CS3 and CS3 Extended.
  • New printer driver with advanced color controls

Customer Reviews:

  • Mine doesn't work
    I bought the Pixma Pro 9000 about a year & a half ago and it worked great for about 6 months and then the feed quit working.
    Prints looked great when it was working and I used Canon & Ilford Gloss & Semi-gloss (pearl) paper.
    Wish it was still working and I am too busy to haul it in to get looked at, so it sits unused and non-functional.
    Carlton...more info
  • Simply the best printer for the price possible
    I purchased this printer very soon after it came out, mid December 2006. I have since printed thousands of all sizes of pictures. For one wedding, I printed about 800 4x6 pictures. The printing speed is nothing short of astonishing. There is no comparison to the competition brands in print time for a borderless 13x19 at comparable quality. At standard quality (which is really all you need, it's so incredible you can't tell the difference unless you get a magnifying glass) a 13x19 print takes a little over 3.5 minutes. It will print 4x6 pictures so fast that you have to be real careful not to let them stack up, or else the ink will bleed from not having enough dry time. ALL inkjet prints need at least 10-20 minutes to dry before stacking them, and several days before putting them in sealed plastic sleeves. Learn from my mistake, I ruined twenty 13x19 prints that way. Colors are incredibly vivid thanks to having 8 colors, you have to see it to believe it. Reds Greens Blues and Yellows, everything is as bright as can be when you use the correct printer settings.

    The cost of ownership is also MUCH less than HP and many other brands. The cost per milliliter of ink is a lot less with canon. For the average 13x19 print, it costs around $3-5 in ink (less for greyscale B/W). 4x6 costs maybe 25-45 cents in ink depending on ink coverage. It's difficult to do cost analysis because each picture uses different amounts of ink.

    I do all my printing in Photoshop CS2 (too poor for CS3).
    A few tips for getting the best color
    1)Make sure your monitor is calibrated. Get a Pantone Huey to calibrate your monitor, or if you monitor came with a program for calibrating it use that. Mine did. Most higher end Samsung monitors do.
    2)When you print, use these settings under "Print with Preview in CS2":
    Under print options...

    Color Handling: "Let Photoshop Determine Colors"

    Printer Profile: you need to choose your paper profile here, all Canon paper will be there (installing the canon drivers puts them there). All paper is different and SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4 is for Canon's Photo Paper Plus Glossy. The number refers to what you will choose for print quality; 1 being highest. SG1-3 is Photo Paper Plus Semigloss. If you are using a third party paper, pick whatever is closest. PR1-3 is Canons Professional paper.

    Rendering intent: I like to use "Absolute Colormetric". This seems to yield perfect color rendition, but CS2 gives descriptions of what each of the options do, and try a few, to see what you like best.

    Click on "Page Setup" then "Printer" then "Properties". This goes into the canon printer drivers. Select your media type, print quality (match them to what you picked for printer profile). Under "Color/Intensity" pick "Manual" and click "Set" then change "Color Correction" to "None". You already set up the color handling to photoshop, and doing it twice will mess things up.

    That's all you need to know to get the best color out of your printer without having to pay lots of money to get custom calibration jobs on specific paper.

    Also, Canon support is the best in the industry. The very first one I bought was one of the first few thousand made according to the serial number, and there was a problem with it. It was non functional so I called and they immediately sent me another one second day Air via UPS with home pickup for the old one to be sent back. I looked up the shipping costs to send a 45 lb box from OH to CA 2nd day, it's like $50 each way! That's how devoted Canon is to their customers.

    If you mainly print photos you can't go wrong with this printer. It would be perfect for a new photographer who needs to make super quality 13x19 prints. This would work in an office situation, but it's a photo printer. It's quite fast for text and graphics, and the quality is amazing even on the fastest print setting, but there are office printers that are better suited for non photo printing.

    The step up, the Pro9500 has two extra ink tanks (Matte Black and Grey) to make more contrasting B/W prints. It can also print directly on CD's. That's the only real difference in features for the price increase. The Pro9000 will still print superb B/W photos, but can't print on CD's like the much much more expensive model. I wish the 9000 had these features, but I don't need to print on cd's and B/W prints are amazing anyways. ...more info
  • canon pixma pro9000
    This came down for me to either the epson or canon. Since I already have an epson I thought I'd try the canon. I never looked back. This printer is amazing. It starts fast and prints spectacular prints on gloss, but not so great on matte. It uses alot of two out of eight ink, but that's a minor quip. I've never had a stopped up nozzle like the epson. I highly recommend this. ...more info
  • Fantastic!
    (Warning - my first amazon review):
    This printer produces outstanding results. I have had a few other Canon & HP photo printer. While I have always had a slight preference for the 'look' of Canon printers, the Pro9000 has just blown me away.

    As I have already stated, the printer produces amazing results. The other aspect that I find extremely useful is the flexibility built into the Easy-PhotoPrint Pro Photoshop Plug-in. This creates all the customizability I need to ensure that my prints come out exactly as I expect - though I would recommend playing around with the options to find out how they work.

    The Canon Fine-Art papers are terrific, but I would warn that they are not printable borderless - Museum Etching & Photo Rag have max prints sizes around 11x16 or so, not the full 13x19. A black & white picture printed with the 'greyscale' option checked (it uses only black ink) rivals any black & white produced in a dark room.

    In summary this printer is a fantastic deal for anyone looking for a 13x19 printer that is easy to use & produces results better than you can find at a photo-lab....more info
  • poor quality product & terrible service
    I bought a Canon Pixma Pro9000 a couple years ago and haven't use it very often. I have the printer covered when I wasn't using it. A few months ago, I found there was a problem with the sheet feeder. I called Canon, the tech I spoke to couldn't fix the problem over the phone, so he suggested that I bring the printer to one of their authorized service stores, which I did.

    I sent the print to Barnett Business in NY. A few weeks later, the service store called me back telling me the sheet feeder has to be replaced and it cost ~$120. I said OK. A few more weeks later, they told me that the circuit board has to be replaced, and it costs about $120-$130. This time I told them "NO". If I have to spend $300 ($76 labor fee) to repair an old printer, I might as well buy a new one.

    When I got my printer back, I found that the printhead stuck on the side when I turn the power on. Before I sent the printer to the repair shop, the printhead will move to the center when I open the lid. I took the printer apart, and discovered that all my ink cartridges were either empty, near empty or half full. When I sent the printer to the repair shop, all tanks were FULL.

    This printer is my 2nd Canon printer, I own a Canon i860, One of the printhead of that printer failed in a couple of years. I also have HP & Epson printers, they all lasted longer than Canon printers.

    My advice to those who are looking to buy a printer: Avoid Canon printers....more info
  • Great print quality, poor reliability
    I bought this printer to replace my Canon i9900 which was a good printer but the inks faded quickly. The pro9000 has much better fade-resistent inks (except the cartridges are smaller but still cost even more). I think this printer uses more ink in cleaning the print head than it does in printing. The real problem though, is the frequent printer lockups. The printer locks up, not Windows. The same problem happens under Windows XP or Vista and rebooting the computer doesn't fix the problem. When the printer locks up the only way to fix it is to unplug the printer and then plug it back it. Sometime I even have to do that several times. And every time it starts up after a lockup it spends 2 minutes making grinding noises and cleaning the ink cartrides. By the time it's done, it has wasted 1/4 of the ink tanks. After a few lockups you're out $80 in ink. One way I have found to break out of this cycle is to write to the printer firmware by going into the advanced printer settings and turning on "paper width detection" and then turning it back off again. I recommend having it off for fewer problems. Having the printer driver write to the firmware seems to wake it up again for awhile. This problem has been getting gradually worse over the 1+ year I've had the printer. I called Canon about this problem before it was out of warranty, but now the problem is back again, and the printer is out of warranty. I called Canon back and complained that the problem existed while it warranty but they wouldn't replace it. It took 1/2 hour of arguing with them and multiple escalations to supervisors to get them to agree to send a replacement refurbished unit. The replacement serial number is even older than my original so I don't know what to expect. They are giving me a 30 day warranty on the replacement, but after one week of using it, it is already not recognizing the new Canon yellow ink cartridge, even after I replaced it. Canon tech support thinks it is a different bad cartridge and they are sending me a free batch of 8 new ink cartridges since it is unknown which cartridge is bad. Unfortunately the shipping takes a week, and furthermore, I just got a notice from Canon that the 8-pack of ink cartridges is on backorder! Meanwhile my printer won't print. At least a nice lady from customer care called to see if progress was being made.

    I've have read the reviews on all the the 13x19" printers and users don't seem to be happy with any of them. This one is no exception. When it's working, it's great, but when it starts locking up or not recognizing cartridges, it's nothing but frustration. Ordinarily I like Canon products. This is the first one I've had trouble with, but it's making up for all the other trouble-free products from Canon....more info
  • Pixma Pro 9000 good value for money
    I received the printer, got it out of the box , turned on and set up in less than 20 minutes. I have printed a few 13 X 19 enlargements from my Nikon D300 at fine and they are stunning. Ink set cost $100 but I have no idea yet how long they will last....more info
  • Great printer for large photos!
    Brand new .... loved output .... nice details!
    Will update review after I produce more photos.
    Love that it uses seperate ink tanks! Quick shipper!
    Plan to use the 13" capacity to make custom cut laser cut puzzles!...more info
  • Pixma Pro9000 is all that I hoped it would be
    This thing is huge! But it's so great for doing larger paper. I do custom invitations and the more I can print per sheet the better. Great quality printing and software is easy to use as well. I'm very happy with the purchase. I am having a hard time figuring out the "borderless" printing but I'm sure with some research it will work out....more info
  • Factory replacement fix for error 5110
    Like most people who experience this problem, I am not happy receiving a factory reburbished printer to correct the error 5110. However, tech support was prompt and polite. A replacement printer will be sent immediately. The Pixma pro9000 is an exceptional printer and I am happy to remain a user. With a calibrated monitor, I can print a very accurate copy of the MacBeth color chart that looks the same sitting on my desk as it looks on screen and as it emerges from the pro9000. That's all I can ask for.
    I still recommend this printer....more info
  • Canon Pro 9000 amazing!
    I had many photos that I always wanted to enlarge larger than 8X10. I purchased a Canon 4300, then a 4500 with great results. For the money, they are the best. I then saw an ad for the Pro 9000 that prints 13inch enlargements. There was also a large rebate that cinched the decision. The 9000 is truly amazing and I can find no fault other than the cost of the cartridges. It limits the number of prints for me as I am on a fixed income. You are missing a great experience if you can afford and do not buy this printer!...more info
  • Use of printer cartridges
    In two months time, I have had to replace 2 color cartridges in my new printer (Canon Pixma 9000 Pro) and now another 2 are nearly empty. All totaled, I have printed about 50 letter size contact sheets to identify pictures on my CD's, that's IT! And many of those pages were only half filled with little thumbnails. Did my new printer come with old ink, or is this the way it is going to go? My old HP printers never used that much ink. ...more info
  • Canon Pro 9000
    This printer is not for everyone. It prints beautiful 13 X 19 pictures but the origional must be of good quality best from a digital camera with at leat 7.1 Mega Pixels. Had some technical issues when first purchased but the local service people fixed it and it has worked perfectly since. This printer is for someone who is into creating beautiful, large pictures to frame and makes great gifts for friends and family....more info
  • Great Photo Printer
    Excellent printer. Easily out-performs every other color inkjet I've ever owned. Works well both on my Mac and on my Windows Vista PC.

    Do NOT use this as your primary or only printer. It is a superior photo and art printer but NOT the best choice for frequent printing of black and white text documents (unless you like replacing that tiny black ink cartridge every month)....more info
  • A good printer with a lot of caveats
    Edit #1 -- After contacting Canon support about the 11x14" issue, they said to use "custom" paper sizing. After a bit of wrestling with the driver UI, I finally got my printing to an acceptable format from Photoshop CS3.

    Be warned, though, that you can't do borderless with 11x14" (or maybe any custom size, I'm not sure). I would much prefer 11x14 be listed as some of the available print sizes -- You can't use custom paper printing from within Canon's otherwise very easy-to-use Easy-Photoprint EX.

    I've been using the Canon Pixma 9000 for about 4 months now. It's a pretty good advanced amateur / semi-pro printer offering great print quality and fairly fast printing speeds.

    While I'm happy with my printer purchase (especially considering I only paid $[...] after a promotional printer+[...] camera rebate), I'm not too sure I would buy this printer over other brands. There are a lot of caveats that come with using this printer.

    1) Canon's printer driver prevents you from printing borderless images on many types of paper. Why? Why can't I get a warning instead of the total inability to do so? You have to search long and hard to find the little fine print detailing this...only certain types of paper support borderless printing.

    I'm very glad I bought a Canon 13x19 sample pack for very cheap from my local Best Buy -- I was almost ready to purchase a whole pack of the Museum Etch paper, but I tried it out from the sample pack only to learn that borderless is basically impossible with this paper type (and several others!) This is ridiculous.

    2) Canon's ink level monitors drop in 25% segments. This really isn't a huge problem, but I wish the resolution was a bit better -- Meaning, you're going to think "Wow, this printer SIPS ink" until you see this huge drop in an ink tank all of a sudden.

    3) Canon's printer driver does not support 11x14" paper sizes. This is absolutely unforgivable. One of the MOST COMMON print sizes known to man, and Canon's printer driver simply doesn't give you the option to print to it. Instead, what do you have to do? You have to print an 11x14 print on 13x19 paper or "fake it" by telling your printing application you're really printing on 11x17" paper, then crop down the picture some.

    Coincidentally, Canon doesn't sell Canon-branded 11x14 paper, but they sell all sorts of 13x19 paper. Go figure.

    This right here is a major reason I would STRONGLY ADVISE COMPARING COMPATIBLE PAPER SIZES before you buy a printer. For instance, HP's B8550 printer supports 11x14 paper just fine, so does the Epson R1900.

    Also, Canon does not support printing longer than 19", unlike the Epson R1900, which can print up to 44" in length. Not a huge concern for me, but some people may expect (since the Canon uses a rear flat-bed feed for the large sizes) that it can print longer than 19" -- Nope.


    All that being said, the printer is a good printer if you know what you're getting into. The quality is great, it's pretty fast, and the printer driver and software is actually pretty darn easy to use, once you figure out what paper size you need to be printing to (there are a lot of confusing options for some paper types).

    Do what I should have done - RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH.

    Make absolutely sure your paper sizes match up to what you want to print.
    DON'T use quoted "Print speeds" thinking that's the paper it supports. Instead, look at "paper sizes" or similar phrasing.

    According to Canon's web site, the Pixma 9000 pro supports

    Letter, Legal, 4"x 6", 4"x 8", 5"x 7", 8"x 10", 13"x 19", U.S. #10 Envelopes

    It's a good (but heavy) printer, but buyer beware -- it may not print the size of paper you want.

    ...more info
  • Photoshop required?
    I had four years of happiness with my Canon i9900. It worked right out of the box and never gave me a moment's grief. I never even had to clean the nozzles. I was very happy with the prints. Then one day it just wouldn't turn on.

    I was led to believe that this Pixma Pro9000 was the new replacement. The first one I got wouldn't work, and Canon said it was a problem with the unit (a defective print head) and I was to return it. Now I have one that makes flat, washed-out prints with bluish looking greens. I have spent the entire day working with this printer. Canon tech support told me I needed to master color management. Their web site is no help. I give up.

    A printer shouldn't be this hard to set up. The i9900 was proof of that, and the old Epson I had before that. Canon told me that this is a printer for professionals and that if I could figure it out I would get outstanding prints. If I had been told that before I bought it, I would have looked elsewhere. If the i9900 could print photos out of the box, I do not know why this one can't.

    I assume that all the success stories come from pros using Adobe Photoshop? I use Paint Shop Pro (and yes, color management is turned off in PSP so as not to conflict with the printer driver). Easy-PhotoPrint gives the same lousy colors, though. ...more info
  • PRO9000
    Pros: it's an excellent printer, well built and prints beautifully.
    Also it is well integrated with Mac X 10.5 and Adobe CS3.

    Cons: the usual one, the ink is too expensive....more info
  • Canon Pixma Pro9000 Printer
    I had a Canon Pixma Pro9000 printer for a few years and had to replace it. I like the printer so much I had to get another. The printing is exceptional in color and sharpness. I print artwork that I create on the computer and use 14 inch wide paper for most of my prints. It works great!...more info
  • Great Printer
    I love this printer. I have a canon rebel xti and when I use this printer it really sets off my pictures and proves the quality of my camera....more info
  • Works as advertised
    I printed some 13 x 19 photos to try the maximum size out shortly after I got this, and they were spectacular. Color reproduction is outstanding. The printer was easy to set up, except it's REALLY big - required some rearrangement from the spot where my prior printers were. Reasonably fast on printing in color - also have done some newsletters in black and white and that worked well too. Overall an outstanding printer....more info
  • Well worth the price
    If you're looking for quality pictures we found this printer to be an outstanding investment. ...more info
  • Fantasic
    The printer lives up to all you can say about it very professional I'm pleased...more info
  • Wow!
    Wow! I'm thrilled with this printer. Absolutely thrilled. I can't believe I have such a great printer at such an affordable price.

    I have a low-end Canon printer at home, another in my art studio and two others in my design classroom and I was searching for a Canon when I was researching large format printers. I am very impressed by the sturdiness and reliability of all my Canon printers and very satisfied with their ink cartridge system and wanted to stick with the Canon brand.

    I haven't printed photos yet--but will. (Using CS3--well, soon CS4). Right now, I'm using the printer to print images from a topographical map program. I'm scaling up portions of the maps into other media and I was becoming frustrated with the limitations of a 15" laptop screen and an 8.5 x 11" print. Now, I'm using a 30" Apple Cinema Display and printing on 13 x 19 paper and experiencing printing nirvana.

    I'm using 24 lb bright white bond that I got from an internet source; just search for "13 x 19" paper and you'll find a wide range of paper at good prices.

    I do like that the printer completely closes (good for dust control) but nonetheless I made a custom cover for it, partly to camouflage its bulk. As others have noted, the printer is BIG, so allow for a wide stand and plenty of room for the front and back paper trays.

    Three tips:
    First, I did have some trouble learning how to use the front sheet loader. Silly me, I thought the paper would feed from the front and exit the back, but instead, you manually feed the paper from the front toward the back and the printed sheet then exits the front. Once I understood the paper path, I did appreciate that the printer drivers prompt you to insert the paper, press the front feed button, etc.

    Second, if you want to use the auto feed for 13 x 19 paper (for proofing, or if, like me, you're printing chart-type output on bond paper) note that the auto feed only supports paper up to 12.95 x 23 inches (even though the paper feed is wide enough to handle 13" media.) To print on 13 x 19 paper, just set up a custom paper size of 12.95 x 19 and print away.

    Three, although the specs say the printer will print on lighter weight paper (17 lb, if I recall correctly) I wouldn't use anything less than 24 lb if you're going to use the auto feeder. I just feel that there is a good chance of paper jams with lighter weight paper....more info
  • Excellent Printer
    After owning a slew of "regular" printers, I finally upgraded to a "real" photo printer and wanted wide format capabilities. The Canon Pro9000 has gone beyond my expectations. The quality of print from this machine is awesome to say the least. It has yet to produce a streak, blotch or ??????. Picture perfect every single time.

    Upon arrival, the set up was very simple and easy using the supplied guide. It took about an hour to get it all together and I took my careful time doing so. Within another 30 minutes, the first photo was completed. Since then, I've not had one issue with this machine. It's been used for everything from small photos to 13" x 19" works and also daily document printing for my business too. I've had this printer for 30 days and used it enough to replace the black and yellow ink catridges once each. A few others are on the verge of changing too.

    All wide format printing has been done on Canon papers exclusively and I doubt I'll use others. It has produced prints on Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte, Museum Etch and Photo Rag with results beyond my expectations. For my business documents, I've used regular everyday paper bought at a large discount store and have had no issues whatsoever. I also ran some 8x10's on Kodak Glossy paper and they came out perfectly fine, although the Canon paper shows a slightly better resolution and depth. I can only tell the difference when they are side by side but it's apparent this machine's drivers are set perfectly for Canon paper and it likes it own brand of paper. I am sure the drivers can be manipulated but why bother when the perfect match is already available?

    In my opinion, the cost of this printer in comparision to the end result is of superb value. Do not hesitate to buy this machine. You will be so pleased that I recommend you start stocking up on ink and money for matting/framing supplies. By the way, the Canon software works wonders. I Photoshop my photos and then run them through the Canon software to print. What I see on the screen typically looks as good if not better once printed. Take your photography to the next level, buy this machine. I wish I had sooner.

    Have a great day,
    Peter...more info
  • Beautiful Prints
    This printer replaced my Canon i9900 that developed trouble after about three years (and heavy use). The old printer was very, very good, the new one is better!

    With care and a lot of work this printer can do better than any lab I have ever worked with, and that's saying a lot! It's not less expensive than a lab, and certainly not less work, but better....more info
  • Gorgous Prints
    When I purchased This printer a month ago it was a toss up between this one,the canon 9500 pro and the Epson 2400, I have always been a big canon supporter because of quality for the price,and this printer does not disappoint the prints that this printer did,off of my canon 40d and on 13x19 canon proII photo paper was really gorgous.I don't feel anyone could go wrong with this printer if you would like to do your own enlargements.And it does it fast and quiet!!!I do wish that they made the canon proII paper in 11x14

    Glenn Yearout...more info
  • Best printer I've owned so far
    I guess I've either been lucky or the people who had problems right away are the minority, but the color of my prints are fabulous. Bought it two months ago. I'm an artist and have made prints of my work to sell, 12 x 16 so far, and with the museum quality paper they look perfict. I've always wanted a printer that actually printed the color correctly. All the printers I've owned before were not accurate to various degrees and certainly the color was not as vivid. I'm very happy with the pro 9000. I would recommend this printer to anyone who needs professional quality prints. I also use it when sending pictures of my work to galleries and shows who require photo's instead of slides. ...more info
  • Large Format Photo Printer
    The Canon Pixma Pro9000 Professional Large Format Inkjet Printer is an excellent buy, providing art like quality to photographs at a reasonable cost for printer and materials.
    allan ...more info
  • Astounding print quality, sometimes struggles with paper handling.
    Big machine, very happy with print quality, and there are tons of print options to adjust. Seems a little balky handling some types of papers, and I occasionally have to "help" the paper get pulled in. I use top quality papers, too. So far, have only printed on premium glossy, and am curious on how it will look printing on ultra-expensive art papers. Overall, very satisfied. ...more info
  • What I got was what I wanted
    The Canon Pro9000 is my 4th Canon printed. When I purchased the printer I hoped for if not expected the image results that I received. I use Adobe photoshop CS3 Extended to alter and print my photos and have worked on a photo for hours just to have my HP printer fail to print the picture exactly as I wanted it. The Pro 9000 has the ability to print in the CS3 environment giving true colors excelent sharpness as well as other desired outputs....more info
  • Good ... very good!
    I've had my Pro9000 for about six months. It is like having a professional lab in your home. I admit, I'm an amateur and dabble in graphic digital art. Like most things in life, BIG is better. The quality of your photos are more than noticable. I have a Canon i950 and continue to use it, but if I want that great picture in a larger format or want color that is more true, I turn to the Pro9000.

    I am a little frustrated with the paper selection portion of their program. I understand that this is a "prosumer" model, but there are paper selection sizes that it just won't let you choose within certain categories of paper types. For example, canvas either matches the sizes you can buy from Canon or you can't print it! We all have ways to purchase paper that will work perfectly well with this printer without going broke because it has Canon's name on the product. It will not let you print the size you want despite the fact that it IS within the printer's specs of 13 x 19. Very frustrating. Maybe there's a work around, but I've yet to find it. Instead, I've settled for a smaller version of my work than what I had wanted.

    Plus make yourself a chart of the European paper sizes. I've not memorized that "A sized" paper and many of the Canon choices are based upon that system. Then get out your paper trimmer or exacto knife and whittle away. The chart will help figure out if you want to print that odd size. If you are just into photos in standard sizes, bless your heart. You won't have a problem.

    I'm hard pressed to say it's not a great printer for the money. My son goes off to school with poster sized projects for school and it's pretty impressive. Even for scrapbookers, this is a great buy. Digital scrapbooking could provide you so much more freedom in page design than just buying what you see hanging on the shevles at outrageous prices.

    The price here was the best I could find and it shipped fast and free! Go for it ... this printer will help set your digital artist soaring.

    ...more info
  • Simply Amazing....
    Wow! Best money I've spent yet on my digital hobby! I've printed out 100's of photos over the last year ranging in size from 4x6 to 11x17 borderless. Amazingly fast, even on the highest settings with economical use of it's inks. The prints are as good....and probably better than anything I've seen on traditional photo media. Even photos that I took many years ago with one of my first digital cameras (a 3mp Canon Powershot) which only produced photos in the 200-500kbits size on its average setting still look incredible on 3x5 and 4x6 Canon Photo Paper Pro. Be warned though...if you are new to digital photography/printing you will need to calibrate your monitor first to get the output you want. I have a Spyder calibration tool which works great... Anyways, you can't go wrong with this printer..sure there will always be a few duds out there (thus the occasional poor review), but it is a piece of high-tech equipment and that has to be expected. Look around, I seriously doubt you will find another printer with this many strong reviews........more info