Homeland Security A/V Black and White Cameras and Channel Monitor System #1880
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Product Description

Keeps People and Property Safe from Harm. Black & White Security 5" Monitor System with 2 Cameras. Homeland's exciting new line of security cameras and systems provide maximum protection for people and property. In an era where vigilance is more important than ever, Homeland answers the call to duty. Homeland's complete line of security cameras and systems will keep an eye on the premises while you attend to other important tasks. Whether for daytime or nighttime, outdoors or indoors...Homeland has the camera or system to suit your security needs. This Model 1880 security camera system features 2 Channel Automatic Switcher Monitor, 2 Audio/Video B&W Cameras for optimum surveillance. It's the perfect solution for Home, and Business. Easy to install. Simple to operate. Homeland's new B/W 5" Monitor System with 2 Wide Angle Cameras is the perfect security solution at the best price.

Customer Reviews:

  • great value for my dollar!
    I bought this for just being able to see around corners in my office and see who walked into the front office. For the price of just a camera by itself you get the whole system. Great pic quality. Down sides. If you want to record it you need to buy a VCR and an after market video connector to do it. If your looking for something that will hold up in court, you need one that will record the time stamp on the video. But for under $100 it works for just what I wanted, this is a steal...more info
  • Wouldn't be without one
    Prior to owning this product, I had a similar one from Panasonic. I had gotten a really good sale price so I bought two. It turned out to be a good investment since while the cameras will last forever (it seems), the monitors are good for 4 - 5 years.
    I use this in conjunction with a wireless door / driveway alarm and can always detect, and SEE, when someone is on my front or side porch. It is a great security device at a very low cost.
    Night vision is a bit of a joke but a very low lighting level is enough to at least see if "someone" is there. With daylight conditions, or a decent porch light, the clarity is excellent.
    ...more info
  • Two wide angle black and white cameras with built-in microphones and infrared sensors for low light usage
  • Built-in PIR motion sensors
  • Built-in automatic switcher
  • 5? black & white monitor with audio and video output jacks for connection to VCR
  • 60 feet of camera cable with RCA plugs included