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Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Sound Card (70SB073A00000)
List Price: $104.99

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Product Description

There's so much focus on video and graphics when it comes to games. But that's only part of the experience. What if you couldn't hear the blasts, bombs, explosions, tackles, and grunts? That's why your available PCI slot in your desktop needs this Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme sound card for PCI. The Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card delivers faster audio performance and intense, realistic sound in all your games. Headphone surround sound is better too so good, you'll swear you're listening to multichannel speakers and your games will sound richer as you hear all of the crisp, clear highs and bone-crushing lows you've been missing. Revitalize your compressed game sounds with X-Fi Crystalizer and hear crisp, sharp gunshots and deep, booming explosions for the most intense gaming experience ever X-Fi Crystalizer repairs the damage that MP3 and WMA compression causes and intelligently enhances high and low frequencies for cleaner music playback and more realistic movie sound Delivers THX certified surround sound and includes Cyberlink PowerDVD software with DTS and Dolby Digital-EX decoding via free download for an unbeatable DVD movie watching experience X-Fi CMSS-3D matches the sound to your headphones or multichannel speakers and positions specific audio elements such as voice in the center and ambient sounds in surrounding channels, so your music and movies sound more alive A dedicated audio creation mode supports near transparent conversion between any resolutions, digital-matched recording, low-latency ASIO support and more

  • Device Type - Sound card
  • Interface Type - PCI
  • Localization - English
  • Sound Output Mode - 7.1

Customer Reviews:

  • Works well but with some compatability issues
    Sounds and works well, just make sure you have the very newest drivers available. I still have some minor issues running Ventrillo and some older games but otherwise would recommend....more info
  • Problems wirh Windows XP SP3 and latest (June 2008) Drivers
    If you are using an analog microphone with this soundcard and are using Windows XP with service pack 3 you will not be able to use your microphone plugged into the back of this card. However, the front panel microphone connection will work (if you have it hooked up to your case).

    The microphone connection on the back of this card is the white top-most connector (not the pink connector, which is usually the standard). This white jack is called a "flexijack" by Creative, and it is supposed to sense what type of device you have plugged into it and allow you to use it as a microphone jack. It doubles as a "Digital I/O" or "Mic in / Line in" jack.

    The current drivers for Windows XP from creative (as of June '08) do not work properly and you will not be able to configure the "flexijack" as a microphone connection.

    Aside from the microphone issue the soundcard works fine....more info
  • excellent soundcard
    There is some misinformation posted here. First, "buyers beware" is incorrect. The card he is referring to is the XtremeAudio. This card - the XtremeGamer - is the genuine article "budget" x-fi card. That means it has all the x-fi guts without additional bells & whistles found on other more expensive versions.

    Second, the motherboard issues reported by many users refer to the older versions of the x-fi. This is a new revision that has corrected the static and popping. I am using this card on an nf4 motherboard (DFI Ultra-D) with no problems at all.

    I'd wager that neither of those reviews were written by people who actually own the card. This is an excellent sound card that provides a noticeable upgrade over onboard sound, even with just a 2.1 speaker system. The latest XP drivers appear to be very stable. I bought this card because it is compatible with Intel HD front audio ports that come standard on many cases (so you can plug your headphones in the front of your case).

    I also bought it because I'm a gamer. The improvement in sound and 3D effects is startling at times when EAX is enabled. Switching to "entertainment" mode also brings superior quality music and DVD audio. The installation CD also installs a link in the start menu for a free download of Cyberlink PowerDVD, which is a nice bonus. ...more info
  • Quite pleased
    Great sound, easy installation. Only negative is Mic and audio in share the same port....more info
  • Simply Amazing
    I bought this soundcard about 9 months ago. It deserves 5 stars, if not for the price. But, it was money well-spent.

    First off: Will this work in DX10 games? Yes, although I do not have a reference - I do believe that Creative Labs has stated they create a driver for the X-Fi cards (Notice I said X-Fi, not audigy!) to work in DX10/Vista.

    I am running this card on P7800 (7.1) speakers.

    In battlefield 2, the difference in sound quality is astounding. I had thought that the sounds were pretty good when I was running my integrated audio on 7.1, wrong! Sounds are clearer, sharper, cleaner, far more realistic. It's almost as if you just walked into a puddle of water. Or, you've just shot a rifle. On normal quality, these sounds get muffled. The sound quality has to be reduced in order to keep it from greatly affecting the frame rates.

    Yes, this sound card will increase your frame rates. Especially if you are like me and have more than 2 speakers. Now, I would not suggest to anyone with $20 walmart spealers: go out and buy this sound card.

    Should you get this sound card? Yes! That is, if you are using good speakers and you want a realistic gaming experience.
    My personal suggestion: P7800 or GigaWorks S750

    Would I buy this card again? Yes....more info
  • Good hardware spoiled by bad drivers
    The Creative drivers are dreadful. Even the signed Creative Inc drivers crashed my brand new clean Vista x64 installation. Do a web search on "ha20x2k.sys BSOD" and you'll see all the users who had the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death" from these drivers. I've had to disable much of the functionality and use just the generic Microsoft WHQL drivers. I won't ever buy another Creative product again. As enticing as their hardware features are, their poor driver quality just ruins everything.

    ...more info
  • Great Card
    Bought this to replace onboard sound. Easy install, Vista recognized it immediately. Ton of options, actually more than I use. I love the X-Fi Crystalizer, makes a huge difference with mp3's. ...more info
  • recommend
    I got this card to replace the audigy 2 sound card that came with my computer and I do hear a difference. I would recommend this card to anyone....more info
  • For The Price...
    This sound card is great for music and gaming!I use logictech z-5300e 5.1 speakers with the sound card. Also the Tech Support staff is very friendly and answers the phone quick ! Kudos to them !...more info
  • Best Sound Card
    I came through this card while I was checking on Amazon about Creative products, and after reading the reviews, I decided to order one, after few days I received it, was surprised that the card looked kind of small and nothing special, so I installed it, and it was easy to install took me just few minutes, after that I tried to test it, I am at the time been using headphones and the results were fantastic, the sound is clear and the bass and treble are high. Can't wait to try it with 5.1 system. Now have my headphones on all the time :)...more info
  • Big Improvement in sound but drivers can be a hassle
    Easy installation. Remove all sound drivers from device manager. Open case, insert sound card. Turn on computer. Windows finds it and asks for the install disk. Put in install disk and install. Do a computer restart and I GOT THE BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH. After trying several different work arounds, including a windows repair I had to send my computer to a shop and have the harddrive formatted and Windows reinstalled. We can't prove the software caused the crash but I haven't had any problems until I installed this software. Even with a clean hardrive and fresh operating system I still had to install the software twice to get it to work.

    But now that it is installed and working properly the sound is a vast improvement over the motherboard sound. I'm using the Logitec X-540 5.1 speakers and the sound is crisp, clean and clear. If the install would have went smoothly I would have given this 5 stars.

    If I had to do it again I would not use the software but go directly to the Creative Sound website and load the updated driver directly from them.

    My computer is less than a year old. I'm running windows XP, 2 gig ram on an Asus M2N32 SLI Deluxe Motherboard with an AMD 64 X2 Dual Core Processor. I use Spysweeper and keep it up to date....more info
  • Great Sound, but limited and poor Creative QC
    The first card I received didn't work. Apparently there is a rash of cards from Creative that give the following error when you try to install the drivers, "Setup is unable to detect a supported product on your system etc. Setup will exit now." There is no recourse for this bug except to RMA the card. Gratefully Amazon is amazing at doing this, and they had a new card to me in 3 days, and they even paid the return shipping on the defective card.

    The second card worked flawlessly, and the sound is truly remarkable. I've been doing pro audio for churches and youth groups for 13 years, and this card even impressed me a bit.

    That said, there was a feature I was looking forward to, which isn't supported with this card. Sadly it is only this card in the whole X-fi lineup which doesn't support this feature. The feature I speak of, is Hardware Dolby Digital/DTS decoding. This feature allows you to set your software DVD player to SPDIF output, and have the X-fi take the signal internally (instead of outputting it on the Optical out), and decode it to your speakers directly. The only recourse for playing DVDs with 5.1 (or better) sound is to get a software DVD player that can decode the signals in Software. Not ideal, and a real let down.

    The way Creative gets around this in their marketing of the card is to include a free download of PowerDVD that has Dobly Digital/DTS software decoding. However, I was never able to get mine to download, and Creative tech support (in India I might add) was unable to resolve the problem. So I end up having to go buy a copy of PowerDVD to watch my movies in surround.

    In summary, this card is great for games and MP3s, it sucks for movies (unless you can get PowerDVD to download), and it sucks worse if you get one of the many bad cards that Creative is putting out. If you do get a bad one, Amazon is amazing at RMAs, so get a replacement. If I had to do it all over again, I'd get this following card instead, and leave this X-fi wannabe alone.

    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro Series Sound Card ( 70SB046A00000 )...more info
  • Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Sound Card (70SB073A00000)
    I bought this sound card around Dec. 2008 to replace my SoundBlaster Live! 24 Bit basic card (an okay sound card), because I wanted just a little more sparkle in my games, DVDs & mp3s. It gave me that, and a whole lot more.

    I bought the card for $69.95 USD at BestBuy. Sound is amazing, particularly music. I'm running Windows 7 Build 7057 (32 bit), and the the Creative Labs beta drivers for Win7 work flawlessly. My system is an ancient P4 3.4 GHz Northwood, with 4 GB PC3200 DDR dual channel, 2 x 500GB SATA-150 Seagate 7200.11 Barracuda drives, and an ATI Radeon 3850HD AGP 8X vid. card. It's still a pretty darn decent rig, all my apps & everything still "pop" up on the screen, so that's good enough for me!

    For Windows 7, I downloaded and installed the Creative Console Launcher for Vista, because Creative Labs doesn't have it for Win7 yet. I am *STILL* using my ancient, 1996-vintage, crusty old Altec Lansing ACS45 speakers & sub-woofer (the ones with the ORIGINAL plastic sub-woofer housing), and they sound phenomenal. I also have a decent set of Radio Shack headphones, and they sound great with the X-Fi XtremeGamer card....more info
  • Buyers beware
    "Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme are not based on any kind of X-Fi chip. These cards are in fact based on Audigy LS (low budget version of old and outdated Audigy "1" ). Check the markings on chips - CA0106 means it's old Audigy LS. Even the driver file is the same: P17.sys - you can download an Audigy LS driver from CL's website, unpack and compare it with "Xtreme Audio" one. The only difference is with Sensaura3d driver file - software implementation of Sensaura's 3D API."

    I am quoting here, but can confirm Blue Screen of Death issues as I own this product.[...]....more info
  • great for games and ASIO support is good too
    I needed a gaming card and one with ASIO support for home based recording. All my music hardware is USB based and I've got 7ms or less of latency with all of them. This includes an Axiom 61 midi controller keyboard, Guitar Rig 3 software edition without their Rig Control unit, and Line 6 Toneport UX2. So far I'm totally satisfied and don't expect to have to buy a 'pro quality' soundcard which is BIG bucks. All my games sound great. Highly recommended for at home musicians and gamers....more info
  • Hit or Miss
    I'm giving this item two stars since the majority of reviews have liked the product. However, I could not get the system to recognize the card in either of my two open PCI slots. Setup simply stated "no SB product detected" and immediately closed. Amazon only offers a refund on this type of product and not an exchange so there's no way to know it was a bad card or indicative of the line as a whole. Given the fair number of reviews citing compatibility issues I'd have to say this was most likely the cause.

    The main problem with the board, though, is it's almost total lack of documentation. The only instructions including on the package is a basic quick start guide. No troubleshooting information whatsoever is provided out of the box. If you do have a problem, there's almost no way to even begin to know where to check. If there had a been more documentation, I would have spent more time working on the issue.

    The setup program also could have offered additional options when it did not see the card. This is actually a rather silly oversight on Creative's behalf. Why would I put an SB disc into the machine and try to install drivers if I didn't actually have an SB product? The logical conclusion is that I did install the hardware but something is wrong. Rather than simply closing the setup program should provided suggestions or at least directed me to a troubleshooting guide.

    Bottom line: it's a generally well reviewed card when it installs correctly. But you are taking a chance it won't work in your system. ...more info
  • Awesome Card - No problems with Vista
    I mainly purchased this card to provide 3D sound support for non openAL games under Windows Vista. I was not disappointed! Some games required some manual configuration but this was well documented on the Creative AlChemy website. I was especially pleased with the headphone 3d sound. The driver automatically switches to headphone mode when they are plugged in - Very useful for an early morning gamer. ...more info