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Red Devo Energy Dome Plastic Costume Hat
List Price: $29.95

Our Price: $14.99

You Save: $14.96 (50%)


Product Description

Dress up like DEVO in this official 80s style band character hat. Hurry as there is only a limited supply, and this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

  • Made Of Plastic
  • Officially Licensed Devo Hat
  • One size fits most adults
  • Limited supply. Only a few left.

Customer Reviews:

  • rip off!
    You can get it cheaper on here for $9.99! don't be a sucker!...more info
  • don't get your hopes up
    Product is a bit on the flimsy side, but otherwise exactly what it is described as. ...more info
  • Disappointing.
    For the $20 dollars I paid, the material was disappointing as well as the fit. I would not recommend this item....more info
  • Overpriced
    I purchased this one rather than the $19.99 version THINKING it would be better quality. No, it's not any different. The hat is very thin plastic; nothing worth $25.00! Look elsewhere....more info
  • Flimsy plastic and fake
    I was very excited to purchase the hat. Upon opening the box, I realized my error. Cheap, flimsy plastic hat. It feels as though its made of the same plastic as those red SOLO cups. Poor choice. Keep looking or at least don't spend anything more than the bare minimum on the hat and shipping....more info
  • Fun Devo Hat
    The product arrived in good condition and it was shipped quickly to my house...more info
  • I say Kick It...Kick It Good!

    I returned it!


    w....more info
  • Flimsy construction
    The product arrived very early and in flawless condition. It was well-packaged and I highly recommend Brands on Sale. The item itself, however, is thin and flimsy. I wonder if its different from the one sold on info
  • It's a costume plastic hat...
    You aren't getting the original Devo "energy dome" hat. Did you really think you would be for a list price of $30?

    Yeah, it's a little on the pricey side. If you're going as a member of Devo for Halloween, you need the hat. It's that simple. There's one - this is it - they can charge what they want. Thankfully, this seller (brands on sale) knows people aren't going to pay $30 for the hat, but they make up for it in shipping. But I'm not complaining. I got it a day after I ordered it. It's going to cost you more to attempt to make one yourself.

    If you're looking for a piece of Devo memorabilia, you're not going to get it for $15, or even for the list price of $30.

    I'm happy with it. The kid whose costume it is a part of loved it. That's all that matters to me.
    ...more info
  • This hat rocks!
    A must for Devo fans, and plenty fun even if you're not. My name is Frank McGee. Ignore the spoof....more info
  • Devo hat
    I love the hat. They didn't stay on my fat noggin alone so I made a chin strap with elastic and now I can headbang....more info