Swann SW211-DPE Digital Private Eye with SD Card
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Product Description

Being a fly on the wall no longer requires multiple components or tricky wiring. With the new Digital Private Eye video camera and recorder from Swann Security you can install greater peace of mind for a fraction of the cost. Whether its for the office your home, the babys nursery, the warehouse, whatever you want to monitor the Digital Private Eye records multiple images for added security and ultimate control. Position the camera at your front door or hallway then simply plug in your SD Memory Card (sold separately) power cable or included 9V battery then watch the camera go to work! It can use up to a 1GB SD memory card to take 30000 images. The webcam is supported on Windows 2000/XP. Can use a rechargeable (recommended) or standard 9V battery or AC power

  • Images are saved to a SD Memory Card
  • Takes pictures every 30 Seconds
  • 90 Degree viewing angle
  • Built-in webcam, comes with USB cables
  • Stand Alone CCTV system
Customer Reviews:
  • Item as billed
    Item works as advertised. it's not real good in low light, so as a security camera it would not be good unless lights are on at all times. We use it as a pet monitor to see if our cats are being "naughty"

    Picture quality good, download of pictures easy....more info
  • Only for low-traffic areas
    I got the camera and installed it in 2 minutes. It definitely writes images to the SD card. The image is very clear. However, it saves one picture per second! That means it will fill up any card quickly. Even more, it saves all images to only one folder, and I found it limited to 10,000 images, which means 2 hours and 45 minutes only. Even worse, it doesn't save any timestamp on the pictures, so there's no way to tell when they were taken.
    A good idea, but poorly implemented. If you could change the picture delay to 3 or 5 seconds, and include a timestamp, this would be a winner....more info
  • Macintosh no way!
    Bought it, fired it up. Very excited to use it! But no way will it work on Macintosh. Unable to find any images on SD card even with data recovery software. Don't get sucked in Macintosh users!!! The product info does not tell you it won't work on Macintosh. You have to buy it like I did and then call customer support. No sympathy from them..., You are stuck! You would think it should work? All digital cameras work famously with Macs. Well, I found one that doesn't!!!! ...more info